Minnesota: Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch fires man for organizing “Exposing Sharia” event

Minnesota: Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch fires man for organizing “Exposing Sharia” event



On October 22, the Geller Report ran this exclusive article by Robert Spencer, detailing the controversy in Stewartville, Minnesota, over a planned speech by Coptic Christian Usama Dakdok called “Exposing Sharia.” Dakdok grew up in Egypt, and he knows from his own personal experience what he is talking about; nevertheless, a local venue, the Stewartville Sportsman Club, deemed the event “Islamophobic” and canceled it.

Meanwhile, a deceptive dawah event was hosted at the Rochester, Minnesota public library with no problem: public officials are routinely played for suckers and fools by deceptive Islamic supremacists who buy their false claims that Muslims are victims (Jews are twice more often the victims of hate crimes than Muslims are, according to FBI statistics), and so the lies get a full hearing and official sanction, while the truth has to beg for a platform from which it can be heard.

And now the story gets even worse. One of the organizers of the Exposing Sharia event was Gary Froiland, a longtime employee of the Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch. But when Bob Bardwell and Tracy Bashore, Froiland’s bosses at the Ranch, heard that Froiland had helped organize the Exposing Sharia event, they summarily fired him — with no discussion, no second chance, no recourse.

Read more about this kind of capitulation in my book FATWA: Hunted in America. This in microcosm is what is happening all over the country: the mosqueing of the workplace as people cave in to Muslim demands, or in this case, behave as if speaking the truth about Islam were some kind of offense, warranting being fired. This madness has to stop. Please contact Bardwell and Bashore at the numbers below, and tell them what you think of their firing a man whose only offense was to oppose the most brutal, violent, misogynistic ideology on the face of the earth. Do it now.


Here is the email I received from Gary Froiland:

Greetings Pamela!


Thank you for your article sharing the dilemma about our event in Rochester, Minnesota to have Usama Dakdok speak. I am Gary Froiland, one of the guys helping with this event, and I am the one who designed the poster.


After a pastor who promised us his church backed out the night before the event to have Usama Dakdok speak this past spring in Rochester, we planned to attempt it again in the fall with the American Legion. That should be a patriotic place to have an educational speaker explain why Sharia is not compatible with our constitution. But they too backed out of the contract and gave us our money back after they received pressure from the Sheriff’s department. So we tried the Stewartville Sportsman’s Club.


That’s where your article picked up. We had just covered the town of Stewartville putting door hanging sleeves on nearly every house in town, containing the brochure “Islam in a Nutshell, Peaceful or Violent?” which includes the “Growth of Islam” chart by Bill Warner (Center for the Study of Political Islam). That’s when the Rochester Post Bulletin discovered the door hangings, and the Stewartville Sportsman Club backed out of their contract. Our team met with their board, but they were without convincing to let us use their facility.


But we were not about to give up. Next I took my turn to rent a facility. The Cascade Town Hall just north of Rochester was suggested. I rented it as a “Pre-Halloween Family Event”, and added that I would be playing music. (you can type in Gary Froiland in YouTube and see some of my One-Man-Band videos). So we were able to rent the facility. We emailed people three hours before the event to give them the location, hoping that would keep protesters away. About 80 people came!


Late afternoon before the event, after Usama had arrived, he called the Rochester Post Bulletin and invited them to interview him. They jumped at that opportunity for a good story, but didn’t stay long enough to hear the heart of the message, but interviewed him, took some pictures and left. That was Sunday night, October 29th.


The next day the article came out with the front page news. Overall, it was a quite honest article (http://www.postbulletin.com/news/local/muslims-are-victims-of-islam/article_0815c39d-b85c-5157-9a26-5a3fb5553713.html) My name, Gary Froiland, is mentioned in the article, since I was the one who had rented the hall. They made it sound like I deceived them when renting, because I never mentioned we’d have a speaker, but that it was a “Pre-Halloween Family Event (the paper called it a “party”). The event was to start at 6 pm, and those invited were told that I would play music at 5:30 pm for those who came early. That I did, and then closed my half hour by leading everyone in the pledge of allegiance, and had a prayer. Then Usama did his nearly 3-hour presentation.


Now the story continues: Monday the article came out in the Post Bulletin, and my boss read it. My name was in the article, and when I got to work the next morning (at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch, www.ironwoodsprings.com), the boss (Tracy Bashore) met me first thing and fired me for my involvement in an exposing Islam event. So I was out of a job because of our attempt at Freedom of Speech.


I was on the board of that Christian Ranch for 20 years, and the last four years have been a full-time employee. Bob Bardwell (bob@ironwoodsprings.com) had founded the Ranch in 1976, and even though he’s very involved every day there, he gave the job of Director to a Tracy Bachore (tracy@ironwoodsprings.com). It was Tracy and other liberal employees at the Ranch that had a problem with my involvement with exposing Islam, and now that I was more public with it, he made sure it cost me my job. So I guess I don’t have any freedom of speech either.


I thought you might be interested in hearing “The Rest of the Story”, so there you have it. I certainly lost my freedom of speech besides losing my job, but I would do it again. My desire is to be a patriot, and cleanse the path that our children will take from evil that lurks. If you want to talk personally to Bob Bardwell or Tracy Bashore, I included their emails above, and the main office phone number of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is 507-533-4315.


Thank you for listening, and keep up your good work!

Gary Froiland

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