Joe Biden Admits He Is a Lawless Leader That Does Not Believe in the Constitutional Rule of Law: Worldview Report Transcript For June 20, 2022

Joe Biden Admits He Is a Lawless Leader That Does Not Believe in the Constitutional Rule of Law: Worldview Report Transcript For June 20, 2022

INTRO: Joe Biden threatens to take the law into his own hands if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Another young person with no known health issues has mysteriously died in her sleep, and this time it’s a congressman’s daughter, just 17 years old.

You’ve seen some epic confrontations between Dr. Fauci and Senator Rand Paul and now the two meet again in a fire-breathing Senate debate you won’t want to miss.

And new threats tonight from the militant pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge. We’ll have all these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now.


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

We lead off tonight with a story from the Post Millennial which reports that Joe Biden is considering using executive orders to declare a “public health emergency” if Roe v. Wade gets overturned by the Supreme Court. Biden is threatening, essentially, to ignore the ruling of the Supreme Court in order to keep abortions on the table.

The article is based on sources quoted by the New York Times, which often quotes deep state sources in the government because it is part of that same apparatus.

The significance of declaring a “public health emergency” cannot be overstated because this is language straight out of the United Nations World Health Organization. The Biden administration had proposed 13 amendments to the International Health Regulations which were on the agenda of the WHO World Health Assembly in Geneva last month. Much to the Biden administration’s chagrin, the 194 member nations failed to come to a consensus and 12 of the 13 amendments never even made it to a vote. One of Biden’s proposed amendments would have given the WHO the power to unilaterally declare a “public health emergency of international concern” or a “public health emergency of regional concern,” without the agreement of the nation in which the emergency supposedly exists.

While the amendments failed to get a consensus thanks to the African nations, Russia, Iran and Brazil, the U.S., EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China were reportedly all on board with handing over sovereignty to the WHO on matters of health policy.


Illinois Democrat Congressman Sean Casten has spoken out for the first time about the mysterious death of his 17-year-old daughter who was due to enter college this fall.

In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, the Congressman, who was elected in 2018, shared a photo of Gwen Casten, who died on Tuesday, June 14 in her sleep.

Alongside a photo of his daughter was a statement signed by himself, his wife Kara and his other daughter Audrey, 15.

It stated:

"We are grateful to all who have reached out with thoughts, condolences and help. To all asking what they can do, we ask only that you live your lives as Gwen lived hers. There are no words to describe the hole in your heart when a child dies. Gwen was a happy, healthy, well-adjusted young woman.”

Gwen planned to enroll at University of Vermont in the fall and study environmental science.

The death comes at a time when mysterious cases of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or SADS, are on the rise throughout the world but especially in heavily vaccinated countries.

People magazine reported that while attending Downers Grove North High School, Gwen exercised her passion for music and political activism, playing the trumpet for the school's jazz band, the wind ensemble and the pit orchestra for the school's rendition of Mary Poppins.

The statement added:

"She was inspired by the student efforts in the wake of the Parkland shooting to create an Empowerment Club in her high school which became one of the largest clubs at DGN, focusing on everything from gun violence prevention to environmental protection to LGBTQ allyship to organizing Black Lives Matter rallies to registering students to vote."

Now she’s gone. No doubt she was fully vaccinated, but that will never even be considered in the investigation, if there is one, into her death. In fact, it won’t even be mentioned. Not by her family. Not by the media. No one.

But let’s not neglect the moral of this story. If it turns out that Gwen Casten was injected with the experimental Covid gene therapy, this vibrant teenager was let down by the adults in her life. That would include her own parents and of course her doctor.

Remembering their final moments with Gwen, the family shared in their statement that they enjoyed dinner Sunday night before Gwen left to hang out with friends.

"When she got home, she said goodnight to Kara and I, texted a friend to make sure she got home OK, and didn't wake up on Monday morning," they shared. "The only thing we know about her death is that it was peaceful. And the only lesson we can take from that is to savor the moments you have with your loved ones."


Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said in early April that he thought we did not have much time until the financial meltdown started.  He gave it 60 days.  Two months later, the meltdown started and now he’s come out with a new article in USA Watchdog

The world is at debt levels never seen before, and Holter contends rising interest rates are the key driver that has now arrived in full force. 

Holter writes, “Interest rates are the key to the whole collapse..."

To put that in perspective, he explains:

"... Mortgage rates, as of right now, are about 6.15%.  Mortgage rates started the year just over 3%.  In the fourth quarter of last year, we had mortgage rates as low as 2.75%.  What that tells you is if you qualified for a $1 million mortgage at the end of last year, you only qualify for a $500,000 mortgage now.  If you are a property owner, that means the pool of potential buyers is far less than 6 months ago, simply because interest rates have basically doubled."


