We Need Your Help Now: We Have Had to Spend Thousands of Dollars on Legal Fees

We Need Your Help Now: We Have Had to Spend Thousands of Dollars on Legal Fees

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Special Note: Our 20th annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend dates have been set for October 19th-22nd, 2023. Our WVW Foundation concert banquet will be on Thursday night October 19th, and the official conference gets underway at 6pm CT on Friday night, October 20th and concludes at noon on Sunday the 22nd. You can book your tickets now at wvwtvstore.com.

Speakers confirmed at this time include: General Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Dr. Peter McCullough, Rebecca Walser, Dr. Andy Woods, Alex Newman, Patrick Woods, Col. John Mills, Todd Bensman and Brannon Howse. You can now register for priority or general seating by going to wvwtvstore.com

We have sold out the past two years and will sell out again this year. So please make your conference and resort reservations as soon as possible. Thank you.

I would like to briefly address something that my attorney has given me permission to share with you, if I keep it limited. Since 2022, I have been the recipient of numerous subpoenas related to the ongoing law-fare against my friend, Mike Lindell. These various law firms are demanding I sit for depositions, and are combing through my communications with not only Mike Lindell, but others that Mike and I work with in our efforts to defend our faith, family, and freedoms in the face of a Marxist revolution.

Needless to say, it is very frustrating to have to spend $300 an hour on an attorney, plus my time away from studying in order to be on live television four hours a day, along with the daily administration of Lindell-TV and WVW-TV and the work of WVW Foundation, to have to deal with what I believe is law-fare. On Saturday, May 20, 2023, I spent nearly seven hours being deposed with more to come. We have had to spend many, many thousands of dollars on attorney fees. We need your help now at www.wvwfoundation.com   Thank you! 

Another way you can support us is by making emergency supply purchases in our online store at.www.wvwtvstore.com or by calling and order over the phone at 901-825-0652. 

One well-known national figure reached out to me to encourage me and to let me know that this, in their opinion, was to try and obtain information they could use to further target Mike Lindell, but also to attempt to drive a wedge of emotional and financial wedge between Mike Lindell and his friends and co-laborers in our quest to regain and defend our Biblical and Constitutional liberties and freedoms.

I can promise you this! They will not succeed in stopping me from the task to which I have been called. I stand with Mike Lindell, with truth, freedom, and defense of God and country.

Even when I am required to put in even longer days of work due to wasted hours spent on what I believe are legal fishing expeditions, efforts of intimidation and law-fare, I will persevere.

Needless to say, we appreciate your prayers and support now more than ever. Thank you so much.

Now for this newsletter’s briefing.

The pace at which the globalists are seeking to dismantle America is staggering. I have been running my organization since 1990 and I have been in full-time broadcasting since 1995. I have never seen the speed at which so many perilous things are unfolding. Here is a very, very small list of some of the issues I have covered on radio and television in just the past few weeks:

  • IMF Embraces Universal CBDC Called ‘Unicoin’
  • Globalists Collapsing America to Eliminate Opposition
  • FBI Whistleblower on FBI Spying on U.S. Churches
  • Col. Mills on China Rehearsing for War
  • Pathologist Ryan Cole on Synthetic MRNA in Our Food Supply
  • Laura Logan on Drug Cartels in U.S. Working with China
  • Dollar as Reserve Currency Threatened
  • What Happens When the World Dumps U.S. Dollar?
  • Retired Israeli General Warns of War Between Iran and Israel
  • Pentagon Promotes UFO Narrative of Occultists
  • Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Could Collapse Banking System
  • Is Bank Crisis About Destroying Smaller Banks so Big Banks Dominate?
  • Gordon Chang Talks with Brannon Howse on Coming War with China on U.S. Soil and Grid Down
  • Iran Literally Mapping Homes of American Jews?
  • WHO Pandemic Treaty is Transhumanists’ Dream for Technocratic Control
  • Former Border Patrol Agent Gives First Hand Report of Massive Threat Facing America
  • Transhumanism is Eugenics:
  • Kari Lake Tells Brannon Howse About Her AZ Supreme Court Case and Why She is Willing to Run For the U.S. Senate
  • Is U.S. Facing "Grey Terror" Attacks on Infrastructure Overture to War?
  • Is America at a ‘Nahum Tipping Point’?
  • How The Left is Manufacturing a Civil War
  • U.S. Government's History of False Flag Operations and Inhumane Treatment of Americans
  • Gerald Celente on WW III and Crime Syndicate Running U.S.
  • FBI Whistleblower Warns FBI Leadership Acting Like Nazis
  • Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Being Prosecuted as a Terrorist For Preaching
  • Biden DOD is Grooming U.S. Military into Transgenderism

