Brannon Howse: October 3, 2017

Brannon Howse: October 3, 2017

Guest: Cliff Kincaid. Topic: Antifa and communist groups are distributing the 1969 “mini-manual of the Urban Guerrill.” This manual instructs the reader on kidnapping, assaults, ambush, explosives, sabotage, liberation of prisoners, and executions. Topic: Could the Antifa college students and twenty somethings be used for large protests, civil unrest, and violence in order to provide ISIS, Islamic Revolutionary Guard, MS-13 and other highly trained terrorists a needed distraction so police and first responders are unable to respond in a timely manner to their multiple terrorist scenes? What if the Anifa young people were set up by terrorist groups and became casualties through a terrorist attack in order to draw in police and first responders at further targets? What if terrorists infiltrated a large protests wearing police uniforms in order confuse police officers? Are police departments practicing for such scenarios? Topic: The 1960s student Marxists are now the college professors and there are hundreds of Marxist classes on college and university campuses that have brainwashed countless young people to be the cannon fodder for the revolution.


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