Deadliest Case of Human Smuggling in U.S. History: Worldview Report Transcript For June 30, 2022

Deadliest Case of Human Smuggling in U.S. History: Worldview Report Transcript For June 30, 2022

INTRO: Tragedy at the border in Texas as the deadliest case of human smuggling in U.S. history is discovered on a remote stretch of highway on the outskirts of San Antonio.

The former Sergeant at Arms for the U.S. Senate, who was on the scene the day of the January 6 breaching of the Capitol, has been found dead under mysterious circumstances and some are calling for a full investigation into the facts surrounding his death.

The lawyers who won the Supreme Court case last week upholding the Second Amendment right to bear arms in public have been fired by their law firm. Was this a case they were not supposed to win?

The FBI ambushes a Trump attorney in humiliating fashion, apprehending him while he’s exiting a restaurant with his friends and family. The Biden Stasi strikes again.

We’ll have all these stories and much more when the Worldview Report starts right now.


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

We start off tonight with that horrifying story of human trafficking in Texas as people are still looking for answers on how and why this happened.

The grizzly scene was discovered Monday evening on a highway in San Antonio.

Fifty people were found dead inside an abandoned tractor-trailer on the side of a road in the sweltering Texas heat. They were the victims of an attempted migrant smuggling operation, according to authorities.

At least 16 people, four of them children, were still alive when the trailer was discovered and were being treated Tuesday at local hospitals for dehydration and heatstroke.

Former acting ICE director Tom Holman spoke about the tragedy with Fox News. Take a look.

SHOW VIDEO (clip from 0.55 mark to 2:40 mark)

The tragic discovery came after a nearby worker heard a child crying for help and found the trailer with its doors partially open and bodies inside, police said.

“We’re not supposed to be able to open a truck and see stacks of bodies in there,” San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood told the New York Post.

He added that there was no water inside and no working air conditioning or refrigeration.

Temperatures in San Antonio reached a high of 103 Monday amid an ongoing heat wave.

At least three bodies were found scattered along the road, with the farthest one located about 75 yards from the truck, police told The New York Times

Some of the victims staggered out of the trailer before dying and were found several blocks away, police told The Texas Tribune.

The migrants had been sprinkled with steak seasoning in an apparent bid to cover up their smell as they were being smuggled into the country.

Three people were taken into custody in connection to the incident.

The investigation has since been taken over by the Department of Homeland Security, something that was probably not advisable as we know from previous experience what the Biden administration does with cases it doesn’t want to stay in the public eye. It buries them.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott did not mince words in a tweet Tuesday, stating, “These deaths are on Biden.”


Like Tom Holman, Governor Abbott placed the blame for the tragedy squarely on Joe Biden's “deadly open border policies” and “refusal to enforce the law.”

The incident marks the deadliest human smuggling on American soil since 2003 when 19 migrants died after riding inside the rear compartment of a sweltering 18-wheeler while they traveled from South Texas to Houston.


The Biden administration is also scheming in the background to offer 300,000 work visas to migrants coming up illegally from Central America and Mexico, according to a report by Reuters.

That’s 300,000 jobs that will now be stolen from Americans and given to illegal immigrants.

This treason is expected to be announced when the Mexican president visits Washington next month, Mexico's interior minister said in a speech while visiting the border town of Tijuana. He met with business leaders in the town and said, “Every day we're talking with the American government” with the goal being to send more cheap foreign labor into the U.S.


And we have more immigration news to report tonight. The Biden administration has signed a five-year lease to house unaccompanied alien children who crossed into the country illegally at a luxurious 100-acre boarding campus formerly occupied by the American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The first children are scheduled to arrive in July, The Gateway Pundit reports. Approximately 800 people will be hired to staff the facility. The private school academy opened in 2001 and closed in 2019. Tuition and board at the academy was $42,000 per year. It boasts a large indoor swimming pool and other luxury amenities.



Michael Stenger, the Senate sergeant-at-arms responsible for securing the upper chamber of Congress during the January 6, 2021 Capitol protests, was found dead earlier this week at the age of 71.

There has not yet been an official cause of death released to the public. Stenger was not known to be suffering from any illness or disease.

