Why Is the FBI Not Raiding the Home of ANFTIFA Members?

Why Is the FBI Not Raiding the Home of ANFTIFA Members?

 Elon Musk comes clean on Covid vaccines. After initially supporting them,
he now admits they made him extremely sick and that he has a relative that
has vaccine-related myocarditis.
 Atlanta burns after an Antifa riot breaks out over the weekend.
 A World Economic Forum speaker at last week’s Davos meeting says the
people of the world need to stop eating meat in order to save the planet.
 A gay couple in Atlanta have been arrested and charged with raping and
pimping out their two adopted children. And this wasn’t just any gay couple.
They were the model couple that gay rights groups used to promote gay
adoptions on a wider scale.
 All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Leading off tonight, as the mainstream narrative surrounding the Covid vaccines
continues to slowly shift, Elon Musk responded to a tweet that reposted survey
results from Rasmussen Reports that inquired about the number of people that had
adverse reactions from the vaccines. Musk said he felt sick after taking one shot
from Johnson and Johnson, then he took two more mRNA boosters and became
very ill. He also said his cousin developed myocarditis from the shots.
Musk tweeted on January 21:
“I had major side effects from my second booster shot. Felt like I was dying for
several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I dunno. …And my cousin,
who is young & in peak health, had a serious case of myocarditis. Had to go to the
One user responded saying, “You got a second booster? I thought you were
smarter than that.”
Musk responded by saying it “Was required to visit Tesla Giga Berlin. Not my

He however noted that his arm was sore after getting the J&J shot, but then later
received two mRNA shots, the second one “crushed” him, he says.
However, Musk’s statements seem to betray what he once said in other posts
where he pushed back against people saying there are vaccine side effects.
On April 7th, 2021, he wrote:
“To be clear, I do support vaccines in general & Covid vaccines specifically. The
science is unequivocal. In very rare cases, there is an allergic reaction, but this is
easily addressed with an EpiPen.”


A 21-year-old Orange County, California, man died suddenly while surfing this
past weekend.
The cameras show Evan McMillen standing on his feet on his board, and then
suddenly collapsing into the water.
He reportedly was found minutes later when he was given CPR and then rushed to
the hospital, but it was too late.
The county coroner said no cause of death has yet been determined.


A 35-year-old middle school coach and teacher at Devine Independent School
District in Texas died suddenly of a massive heart attack after collapsing in front of
his students on January 5th.
Jacob Sanchez of Bigfoot, Texas, suddenly collapsed at the start of class, according
to multiple reports.

He was promptly given CPR by the staff members, but unfortunately, they were
unable to save him.


Federal agencies are withholding the data behind recent decisions that may relate
to Covid vaccines and severe adverse events, fueling speculation that they are
putting both vaccinated and unvaccinated lives at risk.
The Federal Aviation Administration told Just The News it widened the acceptable
range of heart rhythms for commercial pilots, who were initially subject
to industry-wide vaccine mandates, in light of “new scientific evidence” that it has
yet to specify.
The October 26 update to the heart arrhythmias section of the FAA Guide for
Aviation Medical Examiners made two key changes. 
The agency raised the maximum so-called PR interval for first-degree
atrioventricular block to 300 milliseconds, with no regard to age, on the list of
“normal variants” that don’t require deferment in the absence of “symptoms or
AME concerns.” 
For intervals longer than 300 milliseconds, the FAA will make the call based on
evaluations by examiners. The previous maximum PR interval for AV block was
210 milliseconds, but only in pilots under age 51.
FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor provided a modified version of the statement the
agency released last spring after American Airlines pilot Robert Snow blamed his
in-flight cardiac arrest on coerced vaccination.
Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup has deemed all U.S.-authorized COVID
vaccines safe for pilots, the FAA said, claiming it had “seen no evidence” of
vaccine-related complications that caused “aircraft accidents or pilot
Vaccine-skeptic philanthropist Steve Kirsch, once courted by Democratic
presidential hopefuls, called attention to the three-month-old FAA change
Tuesday, claiming it showed the agency has conceded “the EKGs of pilots are no
longer normal.”


Speakers at the World Economic Forum annual meeting last week in Davos,
Switzerland, once again called upon the world’s people to stop eating meat in order
to save the planet.
This time it was Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of Siemens, the largest industrial
manufacturing company in Europe, who said billions of people need to stop eating
meat, and instead eat alternatives like insects, worms and artificial lab-grown meat.
Snabe made these comments during a session titled “Mobilizing for Climate.” 
During this discussion, Snabe said the climate emergency is getting “radical,” and
that it “cannot continue.”
Snabe said:
“I’m tired of people talking about climate, I’m also tired of people protesting
against climate, and am a big friend of those who just roll-up their sleeves and start
Near the end of the session the host took questions from the audience. One person
asked for the panel’s opinion on what people eat and how this affects climate. He
asked, “The role of diets that are plant-based, perhaps even edible insects, or vegan
in nature, what role can that play, and how can states, businesses, and nonprofits
encourage those kinds of diets?”
Snabe had this to say:
“If a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you, it has a big impact. Not only does it
have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of
food systems. I predict we will have proteins not coming from meat in the future,
they will probably taste even better. They will be zero carbon and much healthier
than the kind of food we eat today, that is the mission we need to get on.”


