Brannon Howse: November 7, 2017

Brannon Howse: November 7, 2017

Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: In Defense of Dispensationalism (Part 1) Description. What is dispensationalism? Hear the shocking audio of a well-known theologian declare that dispensationalism is goofy, and yet he believes in preterism and that the book of Revelation has already come to pass. This theologian goes on to declare that dispensationalists don’t believe the moral law is for today and that someone can become a Christian and yet never show any fruit in their life of conversion. Brannon and Andy explain that as dispensationalists, they believe the moral law is for today and that a believer will show some fruit of their conversion. Why is this well-known theologian so condemning of dispensationalism and painting with such a broad brush? Topic: Why do people believe if someone is a dispensationalist they must be an Arminian? Why do people believe if someone is not an Arminian they must automatically be a Calvinist? Brannon and Andy both explain why they are not Arminian or Calvinists, but Biblicists who believe in dispensationalism. Brannon and Andy explain some of the areas they agree with reformed theology, but why they build their theology on the Bible and not man-made systems of thought. Topic: Did you know that well-known dispensationalists include D.L. Moody, Billy Graham, Vance Havner, Charles Ryrie, Henry Morris, John Whitcomb, and Dr. Tommy Ice?

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