Large European Country to Require Digital I.D. For Government Healthcare: Worldview Report August 15, 2022

Large European Country to Require Digital I.D. For Government Healthcare: Worldview Report August 15, 2022

INTRO: One of the largest countries in Europe is getting ready to launch a digital biometric ID system that will be required in order for citizens to obtain government-sponsored healthcare. We’ve also got a report on how this type of system, already deployed in India, is shutting thousands of children out of the education system.

The U.S. Department of Energy gave China the rights to a new type of battery capable of powering an entire house for decades, and it was all funded by you, the American taxpayer.

We’ve also got an update on the growing toll of young, healthy people who are dying suddenly. Perfectly fine one day, gone the next.

And, we’ll bring you an exclusive interview with a Ukrainian immigrant who is now living the American dream, but concerned that her adopted homeland is now on the verge of going communist.

Get ready for all these stories and much more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

French lawmakers have approved a plan to launch a biometric digital health card, reports Ken Macon for the Activist Post.

The project was pushed as part of the financial aid package to address the cost-of-living crisis.

France has a health card called Carte Vitale, which allows those registered in the country’s health system to get reimbursements for medical costs. The payments are made automatically because the card is linked to the user’s bank account.


The biometric Carte Vitale has strong support from conservative lawmakers and they made it a condition for them to pass the financial aid package. Supporters of the new Carte Vitale argue that it will help combat welfare fraud.

Explaining how it would work, center-right MP Thibault Bazin said the card will have a chip that would contain “physical characteristics of the insured, such as their fingerprints” to enable identity verification.

Biometrics ensure that only the cardholder can use the card and the chip would allow for instant deactivation once the card is reported stolen.

Those who oppose the biometric Carte Vitale warn that the process will be lengthy, costly, and another threat to privacy.

As always, privacy stealing technologies of this sort are sold to the public as being more safe, secure and convenient. They end up being none of the above as you have now handed all your personal information over and it can and will be used against you, not to mention sold for a profit to third-parties.


Continuing with more world news about the drive toward a one-world global ID system, we have an article from Jeremy Loffredo at the Activist Post that describes how millions of children in India can’t go to school because they’ve failed to submit to India’s biometric ID system. That system in India is called Aadhaar and it includes a social-credit scoring system.

The invasive system has been praised by Bill Gates, and some U.S. policymakers want to bring a similar social credit database to America.

India is known as the most populous democracy in the world. It’s also home to the largest national biometric digital ID system in the world.

According to a report from Reuters last week, tens of millions of children in India are at risk of being excluded from school this year because they’re not linked up to the biometric digital ID system.

Aadhaar, India’s federally-operated biometric digital ID system, collected the names, finger print scans, and eye scans of 1.2 billion Indians.

According to the report, India’s 2009 Right to Education Act provides the legal right to free education for all children from six to 14 years old.

But apparently, only children willing to submit to invasive biometric recording and tracking are able to enjoy this “right.”

Dipa Sinha, a professor at India’s Ambedkar University, told Reuters that requiring the biometric digital ID for public school “puts the onus on the citizen, and makes it much harder for them to access” their own rights.


If you’re a regular viewer of the Worldview Report, you know that the Covid-19 gene-therapy injections are already causing children and young adults to die.

Now, the UK-based Daily Expose is reporting that a genocide is likely already well underway, based on the data that has been released from confidential Pfizer documents, which the FDA wanted to keep hidden from the public for 75 years.

The FDA only released the documents because it was forced after losing a lawsuit.

In the most recent data dump on August 1st, on Page 12 of the confidential document, it contains data on the use of the Pfizer Covid-19 injection in pregnancy and lactation.

Pfizer states in the document that by February 28, 2021, less than three months after the Covid vaccines were rolled out, there were 270 known cases of exposure to the mRNA injection during pregnancy.

Forty-six percent of the mothers (124) exposed to the Pfizer Covid-19 injection suffered an adverse reaction.

Of those 124 mothers suffering an adverse reaction, 49 were considered non-serious adverse reactions, whereas 75 were considered serious. This means 58% of the mothers who reported suffering adverse reactions suffered a serious adverse event ranging from uterine contraction to fetal death.