Following a long career in the Secret Service, Stenger was nominated to the position of Senate sergeant-at-arms in 2018. He served for three years, resigning the day after the Jan. 6 riot in 2021.

Stenger was criticized following the attack on the nation's Capitol, with many arguing he should have done more to secure the building from the hordes of oncoming protestors.

Here is Stenger talking about the events of Jan. 6.


As the Washington Examiner reports, it took four hours for the National Guard to show up, by which time the Capitol had already been breached.

We’ll keep you posted on any new findings related to this key January 6 witness’s death.


Have you ever heard of an attorney getting fired for being too good at his job, or terminated because he won a high-profile case argued expertly before the U.S. Supreme Court, the highest court in the land?

Well that’s exactly what happened to the two lawyers who successfully argued the case last week that upheld the right to bear arms outside of one’s home, in public. This was the biggest Second Amendment case in years and one which, apparently, the law firm that employed the lawyers did not want to win.

Amid pressure from clients and other attorneys at the firm, Kirkland & Ellis LLP will no longer handle Second Amendment cases, Politico reported.

And the two successful lawyers have reportedly been forced out.

World Net Daily reports that former Solicitor General Paul Clement and Erin Murphy, who argued successfully before the Supreme Court in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, said they were given no choice but to resign.

"We were given a stark choice: Either withdraw from ongoing representations or withdraw from the firm," Clement said in a statement reported by Politico.

"Anyone who knows us and our views regarding professional responsibility and client loyalty knows there was only one course open to us: We could not abandon ongoing representations just because a client's position is unpopular in some circles."

Kirkland spokesman Jon Ballis told Politico he hoped the firm could continue to work with the two attorneys on matters not related to guns.


Another healthy young person has died in his sleep.

Hollywood actor Josh Gad is mourning the loss of a family member. Gad announced Sunday that his “brilliant, creative and loving 20-year-old nephew Marco died in his sleep.”


He had no known previous health conditions and, as is the case in all of these cases over the last year, no cause of death was given.

Meanwhile, comedian Nick Nemeroff has also died unexpectedly at the age of 32.

His family issued a statement mourning his “sudden passing.” The cause of his death was, again, not released. He was in perfect health before passing.


We had several of these deaths of young healthy people last week. One was an NBA basketball player, another an NFL football player, then there was Miss Brazil who also died unexpectedly.

We never hear about how many young people are dying who are not famous or related to somebody famous.

There are so many of these cases, however, that the medical establishment has been forced to acknowledge them and give them a name. They call it “sudden adult death syndrome” or SADS, and it continues to spread. People just fall over during sports competitions while others go to bed at night and never wake up.

One would think that given the number of highly suspicious deaths, never before seen in young healthy people, that scientists would be clamoring to find out the causes and the media would be making lots of noise about this sudden adult death syndrome, putting pressure on the medical community to come up with answers. But none of that’s happening. The media is silent.

We have heard nothing from Dr. Fauci, the CDC or the FDA about why this is happening or if they are even trying to get to the bottom of it. These are government bureaucrats paid by our tax dollars. Some of them make a lot of money under the pretext that they are somehow keeping us safe. This is a scandal of the highest order.


A new article by Dr. Joseph Mercola looks at the science and the data behind Covid in young children and poses serious questions as to why the U.S. federal government and the corporate media are telling parents they need to get their kids injected.

According to Mercola, statistics show the rate of COVID-19 associated hospitalization among children aged 5 to 11 is 0.0008%, citing data from the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

In real-world terms, Mercola explains, that’s so close to zero you basically cannot lower it any further. Yet, despite such reassuring data, children in this age group are urged to get two to three doses of the COVID jab, even though side effects of the injection could harm them for life, or kill them.

As noted by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation in the video, myocarditis — one of the recognized effects of the COVID jab — “has a mortality rate of 25% to 56% within three to 10 years, owing to progressive heart failure and sudden cardiac death.”

Sudden cardiac death is what the media and public health agencies are now glibly referring to as SADS. The older and more appropriate description for SADS is “sudden arrhythmic death syndrome,” but they don’t even want to use the word “arrhythmic” anymore. It’s far too revealing as to the true cause of death - heart inflammation.

