The U.S. Congress Votes No Money For American Small Businesses But Votes Yes For $40 Billion to Corrupt Ukraine: Worldview Report Transcript For May 25, 2022

The U.S. Congress Votes No Money For American Small Businesses But Votes Yes For $40 Billion to Corrupt Ukraine: Worldview Report Transcript For May 25, 2022

INTRO: Russia has indicated it may soon pull out of the United Nations World Health Organization just as the Biden administration is trying to strengthen the organization’s global enforcement powers. Nations are maneuvering against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms and we’ll show you how they’re lining up.

Remember that letter the National School Board Association sent to the Biden DOJ last year asking for federal law enforcement to investigate parents who were attending local school board meetings across the U.S.? Well new documents have surfaced that prove the National School Board Association wanted to go even further, and you won’t believe what they were calling for.

The FDA has declared war on a popular over-the-counter supplement proven to be effective against Covid infection and even helping detox those suffering side-effects from the gene-therapy jab. We’ll take a look at the status of the FDA’s investigation.

And, finally, State Farm Insurance claims to be a “good neighbor,” but wait till you find out what they’re promoting in Florida public schools.

All this and more when the Worldview Report begins, now.


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

The separation between East and West continues with Ukraine as the dividing line.

Euro Weekly News is reporting that Russia’s Foreign Ministry had sent proposals to State Duma on Russia’s withdrawal from World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

Russia’s State Duma deputy speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, as reported by Russian news agency Kommersant, said:

“Exit from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) will be considered among other organizations.”

He said all the proposals would be analyzed jointly with the Federation Council and that it is necessary to review the treaties, “which do not bring benefits but direct harm” to the Russian nation. He added:

“Russia has withdrawn from the Council of Europe, and now it is next in line to withdraw from the WTO and the WHO, which have neglected all their obligations towards our country.”

Western countries began imposing sanctions in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, announced by Vladimir Putin on February 24. Russian authorities are convinced the sanctions are destroying the system of WTO rules.

According to Euro Weekly, 14 members of the WTO have already stripped Russia of the treatment given to other nations.

Ukraine also initiated a discussion on closing the WHO office in Moscow. On May 10, the WHO’s European Committee adopted a resolution proposing to close the organization’s office in Moscow.


In what’s being called an unprecedented maneuver, the U.S. Air Force is joining the Israeli military in a mock attack on Iran.

The Biden White House, already engaged in a proxy war with nuclear-armed Russia, has now given the greenlight for unprecedented U.S. participation in an Israeli drill simulating a coordinated attack to knock out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Yes, this is the same Biden administration that has helped Iran get nuclear weapons, is now planning to take help Israel take them out.

According to The Times of Israel, “The U.S. Air Force will serve as a complementary force, with refueling planes drilling with Israeli fighter jets as they simulate entering Iranian territory and carrying out repeated strikes.”

The mock attack on Iran will happen later this month, as part of a broader Israeli military exercise called “Chariots of Fire,” Zero Hedge reports.


Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi said last September that the IDF had “greatly accelerated” preparations for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to Axios, dozens of Israeli air force fighter jets are expected to take part in the exercise and fly hundreds of miles from Israel to the west above the Mediterranean in a way that simulates a flight route to Iran.

Though there’s no indication of an imminent real-world strike, U.S. participation in the drill is an implicit endorsement of an Israeli-initiated war of aggression—and a signal that the United States might not only agree to it, but participate.  


The United States Senate on Thursday voted to kill a bill that would have provided $48 billion in aid to restaurants and other small businesses hit hard by the pandemic, according to The Hill. 

The Senate voted 52-43 to hold a vote on the bipartisan bill, eight votes shy of the required 60 votes to advance Senate Bill 4008 to the floor. 

Those who opposed the bill, which aimed to bring small business out of debt, cited inflation and the federal deficit. But that didn’t stop them from sending billions to Ukraine.

On the very same day, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to provide $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, which was promptly signed by Joe Biden with a sense of urgency. Many of the senators who voted for the aid to Ukraine also voted against the aid to American small businesses, among them Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.   

Earlier this month when the Ukraine aid measure was introduced, McConnell explained that everyone agrees the Russia-Ukraine war is “the most important thing going on in the world.” 

Mothers unable to feed their babies in America, people unable to afford to drive to work, and small businesses forced to close their doors by excessive government regulations, those were not the most important things in McConnell’s world.

