The Youth Experts Are Wrong!

The Youth Experts Are Wrong!

The Youth Experts Are Wrong!

High School and College Students Are Interested in Being Treated Like Young Adults, They Are Not Interested in Gimmicks, and They Want to Be Equipped with Biblical Truth

Contend 2015 Testimonials.

We had a very large stack of handwritten testimonies but we have chosen these to share with you in hopes it will encourage you to make your plans now to join us for Contend 2016 starting at 6pm CT on Thursday night December 31st and ending at noon on Saturday January 2, 2016. Full details will soon be posted at



I came to the Contend conference last year as an unbeliever. I was a sophomore college student majoring in psychology. After, and during the conference, I began to see how messed up my major was, and the foundations of psychology, among many other topics. I began to see the truth and the truth was not secular psychological theory but God’s Word. My mind was imploding and I felt my whole life was a lie. I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and never looked back. I went back to college with a new worldview, search and seeking the truth; not speculation.

I saw my major for what it was; a lie. Psychology doesn’t truly help people. I also had an eating disorder when I was 12, and struggled with it for many years despite psychiatrists and hospital treatment. After the conference, and seeking truth, I realized my eating disorder came from my sinful, selfish heart, not my parent’s divorce, and not TV shows.

This conference is amazing. It speaks about truth and real current issues. The information is not sugar coated. The speakers tell you how it is. I would recommend this conference to anyone and everyone. I am truly grateful for this conference.

In my neuroscience class they don’t even know how psychiatric drugs work for sure; it is all speculation and a money game with pharmacy companies. My prof admitted this!
Student from Indiana


I am blessed to have been here. I wouldn’t have been able to come if it was not for everyone who organized this event, everyone who donated to make it free to attend and my parents for the money and support to get me here. I traveled nearly 1200 miles by myself in a car to come and I’m so glad I did! I met many amazing people and was able to have an experience with all my brothers and sisters in Christ that I will carry with me. If I am able to come back next year, there is no doubt in my mind that I will make the journey again. Thanks again for this learning experience! I have taken much more away from this than I thought I would.
North Dakota


Contend is not like most youth conferences. It is not interested in giving you a “good time” or a “spiritual high.” Contend has one fundamental purpose: teaching teens and college students to see the world through the light of God’s Word…My family drove from California [to Memphis, TN.] to be here and I would gladly do it again next year to attend. Why? Not because it was easy. We sat for hours upon hours being bombarded by the issues most churches avoid. I would gladly return because Contend 2016 has changed me. Contend 2015 has affirmed my faith and given me the knowledge to approach those every day discussions from a Biblical worldview. I think it was Mr. Pratt who said that the Bible is a weapon and indeed it is! And you have sharpened my sword and taught me how to use that weapon. Thank you all very much!

Contend is so real and convicting. The speakers cover topics that most people ignore. The real truth is spoken and they make it relatable. I wish I could go to church with Mike Abendroth or Jesse Johnson every week. I feel fully equipped. Contend 2016 cannot come soon enough!
Bluefield, VA
High school Senior


Brannon, I have been involved in some sort of youth ministry for around 20 years, and have attended a lot of camps/conferences. Contend was the hands-down very best student conference that I have ever been to. What a blessing for our young adults! They loved the tables/chairs, meaty material, available speakers, like minded students and the list goes on. I honestly do not know of anything that you could have done to improve it. Thank you, sir, for all of the work. Keep it up.
Cambridge Baptist Church Youth Pastor
Cambridge, KS,


The teaching was outstanding. My favorite speaker was whoever was speaking at the movement. Each of them engaged the youth in their own way while teaching on such critical topics…So worth the drive from Connecticut [to Memphis, TN].
West Harford, CT


I am a student at UW Platteville…I had one month break when I heard about this conference. I was floored by how amazing this conference was and how much it refreshed and equipped me for the life ahead of me. I cannot recommend it highly enough and plan to bring a large number of friends next time I come.
UW-Platteville Engineering Student

I came last year to Contend and was so encouraged and blessed beyond what I imagined would happen. Since then, I have been looking forward to Contend 2015. At Contend, we are all treated like adults, like we are able to handle truth. At home, I feel like I’ve been starving for spiritual food. Contend 2015 is like feasting at a banquet. Thank you all who have been involved in making this possible for all of us students! I can’t wait to come back next year!
Kenzie 19
Northern Indiana


My husband and I have recently retired so some of our family members assume we have lots of free time with not much to do. We are bombarded with requests from them but one request was unusual. My husband’s sister asked if we would be interested in chaperoning her two children and their friend to a conference in Collierville. Since our daughter lives in Memphis we agreed not knowing anything about Contend 2015. We planned to attend the Thursday night session and then do our own thing the rest of the weekend. However, after the first session we were hooked and attended every session. We learned so much and our beliefs were reinforced with Bible references. We were so impressed with the speakers and their commitment to teaching God’s Word and what it says about current issues. The young people at the conference were so intent and absorbed in listening. I highly recommend this conference to both adults and students.


I appreciated the honesty and direct teachings of Contend 2015. Our young adults need information like this to help them defend their Biblical beliefs and to stay grounded in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they go into the world living their lives! All speakers did a great job of keeping the attention of our students as the conference flowed through. Great job, Thank you!
Rodney Bryant 35
Youth Pastor, AL.


I was one of those who didn’t want to come this weekend. But after being here and listening to the speakers, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact of how quickly the speakers grabbed my attention. God showed me many things this weekend through the speakers and I am thankful I came. I received lots of information and I really enjoyed listening to God’s Word and the worship that we had just before each session.


Last year we brought a group of 10 and all 10 returned this year plus we brought 7 more. We have been greatly blessed by the time, topics, challenges and new relationships with the speakers. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work that takes place to make this all come together. We plan on returning next year and are prayerfully considering whom the Lord might want us to bring with us—hopefully many more!


I would like you to know that there was a spirit of welcome, love, and graciousness this weekend. Especially in the question and answer panel. The speakers received many tough and controversial questions and they were answered kindly and graciously, speaking truth in love. Thank you.
Lexington, Kentucky  


Thank you so much for putting on the Contend 2015 student Worldview Weekend. We came to the conference not knowing what to expect and we were so impressed by the quality of each presentation. Everyday our son was up and ready to go before we were. The time passed so quickly that the three days seemed to fly by. We were only disappointed in that it was over before we knew it. It was obvious that much time and effort was put into each aspect of the conference. Two words come to mind to sum up the conference; Well Done! We are going home encouraged and informed by the Biblical truth and godly men who made the conference possible.
Atlanta, Georgia


Earlier this week, my church group attended a “youth conference” in Branson. The contrast between the Branson conference and Contend was unbelievable. The Branson conference “teachers” didn’t really teach the gospel. Any true teaching was distorted by goof attempts to keep the students’ attention. Contend was filled with truth teaching and the gospel. The speakers were captivating. You really cannot get this teaching anywhere else. Thank you!

15 year old student
Jonesboro, Arkansas


It is so refreshing to hear so many speakers who all hold Scripture in high regard. The set up and schedule worked very well. There was just enough time to get involved in the topic being taught but not too long. The break after each speaker was enough to stretch and then get ready to start over with another speaker that was just as good as the last. Thank you for all the hard work in putting the conference together! We feel very blessed to have been able to participate.
No name included on handwritten note


I loved Contend 2015. The speakers were knowledgeable of Scripture and gave interesting talks. The thing I appreciated the most was how the Bible was at the center of everything that was discussed. I know that it can be silly to be grateful to Christian speakers for using the Bible, but I am. It’s refreshing to see.
Madi from Farmington, Minnesota  




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