Jason Pratt: November 20, 2017

Jason Pratt: November 20, 2017

Join us on Mission 17-29 of It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt. I forgot to wish you all a blessed and grace filled Thanksgiving while recording this episode so I extend those prayers to you now. In this episode I ask if you had a chance to see "Genesis: Paradise Lost" last week and to send in your thoughts or comments to info@theanvilministry.com or comment on Facebook at The Anvil Ministry. Also, I'd appreciate your feedback on this series on self-defense and the Bible that I've been covering the last few episodes. After a few pre-mission comments we lift off from our launch pad in Luke 22:35-38. Next, our Scriptural Scientist Spotlight (Triple S segment) we take a brief look at a very strong Christian and significant scientist, particularly in this day and age with all the discussion of EMP and Faraday cages, Michael Faraday. Our mission then delves into a thorough review of Luke 22:35-38 regarding Jesus' command to the Apostles to sell their coat and buy a sword. What does this mean? After considering some comments from a very good commentary we'll apply the inductive study method to determine the meaning of this unique command. Does it have implications for Christians today? I believe it does but value your thoughts on this topic as well!

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