Jason Pratt: February 26, 2018

Jason Pratt: February 26, 2018


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Join us for Mission 18-07 of "It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt" where we will continue our discussion on cosmology and introduce the concept of cosmogony. Our launch pad will be 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 and our Scriptural Scientist Spotlight will be on a very unique individual, Albert Einstein! While he clearly was not a Christian, he did have a respect for the Torah as well as the Gospels and a belief that there was a creator god and not pure random naturalism. His theological beliefs were more mystical and some what New Age yet he maintain a very high view of who God must be; unfortunately never to a saving comprehension of his Creator. We will also look at the serious scientific issues surround the Big Bang theory which has many cosmologists yearning for another theory (such as some form of the string theory or static theory). One such serious problem involves the Higgs Boson. This so-called "god particle" has spurned some to take Quantum Mechanics and extended it into a New Age Quantum Spirituality which one listener commented on and shared how former New Ager Warren Smith wrote about this in his book "A Wonderful Deception." Speaking of deception where will supposed Christian apologists who propose God used the Big Bang to create be left standing when the scientific community eventually discards this theory? It will be evident they were double minded and built upon the sand and not the solid foundation of God's Word!

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