The Kremlin Accused The U.S. Of an Assassination Attempt on Putin

The Kremlin Accused The U.S. Of an Assassination Attempt on Putin


  • The Federal Reserve engages in what some are calling an intentional sabotaging of the U.S. economy.
  • Another regional bank is teetering on the brink of collapse.
  • A new poll shows nearly half of Americans are antsy about the safety of their money sitting in private bank accounts.
  • The Kremlin accuses the U.S. of being behind a recent assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life and promises to retaliate, while placing its nuclear arsenal on the highest state of readiness.
  • Four members of the Proud Boys are convicted of seditious conspiracy related to January 6.
  • China is preparing for war.
  • And Joe Biden is going after an American pastime by making it illegal.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start off tonight with jitters in the economy, and how the Federal Reserve appears to be stoking those jitters.

Even though banks are collapsing, the commercial real estate market is tanking, retailers are closing, home sales are plunging, and large companies are laying off workers all over America, the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates even higher.  

Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog addressed this disturbing move by the Fed in a recent article.

He writes: “They know that higher rates are crushing the economy, but they apparently believe that more pain is needed. Officials at the Fed just hiked rates another 25 basis points, and they are now the highest that they have been since August 2007.”

The unanimous decision puts the key benchmark federal funds rate at a range of 5% to 5.25%, the highest since August 2007, from near zero a little more than one year ago. It marks the 10th consecutive rate increase aimed at combating high inflation.

When the Fed raised rates that high in 2007, it didn’t end well. The next year we plunged into the worst recession in 75 years.

Now a new economic crisis has begun, and even CNN is admitting that higher rates will make things worse.

Higher rates will put even more pressure on hundreds of banks that are already teetering on the brink of insolvency.

If the goal of the Federal Reserve was to curtail economic activity, what they had already done is already working, Snyder says, so there was no need to hike rates even more.

Snyder asks: “Do officials at the Federal Reserve not understand what is going on out there? It is a bloodbath, and they just made things even worse. And it isn’t just us. Economic activity is rapidly slowing down all over the world, and officials at the Fed have chosen this moment to sabotage the central hub of the entire global economy.”


According to a new Gallup poll, nearly half of Americans are anxious about the safety of the money they have in accounts at banks or other financial institutions. 


A total of 48% of U.S. adults say they are concerned about their money, including 19% who are “very” and 29% who are “moderately” worried. At the same time, 30% are “not too worried” and 20% are “not worried at all.”

These findings are from a Gallup poll conducted April 3-25, the month after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed. News about the failure of a third bank -- First Republic -- came after the poll was completed. Most bank failures in the U.S. over the past two decades have been linked to the 2008 financial crisis, which was the last time Gallup gauged Americans’ level of worry about their money held in banks or other financial institutions.

The latest readings are similar to those in 2008. In September of that year, shortly after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which remains the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, 45% of U.S. adults said they were very or moderately worried about the safety of their money. 


Meanwhile, another regional bank is teetering on collapse.

Western Alliance is the latest regional bank to explore a sale, the Financial Times reported.

The bank’s stock plunged 53% on news of the potential sale on Thursday, May 4.

Western Alliance holds 71 billion in assets.

West Coast regional banks are getting hammered as fears of contagion spread.

PacWest Bancorp shares also tumbled nearly 60% in after-hours trading on Wednesday on rumors of a sale.

The Federal Reserve “threw gasoline on the fire” when it raised interest rates on Wednesday, reported the Gateway Pundit.


The Kremlin has accused the U.S. of being behind an “assassination attempt” on Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, May 3rd. 

According to President Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Moscow is considering “various” options in response to the Wednesday morning drone attack on the Kremlin, which it accuses Ukraine of orchestrating “under the dictate of Washington.”

The Kremlin spokesman said Washington was “definitely” behind the alleged assassination attempt on Putin.

Moscow claimed two drones attempted to attack the Kremlin, but were disabled and failed to cause any damage.

Russia has multiple response options, it said, but declined to comment on whether Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was a legitimate target.

The Kremlin suggested the U.S. was selecting the targets and Ukraine was merely executing American orders. But the Russians presented no evidence for their claims. 

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications, called accusations from Russia that the U.S. directed Ukraine to carry out an alleged Kremlin drone attack and assassination attempt “ridiculous.”