The FDA knew this and allowed the vaccines to continue being administered under greater and greater duress, as many women were threatened with the loss of jobs if they did not get the shot.


The U.S. Department of Energy gave China the rights to a green battery capable of powering an entire house for decades which cost millions of tax dollars to develop, according to a new report.

Designed at a U.S. government lab near Seattle, the vanadium redox flow battery was manufactured by a company in Washington state called UniEnergy Technologies until last year, when a DOE license transfer effectively sealed its fate to a Chinese company.

The revelation comes from NPR, which investigated the matter in partnership with the Northwest News Network. They found that the DOE violated its own licensing policies.

Joanne Skievaski, chief financial officer of Forever Energy, one of several U.S. companies that have been trying to obtain the license, told NPR:

“This is technology made from taxpayer dollars. It was invented in a national lab. Now it's deployed in China, and it's held in China. To say it's frustrating is an understatement.”

The battery’s origins date back to 2006, when some two dozen scientists in the basement of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory thought that a special mix of acid and electrolytes could hold vast amounts of sustainable energy. They eventually proved their suspicions, leading to six years of development and over $15 million in taxpayer dollars to perfect the battery.


We have several new “sudden” deaths to report tonight of young healthy people.

First off, the Dail Mail reports that two children sat next to the body of their mother for eight hours after she died suddenly on a flight as the family returned home to the UK from Hong Kong. 

Helen Rhodes, described as a devoted wife and mother, died suddenly as she was traveling home to the UK with her husband Simon and their son and daughter on August 5th.

A few hours into the flight, Mrs. Rhodes - a midwife - was found unresponsive and could not be resuscitated. It is believed she passed away in her sleep. 

Her body then remained in her seat for eight hours next to her devastated children, before the flight landed in Frankfurt. 

Mrs. Rhodes' body remains in Germany and is yet to be repatriated. Her husband and two children, Nathan and Emma, had to continue on to the UK without her.


In another case, a coroner has asked the police in New Zealand to look into the death of a 12-year-old girl who collapsed while running in an Auckland park on August 4 as reported by Stuff.

The identity of the young girl was not released, but she was an 8th grade student at Baradene College of the Sacred Heart in Auckland.

Multiple reports said the incident took place after school hours, and the girl passed away later that evening at the hospital.

According to the police, preliminary investigations indicate the child experienced a “some sort of medical event” while running.


An Arizona high school football player, Cesar Vazquez, who had already started summer practices with Peoria Centennial High School, died “unexpectedly” in his sleep last week, according to the CBS News affiliate Arizona Family TV 3 in Phoenix.

Vazquez was 6′3, 270 pounds, with no known health problems.

His coaches said he had a future as a college football player and possibly even a professional in the NFL.

But last week, when Vazquez went to bed, he never woke up.

His mother, Brenda Gil, told Arizona Family News, “We started moving him, and shaking him. We saw he was purple so we called the ambulance. And when they came, they said he was dead, and that they couldn’t do anything else.”

Vazquez had no history of any serious health issues. He didn’t do drugs. As a result, his death has left his family with plenty of questions. “We just have no clue what happened.” Gil said.


Another super-fit athlete, this time a 24-year-old soccer player in Ireland, died unexpectedly after collapsing on the field last Friday during a county senior championship game.

Dillon Quirke collapsed right before halftime, and he had to be helped off the field at Semple Stadium in Thurles, Ireland.

The referee called off the game following the incident.

After being transported from the field on a stretcher, he died at Tipperary University Hospital in Clonmel.


A former Republican candidate for sheriff of Coweta County, Georgia, Jimmy Callaway, died suddenly at age 47 on Monday, August 8, while he in attendance at the Georgia Gang Investigator’s Association in Savannah.

He was pronounced dead early Monday while at his hotel with his wife.


Callaway was literally cracking jokes on Facebook about eating seafood the night before his death.

Callaway ran for sheriff of Coweta County in 2020.

He was the Director of State Investigations for the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. The coroner said Callaway died of natural causes, but he was not suffering from any illness at the time of death.


A 31-year-old British actor, Sam Gannon, died suddenly on Tuesday, August 2, while visiting relatives in California.

According to information provided by Gannon’s family, the young man had traveled to California to spend time with relatives. Sam Gannon’s cause of death is, like all the others in this report, unknown.

