ANTIFA Has Gone Full-On Urban Warfare in Atlanta

ANTIFA Has Gone Full-On Urban Warfare in Atlanta


  • New advances to report tonight in the race toward a completely cashless society.
  • A report in the Jerusalem Post suggests Israel’s bloody anti-government protests are being funded by Washington.
  • Antifa is launching full-on terror tactics in Atlanta, planting booby traps in a public park.
  • As many as 50 regional banks in the U.S. are said to be on the brink of collapse.
  • And Joe Biden uses a tragic school shooting to promote his assault weapons ban.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

In our previous broadcast we shared a story about Panera Bread rolling out a new biometric payment option where customers can have their palms scanned with no cash or credit cards necessary.

Now JP Morgan has announced it’s also launching a new biometric payment pilot program with plans to make it available to all the retail businesses it deals with by 2024.

The Wine Press reports:

“After a month of banking turmoil around the world, the American megabank JP Morgan announced earlier this week the launch of a pilot program for a new facial recognition payment platform, which they plan to franchise to other banks and businesses to use. Other credit card companies have introduced similar type of payment systems, such as VISA’s contactless payment and facial recognition system for last year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar, or Mastercard’s ‘Smile to Pay’ feature.”  

JP Morgan expounded on its new contactless payment system in a March 23 press release:

J.P. Morgan will begin piloting biometrics-based payments with select retailers in the U.S. This is the first pilot solution to launch from J.P. Morgan Payments’ new Commerce Solutions suite of products, dedicated to helping merchants adapt to the rapidly evolving payments landscape.

Its biometrics-based payment pilot includes palm and face identification for payments authentication in-store and works on an enroll-capture-authenticate-pay basis. Global biometric payments are expected to reach $5.8T and 3B users by 2026, according to Goode Intelligence.

J.P. Morgan Payments’ biometrics pilot offering should allow for fast, secure and simple checkout experiences for its merchants’ customers, delivering a modern payments experience to enhance customer loyalty. As the leading global merchant acquirer, J.P. Morgan Payments is uniquely positioned to enable this solution to meet shopper expectations without compromising security and reliability.

Jean-Marc Thienpont, head of Omnichannel Solutions for J.P. Morgan Payments stated:

“At its heart, biometrics-based payments empower our merchant clients to deliver a better customer payment experience. We are a trusted payments provider and financial institution worldwide, and fully equipped to manage the highly secure identification points that power biometrics solutions. The evolution of consumer technology has created new expectations for shoppers, and merchants need to be ready to adapt to these new expectations.”

The first pilots will be run with brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., and potentially includes the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, which is planning to be the first Formula 1 race to pilot biometrics-based payments to provide guests with a faster checkout experience.

If the pilot stage is successful, a wider rollout would be planned to U.S. merchant clients in 2024.


The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the U.S. State Department is funding the bloody anti-government protests in Israel, citing a series of tweets and retweets shared by Yair Netanyahu on Friday.

Yair Netanyahu is the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In one tweet shared by the prime minister's son, it was suggested that the Americans are behind the protests against the legal reforms taking place in Israel. This, according to the tweet, was in order to pressure the Prime Minister to reach an agreement with the Iranians.

The tweet shared by Netanyahu Jr. read: “The American State Department is behind the protests in Israel, with the aim of overthrowing Netanyahu, apparently in order to conclude an agreement with the Iranians. Is there a Shin Bet in this country?”

He then shared another tweet, this time adding flashing red siren emojis, drawing attention to a tweet from Mark Levin, and an attached article from news website Breitbart, which alleged that the U.S. State Department is attempting to topple Netanyahu's government “probably on behalf of Iran.”

The U.S. State Department is reportedly telling Americans in the country of Israel to leave.


A March 26 article in The Washington Standard reports how Antifa has gone to full-on urban warfare in Atlanta. 

Months of street fighting with police involving rocks, Molotov cocktails, lasers, improvised explosive devices and other weapons has ensued over a police training center that the Maoists and Marxists don’t want to see built in Atlanta. 

But unlike in some other cities like Seattle and Portland, the police have actually made an attempt to fight back, killing one Antifa terrorist who opened fire on them and letting it be known they will not tolerate violence just because the offenders have a political agenda that matches much of the city’s political establishment.

In other words, this is a rare case right now in America where justice appears to still be applied blindly, regardless of who you are and who you vote for.

This latest piece from The Washington Standard shows just how far Antifa has been willing to go. The outlet reports that the new thing in Atlanta is booby traps being set in at least one public park:

“The park adjacent to the future site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center has been shut down. DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond issued an executive order that makes it illegal to enter Intrenchment Creek Park. Thurmond says officers have found booby traps inside the park. The county has released photos showing wooden boards with spikes in them and other devices. The CEO says these devices are possible life-threatening hazards that could endanger the public.”

