Federal Appeal Court Blocks Biden Regime Mandate: December 19, 2022

Federal Appeal Court Blocks Biden Regime Mandate: December 19, 2022

INTRO: A young, healthy female basketball player suffers blood clots and a young soccer journalist dies suddenly while covering the World Cup.

And it happens just days after a pediatric cardiologist testifies before Senator Ron Johnson’s committee on the horrific impact that Covid jabs are having on young hearts.

A federal appeals court has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s mandate on doctors and hospitals forcing them to perform gender transition procedures against their conscience.

And get ready for more invasive technology, potentially coming to an airport near you.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Just Women’s Sports reports that Tamari Key, a 6-foot-6 senior who never missed a game for the Tennessee Volunteers women’s basketball team, will miss the remainder of the season after blood clots were found in her lungs, the team announced.

The Vols senior has been an integral part of the roster since her freshman year. She hadn’t missed a game since beginning her career at Tennessee.



Coach Kellie Harper told reporters:

“My sole concern right now is that Tamari continues to get the medical care and guidance she needs and begins the gradual process of healing and returning to full strength. This is much bigger than basketball. We are so grateful that this medical condition was caught.”

Tennessee, like most universities, implemented a vaccine mandate for all on-campus students.


Another vaxxed young person, meanwhile, was not as lucky as Tamari Key.

ESPN reports that Grant Wahl, one of the most well-known soccer writers in the United States, suddenly collapsed and died Friday while covering the World Cup match for NBC and CBS between Argentina and the Netherlands in Qatar. He was 48.

U.S. media seated near him said Wahl fell back in his seat in the press box at Lusail Iconic Stadium during extra time and reporters adjacent to him called for assistance. Emergency services workers responded very quickly, the reporters said, and they were later told that Wahl had died.

CBS News is reporting it was a heart attack.

The World Cup organizing committee said in a statement, which did not list a cause of death:

“He received immediate emergency medical treatment on site, which continued as he was transferred by ambulance to Hamad General Hospital. We are in touch with the U.S. Embassy and relevant local authorities to ensure the process of repatriating the body is in accordance with the family's wishes.”



You can see from this tweet that his wife was in “complete shock” over his death.

She shouldn’t be.

Wahl, you see, was married to Dr. Celine Gounder, a rabidly pro-vaccine advocate who recently called on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to “deplatform” media outlets and public citizens who spread “anti-vaccine disinformation” online.

Wahl was himself proudly vaccinated as you can see from this tweet.


Of course, none of this back story is being published by ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports or any of the other mainstream news outlets who are mourning Wahl’s death.

ESPN, owned by Disney, driveled on and on about how he had a bad case of bronchitis, hinting that this may have killed him.

Wahl was covering his eighth World Cup. He wrote Monday on his website that he had visited a medical clinic in Qatar with cold symptoms but said he was diagnosed with bronchitis and tested negative for Covid.

Sports Illustrated released a statement through co-editors-in-chief Ryan Hunt and Stephen Cannella that said they were “shocked and devastated at the news of Grant's passing.”


It’s mind boggling that the FDA could approve these deadly experimental injections for small children, as young as 6 months old.

We are experimenting on our babies and toddlers and teens. Think about that.

And you’d be hard-pressed to find a politician who cares enough to even talk about the carnage that’s going on in our country related to these injections.

One exception is Ron Johnson, the senator from Wisconsin.

He’s been holding hearings on the vaccines, trying to get out the truth, though the media largely ignores the evidence and professional testimony that’s been presented.

In the most recent hearing last week, a pediatric cardiologist gave an emotional testimony of what the Covid shots are doing to young hearts.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:33)


You heard the doctor. The spike proteins these injections instruct the body to make, are “cardio toxic.” Hopefully those responsible for this mass murdering program will one day be held to full account.


A federal appeals court has permanently blocked the Biden administration’s mandate on doctors and hospitals forcing them to perform gender transition procedures against their conscience.

The Eighth Circuit appeals court is the second circuit to block the mandate, after the Fifth Circuit ruled similarly earlier this year in Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra. The plaintiffs, a coalition of Catholic hospitals, a Catholic university, and Catholic nuns who run healthcare clinics for the poor, were represented by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

“The federal government has no business forcing doctors to violate their consciences or perform controversial procedures that could permanently harm their patients,” Becket vice president and senior counsel Luke Goodrich said in a press release. “This is a common-sense ruling that protects patients, aligns with best medical practice, and ensures doctors can follow their Hippocratic Oath to ‘do no harm.’”

After inheriting the mandate from the Obama administration, the Biden administration sought to force doctors to perform “gender transition” surgeries — mutilation — and prescribe puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone drugs, and other procedures.