For Kiev and Washington to try to disown the incident was “absolutely ridiculous,”  the Kremlin said.

Zelenskyy has denied his country had anything to do with the failed attack.


The Biden regime’s quest to restrict the rights of American citizens will soon target rural Americans like never before. Their next mission is to take away your right to hunt and fish.

Fox News reports the regime is colluding with radical environmental groups to put this scheme into motion.

According to the outlet, the Center for Biological Diversity — an influential environmental group with assets exceeding $40 million that advocates for stringent federal wildlife protections — sued the federal government in 2021 over a Trump administration rule expanding hunting and fishing on 2.3 million acres across 147 wildlife refuges and national fish hatcheries.

Instead of defending the rule, the Biden administration asked the court to delay proceedings in the case in February 2022, and in November agreed to a settlement with the Center for Biological Diversity that stipulated the government would take wide-ranging steps to protect wildlife “harmed by expanded hunting and fishing” on national wildlife refuges, Fox reports.

Under the settlement, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Services promised to expand bans on lead ammunition across various federal refuge properties beginning in 2026 as part of the 2023-2024 annual rule expected to be proposed in May.

Fox News reported that the Federal Fish and Wildlife Services is now poised to act. In addition to banning lead ammunition, fishing tackle, the equipment used by anglers while fishing, will be banned as well.

Fox noted that, “This qualifies as a backdoor ban on hunting and fishing on federal land. Since the federal government owns 28% of the land in America, this qualifies as a significant chunk.”

Todd Adkins, the vice president of government affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance, a pro-hunting group, told the outlet: 

“Raising the cost of hunting, raising the cost of fishing and raising the cost of our crowd doing their thing is objective number one, without a doubt, because they know if you make it more expensive, less people will do it.”


Well as you’ve no doubt heard by now, the Biden Justice Department is reportedly bearing down on Hunter Biden.

The timing is interesting, given that this news about an imminent indictment of Hunter Biden comes just days after his 80-year-old father, Joe, announced he would run for re-election in 2024.

Perhaps Joe jumped the gun on his announcement. Perhaps he hadn’t been given the go-ahead by his handlers for another term. 

Here is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, talking about the strange timing of a Hunter Biden prosecution.



And it’s not just the Biden family that could be in hot water over their relationship with Hunter Biden.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also running on a razor’s edge.

Blinken is being called out for lying to Congress by Senator Ron Johnson and others who say they have the receipts to prove Blinken committed perjury. 

Take a listen.



Four members of the Proud Boys were convicted by a D.C. kangaroo court of seditious conspiracy related to the January 6 FBI-set up hoax insurrection and will now face up to 20 years in prison.

The jury, made up of 100 percent D.C. liberals, agreed that the government proved the existence of seditious conspiracy.
Proud Boy Ethan Nordean was found guilty of seditious conspiracy.
Proud Boy Joe Biggs – guilty of seditious conspiracy.
Proud Boy Zachary Rehl – guilty.
Proud Boy founder Enrique Tarrio – guilty of seditious conspiracy.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the FBI created and planted evidence in the Proud Boys’ group chat. The court ignored this truth. We knew they would. The outcome of this trial was never in doubt as the jury was seated for the sole purpose of a conviction.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cara Castronouva posted this tweet as the verdicts came in:


“4 of the 5 PROUD BOYS, including Enrique Tarrio, all found GUILTY of SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY. I am heartbroken, SICK to my stomach and afraid to be an America right now. There is NO justice. Like I said a million times- YOU’RE next. THE BIDEN REGIME IS (OUT) OF CONTROL. God, help us all - we need a Savior that is NOT a politician to redeem this country & world.”

Amen to that.


China continues to mobilize for war.

According to a report by Taiwan News, China has activated an emergency section of its national conscription law that will allow it to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan.

The newly revised “Regulations on the Recruitment of Soldiers,” which allow retired soldiers to re-enlist to ensure that experienced officers and soldiers will serve in a time of war, went into effect on Monday. The revised conscription regulations also focus on recruiting tech-savvy science and engineering students for new areas of operations such as space and cyber, showing China’s attempt to prepare for a possible full invasion of Taiwan.

The State Council and the Central Military Commission, the highest decision-making body of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, announced last month the new regulations on conscription were being activated.

