• Sports Impacted by LGBTQ+ Agenda : March 28, 2023

    Women’s sports are increasingly being decimated by gender confused men who are identifying as women and the media appears to be celebrating the movement. For example, just recently, ESPN, in celebration of Women’s History Month, gave honor to a biological male identifying and competing in swimming as a female.
  • Pushing Back Against the Great Reset : March 27. 2023

    There’s a common goal that is being pushed by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and by globalist and religious leaders. The goal is to bring about a great reset via a total upheaval of governments, political systems, the world economy and even world religions. How should we respond? Should we be passive or cry out against such change?
  • J6 Footage Provides Another Narrative : March 14, 2023

    For over two years Americans have been told by the news media and politicians that there was an attempt by armed insurrectionists to overthrow our government and that it was prodded by then President Donald Trump. However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released thousands of hours of footage to Tucker Carlson of Fox News who indicated that the footage aired had been vetted by Capitol Hill police before broadcasting it to ensure that there was not any security concerns. What he’s revealed presents a very different narrative concerning what took place on January 6th.
  • COVID Health Emergency and COVID Shot Update

    Twila Brase is the president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom. She’s a registered nurse, a certified public health nurse, and author of the eight-time award-winning book, Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records. She’s the speaker on the daily Health Freedom Minute heard on stations across the nation. Additionally, her efforts led to a national law requiring parent consent for research using newborn DNA, a national campaign exposing HIPAA as a data-sharing rule, an online nationwide directory of direct-pay-practices, The Wedge of Health Freedom and the Patient Toolbox designed to help patients understand their options in coercive situations and maintain control over their treatment decisions.
  • Bibles Needed! : January 30, 2023

    This past Christmas, many of you received a Bible for Christmas. What will you do with your old one? Are you aware that there’s a ministry that collects used Bibles and distributes them to people around the world who are praying that somehow, someone might send them a Bible because they lack the resources to purchase a new one? To discuss how you can meet this critical need, Jim welcomed back Jason Woolford. Jason is the president & executive director of Mission Cry.
  • Covid…Shots…Sudden Deaths…What’s Going On? : January 24, 2023

    Athletes from youth to college age have collapsed or died suddenly. A surfer standing on his board suddenly collapses into the water for no apparent reason. A middle school teacher collapses in front of her class and dies. An airline pilot becomes incapacitated shortly after takeoff and later dies. A news executive, a kindergarten student, and an American Idol contestant…all die suddenly. What’s going on here? Is there any connection to COVID-19 or the shots? How long can we expect this to continue?

  • Patient Rights at Stake : January 23, 2023

    Back on December 13th, the guest on this Crosstalk was interviewed about a critical case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court dealing with patient rights. The case is Allen Gahl v. Aurora Healthcare, Inc. Questions in this case remain. What authority does a medical power of attorney hold? What are patients rights when a hospital refuses a standard of care that the patient or his representative requests? Returning to Crosstalk to discuss this case was Karen Mueller. Karen is the founder & general counsel for Amos Center for Justice and Liberty. She’s the lead attorney in this case representing Allen Gahl.
  • The Power of a Clear Conscience : January 19, 2023

    As is typical with many people, this is the time of new resolutions. Yet many people are hindered by feelings of guilt from the past. Perhaps you’ve been bogged down by a conscience that haunts or even imprisons you. This is not how God intends for you to live as your conscience was not created to hold you prisoner, but to guide you and point you to freedom from guilt and bad habits. It’s designed to tell you the truth so that you’re not held in bondage to lies or to sins from the past.
  • News Roundup & Comment : January 15, 2023

    Here’s a sample of news highlights from the past week as presented by Jim on this edition of Crosstalk:

    –Former chief of staff at the National Security Council and former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz told Newsmax that it wasn’t an accident that classified documents turned up at President Joe Biden’s think-tank office, as he and his staff had decades of experience in handling such items. –Attorney General Merrick Garland appoints a special counsel to investigate President Biden’s handling of classified documents dating back to the Obama administration.
  • The LGBTQ+ Floodgates are Open : January 12, 2023

    As our nation spirals out of control morally, many things now branded as normal were previously described as being unthinkable. Just look at the grooming that’s taking place with youth from pre-school to high school. School leaders, superintendents, colleges and universities, the many layers of our government, the military, the entertainment industry, sports leagues, and more are “all-in.”
  • Israel Always : January 11, 2023

    With such a small land mass, their many enemies, and numerous U.N. resolutions against her, many people are astonished by the existence of Israel. What they fail to understand is that Israel plays a major role in the narrative of the Bible and that includes prophecy.
  • The State of Religious Liberty: January 10, 2023

    Founding father and former president John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Adams and the other founders not only recognized the importance of being a moral and religious people, but they also recognized the importance or the safeguarding of religious liberty in America.
  • Scripture for our Nation in 2023 : January 9, 2023

