Brannon Howse: January 20, 2020

Brannon Howse: January 20, 2020

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Cognitive Dissonance as Part of Psychological Warfare to Create Internal and External Conflict For Behavior Modification. Topic: Brannon explains cognitive dissonance and how it is used as part of information warfare to shame, intimidate and create fear with the goal of convincing Americans to surrender their values and then to regulate their behavior according to politically correct values and actions. Topic: Brannon has explained in past programs how neo-Marxists use lawlessness and pressure from above and pressure from below to manufacture conflict but did you know the Marxists also want to create conflict from within and conflict from without? Learn how you are being set up through psychological warfare to feel internal and personal conflict between your personal values and the external values that are considered culturally acceptable. Topic: Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America joins us to give us an update on the Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia and how it was not a violent and lawless rally as the media was predicted. Topic: We take your calls.


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