January 6th Protestors Are Still Being Wrongfully Punished: September 12, 2022

January 6th Protestors Are Still Being Wrongfully Punished: September 12, 2022

INTRO: More safety problems involving electric cars to report tonight, this time involving some popular Ford Mustang models built in Mexico. About half of the cars built there are now being recalled.

The Pentagon has been forced to halt delivery of a new U.S. fighter jet after discovering that its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, included a metal part made in China. That’s against the rules, and a possible national security breech.

And we have a heart-wrenching story of a 4-year-old migrant boy abandoned by human traffickers at the El Paso border.

And there’s an uprising of sorts going on over a Gay Pride event’s inclusion of a children’s drag-queen show, in Boise, Idaho. Boise, Idaho? Yes, it’s the latest in our ongoing coverage of America’s children, under attack.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

Breitbart News reports that several electric vehicle makers have announced recalls of their newest cars. Ford and Rivian are both undergoing fresh recalls, but they have quite a way to go before they catch up to Tesla, which has issued 13 recalls impacting 2.3 million vehicles.

Barrons reports that both Ford Motor and Rivian Automotive have announced the recall of various electric vehicles. On Monday, a recall notice for 1,175 Ford Mustang Mach E electric vehicles was posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

The NHTSA notice states: “The right-rear axle half shafts may have been manufactured improperly, allowing the half shaft stem to break under load.”

The parts will reportedly be inspected and replaced free of charge for the vehicle owner. In June, Ford temporarily halted sales of the Mustang Mach E due to safety concerns.

According to the Breitbart report, Ford has instructed car dealerships to temporarily halt the sale of its Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle, due to a potential safety defect that could render the vehicle immobile. Ford posted notices to dealerships stating that the potentially affected vehicles include 2021 and 2022 models built from May 27, 2020, through May 24, 2022, at the automaker’s plant in Mexico.

According to a Ford spokesperson, almost 49,000 of the roughly 100,000 Mach-Es produced during the time frame will be part of a recall. The problem relates to the potential overheating of the cars’ high voltage battery main contactors, an electrically controlled switch for a power circuit.

The issue can lead to a malfunction preventing the vehicle from starting or immediately losing power while in motion. The recall is just the latest in a long line related to electric vehicles including Tesla cars.


Just the News reports that the Pentagon has halted the delivery of F-35 aircraft from Lockheed Martin Corporation after the manufacturer discovered a metal component used in the fighter jet's engine is coming from China.

The presence of the alloy violates federal defense acquisition rules, according to CNN.

However, the Pentagon says the magnet containing the alloy posed no security issue.

"We have confirmed that the magnet does not transmit information or harm the integrity of the aircraft and there are no performance, quality, safety, or security risks associated with this issue and flight operations for the F-35 in-service fleet will continue as normal," a Defense Department spokesperson said Wednesday.

The Pentagon also said Lockheed Martin has already found an alternative source of the alloy for future deliveries, which means the stoppage in deliveries will likely be temporary.

The defense contractor voluntarily reported the non-compliance, and a review is underway to determine how it happened. Lockheed Martin is reportedly scheduled to supply as many as 153 F-35s this year and has so far delivered 88.


El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents found a 4-year-old migrant boy after human smugglers abandoned him along the border wall. Agents found the preschool-age child by himself with a toy and his parent’s contact information.

Breitbart reports that agents patrolling the border near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, came across a 4-year-old Ecuadoran child standing alone near the border wall, according to a tweet from El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez.



The child is one of nearly 20,000 unaccompanied alien children put across the border by what Chavez called “ruthless smugglers.”

The agents found the little boy holding a toy and carrying his Ecuadorian passport and parent’s contact information, Chavez reported. Officials did not disclose the location of the child’s parents or who paid the smugglers to bring him into the U.S.

The number of unofficial migrant encounters obtained by Breitbart Texas show that the El Paso Sector became the second-busiest in the nation in August. Agents in this sector apprehended just under 30,000 migrants in August. This was part of the nearly 117,000 migrants apprehended by the five Texas-based Border Patrol sectors that month.

The Del Rio Sector remained in first with more than 52,000 apprehensions. The Rio Grande Valley Sector fell into third place with just over 27,000 migrants.


After more than 300 counties turned over their cast-vote records from the 2020 presidential election, approximately 95 percent have shown evidence of machine manipulation, according to lawyers and researchers working with Mike Lindell to analyze the ledgers turned over in recent Freedom of Information Act requests.



