Six Worldviews That Rule the World

Six Worldviews That Rule the World


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Sir Martin Rees contends that six numbers describe the world's creation and existence. Dr. David Noebel contends that six worldviews rule the world:

1. Biblical Christianity
2. Secular Humanism
3. Cosmic Humanism (New Age, New Spirituality)
4. Marxism-Leninism
5. Islam
6. Postmodernism

What makes a worldview? How many disciplines of life must a worldview be applied in order to be considered a worldview? Dr. Noebel contrasts the theistic, Biblical worldview for one of these disciplines, economics, and contrasts it with a humanist worldview. How did the Biblical worldview for economics give America the incredible wealth, productivity, inventions and ministry work of the last 200 plus years? How is the humanist worldview destroying America's economy and why? This compelling and relevant analysis of the worldview war in this one discipline alone reveals that your worldview matters, ideas matter and bad ideas have bad consequences.

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