By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere

By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere

There’s an old saying: Be careful what you wish for. It could come back to bite you.


There are many examples of this in history that should give us pause whenever we are faced with a crisis causing fear and confusion, times not unlike our own when the masses are demanding relief from those who populate the hallowed halls of government. Many of our most oppressive laws get enacted this way. Can you think of a few? I can. What about the USA Patriot Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11? People were begging for, demanding a measure of safety and they were eager to hand over their most basic rights and freedoms to the government in exchange for that promise of safety.

You see it also with education. Public schools have been utterly destroyed by decades of leftist infiltration, to the point where professional educators actually participate in a devious form of mental trickery in which vulnerable young children as young as 4 and 5 years old are encouraged to question their gender. With those schools safely in the abyss, you can bet they’re coming for the private and home schools next. How will they do this? Through something conservatives have for decades been begging for—school choice or “vouchers,” where the tax dollars follow the student to whatever type of school the parent chooses. On its face, it sounds lovely. School choice. Who wouldn’t be in favor of “choice?”

But he that taketh government funds placeth himself under government rules. School “choice” eventually leads to no choice at all because the government, through its role as administrator over public tax dollars, now owns a monopoly on education — public and private.

Perhaps no other issue today cries out for an analysis through the lens of be careful what you wish for than that of immigration.

It’s currently the biggest story in the news, especially the conservative news. Our government has intentionally created an atmosphere of complete chaos at the border, with tens of thousands of military-age men pouring over the border into the U.S. This is a national security crisis if there ever was one.

Conservatives are getting very upset about this, and understandably so. For years, they have clamored for a wall to be built on the southern border. It sounds like a logical solution.

But walls can be used to keep people in as well as keep them out. Ah, you say, but that only happens in countries run by totalitarian regimes. You assume much, dear reader, by thinking of America as anything but a burgeoning dictatorship.

Then you have something called E-verify, where all employers would be forced to electronically verify that anyone they hire is a legal resident of the country. It sounds wonderful and conservatives want that, too.

There are only a few smart conservatives like Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, who see the writing on the wall when it comes to E-Verify and how it will actually be used. Just like Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, school choice and most gun laws, E-Verify will be turned against law-abiding Americans.

Below is an excerpt from a May 9 article in Reason Magazine:

House Republicans are rallying around the Secure the Border Act of 2023, a sprawling immigration enforcement bill that will be brought up for a vote later this week. It would resume border wall construction and seek to codify the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required migrants to await their U.S. immigration court dates in Mexico.

But the bill wouldn’t just target undocumented immigrants, as Rep. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) has pointed out. He tweeted that a section requiring employers to use E-Verify systems to verify workers’ citizenship status would be like giving the government “the ultimate on/off switch” for employment.

“I will NOT vote to require EVERY American to get [President Joe] Biden’s permission if they want to work,” Massie continued. “Giving the federal government more power over YOU is a mistake.”

Massie is spot on. For more information on E-Verify, see The New Immigration Bill Is a Trojan Horse for E-Verify and Is a Threat to All Americans.

Then comes voter fraud. That’s a big one. You’d be hard pressed to find a conservative who isn’t in favor of voter ID as a method of keeping non-citizens from voting. On paper it’s an idea that makes sense. In reality, looking at voter ID as the panacea to our problems with election integrity is like missing the forest through the trees. Voter fraud surely accounts for a portion of the problem but it pales in comparison to election fraud. America has systemic weaknesses in its election system that have nothing to do with individual voters and everything to do with governments outsourcing the entire elections process to private companies using proprietary technology that nobody, outside of those companies, controls or even fully understands. Until the whole system gets brought back to where it constitutionally belongs, at the state and local level of publicly accountable government officials, you will not solve the problem with election integrity, regardless of who you require to present an ID.

But what if I told you all of these problems related to IDs—problems at the border, in the workplace and in the voting booths—are with us, not by accident but by design. As a result, they can and will be solved by requiring a biometric digital ID for all people.

Keep in mind that problems related to migration, elections, foreign workers and foreign travel, are not uniquely American problems. These are global problems. A global problem demands a global solution.

Then comes the suddenly enormous issue of general artificial intelligence taking over the world. Ever wondered why almost every one of the big advocates of transhumanist, technocratic advancements—folks like Elon Musk, Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab and Google’s so-called “Godfather” of A.I., Geoffrey Hinton—have all suddenly become worried about A.I. and are issuing “warnings” about the dire threat A.I. poses to humanity? After pushing for these technologies for years now we’re supposed to believe they suddenly found a conscience and don’t want to see them applied in real life? Please.

They are laying a trap. By stoking fear of their own inventions “falling into the wrong hands,” creating an A.I. dystopia where nobody will be able to tell what’s real and what’s fake, where everyone is susceptible to having their identities stolen, their accounts hacked into, now they can introduce the solution, which they already have waiting in their back pocket.

