Jason Pratt: January 22, 2018

Jason Pratt: January 22, 2018

Join us for a special episode of "It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt" where we talk with Eric Hovind of Creation Today! Eric will give us some first time info about the amazing 3-D movie Genesis: Paradise Lost, don't miss this exclusive information! For Mission 18-03 we will ask Eric about the release of Genesis: Paradise Lost that had two showings in November and a special encore presentation in December. We'll ask him what it was like to film the Live Fathom Event and why my texting him during the show wasn't distracting. I'll also ask him about the sub-title "Part 1" and about future plans for any sequels. We'll also find out about the most challenging as well as most rewarding aspects of the whole experience of producing this movie. Eric will also share with us the response to the movie and the ratings it received. Learn more about how you can get your own copy through a special pre-release sale and how you can watch this God-honoring and educational movie in 3-D in your own home! Also, we'll find out about an upcoming special event that you can watch at your church, Bible study, home that will feature Eric Hovind, Ray Comfort of Living Waters and a group of scientists and commentators from Answers In Genesis! Don't miss Mission 18-03 of "It's NOT Rocket Science"! Learn more about the movie at GenesisMovie.com

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