Chris Pinto: October 20, 2021

Chris Pinto: October 20, 2021


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Today’s Show: THREE TYPES OF BELIEVERS UNDER PERSECUTION. Chris discusses some of the ongoing issues surrounding the controversies of Covid-19 in other countries and what some believe is the imminent threat of tyranny. Also discussed are three types of believers under persecution. We examine ancient Israel during the days of the prophet Elijah. The government under king Ahab and queen Jezebel had fallen under the influence of Baal worship, and those who continued to serve and worship the Lord were persecuted and killed. A time of darkness fell upon the kingdom, but God reserved faithful men who had not “bowed the knee” to idolatry. We consider ordinary believers who are either put to death, or are able to hide and escape danger. Then there are lesser magistrates, working within the government who labor to protect the innocent. Finally, there are those to whom God appoints, and grants the power of the sword to execute divine justice against the wicked. It may be said that such examples are found, not only in the Scriptures but throughout the history of nations. 

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