You heard Curt Olson there say that as more batches were processed, the patterns began to develop, “which means that it is artificially controlled.”

Great insight there from a brilliant lawyer, Curt Olson.


A New Mexico state district court judge moved September 6th to bar Cowboys for Trump co-founder Couy Griffin from seeking or holding state or federal office.

Why? Because he was arrested for walking through the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The judge also ordered Griffin to be stripped of his current post as Otero County Commissioner, effective immediately.

Griffin did not commit any violent acts on January 6th but the judge ruled that his mere presence at the January 6 Capitol protest made him an insurrectist.

Earlier this year Griffin was found guilty of trespassing on restricted Capitol grounds and sentenced to 14 days in prison.

Griffin was found not guilty of disorderly conduct.

The judge disqualified Griffin from holding public office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, according to his 49-page ruling.

The Paper reported that the decision marks the first time since 1869 that a court has disqualified a public official under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and the first time that any court has declared the events of January 6th, 2021, an insurrection.

Section 3, also known as the Disqualification Clause, bars any person from holding federal or state office who took an “oath…to support the Constitution of the United States” as an “officer of any State” and then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or gave “aid or comfort” to insurrectionists.

Griffin has been an Otero County Commissioner since January 2019.

To add insult to injury, after the judge removed Griffin from his local county commissioner’s post Griffin found out that the county attorney had erased ALL of his votes on the board going back to January 6, 2021.


Judge Terry Doughty ruled September 6th that the Biden administration has 21 days to turn over all relevant emails sent by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and Dr. Anthony Fauci to social media platforms regarding alleged misinformation and the censorship of social media content.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry are in a lawsuit with Biden officials and the social media giants. The attorneys general accuse the Biden administration of suppressing the constitutionally protected right to free speech on elections, the COVID-19 lab leak theory, coronavirus-related lockdowns and other issues.

Jim Hoft, co-owner of The Gateway Pundit, is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by the State of Missouri. The lawsuit alleges that the public statements, emails, and recently released documents, establish that the President of the United States and senior administration officials violated the First Amendment by directing social-media companies to censor viewpoints that conflict with the government’s messaging on Covid-19 and election integrity concerns relating to the 2020 presidential election. If proven true, this would be a direct assault on the First Amendment.


The Boise, Idaho, Pride Festival is facing some fierce backlash over its decision to include a children’s drag-queen show.

According to a description of the event, the show will include children between the ages of 11-18.

And look at the sponsors.



You’ve got Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, Target, Hewlett-Packard, Fred Meyer’s, Blue Cross of Idaho, Boise Weekly, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Hot Box. Oh yes, all kinds of nice upstanding companies lining up to support this event where they’ll have grown men in thongs running around with pre-teens. I can hear the boycott bells ringing as we speak.

KTVB TV, the local ABC affiliate, reported (next 3 graphs is an excerpt):

A drag show for kids, an event at the Boise Pride festival, has sparked backlash from the Republican party and far-right groups calling it inappropriate — but, children expressing themselves and their identities is empowering and builds confidence, says Boise Pride.

The drag show for kids, which is separate from the other drag performances, is scheduled to take place on Sunday at the Boise Pride Festival. The attention surrounding the event began on social media with far-right groups calling to protest the event. One post included a picture of a gun saying “Can’t expect God to do all the work” with a message to others: “Sunday, 9/11/2022, time to start at the Fred Meyer pride parade.”

Boise Police Department was made aware of these comments. Pride is also increasing their security at the event this year.

Notice how the local TV station characterizes parents opposed to this trash. “Far right.” Do you really have to be far right to believe that it’s just plain wrong to throw children into the laps of nearly naked adult entertainers? This is exactly why the mainstream media has lost so much credibility and Americans are flocking to alternative media sources like this one for their information.

Idaho Republican Party chairwoman Dorothy Moon released a statement blasting the event and its sponsors. (next 2 graphs are direct quotes):

“Boise Mayor McLean campaigned as a moderate, but she has governed like her radical colleagues in Seattle and Portland. It’s no wonder that she’s now put Boise in the middle of a national firestorm over the sexualization of children. To be clear, this is no sleight-of-hand or political wordsmithing: Idaho’s Democrat party believes it is not only okay but laudable to encourage children to engage in public displays of sexuality. For those who have been following the radicalization of the Democrat party, this should come as no surprise.