The government and Big Pharma are feverishly working to get these jabs approved for children so that they can ultimately get them added to the childhood schedule of vaccines. Once that happens, the vaccine makers are released from all liability for harm caused by their products, Mercola said.

This is a cynical ploy that will cause untold numbers of deaths, sterilizations and permanent injuries to young children who are basically being experimented on. The Nazi doctors would be proud.


Bloomberg reports that US District Judge Alison Nathan sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison, far less than the 30 to 55 years prosecutors had sought but more than the less than 6-year term her attorneys had requested. The judge said a “substantial sentence will send an unmistakable message that those who engage in the sexual abuse and trafficking of underage victims will be held accountable by the law.”

The sentence followed emotional testimony from five of Maxwell’s victims, who described the abuse they suffered at the hands of she and Epstein. Victim Sarah Ransome said she attempted suicide twice because of her encounters with Maxwell. “To Ghislaine I say, ‘You broke me in unfathomable ways. But you did not break my spirit, nor did you dampen my internal flame that now burns brighter than ever before,’” Ransome said.

XXX is reporting that the U.S. Army is getting rid of its mandate for potential recruits to have a high school diploma or GED certificate to enlist in the service.

This is one of the most dramatic moves yet in the escalating recruiting crisis hitting all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to the report.

The Pentagon announced that individuals may enlist without the previously required education certifications if they ship to basic training this fiscal year, which ends Oct. 1.

This proves just how desperate the U.S. military has become under Joe Biden. His vaccine mandates, his feminization of the troops and his insertion of America-hating critical race theory politics into the induction regimen of the troops has turned off interest in the military from the next generation of Americans.


Project Veritas has struck again. On Sunday, the group released audio of a February phone conversation between South Carolina State Rep. Krystle Matthews, who is running for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat, and an inmate at Perry Correctional Institution in Pelzer, S.C.

During this phone conversation, Matthews casually discussed breaking numerous laws and running Democrats as Republicans, which would certainly explain a great deal if it’s already being done.

Take a look at this incredible footage.


There you have it. They plan to flip some races “from the inside out.” The only way to avoid this will be for GOP voters to do some in-depth, careful research before casting their ballot for anyone. The days of simply voting for anyone with an “R” next to their name are over.


The January 6 Committee sent the feds after Trump lawyer John Eastman because he dared to take action against the Democrats and their massive election fraud operation in 2020.

Eastman said the FBI searched and seized his cellphone last week, according to a court filing.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Eastman filed a federal lawsuit in New Mexico on Monday asking a judge to order the feds to return his property and block the January 6 investigators from accessing his cellphone data.

According to the court filing, Eastman was exiting a restaurant with his wife and friend last week when FBI agents ambushed him and forced him to unlock his phone.

The federal agents then took Eastman’s iPhone 12 Pro.

Listen to Tucker Carlson and Eastman break down this disturbing case.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 2:54)

The feds ambushed John Eastman on the same day they conducted a pre-dawn raid of former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Ryan Kelley, the GOP candidate for Governor of Michigan, is surging in the polls after he was arrested on sham charges for being present at the January 6 protests.

Kelley was a mere afterthought in Michigan’s Republican primary  — a real estate broker who served on a local planning commission while cultivating a following on, as NBC News calls it, “the far-right fringe.”

Yes, the far-right fringe, meaning he’s for America-first foreign policies, no more drag queens in the elementary schools sexualizing the kids, and a stalwart supporter of the Second Amendment. All the things NBC News supports, he is against.

But since the FBI arrested him on misdemeanor charges for his mere appearance on the U.S. Capitol steps on Jan. 6, 2021, he has emerged as a front-runner. Maybe the front-runner, admits NBC.

In a GOP field scrambled first by the disqualification of two leading candidates and then by the FBI raid on his home on the day the House Jan. 6 committee began its nationally televised hearings, circumstances have conspired to catapult Kelley to the front of the pack.

And NBC hates that the Biden administration’s authoritarian treatment of a political foe may be backfiring.

Good luck Ryan Kelley.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. Take care and God bless.

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