And that solution is a global, biometric digital ID for all people.

You will need it to access the voting booth. You will need it to access the corporate workplace. You will need it to get a driver’s license, to access public transportation and air travel, to travel across borders, to access healthcare, to receive government benefits, even to log onto and access the internet.

They will entice us with the same refrain. It will be “safer, more secure and more convenient” to enlist in their invasive tagging and tracking system. They use good cop, bad cop psychological techniques to play on our most basic human fear, the fear of being violated, in order to disguise their own violation of our privacy, our right to remain anonymous, and free.

In the race to digitize humanity with these tagging and tracking devices, and for every new “upgrade” in the drive toward greater “safety and security,” not to mention ease and convenience, they require us to give up more of what makes us human.

Tech companies are constantly conditioning us for the next step that brings us closer to the mark of the beast. They want our eye scans, facial scans, fingerprints and other unique identifiers, even our DNA. They want to own it all.

Check out the latest from Google, described by

“As of May 3, 2023, Google users can opt to secure their accounts using passkeys rather than passwords, according to a blog post on the company’s website. Passkeys allow users to sign in using fingerprint or face biometrics, or through a device screen lock, such as a local PIN.

“In keeping with an industry-wide trend toward adopting passkeys, the company is promoting passkeys as a faster, simpler and more secure alternative to existing sign-in options, including multi-factor authentication.”

The article continues, adding:

“Using passwords puts a lot of responsibility on users …Choosing strong passwords and remembering them across various accounts can be hard. In addition, even the most savvy users are often misled into giving them up during phishing attempts.

“Since a passkey exists only on a particular device, when a user signs in with one, it verifies that they are in possession of the device and have the ability to unlock it. This reduces the risk of a password being accessed by bad actors via phishing or privacy breaches. Any shared biometric data unlocks the passkey locally and never goes beyond the device.”

Do you see a pattern here? It’s all about access and who gets to control it. They want you to think you are in control of your personal data but once you give it to them, they own it. And ownership means they can do anything they want with it, including sell it to others.

But don’t believe me. Go to the United Nations website and other websites run by establishment elites, such as the World Economic Forum, to read up and see for yourself how hard they are pushing the digital ID as the answer to all of our uniquely 21st century problems.

In fact, the need for a global digital ID system is embedded prominently in the United Nations Agenda 2030 Goals for Sustainable Development, or SDGs.

There are 17 of these SDGs, which are supported by the governments of all U.N. member nations. You’d be hard pressed to find a single Fortune 1000 corporation that doesn’t have something on its website about its commitment to the sustainability goals as a means of “saving the planet.”

These goals were signed onto by global heads of state in 2015. Barack Obama committed the U.S. to these goals and no president since, Trump or Biden, has repealed Obama’s political declaration to achieve these goals by 2030, now just seven years away.

The U.N. Agenda for 2030 makes it clear that its goals are for everyone. Principle Two of the Agenda is to “Leave no one behind,” the U.N. states on its website. They don’t ask us if we want to be included in this agenda, they assume we do and declare it finished. Done. Period. No person, no community will be left alone. They’re coming for you and they want you to know that. After all, how would they save the planet if they let us opt out of their plans?

U.N. Sustainable Development Goal Number 16 states: “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”

The key word there is access. How do you gain access to the U.N.’s version of justice and peaceful tranquility, which the U.N. again stresses is intended for all? The starting point for this access will be gained by presenting your digital ID, a QR code. This code will start out on your cellphone and eventually, if we listen to World Economic Forum advisor Yuval Harari, is will go “under the skin.”


Exactly how it will go “under the skin” is still up for debate. Will it be a chip in your hand? Will it be injected with a vaccine? That remains to be seen.

But the framework is already in place. The United Nations includes a list of 12 “targets” within its Goal Number 16. These targets include everything from reducing crime and terrorism to eliminating corruption, arms trafficking, child trafficking and “broadening and strengthening global governance.”

Goal 16, Target 9 (Goal 16.9) states: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.”

Biometric Update fills in key details on what the U.N. means by “legal identity for all,” when it states:

Our daily biometrics updatesexplore a broad range of modalities and methods, from fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition, to cutting-edge technologies like DNA analysis and gait recognition, related identification tools such as behavioral biometrics, and non-biometric identification methods such as identity document verification and telephone forensics. Our coverage touches on all applications and issues dealt with in the sector, including national security, mobile identity, and border control, with a special emphasis on U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 to provide universal digital identification and the ID4Africa movement.

So we see that there is literally nothing about us as human beings that the establishment of globalist elites do not want: “fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition …DNA analysis and gait recognition.” They want it all. And they want it digitized, meaning it’s available to them instantly in real time and storable in a central database forever. It can then be used to control your movement, what you buy, what you eat, everything.