You’ll recall that last week five doctors in Canada died over the course of two weeks, all of whom, with one exception, were considered to be in good health.

Some in the medical community are calling for an investigation. Take a look at this analysis.



Jennette McCurdy, a former child star for Nickelodeon, is blowing the whistle on how children are routinely drugged and raped by Hollywood executives, and forced to engage in horrific sex acts with pedophiles in order to further their careers.

McCurdy, who was the star of Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat,” claims she was repeatedly sexually abused by elites in the entertainment industry.

“My whole childhood and adolescence were very exploited,” McCurdy said in an interview with the New York Times cited by News Punch.

At the age of 16, McCurdy was entering her third year on the hit teen sitcom “iCarly,” where she played the comedic character Sam Puckett. 

The actress gets candid in her new memoir titled, I’m Glad My Mom Died, in which she details her toxic relationship with her mother and her time on Nickelodeon. 

According to the New York Times, McCurdy, now 30 years old, wrote in her memoir about embarrassing moments on Nickelodeon when she was asked to be “photographed in a bikini during a wardrobe fitting and being encouraged to drink alcohol by an intimidating figure she simply calls the Creator.”

McCurdy said her mother never intervened, allegedly telling her daughter, “Everyone wants what you have.”

“Sam & Cat” aired for only one season during 2013-2014, and after the show’s cancellation, Nickelodeon offered the former child actress $300,000 to keep her experiences at the network private. She refused the offer. 


An Episcopalian school in New York City invited a drag queen to its “Pride Chapel” event recently, as high school age children were encouraged to stand up and clap for the LGBTQ activist.

According to the drag queen’s TikTok, Grace Church School invited the activist, who goes by the name Brita Filter, to “teach the children.”

The drag queen wrote in a TikTok post, “I literally went to church to teach the children today… ️A Catholic High School here in NYC invited me to their Pride Chapel,” he wrote, misstating the school’s denomination, which is actually Episcopalian, not Catholic.

“Visibility matters and I’m so honored to have had the chance to talk to you about my work as a LGBTQ+ Drag Queen Activist,” he added.

The video features a masked man introducing the drag queen, urging the high school students to stand up and welcome him.

“Her name is Brita Filter, and she is the queen of New York!” he exclaimed in the video that has recently gone viral:

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 39 seconds)

And the people cheered wildly as the blasphemous act was invited right into the sanctuary of the church.


An 80-year-old grandmother in Washington state has been banned from swimming at the YMCA after she complained that “a man in a women’s swimsuit” was “watching little girls” change.  

80-year-old Julie Jaman told Port Townsend City Council on Monday:

“In an effort by the city and the YMCA to apply the neo-cultural gender rules at Mountain View Pool dressing, shower room facilities, women and children are being put at risk.” 

Explaining why she feels this way, Jaman said that on July 26 she was showering in the local pool’s facilities when she heard “a man’s voice in the women’s dressing area.” 

When she went to look at what was going on, Jaman said she witnessed “a man in a women’s swimsuit, watching little girls pull down their bathing suits in order to use the toilets in the dressing room.” 


In our commentary tonight we’d like to feature the interview I was privileged to conduct while at CPAC last week with Angela Grabovsky, a native Ukrainian who emigrated to the United States in 1989 at the age of 23. She lived under Soviet communism and knows what communism is like. Now she’s living the American dream, having recently won the GOP primary for Indiana’s seventh congressional district, which includes Indianapolis.

Listen to what this wise woman had to say about communism, and her thoughts about where America is heading if we let it.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4 minutes)

The world of fearing that knock on the door, the knowledge that friends and family members can just disappear into a gulag and never return. The party in power criminalizing all opposition.

These are all realities of communism, and we’re starting to see them rearing their ugly head in the United States of America. God help us or we will become even worse than the Soviet Union was. Given the advancements of technology, the state will no longer need to rely on human snitches alone. It has a vast spying apparatus operated by computer algorithms that the Soviets could have only dreamed about.

There’s a lot of wisdom there from Angela Grabovsky, a woman who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. We wish her the absolute best in her general election campaign for Congress.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in. We wish everyone a good night, and may God save America. 

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