Pentagon Is Developing New Weapons That Include "Killer Robots"

Pentagon Is Developing New Weapons That Include "Killer Robots"


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  • Joe Biden wants Congress to pass another whopper foreign aid package, upwards of 100 billion in your hard-earned tax dollars.
  • A New York City firefighter says he was forced to retire on half his salary after the city-mandated COVID-19 vaccine left him with permanent heart damage. Now he’s suing.
  • Should the nations of the world force their citizens to get Bill Gates’ mRNA vaccines and continuous boosters? A high-up bureaucrat in the European Union says yes.
  • And the Pentagon is working on new super weapons that come right out of science fiction movies.
  • Newly released police bodycam footage shows an elderly church deacon in Atlanta being repeatedly tased by a police officer. His crime? He wouldn’t sign a traffic ticket.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Joe Biden and his administration are pushing for billions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund a foreign-aid deal bundled together for three nations.

Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are trying to get the funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan approved by Congress during the first week of December.

The Biden regime has so far failed to push through its supplementary $106 billion “national security” proposal.

According to Schumer, “the biggest holdup” to passing the package is GOP insistence on policy changes regarding U.S. border security.

Republicans have set increased border security as a condition for sending any additional funds to Ukraine.

In a letter to senators on Sunday, Schumer said:

“One of the most important tasks we must finish is taking up and passing a funding bill to ensure we as well as our friends and partners in Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region have the necessary military capabilities to confront and deter our adversaries and competitors.”

The Democrat Senate leader is warning that Ukraine is likely to lose the fight against Russia without further funding from American taxpayers.

Schumer is urging senators to attend a classified briefing in the coming days to get updated on the situation.

However, Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) warned Sunday that it is unlikely that the aid package for Ukraine and Israel will be approved before the year’s end.

Turner cited the Southern border policies as an obstacle to passing the bill.

During an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Turner, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said:

“I think it would be very difficult to get it done by the end of the year and the impediment, currently, is the White House policy on the southern border.”

In other words, why should the Congress sign off on tens of billions of dollars to protect other nations’ borders while ignoring our own?

Actually, it’s worse than just ignoring our border. The Biden regime is actually facilitating the invasion of the American mainland by foreign nationals, young men of military age, coming from nations that hate us. China, Iran, Iraq, and many others.

So, excuse us if we’re not all that excited about the so-called emergency faced by other nations that supposedly are incapable of protecting their own borders without dipping into the U.S. Treasury, looking for some hard-earned American tax dollars, all while our border is left open and we’ve got homeless veterans living under bridges.

It's just funny money, right. They’re just printing funny money.

That might work if this was a game of monopoly. But it isn’t.

And then when they tell us our currency is no longer viable and they need to introduce a new digital one, they’ll try to act like it wasn’t their fault.

They really do think we’re stupid.


The New York Post reports that a New York City firefighter says he was forced to retire on half his salary after the city-mandated COVID-19 vaccine left him with permanent heart damage.

O’Brian Pastrana now wants a judge to award him a more lucrative disability pension, which would pay three-quarters of his final salary tax-free, according to court papers.

Pastrana, who is 37 years old, got the jab in October 2021 because the city required it, and had an immediate allergic reaction, including swollen lips, chills and body aches.

Despite three trips to the emergency room, he claims he was forced to get the second Pfizer shot a month later.

“I thought I was going to die after that second dose,” Pastrana told The Post, adding he was again rushed to the ER after the second shot.

By February 2022, the married father of two was diagnosed with myocarditis, which results in potentially fatal inflammation of the cardiac muscle, and was nearly in heart failure, court records show.

And we hear there’s a shortage of firefighters in many cities around the country. I wonder how many have been disabled or murdered by the vaccine mandates? We may never know the number.


A World Economic Forum globalist stooge with a powerful position in Europe says the nations of the world should use their militaries to forcibly vaccinate their citizens.

Yes, you heard that right. Forced vaccines over the barrel of a gun.

Slay News reports that a powerful European Union bureaucrat has called on governments around the world to stop trying to explain “the science” to their citizens and start using the military to vaccinate the public.