On Saturday night, Antifa members took to the streets of Atlanta to throw rocks at
and light fires outside of the Atlanta Police Foundation after the now-suspended
Atlanta Forest Twitter account called for a "night of rage" following the fatal
shooting of one of their members, 26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran.
The Post Millennial Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo tweeted, “Breaking: Far-left
extremists & #Antifa gathering for revenge against law enforcement in #Atlanta

over the killing of their gunman at their autonomous zone smashed up businesses
& set an @Atlanta_Police vehicle on fire.”
It should be noted that the man who was shot to death by police had actually shot a
state police officer first, hitting the officer in the pelvic region and wounding him.
Apparently, Antifa expects police in Atlanta to take incoming fire but refrain from
shooting back.
Antifa militants and other far-left extremists have flocked to Atlanta to protest the
building of a new police training ground in a wooded area just outside the city
limits, which has led to repeat instances of violent disturbances at the construction
Antifa militants burned police cars and smashed out the windows of Atlanta
But, true to form, the corporate media outlets, including CNN, ABC and the
Atlanta Fox 5 network, all referred to the Antifa rioting as “mostly peaceful.”
Take a look.
Even the liberal Democrat Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens, said these so-called
protesters were not peaceful.
Here’s what Dickens said at a press conference.


At the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in New York, a painting of Jesus has been
covered after complaints that the religious image should not be visible in a space
that is used for mandatory military activities.

Michael Weinstein, founder and president of Military Religious Freedom
Foundation wrote a letter to Vice Admiral Nunan demanding the removal of the
painting, stating “I come to you this day to demand that the USMMA, which you
currently command as its Superintendent, expeditiously remove a massive,
sectarian painting illustrating the supremacy of Jesus Christ from the so-called
Elliot M. See Room located inside of Wiley Hall, which serves as an
administrative building at USMMA.”
He continued his letter, writing:
“Admiral Nunan, I don’t want to belabor the brutally obvious point that this
extremely large painting of Jesus is absolutely antithetical and destructive, as it is
currently displayed, to the maintenance of good order, morale, discipline, and unit
cohesion at USMMA, especially to non-Christians under your command.”
The Academy has since placed a large drape over the painting that depicts Jesus
with his arms outstretched over a lifeboat filled with sailors lost at sea.


A Republican congressman has made a call for a firing squad to be used on two
homosexual partners allegedly running a pedophilia ring, abusing their two
adopted boys.
Rep. Andy Ogles, Republican of Tennessee, posted a link to an investigation that
charged two gay partners with raping, pimping, and making child pornography of
their two adopted children.
“Time to bring back the firing squad,” Rep. Ogles tweeted.

The LGBT activists and homosexual partners, William Dale Zulock and Zachary
Jacoby Zulock, both of Atlanta, were charged with aggravated child molestation,
sexual exploitation of children, and enticing a child for indecent purposes.
The two men are accused of producing and distributing pornography with their two
adopted children, who are now 9 and 11 years old.
According to reports, the sexual abuse started in 2019 and grew more intense in
2020. These two perverted and twisted men were featured by the gay community
as the poster men for why gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. Not
surprisingly, the criminal case against them has received only cursory, back-page


A Ukrainian diplomat used Twitter to celebrate the shooting death of a female
Russian journalist while she covered the ongoing war in Ukraine, claiming in his
Tweet that the journalist got “what she deserved.”
Viewer discretion is advised for this short video clip included in the diplomat’s
tweet because it shows the Russian journalist being shot.

Attacks on the press have been part and parcel of Ukraine’s military strategy, and
the Zelensky government has become known for imprisoning even Ukrainian
journalists if they run afoul of the government’s approved talking points.
Whatever his viewpoint about Russian journalists, the fact that this diplomat felt
the need to attach a video showing a female Russian journalist providing on-the-
ground war coverage being shot by Ukrainian forces is beyond the pale.


Germany will not block Poland from sending its German-made Leopard 2 tanks to
Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Sunday in an
interview with French television LCI.