“What is surprising is to see who is financing this attack on Idaho’s children. Out-of-state companies promise to bring investment and jobs to Idaho. Instead, they are financing the sexualization of our children and the perverse idea that children should engage in sexual performances with adult entertainers. I call on all concerned Idahoans — and the lobbying groups that represent many of these out-of-state businesses who seek tax benefits and subsidies from our legislators, including IACI — to disavow this attack on Idaho’s children and to invest their sponsorship dollars in the Boise Rescue Mission that serves families, women fleeing abuse, and disadvantaged children. Children should be given the chance to live out a childhood free from violence, hunger, and the sexual appetites of adults.”


We have another tragedy to report as part of our ongoing series about young, often super-fit people dying suddenly and unexpectedly since the roll out of the Covid jabs.

This time it’s a college football player in Arkansas who suddenly collapsed over the Labor Day weekend and died a short time later. He was only 21-years-old.

In a message shared on Twitter Sunday from the official account of Ouachita Baptist University, the school announced the heartbreaking news that Clark Yarbrough had tragically died. No other details about a cause of the defensive lineman’s death have been released.



A message on the school’s website explained that “Yarbrough died Sunday morning, Sept. 4, following a sudden collapse.”

He received immediate emergency assistance and was then transported to Baptist Health Medical Center in Arkadelphia, where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The lengthy article on the school website never even broached the question of why this stellar athlete could have collapsed and died so suddenly. This is not uncommon. The vast majority of the cases we have reported on are accompanied by very similar articles, which describe the suddenness of the death, followed by quotes from his friends, coaches and teachers saying how much they will miss him, and that’s it. End of story.

Dr. Peter McCullough, the renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist from Baylor University, said the best way to handle these cases from now on is to assume the worst if the deceased person’s family remains silent.

Listen to what he had to say in a recent interview I conducted on my show, Brannon Howse Live.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 7:16 mark to 10:09 mark)


“I would say these deaths are due to the vaccine until proven otherwise. And every time the family will not come out and say it’s not due to the vaccine, I think we should assume it is due to the vaccine.”

That was a very important insight from a man who’s been at the forefront of the vaccine data analysis from the very beginning.


Citing terrible financial conditions under the Biden administration, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly laying the groundwork for mass layoffs at his Facebook’s parent company, Meta.

Managers “who are unable to get on track” could lose their jobs as part of the cuts, Reuters reports.

Zuckerberg is expected to identify employee performance as the reasoning behind the layoffs. Critics have accused Facebook of “going woke” by using left-wing fact-checkers to censor conservative voices on the platform.

During a weekly employee meeting, Zuckerberg said, “If I had to bet, I’d say that this might be one of the worst downturns that we’ve seen in recent history,” adding:

“Realistically, there are probably a bunch of people at the company who shouldn’t be here.”

He said it was “Part of my hope by raising expectations and having more aggressive goals, and just kind of turning up the heat a little bit, is that I think some of you might decide that this place isn’t for you, and that self-selection is OK with me.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary. And it has to do with the Metaverse.

As per the Western Journal: Zuckerberg’s rebranding as “Meta” was supposed to be a glorious expansion of Facebook, taking it beyond being just a social media platform.

Zuckerberg bragged in October, 2021 that:

“We are at the beginning of the next chapter for the internet, and it’s the next chapter for our company too…The next platform will be even more immersive — an embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it. We call this the metaverse, and it will touch every product we build.”

But the public thus far has been unimpressed.

“Meta is beta,” observed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers.

Tech company founder Phil Libin went further and described the metaverse as the same kind of lies versus reality that propped up the communist USSR.

Libin said, “I went to first grade in the Soviet Union. I was subjected to a lot of Soviet propaganda, and I was told as a little kid repeatedly: ‘Communism doesn’t exist yet. We haven’t built communism yet. We’re building towards communism. But it’s not communism yet. What you see around you, this horrible, horrible place, isn’t communism. We’re building towards it. It’s going to be great when it gets here.’”

To Libin, Meta is offering up the same kind of bait and switch. He stated that, “You know, you can smell a bad idea before it’s fully built. So I don’t want to hear, ‘Oh yeah, the metaverse doesn’t exist yet. No, no, no, all this stuff, all this stupid, useless, crappy stuff that exists right now, that’s not the metaverse. The metaverse is coming — it’s coming.’”

Yep, for any good radical, utopia is always just a little further down the road. Just over the next horizon.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. From everyone here at the Worldview Report team, good night and God bless. And may God save America.

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