Perhaps the most pressing issue right now is the United Nations working on the World Health Organization’s global pandemic treaty. Molly Kingsley wrote an article for the Brownstone Institute entitled: The Most Dangerous International Treaty Ever Proposed, in which she wrote:

[Quote] As concerned scholars and jurists have detailed, these agreements threaten to fundamentally reshape the relationship between the WHO, national governments, and individuals.

They would hardwire into international law a top-down supranational approach to public health in which the WHO, acting in some cases via the sole discretion of one individual, its Director General (DG), would be empowered to impose sweeping, legally binding directions on member states and their citizens, ranging from mandating financial contributions by individual states; to requiring the manufacture and international sharing of vaccines and other health products; to requiring the surrender of intellectual property rights; overriding national safety approval processes for vaccines, gene-based therapies, medical devices and diagnostics; and imposing national, regional and global quarantines preventing citizens from traveling and mandating medical examinations and treatments. 

A global system for digital ‘health certificates’ for verification of vaccine status or test results would be routinised, and a bio-surveillance network whose purpose would be to identify viruses and variants of concern – and to monitor national compliance with WHO policy directives in the event of them – would be embedded and expanded.

For any of these sweeping powers to be invoked, there would be no requirement for an “actual” health emergency in which people are suffering measurable harm; instead it would be sufficient for the DG, acting on his or her discretion, to have identified the mere “potential” for such an event.

It is hard to overstate the impact of these proposals on Member States’ sovereignty, individual human rights, foundational principles of medical ethics, and child welfare. As currently drafted, these proposals would deny UK [and U.S.] sovereignty and governmental autonomy over health and social policies and, through the indirect impacts of forced lockdowns and quarantines and because each Member State would be required to commit a staggering minimum of 5 percent of national health budgets and an as yet unspecified percentage of GDP towards the WHO’s pandemic prevention and response, also over critical aspects of economic policy. [End Quote]

I have interviewed numerous experts and attorneys on this topic and can document that the analysis by Molly is 100% accurate.

The dangerous additions to the international global pandemic could be implemented this year or next year. It is possible that the globalists will slow walk this freedom robbing treaty until the controversy over it dies down or until there is a massive distraction that will be used as cover for the final passage of these new amendments.

While I am uncertain on the timing concerning the implementation of this tyrannical, globalist, police-state treaty, I can confirm the United Nation’s WHO could declare anything a public health emergency such as the Second Amendment in America, the public preaching of a Biblical gospel, radio and television broadcasts or websites and podcasts that speak the truth about globalism, Marxism, the LGBTQ agenda, the fraud of global warming or defense of Christian values. WHO could literally declare all of these topics to be disinformation, hate-speech and a danger to the mental health of the nation and world.

Please alert your elected officials to the dangers of the treaty and compel them to oppose it. Please alert your local city or town council, county commissioners, police chief and county sheriff of this dangerous treaty. Please ask them to study this issue and decide now to stand on the side of our God-given human rights. Ask them to please study the principle of the lesser magistrate.

Matthew Trewhella is the author of the book entitled, The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Resistance to Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience to Civil Government. I recently interviewed Mr. Trewhella on two separate broadcasts that are available for viewing now at www.wvwtv.com.

Brian Eschen, describes the doctrine of the lesser magistrate when he writes:

Our system of government was designed with the separation of powers, not only between the three branches of the federal government, but also between the states and local authorities. It is no accident that the Constitution not only requires those elected to federal office to take an oath to support the Constitution, but also those elected in the “several States” (see Article 6, Paragraph 3). Each elected official in the United States is bound to recognize the Constitution as the “supreme Law of the Land” in matters to which it speaks, and are required to take an oath to support and defend it.

In practice, what this means is that even the lowest (or the most local elected official) has been given the duty and also granted the authority to protect the citizens under his care from tyrannical rulers. For instance, if the President proclaims an order contrary to the Constitution, a state governor can ignore that order and protect the citizens in his state from prosecution. This would also mean a city council could do the same against a governor; a sheriff against a county board of supervisors; etc.