Asked what would happen if Poland went ahead and sent its Leopard 2 tanks
without German approval, Baerbock said: “For the moment the question has not
been asked, but if we were asked, we would not stand in the way. We know how
important these tanks are and this is why we are discussing this now with our
The German foreign minister added, “We need to make sure people's lives are
saved and Ukraine's territory liberated.”
Earlier Sunday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reaffirmed that Berlin and Paris
would support Ukraine in its fight against Russian occupation, and would not allow
Europe to revert back to “hatred and national rivalries.”
Scholz stated:
“We will continue to provide Ukraine with all the support its needs for as long as
necessary. Together, as Europeans, to defend our European peace project.”
German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said on Sunday that he expected a
decision soon on the delivery of the tanks to Ukraine.
Pistorius told Germany's ARD public television that Berlin would not make a hasty
decision because there were many factors to consider, including consequences at
home for the security of the German population.
Germany has been under pressure both to deliver Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine
and to allow other countries to send their German-made tanks to Ukrainian forces.
But Berlin has been hesitant to send the highly advanced tanks to Ukraine out of
concern it could lead to a widening of the Russian war in Ukraine.
Polish leaders have repeatedly blasted the Germans for their reluctance to send the


A key ally to Vladimir Putin has warned the West that it risks a “global
catastrophe” if it continues to supply weapons to Ukraine that could threaten
Russian territories.
His comments come in the wake of Germany's continued hesitancy to equip Kiev's
army with Leopard tanks.

Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of Russia's parliament, said such actions could
unleash a nuclear war.
In a post to his Telegram channel, he wrote: “If Washington and NATO countries
supply weapons that will be used to strike civilian cities and attempt to seize our
territories, as they threaten, this will lead to retaliatory measures using more
powerful weapons. Arguments that the nuclear powers have not previously used
weapons of mass destruction in local conflicts are untenable.”
He added that this was because the U.S. and NATO “did not face a situation where
there was a threat to the security of their citizens and the territorial integrity of the
Rep. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican Congressman and notorious neocon
war hawk, told ABC Today that further U.S. action would spur European states
into action to help Zelensky avoid a drawn-out war.
He said without tanks the war would become a “slow bleed without a chance of
victory” for Ukraine.
He claimed sending A1 Abrams tanks would trigger a domino effect in Europe and
encourage the Germans to send the Leopard 2 tanks Ukraine says it needs.
The German chancellor Olaf Sholz told U.S. congressmen Germany will only
supply tanks if U.S. supplies their Abrams tanks.
McCaul told ABC today: “If we announce we were going to give Abrams tanks,
just one, that would unleash ... From what I hear, Germany is waiting for us to take
the lead.”


Is it safe to ship thousands of electric vehicles on big ships?
A Norwegian shipping company, Havila Kystruten, says no.
It has become the first shipping company to ban electric, hybrid, and hydrogen cars
from its ferries citing them as a fire hazard, according to a report by the RAIR
After a risk analysis, it was concluded that the risk to the safety of the shipping
fleet was too significant. 

The risks for ships from the transport of Electric cars (EV) have been discussed
since the “Felicity Ace” sank off the Azores, Portugal, last February. E-vehicles on
board had caught fire. The fire could not be extinguished. Finally, the colossal ship
sank with thousands of electric cars, including Porsche and Bentley “green”
Captain Rahul Khanna, global head of marine consulting at Allianz, a marine
insurance specialist, explains that the problem with EVs is that lithium-ion
batteries in the cars can actually propagate the fire, igniting more vigorously as
compared to conventional cars. A single vehicle fire could prove catastrophic.
Captain Khanna says there have been about 70 fires reported in the last five years
on container ships.

Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
The border crisis is so bad that even the corrupt corporate media outlets are starting
to acknowledge it, but then they try to explain it away by saying it’s caused by,
you guessed it, climate change.
In case you haven’t noticed, everything wrong in the world today, every problem,
is the result of climate change, which also happens to be the main thoroughfare
through which governments are restricting freedoms worldwide. That’s not a
coincidence. It’s by design. And the media plays along like dumb clucks.
Take the case of CBS Austin. The CBS affiliate quotes Juliette Levy, associate
professor of history at University of California-Riverside, saying:
“Furthermore, a mix of environmental and political issues continue to impact those
coming from areas like Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Haiti. What we are seeing
at the border is a consequence of a confluence of factors.”
While she admits that the Biden regime has been “more welcoming” of migrants,
she says that’s not the main motivator.
She explained to CBS that:
“The fact is that in both Guatemala and Honduras, poverty is a main driver of
migration, in concert with gang violence and paramilitary violence. And two
hurricanes in 2020 laid waste to both countries — especially in the poorer areas of

the country. Add to that the economic fallout of the pandemic and you have a
powder keg of circumstances.”
So they finally report the facts after denying it for two years, that we have an
extremely porous border, but then they blame it on something other than the facts.
Typical corporate media spin.
Todd Bensman, who I’ve interviewed multiple times, spends a lot of time down at
the border actually talking to the migrants. He said violence back home is hardly
ever mentioned as the reason why they are trying to get to America. And of course,
the climate is even less of a reason. These so-called reasons for the border crisis
only exist in the minds of uninformed corporate media hacks who are paid to put
out fake news that controls the minds of Americans.
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and for
supporting this viewer-supported broadcast. If you would like to help us continue
to stay on the air and grow, you can do that in one of several ways.
Until next time, good night from everyone at the Worldview Report. May God
save America. Take care.


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