Invoking the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Biden administration threatened noncompliant hospitals and doctors with millions of dollars in financial penalties, as it attempted to enforce its redefinition of discrimination on the basis of sex to include gender identity.

The Eighth Circuit affirmed the original district court opinion, ruling, “district court correctly held that ‘intrusion upon the Catholic Plaintiffs’ exercise of religion.'”

On a media call Friday afternoon, Goodrich said “today’s decision is a huge win for religious freedom, but not only for religious freedom, but for common sense, and sound medical judgment.”


Traversing the lines of the Transportation Security Administration is already stressful enough at airports.

But as Zero Hedge reports, it’s about to get more stressful.

All travelers are screened during the security process by technology or an invasive pat-down. One such machine currently being tested in more than a dozen airports with a possible nationwide rollout next year is one where travelers look straight into a camera, according to The Washington Post.

The TSA is quietly testing a biometric machine called the next generation of Credential Authentication Technology, or CAT, to verify the identity of travelers via their facial features. CAT scans the traveler's photo ID and then compares that with the Secure Flight database. 

CAT machines are currently at 16 major airports with plans to expand nationwide, according to WaPo, adding, "Kiosks with cameras are doing a job that used to be completed by humans: checking the photos on travelers' IDs to make sure they're not impostors." 



The controversial technology will be a voluntary opt-in for passengers, at least initially. Several cities, such as San Francisco, have banned it.

There's a lot to worry about if TSA is given the green light for a nationwide rollout next year. One thing is, how can anyone trust this federal agency to handle their biometric data properly? 

TSA recently said, "Photos captured by CAT units are never stored or used for any other purpose than immediate identity verification." But still -- with trust in government at low levels, Zero Hedge asks, who actually believes that statement?

The expansion of biometric verification data for travelers is a sign that the U.S. is following down a terrifying path that China took to become a surveillance nation. 

This is a warning of a dystopian future where biometrics will be used to identify citizens across all facets of society.


Armed guards dispatched by the government in New Zealand seized a baby from the arms of his mother – in order to let surgeons do an operation on the infant using blood that could be tainted with toxic spike proteins from the Covid vaccines.

A devastating video has been posted on Rumble showing the moments "authorities" with the permission of a judge "medically kidnapped" Baby Will.

The infant’s father can be heard yelling, “You guys are criminals. You are going to be recorded in the annals of time as criminals who come in here and take babies from their mothers. Do you understand that? Are you even listening to me? Do you understand that you have just kidnapped a baby from its mother without the consent of their parents? You guys have got to understand that. You’re criminal. You guys are criminals!"

Warning, this video is difficult to watch.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:44)


A report at the Gateway Pundit documented how a court had taken away the parents' rights to the child and given them to the boy’s pediatric heart surgeon and cardiologist “for the purpose of consenting to surgery to resolve the obstruction and all medical issues related to that surgery, including the administration of blood.”

The anti-parent ruling came from Judge Ian Gault.

Reports said the state’s guardianship of the boy runs from this week until Will's full recovery, expected next month.

There was no indication that the judicial ruling addressed the multitude of possible side effects, up to and including death, that have been known to accompany the COVID-19 vaccinations.

It was Health New Zealand that went to Auckland High Court demanding the authority to take the baby and administer treatments that could include the use of tainted blood, a plan the parents had rejected.

The parents told a reporter that Will has severe pulmonary valve stenosis and requires surgery, but they had concerns about the idea that blood donated for the procedure would be contaminated with the COVID vaccinations.

Cole confirmed Will is "in a stable condition."

There were several dozen unvaccinated volunteers willing to donate blood, but the government refused to cooperate.

Please keep this child in your prayers.


Covid medical tyranny continues unabated in the United States as well.

The Duke University children’s hospital is denying a young girl a kidney transplant because she has not received an experimental Covid vaccine, her family says.

The Daily Wire reports that Yulia Hicks, 14, has a genetic kidney disorder that requires a kidney transplant, but according to her family, Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, is refusing to put her on the kidney wait list because she is unvaccinated.

Yulia’s adoptive parents recorded a phone call with Duke Health in which the family was told that doctors would not do the kidney transplant unless Yulia received a COVID vaccine.

A Duke Health kidney specialist reportedly told the Hicks in the phone call:

“I can’t require you to do anything. I can recommend these things, but if you don’t follow our recommendations, then Yulia can’t be a transplant candidate here. Being unvaccinated to the CDC recommended vaccinations based on her age is part of that.”

Her family says Yulia has already contracted COVID and recovered, but doctors told them Yulia’s natural immunity was not enough, according to a recorded call.