Many politicians do not realize this truth, but are told they must follow what those above them have ordered. In addition, many of us feel helpless when we see an out of control President, Congress, Court, Governor, or the like.

What if we start holding our local leaders accountable to protect our rights? What if we started communicating this truth to our mayors, supervisors, sheriffs, assemblymen, and other elected leaders most closely connected to our community? I believe we would start seeing the accountability our Founding Fathers envisioned when they gave us our Constitution. We would begin to start seeing our liberties restored.

Psalm 11:3 declares, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The context of this verse includes the foundations of a civilized society. If there is a destruction of God’s ordained purpose and function of family government, civil government and church government, then there is no foundation upon which we can see a stable and just society that allows for individual liberty, freedom and protection.

Now more than ever we must educate our pastors, politicians, police, parishioners and the general public on the Biblical and Constitutional doctrine of the lesser magistrate.

Recently, in Camden County, Missouri, which ironically is the county in which we hold our annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend, the county magistrates told the unconstitutional ATF to go pound sand. They told them they would NOT allow county employees to be used by the ATF as spies and informants to steal and compromise the Second Amendment rights of their county residents.

Even liberal NPR reported on this:

"Under the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine, Camden County was the first county in Missouri, and possibly in the country, to pass an ordinance prohibiting any county employee from assisting your unconstitutional agency in violating the rights of our citizens," Skelton wrote.

The letter was signed by Skelton's two commission colleagues plus County Attorney Jeff Green, Sheriff Tony Helms and County Treasurer Kendra Hicks.

"We are in lockstep with this thought process,” Skelton told KCUR. "Any and all federal firearms laws, so-called laws, in my opinion, and many others' opinion, are unconstitutional."

This is a perfect example of the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. On June 12, 2021, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed Missouri’s House Bill 85, the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” which enriched into law the establishing of the entire state of Missouri as a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Numerous states have and are following in the steps of Missouri.

If the people of America come to truly understand the U.S. Constitution and its foundation, the Declaration of Independence, and the Biblical worldview on God and government, then we can remain a free people. Our rights cannot be taken away, but they can be infringed upon. The American people are waking up to this reality which is why the globalists know they must move fast in implementing their tyranny, lest the people rise up and practice their God given right to be a free people and to bring to legal justice the dictators and tyrants.

In closing, I want to share with you an outline of what I discussed on two, one-hour television shows recently. We are experiencing a worldview war and this battle involves the following.

* Christianity vs. Pagan Spirituality

* In the beginning God vs. In the beginning matter

* The worship of God vs. The worship of nature

* The laws of God vs. the laws of survival of the fittest

* Reward and protect the righteous vs. Reward and advance the       

* Individuality vs. Collectivism

* Rights of the individual vs. rights of the group 

* Individual salvation vs. group salvation

* Worth of an individual vs. worth to the State

* Capitalism vs. Social Justice

* Limited government vs. Government control

* Private property vs. Excess compensation

* Personal convictions vs. Cultural Marxism

* Nationalism (Patriotism) vs. Globalism

* National values vs. Global values

* National citizen vs. Global citizen

* National laws vs. Global laws

* National borders vs. Open borders

Please go to www.wvwtv.com to watch the two TV shows based on the above outline.

Will you please tell your family and friends about all the free programming available at wvwtv.com and our new live-stream at wvwtv.com/live? We are now streaming 24-7 television at wvwtv.com with shows we specifically produce M-F for Trevor Loudon, Dr. Andy Woods, Anni Cyrus, Dan Eastman, The New American, Patrick Wood, Ivan Raiklin and Dr. Rob Lindsted. The shows are also available to watch on demand.

Our monthly streaming bill for giving away these FREE programs is now $11,000.00 per month, not counting the associate producers we have to pay to produce the shows and load the shows online to be viewed on demand at wvwtv.com. Thus your support is vital so we can continue to offer so much programming for FREE to people all over the world.

In closing, please remember, we make the transcript of the news report available each day at worldviewtimes.com and we post the audio only version each day at worldviewradio.com. We are also taking the audio from my nightly TV show, Brannon Howse Live, and making that audio available as a podcast as well at worldviewradio.com. We make all these FREE resources available to you for free as a public service of WVW Broadcast Network and wvwfoundation.com.

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