McConnell said, “I had a chance to call the president last week and request that the Ukraine package move by itself and quickly. He said, let me think it over. He called back in about 15 minutes and agreed that we need to do this for Ukraine only, and quickly.”   

Americans appear to have taken note. 


“The senate blocked $48 billon of aid to small businesses the same it voted for $40 billion to Ukraine. Incredible,” tweeted The Bradford File. 


The Post Millennial has broken a story showing a newly revealed draft of the National School Board Administration’s infamous letter likening parents to "domestic terrorists" . The draft also shows that the organization floated an even more alarming request to President Biden: the deployment of National Guard and its Military Police to certain school districts.

In an attempt to bring urgency to their request for military deployment, the NSBA went on to falsely misrepresent the concerned parents as “plotters who are targeting schools and educators,” according to Fox News.

You can see how the White House originally responded last fall and how the media played along.


As parents across America mobilized to affect change in the classroom, the NSBA became increasingly distraught over the pushback, sending a letter to President Biden in September of 2021 to take actions against these parents and use the Patriot Act against them with the same tools of law enforcement that we engage to fight domestic terrorists.

Although the NSBA sent this letter to President Biden, emails revealed that the Biden Administration had been collaborating with the NSBA on the letter for weeks before it was sent.

The parent uproar intensified, with anger and disbelief that NSBA and, by proxy, the Biden Administration, would classify parents who dare question what is being taught to their children as terrorists. Amidst the backlash, the NSBA sent a follow-up letter in October of 2021, recanting their comparison saying, "We regret and apologize for the letter," and "there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter."

Following their apology, the NSBA conducted an independent investigation of the letter and lead-up to it, in which the new alarming draft came to light.
In spite of well-documented evidence nationwide of CRT curriculum being taught in classrooms, including Democrat-run states using COVID relief funds to implement CRT, the NSBA's draft letter also chalked-up the CRT commotion as nothing more than a response to "propaganda."

That’s an old Marxist trick, to accuse your enemy of exactly the nefarious activities that you are engaged in. In this case, thank God it backfired, they overplayed their hand, and they had to back off, very similar to what happened with the Biden regime’s attempt to create a Disinformation Governance Board to regulate the political speech of law-abiding Americans.


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s DTox supplements have included NAC in them for a reason.

As Truth Based Media reports, studies have shown NAC may be effective at not only making your body more resistant to Covid-19 and other diseases, but may also help heal bodies that have either been jabbed or that have been exposed to shedding from others around them who have been jabbed. 

So, it’s no coincidence that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared war on this key Covid-fighting supplement. Anything not called a “vaccine” is automatically seen as suspect in the eyes of the FDA when it comes to treating and preventing Covid.

The FDA suddenly cracked down on NAC in 2020, trying to claim it was actually not a supplement but a drug that needed to be regulated.

Retailers, including Amazon, pulled supplements containing NAC from their shelves in response, as the FDA’s move meant NAC could no longer legally be marketed as a supplement while it launched an investigation.

Draft guidance released by the FDA in April 2022 gives hope that NAC will continue to be available over-the-counter, but it’s still uncertain whether NAC will end up becoming a banned supplement.

The new verbiage suggests the FDA will not be enforcing their policy that NAC cannot be marketed as a dietary supplement, even though it’s technically still illegal to do so, according to Truth Based Media.

In another positive step, while the FDA stated that their full safety review of NAC is ongoing, its initial review “has not revealed safety concerns with respect to the use of this ingredient in or as a dietary supplement.”


While Russia is pulling out of the World Health Organization, the U.S. under Biden is all in and wanting to cede more authority to the global body.

But it’s good to see at least two U.S. senators are rising to the challenge and standing up for U.S. sovereignty and calling on the Biden administration to withdraw the U.S. from the corrupt U.N. World Health Organization.

 The Biden administration should withdraw from the “abysmal” World Health Organization, wrote Republican Senators Steve Daines of  Montana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas in a letter sent Friday to the administration.

The letter argues the WHO is corrupt and inept and exhibited an “abysmal lack of competence” in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, which “has destroyed the organization’s credibility and undermined the public’s confidence in it.”

The letter further states that:

“The WHO severely mismanaged the pandemic, failed to get public health information to the world, and willingly promoted misinformation that helped Communist China cover up its responsibility for a global pandemic.”

But instead of pulling out of the WHO, the Biden administration is trying to significantly strengthen its enforcement powers. Handing sovereignty over to a global body is, as Archbishop Vigano said in our report last night, nothing short of treason.

