The Government Is About To Have Access To A Dangerous New Tool

The Government Is About To Have Access To A Dangerous New Tool

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  • The Biden regime has handed nearly a quarter-million dollars to a college professor for a program that some say will help recruit more of America’s youth to become LGBTQ.
  • As a government shutdown nears, the Pentagon announced they will continue operations in Ukraine if lawmakers cannot agree on a funding package by the September 30 deadline.
  • The government is about to have a powerful new tool at its disposal to monitor what’s going on inside your home. It’s called Wi-Fi imaging. We’ll explain how it works.
  • And a homeschooling family from Germany may be deported by the Biden regime despite moving to the United States 15 years ago.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that a Nebraska professor was handed more than $200,000 from the National Institute of Health in June for a program to connect LGBTQ youth with LGBTQ adults for “mentoring,” according to the grant.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Katie Edwards is piloting the “Online Mentoring Program to Prevent Adversities Among Trans and Other Gender Minority Youth” program, which was handed over $200,000 from the NIH, according to the grant’s description. The program plans to connect LGBTQ youth with adult LGBTQ “mentors” to promote “social-emotional skills acquisition.”

“Few mentoring programs exist specifically for TGMY, and those that do have not been rigorously evaluated” and “often require guardian permission,” the grant’s description reads. TGMY stands for “transgender and other gender minority youth.”

The program plans to recruit 140 LGBTQ youth from social media and LGBTQ organizations, according to the grant. The project is aimed at testing an online mentoring and skill-building program for LGBTQ youth between the ages of 14 and 17.

LGBTQ youth experience high rates of psychosocial behavioral health issues which are rooted in “gender-related minority stress” which can be caused by “family rejection” and “internalized transphobia,” according to the grant’s description.

Gender studies and gender identity concepts have been questioned by mainstream scientists. Arizona State University professor of statistics and biostatistics Lawrence S. Mayer and John Hopkins University Medical School professor of psychiatrics Paul McHugh co-authored a report which said “the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence” in a 2016 report.

The program will measure the efficacy of the LGBTQ youth mentoring program to reduce “mental health problems, self- harm, alcohol and drug use, sexual risk-taking,” according to the grant’s description.

Remember, this is the same NIH that has spent millions of dollars researching puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones since 2008. This latest grant will just add to the list of funding options and programs aimed at grooming more American young people to become LGBTQ.


As a government shutdown nears, the Pentagon announced that they will continue operations in Ukraine if lawmakers cannot agree on a funding package by the September 30 deadline, according to Politico.

This has outraged Americans, most of whom oppose sending more aid to Ukraine, according to a recent CNN poll.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reacted to the news on X, stating, “Well this just says it all doesn’t it?”


Journalist Nick Sortor said, “This means tens of billions will continue flowing into Ukraine regardless. Why is that even legal?”


Political commentator Gunther Eagleman wrote, “Zelensky over senior citizens. The government hates us.”


And Rep. Tim Burchette, R-Tenn., declared, “We need leaders that don’t bow down to the WAR PIMPS at the Pentagon.”

Indeed we do.


The Gateway Pundit reports that Joshua Adam Schulte, age 34, was convicted last week of receiving, possessing, and distributing child pornography in New York City, a conviction which will likely result in decades of imprisonment after his scheduled January 10 sentencing.

Schulte is accused of being the most prolific and important leaker of confidential intelligence community secrets, and the disclosures he revealed to the public were more consequential than other famous leakers and whistleblowers of the past, including Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg. Schulte has said that he is being set up by the government as a scapegoat because of the embarrassing fallout from the disclosures.

In 2017, a major release exposed the critical tools used by the intelligence community to subvert individuals, companies, and governments worldwide. These releases, called “Vault 7” and “Vault 8,” included tools that could be used to:

  • Break into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions.
  • Compromise Skype; Wi-Fi networks; PDF documents; and even commercial antivirus programs of the kind used by millions of people to protect their computers.
  • And target malware to compromise computer systems.

The scale of the digital criminality those tools described is unparalleled. Whereas Edward Snowden showed, through similar releases in 2013, the overall scale and scope of the surveillance state, the Vault 7 releases showed the actual tools used to illegally obtain evidence and scoop up personal data. The government claimed to the New York Times that this was the “largest theft of confidential information in the CIA’s history.”