“The virus has continued to mutate and so the natural immunity is not as good as if you had natural immunity plus vaccination,” one doctor said in the phone call.

The Hicks family has 11 children including Yulia, who they adopted from Ukraine in January 2021. Yulia stayed with two other U.S. families before the Hicks, who are working hard to give her a stable, loving home.

Yulia’s condition requires daily kidney dialysis, which her family has done with her at home every night for over a year. They say that they have been working with Duke for the last two years since her dialysis is through the hospital.

“They tell us all the time she’s a model patient,” Hicks told The Daily Wire, adding: “We do everything they tell us to do, really. The only thing we won’t do is get this COVID vaccine. That’s why we feel like it’s kind of a power struggle because it’s like, you told us it was a recommendation. Recommendation means I get to choose. But you’re denying me because of your recommendation.”

On Friday, Hicks appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and said they are hoping another medical center will come forward and offer to perform the transplant without the vaccination requirement.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 2:01 mark to 5:11 mark)


A mouthful of truth spoken there by that young mother.


A Dutch children’s show is glamorizing the concept of implanting microchips into the bodies of young people.

Joe Allen, an expert on transhumanism, talked about this outrageous propaganda effort in a recent interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 0:55 mark to 3:43 mark)


A civilizational transformation, indeed. And not for the better.


The emergence of artificial intelligence chatbots that can complete students’ assignments will lead to a crisis in learning, forcing educators to rethink schooling entirely, a former teacher told Fox News Digital.

Peter Laffin, founder of Crush the College Essay and writing coach, said:

"The introduction of new artificial intelligence technologies into schools that enables students to auto-generate essays has the capacity to blow up our entire writing education curriculum. It may make us have to rethink it from the ground up, and that might ultimately be a good thing.”

Last week, tech company OpenAI unveiled an AI chatbot called ChatGPT. It has stunned users with its advanced functions.

According to the Fox article, “The language model can automatically generate school essays for any grade level, answer open-ended analytical questions, draft marketing pitches, write jokes, poems and even computer code.”

The internet is rife with predictions about how this technology could impact several industries and render countless jobs obsolete. But at the forefront of Laffin's concern is the impact it will have on education. 

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 2:40, but not sure if you can use this vid)

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=6316763638112&w=466&h=263"></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href="https://www.foxnews.com">foxnews.com</a></noscript>

Laffen said he believes students will be able to use this technology undetected to complete assignments, and younger students in particular are at risk of losing the most to chatbots. So, too, will inner-city schools with lower teacher-to-student ratios, where instructors are less familiar with their students' work, making it harder to detect the use of AI


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Remember when those Canadian truckers tried to mount an uprising against the extreme Covid vaccine mandates put in place by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s socialist government?

Many of us thought Trudeau may have been getting his orders from the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. Perhaps Bill Gates.

While that still could have been the case, we now know for a fact that at least some of the pressure for Trudeau to crack down on the protesters came straight out of the Biden White House.

According to recent testimony in the public inquiry into Trudeau’s use of the Emergency Act against the trucker-led protest last February, Biden and U.S. Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, among others, urged the Canadian government to clamp down hard on the peaceful protests.

On February 14th, Breitbart reports, Trudeau took the unprecedented action of using emergency powers to clear the truck blockades in downtown Ottawa, by using extreme measures such as freezing the bank accounts of protesters and ordering the forceful towing of trucks from the streets.

Here is a brief clip showing Canadian Mounted Police acting like cops under the employ of the Chinese Communist Party.



According to the inquiry, the decision to implement the Emergencies Act came just three days after Trudeau spoke over the phone with Biden, who reportedly expressed his concerns over the potential for the trucker protests to spread to the United States, highlighting possible disruptions of the Super Bowl and on the streets of Washington D.C., Politico reports.

This should disgust and embarrass every American. Our country used to stand for freedom. The freedom to speak one’s mind, even if it’s not popular. The freedom to assemble. And the freedom to express grievances.

For his part, Trudeau complained about the alleged American impact on the Freedom Convoy, such as “money, people, and political/media support.”

The day before the Biden-Trudeau call, Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, a proud member of the World Economic Forum, wrote in an email to her subordinates of the sentiment among her American counterparts, saying, “They are very, very, very worried. If this is not sorted out in the next 12 hours, all of their northeastern car plants will shut down.”

And so, the truckers’ freedom convoy was brutally put down.

We no longer have a government by the people, for the people, and of the people, but rather one that works by and for tyrants.

If you don’t believe it, ask those still sitting in the D.C. gulag for walking into the People’s House on January 6.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time, may God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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