The Damnation Bible

The Damnation Bible

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Do you love God? If you are a Christian, no doubt you will say that you do. Do you love His Word--the Bible, with all those exceedingly great and precious promises? Of course you do. It's His love-letter to you.
When Christians come to me and want counseling, I almost always ask "Do you read your Bible every day without fail?" They usually reply, "Well, not every day. I get kind of busy." So, if you who say that you love God and His Word, how would you answer that question? Bearing in mind that lying lips are an abomination to the Lord--do you read your Bible every day without fail? Yes or no?
I asked that question recently to 70 trainee pastors. Only two of them put up their hands. These were trainee pastors in a respected Bible school and only two of them could say that they read their Bibles every day without fail. Only two could say that they were "disciples" of Christ. Remember that Jesus said, "If you continue if my word, then are you my disciples in deed." Sadly, in contemporary Christendom we have plenty of professing Christians who are disciples in word only, but they are not disciplines in deed, evidenced by their laziness when it comes to feeding on God's Word.
Maybe when I asked if you read God's Word every day "without fail," you said, "Well I read it every second day." What? You go 180 days a year without feeding on the Word!  Or maybe you said, "Well, I skip a day here and there. I get real busy." Do you do that with your stomach? "I'm feeling really weak at the moment. Oh, that's right. I have eating for three days!" That just doesn't happen, does it? Isn't it true, your belly comes before your Bible?
Charles Spurgeon said "There is dust enough on some of your Bibles to write the word 'damnation," with your finger. So swing it around. Be as Job, who said, "I have esteemed the Words of His mouth, more than my necessary food."
It's been well-said that an army marches on its stomach. It eats well. It needs to be healthy and strong. Soldiers need to be filled with energy so that they can carry out their assigned tasks. Their very lives and the lives of those around them may depend upon that. And if you are a Christian, you are supposed to be a soldier of Christ in a fierce battle against a very real enemy, and the basic foundation of any army is disciple.
Psalm 1 says to meditate on God's Law day and night and all you do shall prosper. The Hebrew word for "prosper" simply means to push forward-or to "come to maturity." Of all the things we want to prosper, it should be our evangelistic endeavors.
Think of what you do with natural food. You chew it over, break in down, swallow it and let it become part of your system. It builds you up and it energizes you throughout the day. So do what the Bible says-meditate on God's Word daily. Chew it over. Absorb it into your soul. Let it become a part of you, to build you up and energize you. Desire the sincere milk of the Word. Let it renew your mind, so that you think the way God wants you to think, walk in the way God wants you to walk, and especially talk the way God wants you to talk. There's a world going to Hell, and you are needed on the front lines of battle.
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