Joshua Schulte started working for the National Security Agency in January 2010 while a student at the University of Texas. After a short period, he then started working for the CIA, which lasted until November 2016. Schulte was prosecuted in 2020 and 2022, resulting in convictions on four counts of espionage, four counts of computer hacking, contempt of court, and making false statements to the FBI.

But the allegations of child pornography are notable in that the government alleged the possession and distribution of such materials happened during the entire 7-year period when Schulte was employed as an elite software engineer by the nation’s most powerful intelligence agencies.

The Gateway Pundit notes: “It strains credibility to think that the government was simply unaware of Schulte’s server side business which possessed and distributed such materials during the seven years he was employed by the government. The jury in his espionage case had originally deadlocked in 2020. When retried, the DOJ framed him as seeking petty vengeance on his former workplace instead of someone trying to educate the public about the criminal acts of its government. Schulte had also dismissed his public defender and decided to defend himself. Post-conviction, he now faces up to 80 years in federal prison.”


Embattled Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, held a press conference on Monday, September 25th, after he was indicted on bribery and corruption charges.

Menendez stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but this was not enough for top New Jersey Democrats. They called for him to resign his senate seat.

However, Menendez on Monday remained defiant, making it clear that he would not be resigning, stating:

“A cornerstone of the foundation of American democracy and our justice system is the principle that all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The court of public opinion is no substitute for our revered justice system.”

Unless, as the Gateway Pundit noted, it’s Donald Trump.

Menendez further stated:

“We cannot set aside the presumption of innocence for political expediency when the harm is irrevocable… Instead of waiting for all the facts to be presented, others have rushed to judgment because they see a political opportunity for themselves or those around them.”


Federal prosecutors announced Friday that Menendez, and his wife, have been indicted on charges of bribery and corruption.

Federal prosecutors out of the Southern District of New York obtained a 3-count indictment against Menendez and his wife Nadine.

A real estate developer and two other businessmen were also charged.


RSBN reports that President Donald Trump appeared to have a lot of fun on Monday while visiting the Palmetto State Armory in South Carolina. He chatted with the store owners, spoke to members of the press, and enthusiastically indicated that he would like to purchase a GLOCK handgun, according to a Trump spokesperson.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung captured the moment Trump said he wanted to purchase a gun at the Palmetto State Armory and posted it on X. Cheung incorrectly wrote a caption stating that Trump did indeed purchase it. However, the advisor later clarified that he did not. The post on X has since been deleted.

The president’s visit to the gun store was preceded by a campaign stop at “Moms for Liberty,” where he shook hands and gave brief remarks to an energetic crowd of MAGA women.

While at the armory, Trump perused the store and discussed pistol grips and the Second Amendment, showing his strong support for Americans’ constitutional gun rights despite the Biden administration’s incessant attacks on gun ownership in the U.S.


The government is about to have a controversial and dangerous new tool at its disposal to monitor what’s going on inside your home. It’s called Wi-Fi imaging. reports that, unlike a thermal imager, this device is already in your home – and you put it there.

Wi-Fi is electromagnetic waves in the range of 2.4 to 5 GHz. It’s the same thing as the light you see, only it can penetrate walls due to its much longer wavelength. Just like light, these waves also reflect off various surfaces and, when reconstructed properly, can be used to create an image.

Here’s a video explaining how it works.


Development of this technology goes back at least as far as July 2005, where researchers claimed at an IEEE Symposium that they had created an ultra-wideband high-resolution short pulse imaging radar system operating around 10 GHz. The applications for which were explicitly for military and police use, providing them with “enhanced situation awareness.”

A few years later, in 2008, researchers at UC Santa Barbara created an initial approach for imaging with Wi-Fi that they presented at IEEE ACC 2009. A year later, in 2010, they demonstrated the feasibility of this approach.

Sensing the potential of this new surveillance technology, other researchers began piling on. Progress was initially slow but, in 2017, two researchers in Germany demonstrated the ability to do Wi-Fi imaging using techniques borrowed from the field of holography. According to Philipp Holl, an undergrad student and lead study author who worked with Friedemann Reinhard of the Technical University of Munich to develop the new method, “The past two years have seen an explosion of methods for passive Wi-Fi imaging.”

At the time, the technology could only make out rough shapes of things.

Holl says, “If there’s a cup of coffee on a table, you may see something is there, but you couldn’t see the shape, but you could make out the shape of a person, or a dog on a couch. Really any object that’s more than 4 centimeters in size.”

Now, they can see much greater detail.


