Lehigh University Professor Wants Blacks To Hate Historical Figures

Lehigh University Professor Wants Blacks To Hate Historical Figures

Whenever liberals, specifically white Fabian Democratic Socialists and white cultural Marxists, have a weak argument, they prostitute the lie that if what they are advocating isn’t done blacks will suffer. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, this demonic reasoning doesn’t apply when it’s noted that white Democrats fought to retain human bondage. The documented fact that abortion has murdered more than one-third of the total populace of Americans who are black is met with demands to keep the industrialized extermination of blacks unabated. 

The problem with those who espouse such Erebusic fatuity is their amoral duplicity. To shield against the prolepsis of outright rejection of their despiteous ignorance they create and employ pseudo-science to establish legitimacy for their fallacious construct. What they ignore is the bifurcation inherent in their pseudo-science.

A prime example is the damnable idea that Statues of those who played principle roles in the development of America should be torn down and the history of these great figures be bastardized. But that’s a difficult objective to achieve on its own merit. However, toss in a couple “niggers” (as Democrat President Lyndon Johnson and the revered late Democrat statesman Senator Robert Byrd referred to blacks) and the task becomes exponentially easier.

This is precisely what Lehigh University assistant professor of anthropology Allison Mickel just did. Lehigh University is recognized as one of the more prestigious Ivy League University’s in America, but even it was unable to successfully promote sustainable lies for historical revisionism without the racist bigotry and the objectification of blacks willing to assent in their own dehumanization. 

Somewhere in bodily cavities of cultural Marxists there was developed a construct called “allostatic load,” which Mickel predictably now misapplies to Statues of America’s historic figures. 

“Allostatic load” references wear and tear on a body. So it comes as no surprise that through copious research “medical anthropologists” have determined that “monuments endanger the health just as lead pipes and asbestos do.” (See: Your View by Lehigh Professor: Columbus Is Still Killing People, Take Him Down; Alison Mickel; 7/10/2020; The Morning Call)

It’s even less surprising that this ridiculous reasoning is being married to the idea that exposure to Statues of our historical figures is disproportionately harmful to blacks. Mickel asserts that black folks suffer the devastating effects of “premature aging, faster health deterioration and lower life expectancy…than their white counterparts.” And, this is all because of being subjected Statues of historical figures such as Columbus. I’m sure that fired projectiles hurling through the air at just under sub-sonic speed has nothing to do with shortened life expectancy. But, I digress.

Mickel claims that higher “allostatic load scores” are primary “causal factors in neighborhood segregation, discrimination, psychological trauma, and environmental stressors – including monuments of kidnappers, rapists, enslavers and murderers of one’s ancestors.” She omits the trauma from seeing neighborhood gangs responsible for killing your child. But, again I digress.

Can one silly woman professor be more intentionally insulting and bigoted than Mickel? She’s the shining display of white cultural Marxist bigotry and racism. Her kind is the elapids that paint innocent Americans who don’t give a rat’s tail about skin color and who aren’t remotely prejudice or generationally racist and privileged as unconscious haters. 

The absurdity of Mickel’s unbearably stupid assertions is that she and her kind ignore and dismiss the bifurcate logic inherent their construct. 

Using her own rationale, if Statues of Columbus and let’s say a Statues of Robert E. Lee, and Thomas Jefferson adversely affect a black person’s wellbeing and area of domicile, what about the “allostatic load” effect of abortion? What if I argued that understanding Planned Parenthood is the progeny of white eugenicists dedicated to “exterminating the Negro population” and that Margaret Sanger called for using churches that blacks attend to bring same about caused me great distress? (See: Planned Parenthood Supporters Dishonor Dr. Martin Luther King; Mychal Massie; 4/19/2018) Would Mickel and her so-called medical anthropologists support the calls by myself, and many others for ending the systematic extermination of black children?

Mickel did her best to portray Columbus as a horrible person who sexually molested children and severed body parts. But the cacophony of silence we hear from Mickel et al regarding the documented fact that the Moslem hero Mohammed was a child molester and that Moslems today practice the barbarous act of female genital mutilation is ignored. Shouldn’t we reasonably concede that having Moslems living in high-density neighborhoods that are home predominantly to blacks, would have a harmful effect? 

Mickel along with her kind condemn Columbus and our Founding Fathers as slave traders, but should blacks be psychologically damaged and their life expectancies greatly reduced because of the Moslem preeminence in the stave trade? Shouldn’t she support demands to rid Congress of Ilhan Omar, D-MN; Rashida Tlaib, D-MI; and Obama, because he is a Moslem supporter who praised Planned Parenthood for slaughtering black children?

Speaking of bifurcation how would Mickel and her kind justify calling me a xenophobe and homophobe if I used her argument to claim I was being harmed by the horrid displays of sexual depravity and debauchery by homosexuals? 

Mickel and her kind are insults to academia. The intellectual dishonesty and reprobate duplicity cannot be overstated. They are not interested in the wellbeing of Americans. She and her kind are singularly interested in the deconstruction of America. She and her kind are inculcating impressionable your minds with lies about America, our Founding fathers, and about the roles played by great men in the shaping of our country.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that my positions are given to me by my Creator and upheld by The United States Constitution.

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