Biden Cannot Remain The Nominee

Biden Cannot Remain The Nominee

C’mon; I know that politicians and Democrats specifically, have less than no respect for the American people; but do they really think we’re dumb enough to believe they’re actually going to permit Joe Biden to be their candidate against President Trump?

Biden can’t tell you how many fingers he’s holding up while standing in front of a mirror. He is stunningly incoherent – he is a pitiful example of diminished capacity. Additionally, he’s not far from being indicted for allegedly sexually molesting Tara Reade, his former aide.

‘Honest politician’ is an oxymoron, but even the most brazen liars in the Democrat political hierarchy cannot say Biden is as capable of being a competent viable candidate with a straight face.

Are they conceding the race as Republicans did in 1996 when the Republican leadership orchestrated a Dole presidential bid to stave off Ross Perot. The Republican National Committee (RNC) no more wanted Ross Perot as the Party candidate, than the Democrat National Committee (DNC) wants Bernie Sanders to be theirs.

Presidential politics is an incestuous private political construct that only those anointed by the elite upper echelon of a Party’s sanctioning body are eligible to be chosen. Outsiders are not welcome. And, let there be no doubt about it – Democrat Rulers despise Sanders as much as Republican elites hate President Trump.

The question is who do the Democrats plan to parachute in at their Convention to replace Biden. There has been not so quiet speculation around the Capitol Hill dinner circuit that NY governor Andrew Cuomo was going to be parachuted in at the Democrat Convention. But Cuomo has made a hot mess with his handling of New York during the COVID19 saga; plus contrary to what he and CNN believe, he would be a hard sell to the nation.

A particularly astute friend and colleague who have had their finger on the political pulse of the nation, and specifically Capitol Hill, insist Democrats are going to parachute Pete Buttigieg in to replace Biden. Buttigieg’s single claim to fame is that he’s a flaming homosexual married to another loser. That might send tingles down the leg of Obama, reminiscent of the ones Obama sent down the leg of Chris Matthews, I don’t see the being similarly enamored.

Another colleague thinks Democrats will n replace Biden with either Virginia governor, Ralph “blackface” Northam or Gavin Newsom, governor of California. I don’t see either of them. Northam is hated in Virginia and the voters of California are waging a recall battle to oust Newsom. So, no, I don’t agree with my esteemed colleagues.

Hillary Clinton still believes it’s her divine right to be the Democrat nominee. However, I don’t think Americans agree.

Back to my opening point, I don’t see Biden staying on the ticket until November. The phrase “non compos mentis” originated with someone like him in mind.

Everyone in my position knew the primary goal for Democrats this political go-round was to stop Sanders without giving the appearance they had anything to do with it. Part two of that plan includes successfully riding the Party of the Halloween sisters: Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria “Oscar” Cortez, along with whatever other Fabian Democrat Socialists who are as politically suicidal as those four.

The Democrat Party has an unblemished record of racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism since the formation of the Party in the early 1800s. But they don’t want racists and anti-Semites who aren’t Harvard or Princeton white blue bloods, especially if they’re uncontrollable. The old guard racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic and anti-America Democrat has a veneer that the Party financiers are comfortable with.

There’s another ipso facto consideration that I believe has the Democrat powerbrokers secretly concerned. Every day Ruth Bader-Ginsburg sits on the SCOTUS is a borrowed day. Democrats don’t want to give President Trump another seat on the High Court.

It should also be noted that the witch’s brew of Congressional Democrats form the prolepsis of a massive power vacuum brought about by the not to be ignored aggregate ages of Democrat leadership. Nancy Pelosi isn’t just the face that affixes to the behind of the genus Equus that is the official logo of the Democrat Party; she and the entire cabal that comprise Democrat leadership are literally living on borrowed time based upon chronological age.

That was added incentive to prevent Sanders from winning the nomination because to the winner go the spoils. Had Sanders won, the Halloween sisters and every crazed Fabian Democrat Socialist lurking like cockroaches in the dust and dirt of the shadows would form a phalanx right up the party food chain. And nothing they could be done to stop them.

For those wondering why I haven’t mentioned Obama, it’s because he’ ns a toothless dog that was long ago neutered. Even when he was in office he was being handled from behind the curtains off stage. The occasional talk of the Obama woman running for office was nothing more than internet chatter. She wants to live high on the hog provided by usufruct sans accountability. The only way that happens without public scrutiny would be as chairman of the DNC. And as long as either Clinton is alive that will never happen.

Which brings us back to where I started. Who’s going to replace Biden?


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