Elon Musk Confirmes Twitter Has Interfered With Election: December 18, 2022

Elon Musk Confirmes Twitter Has Interfered With Election: December 18, 2022

INTRO: One of the Biden administration’s transgender appointees has been arrested trying to steal a woman’s luggage at a busy airport, and a U.S. Senator has seen enough. He wants Sam Britton fired from the Department of Energy and his security clearance terminated.

Elon Musk spills the beans on Twitter’s 2020 election shenanigans, leaving nothing to the imagination as to how the social media giant was used to help get Joe Biden elected.

A federal court has struck down the U.S. Air Force’s vaccine mandate on those airmen who filed for and were refused a religious exemption.

And we’ll explain how Israel played a key role in getting the nations of the world to offer and in many cases mandate the experimental Covid vaccines.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming, has demanded the immediate firing of Sam Brinton, the Biden administration’s deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Department of Energy.



Brinton, a transgendered person who has bragged on social media about his perverted sexual fantasies, which include beastiality, was charged with felony theft after he allegedly stole a woman’s luggage at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport during the busy Thanksgiving week.

Senator Barrasso, the ranking member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, also demanded that Brinton’s security clearance be immediately revoked, according to the Daily Wire.

Barrasso wrote:

“It is in the interest of both the Department’s mission and our national security that the Deputy Assistant Secretary’s clearance be immediately revoked. Additionally, the Department should undertake all necessary steps to terminate their employment immediately.”

Barrasso continued:

“[I]t is imperative executive branch officials are free of a history of conduct unbecoming of federal service. The Department’s inability to respond to my concerns regarding the DOE’s clearance process is indicative of an egregious inattention to potential insider threats within the Department and the greater safety of the American public.”

Barrasso demanded a full review of the Department of Energy’s clearance screening process by February 1.


Now, a disturbing story from The Daily Wire, which reports that the federal government has awarded a grant of $5 million to a group of so-called journalists going by the name of Hacks/Hackers.

They will use the federal money to develop software that will encourage regular Americans to confront their friends over “harmful” posts, helping them to “correct misinformation” by replying with texts suggested by a software program powered by artificial intelligence.

The group is also organizing Wikipedia censors to determine who is a “credible source” on vaccines, and block anyone else from being cited on the online encyclopedia. Job ads for the project do not require that applicants have any expertise in medicine.

That list is already taking shape on Wikipedia, with liberal outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, and The Atlantic all marked “reliable.” Conservative sites, including The Daily Wire, Daily Mail, Epoch Times, and The Federalist, are all classified as either unreliable or “conspiracy.”

Hacks/Hackers received $5 million from the National Science Foundation to develop the so-called Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT).

Users are encouraged to paste in their friends’ Twitter and Facebook posts, and the tool will tell them how “harmful” they are. Then it “suggests relevant responses through tailored response examples or templates” that the user should copy and paste as a reply, according to a video demonstrating the software.

ARTT says it uses psychology techniques to change people’s views, though when purveyors of “misinformation” do similar, the ARTT tool calls it “psychological manipulation tactics.”

Another ARTT video said that while social media platforms have made efforts to combat misinformation, influencing people’s views is more effective when it comes from friends than from social media companies.

Take a look at this slick 3-minute propaganda video.

WATCH VIDEO (cut off at 3:05 mark)


Don’t they look like the type of folks you’d want to take advice from on what’s true or not true on the Internet? Imagine having to filter your content through these far-left indoctrinated dummies. And it’s your tax dollars funding this Ministry of Truth experiment. Unbelievable.


The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously upheld a class-wide injunction that protects U.S. Air Force personnel from the COVID-19 shot mandate since it violates their religious freedom under the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA).

The Sixth Circuit affirmed the lower court’s decisions denying the federal government’s appeal to require the entire class of Air Force members to obtain experimental Covid shots. 

After the Air Force ordered all service members to get the jabs, approximately 10,000 members requested religious exemptions.

But the Air Force granted only about 135 of these requests and only to those already planning to leave the service. By July 2022, the Air Force had already “administratively separated” 834 members. Yet it has granted thousands of other exemptions for medical or administrative reasons.

In fact, the Air Force even agreed that it has not granted any religious exemptions to anyone who does not plan to leave the service within a year.

The 18 plaintiffs argued that the shot mandate substantially burdens the free exercise of their religious beliefs.