LifeSite News reports that a homeschooling family from Germany may be deported by the Biden regime despite moving to the United States nearly 15 years ago.

As reported by LifeSite in 2010, the nine-member Romeike family sought refuge in America because of their native country’s strict rules against parents educating their children within the confines of their own home. They were granted asylum in the U.S. at the time by a federal judge in Memphis, Tennessee.

In Germany, the family had been subjected to criminal prosecution for simply raising their children outside the state-approved school system. They faced exorbitant fines, forcible removal of their children, and possible imprisonment.

Former President Barack Obama sought to have the family kicked out of the U.S. in 2012. He and then Attorney General Eric Holder pressured the Board of Immigration to rescind the decision to grant the family asylum.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:37)

A lengthy legal battle ensued, with the Romeikes, who had been (and are still) living in East Tennessee, eventually losing their appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2014. Now the Biden regime, picking up where Obama left off, is trying to deport the family back to Germany.

Two of their nine children are now married to U.S. citizens and two others were born here.


Sam Parker, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Utah, posted a comment about the case to X, formerly Twitter, stating “The Romieke family is a White, Christian family of 9 who fled Germany 15 years ago b/c the German government punished them for homeschooling their kids. After they were initially granted asylum, Merrick Garland's DOJ fought the decision & won, and is now seeking to deport them. It won't take a genius to spot the immigration policy hypocrisy & anti-White hatred emanating from the US Gov on this.”


In another report from LifeSite News, a Nebraska woman who pleaded guilty to assisting her daughter in aborting a baby after 20 weeks and later burning and burying her grandchild has been sentenced to two years in prison.

District Judge Mark Johnson sentenced Jessica Burgess to two years in prison for “prohibited acts with human skeletal remains, abortion at 20 weeks past gestation and false reporting,” according to the Norfolk Daily News. However, she can be out after just a year if she exhibits good behavior.

The judge said Burgess treated the remains of her own grandchild “like yesterday’s trash.” Burgess bought her daughter abortion drugs to kill her own baby.

Her daughter Celeste Burgess is already out of jail after spending just 90 days imprisoned. She also is on probation for two years.

The baby was 29 weeks old and the pair “burned the remains and buried them in a field north of Norfolk in northeastern Nebraska,” in April 2022, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

The mother-daughter pair tried multiple times to conceal their crime.


Now, a follow-up to a story we reported several months back.

The Department of Justice dropped its lawsuit against Arizona over its placement of shipping containers on the Mexico border, it announced Thursday.

Then-Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order in 2022 to fill a gap in the border wall with double-stacked shipping containers, and filed a lawsuit for Arizona’s right to do so against the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Forest Service when told to stop, according to CBS 5 in Arizona.

Arizona removed the containers and “completed extensive remediation work on National Forest lands that had been damaged” after the DOJ filed its own lawsuit in December, according to the DOJ.

Arizona also paid $2.1 million to remediate the damage, the DOJ announced. Both lawsuits were dismissed voluntarily on September 15th.

The state spent $95 million to install the shipping containers and about the same to remove them, according to CBS 5.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Douglas Golden, writing for the Western Journal, says he cannot imagine a white American adult in 2023 who would be ignorant enough to call a 55-year-old black man — a spectacularly wealthy and famous one, to boot — a “boy.”

But that’s exactly what Joe Biden did. And, being that he’s Joe Biden, he will get away with it unscathed by the national media.

On Saturday, Biden was the most illustrious speaker in attendance at the Congressional Black Caucus’ 52nd Annual Legislative Conference. Also in attendance, according to the New York Post, was rapper LL Cool J (whose legal name is James Todd Smith).

The rapper, along with fellow hip-hop artist MC Lyte, were receiving the Phoenix Award for their artistic contributions.

Biden stated:

“Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL Jay Cool J, uhhh…” with the crowd having a hearty laugh at the 80-year-old Biden trying to get out the name of a rap artist who’s been in the public eye for almost 40 years now.

The audience did not, it’s worth noting, laugh so strongly at the next gaffe.

“By the way that boy — that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs,” Biden said — quickly (but not too quickly) catching himself before moving onto MC Lyte.


All I can say is, imagine if that had been Donald Trump making that exact same gaffe. We would be hearing about this every day for weeks with every major news outlet screaming for the president to resign in disgrace.

But because it’s Joe Biden, a corrupt career politician with communist values, this was a non-story. Certain high-level Democrats are allowed to be as corrupt and racist as they want to be.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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