The EU’s European Research Council President Maria Leptin, who boasts of being a World Economic Forum agenda contributor, argues that trying to explain to citizens why they should get vaccinated was a failure during the Covid pandemic.

During a WEF panel discussion, Leptin declared that governments should stop trying to convince the public to take the vaccines and just call in the military and “religious establishment.”

Joining Leptin on the panel were Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, WEF Executive Committee member Shyam Bishen, former CEO of Bill Gates’s GAVI and co-creator of COVAX Seth F. Berkley, and Harvard’s Michelle Williams.

But she believes that the science behind vaccines shouldn’t be explained (it’s hard to explain fake science so why bother?) and members of the public should, instead, be railroaded into taking the injection by their governments using military force.

According to Leptin, vaccination campaigns shouldn’t be carried out with informed consent.

Instead, the unelected globalist technocrat insists they should be forced onto populations by manipulative or coercive means.

As noted by Slay News, this tactic is most useful when evidence-based science doesn’t support “the science” and populations are likely to challenge it.

While laying out her case, Leptin explains that nations with the highest uptake of vaccines were the ones whose governments didn’t waste time on “getting their citizens to try and understand the science.”

“One is Bhutan,” she noted.

She explained that the South Asian nation leveraged the influence of the “religious establishment” to pressure the public.

“They got fantastic coverage – no science was explained,” she noted.

“The other example I know of is Portugal, where the campaign was handed to a retired Army General,” Leptin continued.

Leptin forgot to mention one thing. America isn’t Bhutan, which is ruled by a King in a monarchy form of government. That’s not the way we do things in America and the free world. At least we’re not supposed to. The government has to actually prove its case and win over the people before implementing new policies. That can get messy, but that’s how it works in a constitutional republic. One person, or even one group of persons, doesn’t get to make important decisions without the permission of the governed.


Red State reports that police bodycam footage was released last week in the case of Johnny Hollman, a 62-year-old church deacon who died after being repeatedly tased by an officer of the Atlanta Police Department.

The footage was made public at the family’s behest and has raised questions about police procedures and use of force against non-threatening people who pose no physical harm to the arresting officer.

Hollman was driving home from a Bible study when he got into a minor traffic accident. A fender bender. Most of us have been in that situation.

Officer Kiran Kimbrough, who responded to the incident, determined that Hollman was at fault for the accident and tried to issue a citation, which Hollman refused to sign.

Police bodycams show the officer shocking the man after he repeatedly said he could not breathe.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:05)

Johnny Hollman Sr. became unresponsive during his arrest late on the night of August 10 and later died. An autopsy determined the 62-year-old’s death was a homicide, with heart disease also a contributing factor, and his family has called on prosecutors to charge Officer Kiran Kimbrough with murder. An attorney for Kimbrough, who was fired, says the officer acted lawfully.


The family of a man who tried to rob a Dollar General in Dayton, Ohio, says the store clerk was wrong to shoot him.

This is actually the second member of the Rappley family to have been killed by gunfire. Although they didn’t give the circumstances of the first incident, they are furious about this most recent incident, blaming the store and the store employee who drew a gun and fired in an attempt to stop an armed robbery.

Take a look.


Apparently, this family doesn’t see any connection between their family member’s death and his decision to become a habitual armed robber. Along with making such a poor decision, you always take the risk that someone will fight back. Seems like common sense.


President Trump says Republicans are losing elections in many states because they are too rigid on the abortion issue. No abortions after six weeks, for example, is too strict.

He was put on the spot about this issue in an interview with Raheem Kassam. Here’s how he answered.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 14:38 mark to 17:03 mark)


The New York Times has reported that the Pentagon is developing new weapons that include swarms of killer robots that hunt down targets on their own and are capable of flying in for the kill without any human signing off.

This is the new reality of modern warfare and the U.S. is on the cusp of perfecting it, as are China and a handful of other nations, the Times’ article reports.

Rapid progress has reportedly been made in developing and deploying new technology that has the potential to reshape the nature of warfare by turning life and death decisions over to autonomous drones equipped with artificial intelligence programs.