The appeals court stated:

“RFRA prohibits the government from relying on generalities to meet either part of this test. The government instead must show that its ‘marginal interest’ in enforcing a mandate against a specific ‘person’ is compelling and that it cannot further its interest in another way that imposes less of a burden on that person’s religious exercise. The Plaintiffs met their duty to prove that the vaccine mandate imposed a substantial burden on their sincerely held religious beliefs. The Air Force required them to participate in deposition-style inquiries into their beliefs, and its own chaplains found them sincere. A refusal to take a vaccine also triggers ‘serious disciplinary’ sanctions.”

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said, “This is a great decision that grants protection for the religious freedom for all Air Force personnel from Joe Biden’s unlawful Covid shot mandate. No service member should be required to choose between service to the country and service to God. This will be a good precedent for our upcoming argument at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and our January trial seeking a permanent class-wide injunction for the U.S. Marines.”


Israel reportedly had no effective monitoring system for adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines in 2021 when the nations of the world relied on Israeli data to guide vaccine policy, including mandates.

Israeli health reporter Yaffa Shir-Raz told Rebel News that “Israel was Pfizer’s laboratory” and the FDA’s decision to approve the booster shot was based on Israeli data.

She added:

“But what the world did not know is that almost for the entire year in which all the population was vaccinated two, even three doses, Israel did not have any functioning monitoring system.”

Shir-Raz said the Israeli Ministry of Health lied, to its own people and to the FDA, when it claimed side effects from the vaccine were minimal and short term. They had no way of knowing, she said.

The journalist said in the interview with Rebel News that it wasn’t until December 2021 that a six-month study of reactions to the vaccine was conducted, the results of which completely contradicted advice the Ministry of Health had previously given.

Take a look at her comments to Rebel News.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:17)


Shir-Raz says that when results of the study were presented in May of this year, the Israeli Ministry of Health stopped the research.

The journalist, whose mother was a holocaust survivor, told Rebel News she was shocked that their own government had betrayed them by recommending and mandating vaccines using falsified information.


New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued a directive on Tuesday allowing for the roundup and indefinite detainment of mentally ill individuals and people who cannot care for themselves.

The mayor told the press that the city needs to do some spring cleaning and obtain more space to handle the detainees, adding that these people cannot be left on the streets and in subway tunnels. No consent is needed, he said. Anyone could be whisked away and subjected to a psychiatric evaluation.

Adams stated:

“I want to talk to you about a crisis we see all around us: People with severe and untreated mental illness who live out in the open, on the streets, in our subways — in danger and need. We see them every day, and our city workers are familiar with their stories: The man standing all day on the street across from the building he was evicted from 25 years ago, waiting to be let in. The shadow boxer on the street corner in Midtown, mumbling to himself as he jabs at an invisible adversary. These New Yorkers and hundreds of others like them are in urgent need of treatment, yet often refuse it when offered.”

In response, the New York Civil Liberties Union fired back at Adams and issued a statement saying that the mayor was playing fast and loose with the legal rights of New Yorkers.

The organization’s executive director Donna Lieberman stated:

“The federal and state constitutions impose strict limits on the government’s ability to detain people experiencing mental illness — limits that the Mayor’s proposed expansion is likely to violate. With no real housing, services, or support plan, the administration chooses handcuffs and coercion.”



In response to the news, some took to social media. Twitter user OctoberReignz Tweeted the trillion-dollar question: “How can any of this be legal?”


Elon Musk confirmed on Wednesday in a stunning admission that Twitter has interfered with elections.

In response to a report from Reuters about Twitter’s move to free speech under Musk, he replied that “The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections. Twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed.”



It’s widely known that Twitter suppressed and censored the New York Post's bombshell report on corrupt international business dealings and influence peddling that appeared on Hunter Biden's laptop. The report came out a few weeks before the 2020 presidential election and Twitter, along with other social media giants, refused to allow anyone to post the article, with Twitter going so far as to suspend the New York Post’s account.

The Post Millenial reports that Musk vowed to make public the internal conversations had at Twitter in 2020 regarding that censorship, which polling later showed did have an effect on the election, as voters said they may not have voted for Joe Biden had they known about the reports of influence peddling in the Biden family. This reporting has been verified by establishment media in recent weeks. 

At the time, a group of 19 current and former intelligence agents claimed that the reports about the Hunter Biden laptop amounted to nothing more than Russian misinformation. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey later had to apologize in front of Congress for the suppression of the accurate, verified reports.