Thurmond said some traps have been found and dismantled but there could still be others remaining in the park, adding during a press conference last Friday afternoon:

“We know that there are dangers that have been discovered in this area and we are afraid that there might be other hidden traps that will not only injure and maim, but can literally become deadly for small children and pets and others.”

As the Standard reports, Intrenchment Creek Park has become a major battleground with Antifa and its allies camping out there in between battles with police.

This definitely escalates the urban warfare in Atlanta, booby-trapping public spaces, and will likely give ideas to Antifa thugs in other cities as well. 


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has filed a class action lawsuit against Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top Biden administration officials and federal agencies, alleging they “waged a systematic, concerted campaign” to compel the nation’s three largest social media companies to censor constitutionally protected speech.

Kennedy, CHD and Connie Sampognaro filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana on behalf of all the more than 80% of Americans who access news from online news aggregators and social media companies, mainly Facebook-Instagram, Google-YouTube and Twitter.

The plaintiffs allege top-ranking government officials, along with an “ever-growing army of federal officers, at every level of the government” from the White House to the FBI, the CIA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to lesser-well-known federal agencies, of inducing those companies “to stifle viewpoints that the government disfavors, to suppress facts that the government does not want the public to hear, and to silence specific speakers — in every case critics of federal policy — whom the government has targeted by name.”

Kennedy, chairman and chief litigator of CHD, said American Democracy itself is at stake in this case, adding:

“U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said, ‘Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.’ It also violates the Constitution. The collaboration between the White House and health and intelligence agency bureaucrats to silence criticism of presidential policies is an assault on the most fundamental foundation stone of American Democracy.”

The lawsuit’s argument rests on the Norwood Principle, an “axiomatic,” or self-evident, principle of constitutional law that says the government “may not induce, encourage, or promote private persons to accomplish what it is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish.”

According to the plaintiffs, the U.S. government used the social media companies as a proxy to do exactly that – to broadly censor speech that it was forbidden by the First Amendment from censoring.

The complaint cites the now-weekly, ongoing disclosures of secret communications between social media companies and federal officials — in the “Twitter files,” other lawsuits and news reports — which revealed threats by Biden and other top officials against social media companies if they failed to aggressively censor.

The suit points to examples where the censorship campaign allegedly trampled First Amendment freedoms, such as the Hunter Biden laptop story, the COVID-19 Wuhan lab-leak theory and the suppression of facts and opinions about the COVID-19 vaccines.


The Post Millennial reports that a California Democrat has proposed a bill that would allow a mental health professional to place a child as young as 12 in a residential shelter facility, essentially kidnapping them without parental knowledge or consent and without there being any prior allegations of incest or child abuse.

The stated purpose of AB 665, introduced by Assembly Member Wendy Carrillo, is to bring two existing laws into alignment. Currently children age 12 and over are able to consent to receiving mental health treatment or counseling services but cannot consent to being placed into a residential shelter facility unless deemed either a risk to themselves or others, or in cases where the minor is an alleged victim of incest or child abuse. AB 665 seeks to remove these caveats.

The bill is strongly opposed by Our Duty, an international group of parents of children who are, or were, gender-questioning, who believe the law would amount to “state-sanctioned kidnapping.”

According to Erin Friday, co-lead of Our Duty, the bill will give counselors unfettered control over children age 12 and above. In a letter to the state assembly, Friday gives the example of a hypothetical 6th grader who informs her school counselor that she is a “trans boy.” Friday argues that if AB 665 were to be enacted, that child may not come home from school that day but could instead be sent to an “LGBTQ housing facility.” 

“The parents will have no idea what happened to their child,” writes Friday. “Imagine their fear and anxiety. These parents are criminalized without an accusation, evidence or trial.”

In 2010, former Governor Schwarzenegger signed Family Code 6924, which gave children age 12 and over the ability to obtain mental health counseling without parental consent. The aim was to prevent youth suicide, but according to Friday, it has failed.

“Removing loving parents from the children’s lives will not help them,” concluded Friday.

A Judiciary Committee hearing for AB 665 is scheduled to take place on March 28.


David Greenberg, writing for Daily Financial Trends, reports that another 50 regional banks in the U.S. could fail if authorities do not take immediate action to resolve structural issues in the banking sector.

Greenberg cites former vice-president at Lehman Brothers Lawrence McDonald, speaking in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He said, “Policy-makers will most likely be forced to introduce a much larger withholding to maintain outflows of deposits from bank accounts that significantly exceed $250,000.”

