Will we reinstate the values of the American Revolution, or will we embrace the values of the Bolshevik Revolution?

Will we reinstate the values of the American Revolution, or will we embrace the values of the Bolshevik Revolution?

Think about the global interests behind your own news organizations. Think about the pressure being brought to bear from the social media companies to shut down free speech on any challenge to the election. This is a massive, well-funded, coordinated effort to deprive ‘we the people of the United States’ of our most fundamental right under the Constitution to preserve this Republic that we all cherish…. It is the 1775 of our generation and beyond.


The election fraud on November 3rd was significant. Evidence for fraud was presented yesterday at a press conference led by Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. The question is: Will we reinstate the values of the American Revolution, or will we embrace the values of the Bolshevik Revolution? Are we ready for hard truths? Or do we prefer willful blindness? Here is the heart of the matter. Civilization is an ethical proposition. And ethics are rooted in truth — not blindness.

During an interview with Sydney Powell on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs lamented that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was “slow to move” on election irregularities. Powell objected. The trouble with the DOJ was not slowness, said Powell. “They have adopted a position of willful blindness to this massive corruption across the country….”

Willful blindness, in this case, is the result of ideological commitments; specifically, socialist commitments. As Benjamin Gitlow pointed out nine decades ago, America’s socialists were corrupted after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution by Lenin’s teaching that the ends justifies the means. A cynical disregard for honest dealing and truth became fashionable on the radical left. And now we see how this plays out, as noted by Sydney Powell during Thursday’s press conference of White House lawyers. She spoke of a “massive attack on the integrity of the voting system….” She said, “They have trashed the right to vote…. And there is no doubt about it. This is a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize it.” Powell spoke of “the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China” in our election.

How did the communists do it? A variety of methods were used. The method with the greatest impact allegedly involved the use of vote-altering computer software.

According to Powell, they used the “Dominion voting systems, the Smartmatic technology software, and the software that goes into other computerized voting systems.” These were “created in Venezuela at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election….” Powell spoke of a “very strong witness who explained how it works.”

Chavez, of course, was a communist. He died in communist Cuba before passing power to Nicholas Maduro, the current dictator of Venezuela. The communists have kept power in Venezuela by fraudulent elections. And now they’ve exported this method of taking and holding power to the United States.

You might ask: How did this happen? And why didn’t the Justice Department intervene to protect the integrity of our election system? And why has the justice system allowed corrupt election practices to flourish?

This is what you probably missed: Communists got into our justice system after taking over various law schools. Under the Clintons and Obama they poured into government, infecting the Justice Department with “willful blindness.” Former DOJ official J. Christian Adams explained the situation as follows: “In effect, the precise institution designed to protect our rights is populated by people who believe some of us aren’t worthy of protection.” Adams went on to explain,

The DOJ already had its share of leftwing radicals during the Bush administration, but their skullduggery was counter-balanced by the professionalism of newly hired, non-ideological attorneys and by the political leadership. Later, under the Obama administration, I saw what happens when every part of the bureaucratic machinery resists doing the right thing….

According to Adams, “the DOJ is now staffed with far more extremists than ever before. The prospect that these are the precise individuals who will be enforcing election laws … should keep every law-abiding American awake at night.”

And now we have arrived. The left is attempting to steal an election. If they succeed, they will begin to exercise a new kind of power. Here is the context for understanding Powell’s statement to Lou Dobbs. She knows that the left is ideologically committed to replacing our constitutional system with a socialist system. They intend to use the ongoing pandemic as leverage. Unless they are stopped, the United States may be politically and militarily weakened past the point of recovery.

Nothing about our stolen election ought to surprise us. We were warned about vote fraud for many years. Journalists from South America, like Allan Dos Santos, tried to warn us. Members of Congress tried to warn us. Powell quoted from a 2006 letter written to Hank Paulson from Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney warning of foreign actors, hiding behind various corporate names, becoming part of American computer voting systems. Referring to the Smartmatic voting software, the letter affirmed that a Venezuelan businessman owned a “controlling interest” in Smartmatic. The other owners are “hidden through a web of offshore private entities.”

Two U.S. Senators raised concerns about the integrity of our voting machines last year, noted Powell. “Why our government has not taken them seriously is beyond my comprehension,” Powell added.

What about the foreign-connected perpetrators of the election fraud? Powell made the following observation, which is worth quoting: “the Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places. Their office in Toronto [Canada] was shared with one of the Soros entities.” (Of course.)

As an aside, persons associated with the development of the Smartmatic software have made some curious statements. According to Powell,

Speaking of Smartmatic’s leadership, one of the Smartmatic patent-holders, Eric Coomer I believe his name is, is on the web as being recorded in a conversation with Antifa members, saying that he had the election rigged for Biden, ‘Nothing to worry about here.’ And they were going to ‘F Trump.’ His social media is filled with hatred for the president and for the United States of America as a whole, as are the social media accounts of many other Smartmatic people.

Powell then stated that this corrupt computerized vote-counting system (associated with Smartmatic) was “used in two thousand jurisdictions and thirty states.” Widespread use of the software defies expert warnings that the software is highly vulnerable to manipulation. “People can literally go in and change what they want,” noted Powell.

Powell and Giuliani spoke at length during the White House Lawyers’ Press Conference. They are both noteworthy for their courage and public service. Lawyers involved in this process have been physically threatened and harassed. These are not stupid people, but highly professional people. Attempts to ridicule them will, in the end, backfire. Citizens are beginning to speak out. Consider the recent presentation by actor Jon Voight, who made a very strong statement:

My fellow Americans: I stand here, with all that feel as I do, disgusted at this lie that Biden has been chosen — as if we all don’t know the truth. And when one tries to deceive, we know that one can’t get away with it. There will be a price to pay. The ones who are jumping for joy now, are jumping toward the horror they will be in for; because I know that the promises being made from the left to the American people will never come to be. My friends, of all colors, races and religions, this is now our greatest fight since the Civil War. The battle of righteousness against Satan. Yes, Satan; because these leftists are evil, corrupt, and they want to tear down this nation. We must not allow this. We must fight this corruption that has taken over, and fight for the good that seems lost. Let us give our trust to God, and fight now for Trump’s victory because we all know that this ballot count is corruption like they are. So let us not back down. Let us fight this fight, as if it our last fight on earth. As Mohammad Ali said, ‘It’s not over until the last punch you have. ‘ God bless.

As Giuliani said during the Thursday press conference, “Our country has had it’s ballots counted — calculated and manipulated — in a foreign country with a company controlled by friends of an enemy of the United States.” That is quite a summary.

Powell was right when she warned that it’s 1775 all over again. The people of this country have a real grievance. If it is not taken seriously there is going to be a breakdown in the country’s political system. “Americans are fed up with the corruption from the lowest level to the highest level of our government,” said Powell, “and we are going to take this country back. We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down.”

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