Michigan’s lesbian attorney general Dana Nessel is getting some blowback after she suggested there should be "a drag queen for every school."

According to an article in World Net Daily, Nessel, who also wants to arrest anyone who investigates the 2020 election steal in her state, made the comment Wednesday during a "civil rights" summit in Lansing.

"Drag queens make everything better, drag queens are fun. A drag queen for every school," a Detroit New reporter tweeted, quoting from Nessel’s speech.


Matt DePerno, the Republican candidate for attorney general, said, "Dana Nessel continues to show just how completely out of touch she is with Michiganders."

DePerno also chastised Nessel for endorsing school lockdown measures during the COVID pandemic.

"Students in the third grade are behind on their reading. Our test scores are some of the worst in the country thanks to these disastrous COVID lockdowns, and she calls for drag shows for kindergartners," he said.

Tudor Dixon, the Republican candidate for Michigan governor, also criticized the comments, stating in a tweet:

"When I am governor, schools will answer to local parents, not progressive activists, drag queens, and trans-supremacists. The days of radical activist politicians sexualizing our kids are over.”


The bipartisan gun control measures announced on Capitol Hill may have hit a snag.

One America News reports that Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) has “raised concerns about the bipartisan gun control bill being proposed in the Senate. While speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the Texas lawmaker said they had to iron out a few issues before an agreement can be reached.”

Cornyn said there were two key issues: whether the federal government should be offering states financial incentives to implement red flag laws and closing the so-called “boyfriend loophole.” In the meantime, other GOP senators told One America News the “devil is in the details” and they remain cautious when it comes to supporting any potential bipartisan agreement on a so-called bipartisan gun safety measure.


The Executive Vice President of Walmart informed Mike Lindell in a phone conversation on June 16 the retail giant was pulling the plug on its long-time relationship with My Pillow and would no longer carry Lindell’s made-in-America pillows, according to a report by Patty McMurray, who runs the website 100 Percent Fed Up.

Walmart, in making this decision, has opted to carry pillows and bedsheets and other products of which will come from a host of foreign-based suppliers, giving the corporate middle finger to not only Lindell but his more than 2,000 employees in Minnesota.

We’re the #1 “As Seen on TV product!” Mike reminded them. “We’re spending $500,000 per week!” Lindell said, asking, “Why are you cutting me off?”

“Well, we’ve gotta be honest,” the Executive VP of Walmart told Lindell. “We have a rating system and My Pillow is under 4 (stars) and we don’t accept products under 4 (stars).” According to the CEO, they put the rating system in place two years ago.

Lindell told Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast on June 16 that Walmart’s excuse for canceling MyPillow is “all lies” and that Walmart has 10,000 accounts with Chinese vendors.

Even if it were true that Walmart required at least 4 stars, 100 Percent Fed UP reported it found at least 3 retailers selling Queen size pillows on the Walmart site with customer ratings between 3 and 3.5 stars.

McMurray said she looked up Mike’s My Pillow products on and found that many of his pillows are being sold by a third-party seller by the name of Daily Deals, which has an address in China, at cheaper prices than the My Pillows being sold by Mike. The My Pillow pillows being sold by Daily Deals gets a 4.9 out of 5-star rating.

McMurray writes, “I asked Mike if he knew his My Pillow product was being sold by a Chinese seller, and he told me that he had ‘no idea who they are!’ Mike told us ‘I don’t allow Walmart to allow other vendors to sell my product!’ The My Pillow CEO also questioned if the My Pillow pillows being sold by Daily Deals is selling an authentic My Pillow or a knock-off version.”


We brought you the first report last night on the far-left pro-abortion terrorist group known as Jane’s Defense. Tonight we’ve got more information on that group provided by the Post Millennial.

Jane's Revenge has declared that their so-called 30 days of patience and mercy have come to an end and it is now making open threats of violence against pro-life organizations and individuals.

In an open letter dated June 15 the terror organization states:

"Your thirty days expired yesterday. We offered an honorable way out. You could have walked away. Now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for your campaign of oppression to continue. We have demonstrated in the past month how easy and fun it is to attack. We are versatile, we are mercurial, and we answer to no one but ourselves.”

Then they listed their threats, stating:

"We promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures. Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti. Sometimes you will see what we do, and you will know that it is us. Sometimes you will think you merely are unlucky, because you cannot see the ways which we interfere in your affairs. But your pointless attempts to control others, and make life more difficult, will not be met passively. Eventually your insurance companies, and your financial backers will realize you are a bad investment."

The group now takes responsibility for a growing list of attacks on crisis pregnancy and pro-life centers in Madison WI, Ft. Collins CO, Reisertown MA, Olympia WA, Des Moines IA, Lynwood WA, Washington DC, Ashville NCBuffalo NY, Hollywood FL, Vancouver WA, Frederick MA, Denton TX, Gresham OR, Eugene OR, Portland OR.