According to China’s state-run news agency, the revised conscription regulations consist of 74 articles in 11 chapters that focus on “recruiting more high-caliber soldiers, standardizing and optimizing conscription procedures, and improving the system’s efficiency.”

The new conscription regulations allow veterans to rejoin the army, return to their old units or perform previous duties, making it easier for the nearly 2 million-strong PLA to acquire experienced personnel, reported Nikkei Asia. Another provision makes it easier for the military to recruit personnel in emergency situations, allowing the government to adjust the conditions and methods of recruitment according to the type of personnel needed, and to enable its transportation corps to prioritize the movement of troops for rapid deployments.

The changes reflect China’s “concerns about a possible conflict over Taiwan,” according to the news agency. A full-fledged land, sea, and air campaign would likely require the mobilization of retired and active-duty military personnel.


The RAIR Foundation reports that Pope Francis has suggested repopulating European villages with migrants who will be mainly Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to compensate for the dramatic drop in the native birth rate, raising concerns about the Islamization of Europe.

The pope lamented that people in Italy and Spain “are not having babies.”

Francis has raised concerns that Europe is in a serious crisis due to its demographic winter and loss of Christian roots. The Pope recently visited Hungary and praised its ability to keep its Christian roots alive while much of Europe has forgotten them. 

In his address, the Pope expressed concern that consumerism is a threat to freedom in Europe, as it numbs individuals to the significance of history, leading them to focus solely on their immediate desires. He warned that this narrow focus on the present could cause individuals to forget the importance of community, larger families, and dedicating themselves to others, resulting in a crisis throughout Europe. The Pope emphasized that this issue is a critical challenge to preserving European values and heritage.

To preserve the roots, the Pope emphasized the importance of education and passing on Christian values to the younger generation. He also called for a return to traditional family values and emphasized the importance of the family unit in society.

The Pope’s message highlights the challenges facing Europe in terms of its demographic shift and loss of traditional values. He offers a call to action to preserve these values and promote solidarity and community, which he sees as key to addressing these challenges. But then he endorses Western Europe’s open-borders policies and replacing the dying Christians with Muslim migrants. This is classic Francis doublespeak.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:25)

Thank you to the RAIR Foundation for that translated video.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

We’ve reported on states like Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Florida and Montana passing laws that protect children from child predators that work in schools and hospitals. Yes, I know that sounds crazy but there’s an insane movement afoot in this country, and across the Western world, to confuse children about their gender, in schools, libraries and other institutions where children gather, and then turn them over to profiteers in the medical industry where they are placed on puberty blockers, chemical hormone treatments and even the surgical removal of heathy body parts.

But while some states are moving to protect their children from these butchers, other states are making it unlawful for parents to intervene and stop this process of ungendering, regendering, and ultimately castrating and sterilizing a whole generation of youth.

Maryland became the latest state to fall into the latter category and line up on the side of evil.

Democrat Governor Wes Moore signed into law a bill that codifies both abortion and child transgenderism procedures in the state’s law as “fundamental human rights.”

The bill will also ban Maryland judges from requiring people in the state to give testimony in other U.S. states when the case involves allegations that someone partook in a restricted medical procedure or practice in that state — such as abortion or child sex-change surgery.

According to a report by CNN, the governor justified the bill as making sure that no one had to “justify their humanity” while in the state, though the official showed no intention of extending that concern to the unborn, with the governor having previously attempted to pressure pharmacies across the United States into providing abortion pills.

The state’s Lt. Governor, Aruna Miller, meanwhile distanced Maryland from U.S. states currently working to heavily restrict both abortion and medical child transgenderism, including hormone therapy and irreversible sex-change surgeries.

Likewise, Oregon Democrats have rammed through HB2002, a highly controversial bill that would allow children to get abortions and undergo gender transformation surgery without their parents’ knowledge, and the parents’ insurance company would have to pick up the cost.

This is all part of the national divorce that is just beginning to take shape in America, where some states appear willing to make a stand for at least a rudimentary level of common sense and human decency, while others go all in with the twisted, satanic world that has engulfed the Democrat Party.

It really is a battle between good and evil.

I believe that at some point every state will be forced to pick a side in this battle to save America’s next generation. The states still standing in the middle will be forced to decide what side they want to hold hands with walking into the future. The side that sees no future for humanity and seeks to irreversibly neuter as many people as possible, or the side that still believes it’s healthy, human and natural for men and women to want to marry and have a family.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.



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