Jason Pratt: April 16, 2018

Jason Pratt: April 16, 2018

Join us on Mission 18-12 of "It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt" as we wrap up our study in the evolutionary belief of abiogenesis. That is the origin of life from non-living, inanimate matter! This despite a scientific law that states that life only emerges from life. This fact is supported by the very significant work of a few from our previous Scriptural Scientist Spotlight: Redi, Pasteur, Morse, as well as by this weeks spotlight on Charles Babbage, KH FRS (we'll also explain those letters after his name). Our launch pad is Genesis 1:20-25 as we read directly from God's Word about the very origin of life! We'll carefully scrutinize the direct claims of so-called science as found in biology textbooks, websites, and museums. How do scientists such as Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule reconcile this clear contradiction between a law of science and evolutionary belief? Should we also not seriously consider what several leading researchers have to say on this subject, not to mention Darwin himself in regard to his theory and basic assumption? If we take Darwin at his own words all scientists must reject his theory based on what we now know! We'll discuss all this and more in this episode!

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