That prospect is so worrying to many other governments that they are trying to focus attention on it with proposals at the United Nations to impose legally binding rules on the use of what militaries call lethal autonomous weapons.

Alexander Kmentt, Austria’s chief negotiator on the issue, said in an interview with the Times:

“This is really one of the most significant inflection points for humanity. What’s the role of human beings in the use of force — it’s an absolutely fundamental security issue, a legal issue and an ethical issue.”

But while the U.N. is providing a platform for governments to express their concerns, the process seems unlikely to yield substantive new legally binding restrictions. The United States, Russia, Australia, Israel and others have all argued that no new international law is needed for now, while China wants to define any legal limit so narrowly that it would have little practical effect, arms control advocates told the Times.

The result has been to tie the debate up in a procedural knot with little chance of progress on a legally binding mandate anytime soon.

One thing that’s not even being discussed at all is preventing nations from using such weapons against their own people.


The Winepress News reports that a 2021 study has recently begun to go viral, in which researchers in Japan were able to transgender a biological male catfish into a female with the use of soybean compounds.

The study documented how the use of a compound found in soybean protein called isoflavone, which can mimic the effects of female hormones such as estrogen, was used to transform male catfish into females.

The Japan-based paper The Mainichi reported on the results of this study and the purpose of it on May 27th, 2021. The Japanese paper wrote:

“A team of researchers in Japan has succeeded in making catfish all female with a compound found in soybeans — a development that promises to increase the production efficiency of this and other species whose females are more valuable than males in the food market. The team, from Kindai University’s Aquaculture Research Institute, used isoflavone – a compound found in soybeans similar in effect to female hormones – to create the all-female groups of catfish. The feat is a Japan first, according to the university.”

As female catfish grow faster than males, “by making them all female, production efficiency will rise,” commented team leader and aquaculture science associate professor Toshinao Ineno, adding:

“This can be applied to other farm-raised fish whose females are more valuable.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The Daily Mail reports that China has published plans to mass-produce humanoid robots by 2025, as Western companies including Elon Musk's Tesla race to produce their own humanoids. spoke to leading experts on how humanoid robots could change the world – with one expert saying that the tech will grow exponentially this decade.

Goldman Sachs has predicted that the market for humanoid robots could be worth $150 billion a year worldwide within 15 years — and that humanoid robots will be viable in factories between 2025-2028 and in other jobs by 2030-2035.

The technology will have a positive impact in many fields, believes Marga Hoek, author of “Tech for Good,” but people need to prepare for it.

Hoek said that predictions suggest that up to a quarter of all jobs could be lost to robotics and AI technology. But that’s not a bad thing, she says. We must embrace it.

Hoek told the Daily Mail: “My biggest worry is that all humankind spends a lot of time on fearing, instead of accepting and anticipating.”

She actually said that.

Hoek said we need more research to be done now on which job roles will still “add value” in a world of humanoid robots. She said, “If we don't train people, if we don't anticipate, if we don't radically change around the school programs, for instance, we'll be too late.”

I guess we need to train people to accept their fate? You will be obsolete and learn to like it? Even Yuval Harari admits this is a big problem in a world being taken over by AI.

Hoek predicts that rather than human caregivers, humanoid robots will look after the elderly as well as young people with disorders such as autism.

Doesn’t that sound like something to eagerly look forward to? You get old and fragile, so instead of a human being, you get a machine to look after your needs. Oh boy, I can’t wait.

This sounds like a horrible dystopian nightmare, a new dark age, and I will not embrace it. Hopefully I’m not alone in my opinion of this anti-human, anti-God, anti-Christ new world order run by AI, which will be under the control of an elite group of technocrats. I don’t think I am. We can all say, thanks but no thanks to the globalists trying to convince us that the future will be bright if we just lay down, roll over and accept all of their diabolical transhumanist schemes.

No offense to the Daily Mail and their so-called expert, Dr. Marga Hoek, but this is something that we need to not only fear, but resist and fight against with every fiber of our being.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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