The New American reports that three prominent physicians have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services over allegations that those federal agencies effectively banned the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

The three physicians — Dr. Robert Apter, M.D., Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, M.D., and Dr. Paul Marik — claim the federal government overstepped its bounds when it directed physicians and the general public “not to use ivermectin to treat COVID-19, even though the drug remains fully approved for human use.”

During the height of Covid hysteria, ivermectin was widely ridiculed by many in the mainstream media as a “horse dewormer,” even though it had Nobel Prize-winning pedigree for its uses in treating malaria and had been approved for use in humans by none other than the FDA.

According to FDA attorney Isaac Belfer, the federal agency definitely rebuked the drug but did not, technically, ban its use.

Belfer said:

“The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do…They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin.”

At issue are several social-media posts, which strongly hinted that taking ivermectin, whether provided by a physician or not, was dangerous.

One tweet from August 21, 2021 stated, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” The tweet linked to an article from the FDA titled “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.”

Another tweet dated April 26, 2022 read, “Hold your horses y’all. Ivermectin may be trending but it still isn’t authorized or approved to treat COVID-19.”

An attorney for the physicians, Jared Kelson, says the FDA went too far in criticizing a medication that had been proven effective in certain antiviral applications.

Kelson argued that the FDA’s words “clearly convey that [ivermectin] is not an acceptable way to treat these patients.”

The attorney for the physicians noted if the government “is going to label ivermectin a horse medicine or a horse de-wormer and promulgate the idea that it is only for animals, then the natural correlation is that doctors who prescribe it are horse doctors or quack doctors, which has played out.”

The New American points out that the FDA and HHS were very strong supporters of the experimental Covid vaccines and have disparaged other treatment options, including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, that don’t turn profits for Big Pharma.


The Washington Examiner reports that U.S. air marshals are planning to stage an open rebellion against the Biden administration over a plan that would remove 99% of commercial flights from federal protection as people take to the skies during the busiest time of the year for air travel.

Dozens of federal air marshals have agreed to refuse a Biden administration order that they leave their assignments and go to the southern border , where they will drive, feed, and care for illegal immigrants due to a shortage of Border Patrol agents.

“The rank-and-file air marshals are going to refuse to deploy and risk termination,” said David Londo, president of the Air Marshal National Council, in a phone call with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. “You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of.”

The overseeing agency, the Transportation Security Administration, said in a statement provided that claims that air marshals are doing menial tasks were “entirely inaccurate and does not reflect the critical and professional law enforcement role these officers perform.”

The administration's order would leave just 1-in-100 U.S. flights with federal agents on board, one-eighth of its normal coverage.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Ohio parents are suing their local school board over a new transgender policy that allows students to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice based on their gender identity.

A group of Muslim and Christian parents in Bethel, Ohio, filed a civil lawsuit in federal court on November 22 against Bethel Local School District’s school board, seeking to halt the district’s new bathroom policy.

According to the Daily Wire, the parents say the policy violates their parental rights and Constitutional religious rights, as well as Title IX and Ohio state law.



The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for Southern Ohio, claims the affected children “hold their urine and avoid using the restroom at school if at all possible” due to the policy. If the children do use the restroom, it causes them “anxiety and emotional distress,” and they fear they will be exposed to the opposite sex, the suit says.

One of the children, a ninth-grade girl, reportedly takes a friend with her to make sure no boy “violates her modesty.”

The Bethel school district sits just north of Dayton and serves nearly 1,600 K-12 students.

The bathroom policy “blindsided” parents after it was secretly implemented in violation of Ohio’s Open Meetings Act, parents claim in the lawsuit.

A district faculty member proposed the new bathroom policy at a school board meeting in September of last year, and the change was adopted in January with no public discussion, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit further states that:

“The Board’s actions keep the community in the dark regarding its new rules and policies for intimate facilities by refusing to answer basic questions parents need to know to make decisions about their child’s education. The parental right to direct the education, safety, and upbringing of their children is the oldest fundamental right recognized by the Supreme Court. And the Board’s actions deny these parents the same.”

This is definitely a case worth following as it may have broad ramifications for parental rights.

In the meantime, more parents should follow the lead of this group in Ohio and sue their local school boards for enacting these outrageous policies.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for supporting us in our endeavor to bring you the news, five nights a week, from the vantage point of a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Until next time, God bless, and may God save America.


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