The global financial crisis of 2008 began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which seized up funding markets, and prevented global lenders from getting ahold of U.S. dollars.

McDonald said the problems today are very similar to the problems which preceded the collapse of Lehman and triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

He added that now it is expected U.S. regional banks will lose “hundreds of billions of dollars” in deposits, as those funds are moved out to larger lenders believed to be “too big to fail,” as well as more secure U.S. Treasuries.

He noted U.S. authorities will have to massively increase the guarantees to U.S. deposits over the present guarantees.

Several media outlets reported that the Department of Treasury is considering increasing deposit insurance in the event of a deterioration of the banking sector. They were discussing using funds from the department’s Exchange Stabilization Fund to do so.

McDonald accused Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell of failing to effectively manage the tightening of monetary policy.

He stated that, “They seem to be smoking in a dynamite shed. Ten days ago, Powell on Capitol Hill told us that the banking system was OK… He either lied or did not understand what he was doing.”

McDonald went on to assert that the Federal Reserve will eventually have no choice but to begin cutting rates, and in addition it will have to increase the size of the present deposit guarantee, to prevent larger deposits from fleeing regional lenders.

He concluded, “That’s what they’re going to come up with… That’s a bailout. That’s basically the federal government taking on bank-deposit risk.”


A chemical spill into a tributary of the Delaware River has put nerves on edge in Philadelphia, although officials have walked back an initial alert urging residents to buy bottled water.

On Friday, a pipe broke at the Trinseo PLC chemical plant that sent about 8,100 gallons of acrylic polymer solution, a latex emulsion, into Otter Creek north of the city, according to The New York Times.

The creek flows into the Delaware River, which is tapped for drinking water by communities in four states that serve about 14 million people.


After initially urging customers to buy water, leading to a run on stores, officials later Sunday said to hold off.

“If you want to store water, you should feel free to draw it from your tap, store it in a bottle, you can put in a pitcher, put it in your fridge,” said Michael Carroll, Philadelphia’s deputy managing director for transportation, infrastructure and sustainability. “There’s no need at this time for people to be rushing out and buying bottled water. In a matter of days, the water in the Delaware should be OK.”

But Mr. Carroll’s words apparently have no credibility among residents because they are rushing out to buy bottled water, stripping grocery store shelves bare of the product in a matter of hours.


According to a post by the Philadelphia Water Department, the city currently has enough water in its system that came before the spill to ensure that no water emergency will take place before 11:59 p.m. Monday.

The advisory stated:

“This updated time is based on the time it will take river water that entered the Baxter intakes early Sunday morning to move through treatment and water mains before reaching customers.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

At around 10 am on Monday, March 27th, a shooter opened fire inside the Covenant Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, where students from pre-school through 6th grade attend. The Presbyterian School has around 210 students.

Six people – three students and three staff members – were killed, allegedly by a 28-year-old female named Audrey Hale.

But then we found out she wasn’t really a female at all. This person identified as transgender, according to an NBC News report, meaning this was a he dressed as a she and wanting the world to believe he was a she. 

Hale was armed with two “assault-style rifles and a handgun” when he was confronted by five officers. Two of those opened fire and killed him, police said.

One Nashville police officer was treated for non-life-threatening wounds related to a broken glass injury.

It’s an interesting coincidence that just when the Biden regime is getting frustrated by its inability to pass an assault weapons ban, along comes a transgendered school shooter armed with not one assault weapon but two! 

A resident of the community, political commentator Candace Owens, requested in a tweet that people on social media refrain from making the shooting deaths of the six innocent people into a political circus.


But of course, that’s exactly what the Biden regime did. Biden immediately began beating the drums for Congress to pass his ban on semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15.

Meanwhile, a gun control activist literally took over the Nashville Police Department's briefing and began ranting about the problem with guns after the officers had concluded giving initial details about a school shooting at Covenant School, a private Christian elementary school that has left three students and three adults dead.

We were supposed to believe this rabid anti-Second Amendment nut just randomly happened upon the scene while vacationing at a hotel across the street. 

The woman walked up to the microphones and asked the journalists if they were tired of reporting on school shootings. 

“I have been lobbying in D.C. since we survived a mass shooting in July. I have met with over 130 lawmakers. How is this still happening? How are our children still dying and why are we failing them? Gun violence is the number one killer of children and teens. It has overtaken cars,” the woman said.

Take a look.


Folks, you just can’t make this up. Our condolences go out to the victims of this senseless crime.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for helping to support this viewer-supported broadcast…

Until next time, may God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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