Goal 16.9 is followed by Goal 16.10, which again states the need to “ensure access” to all of the wonderful “information” and “freedoms” that come with being a citizen in good standing of this new global digital system.

The temptation for many conservatives is to dismiss anything that comes out of the U.N. as the stuff of dreamers. That’s a fatal mistake.

There is an entire cottage industry that has sprung up globally of private companies eager to provide the technological apparatus that will not only make up the digital IDs, but will tie them all together into one globally recognized standard.

There is almost nobody arguing against this tagging and tracking system right now in the political sphere that I’m aware of. It has the support of both major political parties in the U.S., as well as those holding power in the U.K., E.U., China, Russia and all the nations. If there’s a white knight, I don’t see him or her anywhere on the horizon.

A bill was recently introduced in the U.S. Senate to create a digital ID for all AmericansNo politicians with a national platform are speaking out against this.

Donald Trump? Ron DeSantis? Mikey Pence? Nikii Haley? Would they or would they not support a digital ID for all Americans? What about your member of Congress?

No member of the press even asks these leaders where they stand on this issue or tries to get them on the record regarding it.

The newly crowned King Charles III, the most powerful monarch in the world, has staked his entire position on the global achievement of the United Nations Agenda 2030 SDGs. He talks about it all the time. He also was the first world leader to announce the need for a “Great Reset” and “build back better,” a mantra that was then picked up by political leaders worldwide. He speaks about the need for a reset in apocalyptic terms.

“Time has quite literally run out,” Charles said at the U.N.’s COP 26 environmental conference in 2021. Listen below, starting at about the 2:20 mark, where he calls for a “fundamental economic transition.” To pull that off, he says “we need a vast, military-style campaign to martial the strength of the global private sector, with trillions at his disposal.”


Two of King Charles’ subjects and political allies, the U.K.’s former Labor Party Prime Minister Tony Blair and Conservative MP Lord William Hague, recently stated, in an interview with the BBC, that making this global transition will require a digital ID for all people.

The G20 nations announced in November 2022 that they will work toward a system of digital health passports for all people, requiring them to show their digital papers, without which they would be unable to travel outside their country. Once this is in place, we are one step away from using the same digital identification system to restrict the movement of people outside of their region, their city, or within, say, a 15-minute walk of their home. Now you have a truly enforceable 15-minute city, something the United Nations and World Economic Forum have supported for years. It all hinges on the digital ID. 

This ID will contain biometric information unique to your person. It will be digital and storable, marked by a QR Code, and required for more and more things to function in life until, eventually, you won’t be able to work, move about freely, buy or sell unless you show that you have this code on your phone or on your person.

There’s no escaping the fact that each time government comes forth with a solution to a problem, it always involves less freedom for we the people.

Border walls. E-Verify. Voter ID. School choice. All of these are double-edged swords. They’re sold to us as fail-safe solutions to real problems but, in the end, they empty us of our free will and our ability to experience what it means to be fully human.

It’s usually the conservative wing of populations who are the least likely to go along with major changes coming down the pike from governments. The leftists and moderates are extremely malleable. They drift and flow with whatever talking points come out of today’s media narrative.

Conservatives, on the other hand, tend to be more independent, more likely to exercize critical thinking. Globalist elites know this. In order to get conservatives on board with changes that will advance the agenda of global governance and control, they must be made to feel the pain of societal problem in spades. Terrorist attacks, pandemics, wars and economic meltdowns make wonderful instruments of pain.

That’s why you see the borders being completely trashed, violent crime raging out of control, and jobs disappearing like hotdogs in one of those carnival eating contests.

It’s all by design. To make you feel the pain.

Be careful what you wish for, though.

There’s a biometric, digital ID waiting with your name and number on it.

There’s a wall waiting to be built.

There’s a private school waiting to take your child’s government-allotted tax dollars.

Will you walk into the trap?

It’s a trap with many snares. Global digital ID will also be tied in with the new global digital money system, which by the way, is on a fast track to implementation with more than 100 countries in the process of testing new digital, programmable tokens that can be turned on and turned off based on your obedience to the system.

The goal is to digitally tag and monitor all things, living and non-living. Like cattle they will have you corralled, ready to be herded in the desired direction.

The complete digitization of humanity. Whether the globalists led by King Charles and others will be successful remains to be seen, but that’s the goal and they have the world’s richest, most powerful individuals and entities aligned against us. What they don’t have on their side is the Spirit of God and His army of angelic forces. And this is a spiritual battle at its core, so we know who will emerge triumphant.

Republicans, with the exception of a few like Thomas Massie and maybe Rand Paul, will all support this march toward digital tyranny.

Be careful what you wish for. Very careful.


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