Is North Korea Preparing to Use Terrorist Cells to Release Biological Weapons In Major Cities?

Is North Korea Preparing to Use Terrorist Cells to Release Biological Weapons In Major Cities?


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It is not just folks on the political right who are concerned about terrorists and terrorism as some academic simpletons claim. The Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs has released in October of 2017 a lengthy report entitled: North Korea’s Biological Weapons Program. The reports states North Korea may indeed be able to produce “military-sized batches.”

[quote]…a series of photos of the Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute released by the North Korean state media in 2015 raised concerns for dual-use. Analysis of these images revealed that the Pyongyang Bio-technical Institute could produce military-sized batches of BWs, specifically anthrax. [end quote]

North Korea is known for its cruelty to its own people and this may extend to using its own people as test subjects for their biological weapons program. The Harvard report states:

[quote]…testimonies from defectors allege that North Korea uses human subjects in testing biological and chemical weapons. [end quote]

The reports by the Belfer Center states that North Korea is likely to use such biological weapons as anthrax and smallpox:

[quote] The most recent statement made by the South Korean Defense Ministry is that “North Korea has 13 types of BW agents which it can weaponize within ten days, and anthrax and smallpox are the likely agents it would deploy.” [end quote]

Most disturbing is that the delivery system for the distribution of such biological weapons could be a drone.

[quote] North Korea’s choice of delivery vehicle is unknown and will likely be tailored to the strategic and tactical objectives for each weapon. Missiles, drones, airplanes, sprayers, and human vectors are potential means of BW delivery.  Drones and airplanes using aerosol to disperse BW agents are also theoretically possible; North Korea regularly flies drones into South Korea. [end quote]

The report also states that North Korea could use “sleeper agents” to carry out the biological attacks. If backpack sprayers were used to distribute biological weapons, the sleeper agents would merely need to disguise themselves as janitors, pest control employees, or lawn and landscape maintance works spraying for weeds. The reports warns:

 [quote] It is theoretically possible that North Korean sleeper agents disguised as cleaning and disinfection personnel could disperse BW agents with backpack sprayers. Another possibility is that North Korean agents will introduce BW into water supplies for major metropolitan areas. [end quote]

The Belfer Center warns that the biological weapons attack by North Korea could precede a massive secondary attack. The initial biological weapons attack could create chaos and distract and overwhelm military officials, government officials, and the intelligence community, while a second and more devastating attack is completed.

[quote] …security experts point out that BW could be tactical: North Korea is likely to use biological weapons before or at the beginning of a conflict to disrupt society and create panic, incapacitate societies, and/or cause a significant military diversion. [end quote]

What is truly sobering is that it only takes a small amount of anthrax to kill 50% of the residents of a major city according the the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center:

[quote] Agents like anthrax could cause mass casualties with a small amount: only a few kilograms of anthrax, equivalent to a few bottles of wine, released into a dense city could kill 50% of the population. [end quote]

Americans would be wise to use common sense in understanding and preparing for the numerous and growing threats our nation faces instead of waiting for an emergency to occur. While the average family cannot prevent a major terrorist attack, the average family can take common sense steps now to lessen the impact on their family in the event the just-in-time inventory of your local grocery store is interrupted or Americans are ordered to shelter in place for several days or weeks due to a biological weapon being released in the population.

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