The group further stated in the letter: "You have seen that we are real, and that we are not merely pushing empty words,” noting that in addition to the visible attacks mentioned, they "work in countless locations invisibly."

"You know that we are serious." Much of their graffiti reads, "If abortions aren't safe, neither are you."


Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky took Dr. Fauci to the woodshed and gave him a verbal whipping during a June 16 Senate hearing. Dr. Paul has previously called on Fauci to be fired because he lied to the American people about the origins of the Covid-19 virus. Every time Paul and Fauci confront each other, sparks fly. They obviously detest each other. And Paul, himself a medical doctor, usually gets the best of Fauci, who hasn’t treated a patient for anything in 50 years.

Take a look at their most recent encounter, addressing the issue of whether young people should be injected with the Covid gene therapies that have caused tens of thousands of deaths and permanent injuries, to, as Fauci says, “protect” them against a disease that is not at all deadly in age groups below 50, let alone below 18 and below 5 like an outside FDA advisory committee just recommended by a vote of 21-0.



The incidence of micro-clotting in Covid vaccinated persons is said by the FDA the media to be “incredibly rare.”

The evidence suggests otherwise.

Listen to Dr. Charles Hoffe, who said in an interview with the Vigilant Fox that 52 percent of his patients showed evidence of micro-clotting within seven days of being injected with a Covid mRNA gene-therapy treatment.


The relevance of micro clots is that clotted vessels never go back to normal, he said, and what’s worse, the damage is permanent.

And then the bombshell, that these incidents of sudden death [adult syndrome cases] are either massive blood clots or vessel ruptures.

Parents, if you give your child one of these shots because you trusted government regulators that they are safe, you need to listen to these doctors who are seeing the evidence right before their eyes that suggests they are not only not safe, they are potentially deadly, much more deadly than the virus they portend to fight.


Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche warned back in January 2021 that the COVID mass-vaccination programs would cause the virus to mutate into a much more dangerous pathogen, particularly exposing the vaccinated.

Vanden Bossche, a renowned virologist and vaccine creator, has now come out with a warning that the experimental gene-based COVID-19 vaccine programs will cause an emergence of a new highly virulent and infectious COVID-19 variant within “the next two months” which will serve to crash the health care system, according to a report by LifeSite News.

Dr. Vanden Bossche, whose résumé includes roles as a former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as a senior program manager for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), appeared in a May 18 interview with Australian journalist Maria Zeee.

In that interview Vanden Bossche said, “that in the next two months, I expect an explosion [of this virulent variant] in one of these highly vaccinated countries. And then it will go very, very fast.”

According to his theory, the resulting suppression of innate immunity in the many individuals who have been injected with these experimental products—which neither eradicate nor prevent transmission of the virus—will lead to “immune escape.”

According to the LifeSite article, Vanden Bossche also believes the vaccinated people will be particularly vulnerable to these dangerous variants because the specific antibodies they have acquired to combat the original COVID-19 virus will compete with and weaken their natural immunity, while providing no protection against any new variants.


We all know that food shortages are a growing problem in America with things like baby formula increasingly difficult to find. Some analysts are predicting that shortages in the global wheat supplies could lead to bread lines in some countries.

But in socialist Italy, the bread lines have already arrived. And they are long.

Take a look at this video footage from the Italian city of Milan.


Twitter user Radio Genova, who shared this video, commented: “The food queue in Italy’s economic capital, Milan. Mario Draghi (the socialist prime minister) and the EU destroyed Italy.”


Time now for our Worldview Report nightly commentary.

Joe Biden on Wednesday announced his plans to sign yet another executive order regarding gender identity in America. The order requires the Department of Health and Human Services to add resources to bring gender identity to the forefront of their programming and services. The assistant HHS secretary is Dr. Rachel Levine, the first biological male who identifies as transgender to hold a federal appointed office. By definition of the top psychologists in the country six or seven years ago, Levine would have been considered mentally ill. Now he gets a top appointment in the federal government and a platform to order the rest of us to celebrate his twisted ideology.

In terms of education, The Post Millennial reports that Biden’s executive order directs the Department of Education to establish a new Working Group on LGBTQI+ Students and Families, which will advance policies for states, school districts, and other educational institutions to promote safe and inclusive learning environments in which all students thrive.

That’s code for coercing younger and younger kids to undergo mutilating surgeries, hormone blockers and other chemical treatments that are often permanent and debilitating, not to mention humiliating. Anyone who supports this perverted man and his agenda of leading America’s children into his twisted trans-obsessed culture is complicit in child abuse and belongs in jail.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. Take care and God bless.

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