The letter from Senators Daines and Cotton rebukes the White House for supporting “at least two measures intended to increase the power of the WHO at the expense of sovereign nations like our own.”

Those two measures are the proposed amendments to International Health Regulations “that would, among other things, grant unilateral authority to declare public health emergencies of international or regional concern to the WHO’s Director General and Regional Directors, respectively” and “negotiation of a new international pandemic treaty over the next two years which seems intended to grant evermore sweeping powers to the WHO.”


Is State Farm really a good neighbor, or is it a creepy neighbor? Well, a watchdog group looking into State Farm’s financial giving activities has found evidence that it’s the latter. Creepy. Very creepy.

State Farm is being accused of recruiting agents to push books about gender fluidity on young children, and a new ad campaign by Consumers' Research slams the insurance giant as "a creepy neighbor" as they shine a light on claims by an internal whistleblower. 

Consumers' Research executive director Will Hild told Fox News:

"Consumers’ Research is launching a campaign against State Farm Insurance because recently a whistleblower brought to our attention evidence – email chain traffic – showing that they have been intentionally trying to target kindergartners for discussions around transgender issues, sexual identity issues, without notifying their parents or without their consent, and specifically targeting them in the public schools.”

The internal email that a whistleblower provided to Consumers’ Research was sent by State Farm corporate responsibility analyst Jose Soto. It urges Florida agents to participate by providing LGBTQ+ books to children. 

Soto writes in the email:

"State Farm is partnering with The Gender Cool Project to help diversify classroom, community center and library bookshelves with a collection of books to help bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about Being Transgender, Inclusive and Non-Binary. The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children Age 5+. Agents are key to the success of this program. Nationwide, approximately 550 State Farm agents and employees will have the opportunity to donate this 3-book bundle to their local teacher, community center or library of their choice."

That’s not only creepy, that makes State Farm a groomer. And if law enforcement isn’t going to hold them accountable, we should, by withholding our business from State Farm.


In case you missed it amid all the other news breaking over the weekend, a federal judge blocked Joe Biden from ending the Title 42 public health order at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Judge Robert Summerhays, in a decision for the District Court in the Western District of Louisiana, granted a nationwide injunction on Biden’s plan to end the order on May 23. 

The decision was in response to a lawsuit by two dozen Republican states, led by Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri. Title 42 is the only thing stopping the entire world from migrating illegally across the border, and estimates range from 250,000 to 500,000 a month were expected to make the journey in anticipation of the floodgates being opened even wider than they already are.


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

While covering the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit, journalist Jack Posobiec traveled to Davos, Switzerland, to report on the annual summit of globalist elites, reporting back for Human Events, Turning Point USA and also the War Room with Steve Bannon.

Posobiec, a former Navy intelligence officer turned conservative journalist, was detained along with his film crew.


Notice how local laws do not apply. The police officer, when asked to cite the law under which filming on a public street was illegal, he simply said, “It’s not allowed here.”

When these billionaire elites roll into Davos, they command the stage. Neither national or local laws apply. They operate above the laws in many international cities. They chose Davos for their meetings for a reason. You saw it right there in that video.

The detention of Jack Posobiec also illustrates just how corrupt the global corporate media is. The Davos billionaires at the World Economic Forum announced ahead of time they have “partnered” with the likes of CNN, the New York Times and the Chinese state-run media for official coverage of the event. Any real journalists who are not part of the same club and who want to give true, objective reporting on what goes on at Davos get treated the way we saw Posobiec treated.

“The party of Davos specifically targeted us,” Posobiec told War Room host Steve Bannon.

He said the WEF has its own private police force at Davos, heavily armed with automatic weapons and very aggressive. One officer rubbed the barrel of his rifle against Posobiec’s shoulder before frisking him and his crew.

“They told us they weren’t sure if we were terrorists or murderers,” Posobiec told Bannon. They did not tell Posobiec why he was being detained.

“I’ve got a message for Klaus Schwab: You didn’t win this round. I’m not stopping. I am not going anywhere,” Posobiec said.

Forced to turn off their cameras, frisked, berated, ordered to delete files. This is how you would expect to be treated in China or some other communist country. And this is the main voice for global governance in the world today, the World Economic Forum, partnering with police, partnering with corrupt media, to snuff out the truth and enslave the masses. No thank you.

That’s wraps up our newscast and this edition of the Worldview Report. Take care and God bless.


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