    Jim began by noting II Timothy 3 and he commented how when reading this it’s as though you’re hearing the news from today with men being, “…lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; and having a form of godliness..” It also tells us that “…evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” Combine this with what you see in Romans 1, (the marks of men/nations that have pulled away from the Lord) and you can see we’re a nation in great spiritual need.
  • Christmas Blessings 2022 : December 20, 2022

    This edition of Crosstalk began with Jim quoting from an article from Baptist Press. The headline reads like this: 84% of Christians Say U.S. Has Forgotten True Meaning of Christmas. The statistics within the article are from an Ipsos poll. Interestingly, the poll failed to ask respondents their view of the true meaning of Christmas.
  • News Roundup & Comment : December 16, 2022

    Below are highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world. Stories included: –President Biden signed the so-called, “Respect for Marriage Act” this week. –The 12 Republican senators who threw their support behind the “Respect for Marriage Act” were swayed by cash and political clout wielded by a group of prominent donors, several of whom identify as “gay.”
  • The Twitter Files: December 15, 2022

    When Elon Musk said he would make a bid for Twitter, there was an uproar from those on the “left.” Many were concerned how he might upend the company and what might get exposed. Many have left the company while others have been released since Musk has taken over.
  • Libraries Grooming Children? : December 14, 2022

    In the Congressional Record from July 27th, 1987, congressman William Dannemeyer shared an essay by gay revolutionary Michael Swift. The essay, which in the past may have been written off by some as a gay utopian dream, was said to be satire. However, there’s one very serious problem with that description. Many aspects of it have come true.
  • Fanning Flames to Worsen Border Crisis: December 6, 2022

    America’s border crisis continues to be a huge issue, particularly at the southern border and as it pertains to national security. About 2.4 million encounters have taken place at the U.S./Mexico border in fiscal year 2022. In October it was almost 200,000 more and there appears to be no end in sight.
  • Communist China’s Growing Threat: December 5, 2022

    Alex Newman is an award-winning international freelance journalist, author, researcher, educator and consultant. He is senior editor for The New American and contributes to other publications as well. He’s author of Crimes of the Educators and Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes. He is founder of Liberty Sentinel.
  • News Roundup & Comment : December 2, 2022

    Here’s your weekly selection of highlights from the Round-Up broadcast:
    –The U.S. Senate passed the Democrat bill to codify same-sex marriage (61-36) with 12 Republicans jumping on board to give final approval for the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.” –Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, gave a special prayer highlighting virtuous and godly living before the daily session on November 28th where the major business for the day was the approval of the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.”
  • Globalism: The Great World Consumption : December 1, 2022

    If you’ve been listening to Crosstalk for some time, you’ve likely discovered that there’s been a significant uptick in the intensity of issues bombarding the world. It’s not just a single battle being waged, but an all-out war on numerous fronts. There’s the attack on biblical values, the demonizing of Christianity, the escalation of lawlessness, the emerging secular agenda, and the growing control of the populace. Some may see these things as accidental or isolated incidents that aren’t connected. However, they all share a common thread. It’s the promotion of globalism.
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness: November 21, 2022

    Many of us have gone through some kind of challenging experience at one time or another. It may have been a prolonged illness, perhaps you’ve lost a loved one, maybe you were rejected by your family because of your faith in Christ, or you may have failed to advance in your employment because of the biblical principles that govern your life.
  • As It Was in the Days of Noah: November 17, 2022

    This edition of Crosstalk recalled the account of Noah. God instructed him to build an ark. We know that only he, his wife, his 3 sons, and their wives went into the ark. In total, it was 8 individuals and 2 of each kind of animal. Soon God closed the door, the rains came and flooded the entire earth, the topography was completely changed, and judgment was meted out on a very wicked world.
  • Reaching Youth in Critical Times : November 1, 2022

    Many times on Crosstalk we’ve described how children are being targeted in our secular culture. Included in that are those influences that are seeking to lure children away from biblical morality, questioning right vs. wrong or even trying to alienate children away from their parents. Then there’s the direct indoctrination into aberrant lifestyles with the intent of normalizing that which is abnormal.
  • Crosstalk: September 9, 2022

    Today is a special day for Crosstalk; it marks 35 years of broadcasting over the VCY America Network. We certainly give God the glory and praise for this milestone. We take you back to 35 years ago when the first Crosstalk broadcast and even further than that to share how a talk show was born. Jim gives a quick but detailed history of how VCY began with Vic Eliason which led to the first call in program which then led to Crosstalk as we know it today. Jim also played 3 clips from that very first Crosstalk, one of which was a clip of the very first caller on Crosstalk, a 12 year old boy who publicly declared that abortion is sin. During the final half of the program, Jim opened the lines for listeners to share how Crosstalk has impacted them. A very specific note made by Jim: to God be ALL the glory for VCY’s accomplishments.
  • Crosstalk: June 7, 2021

    Here’s the list of stories Dalton featured during the first half hour of the broadcast:

    –China threatens nuclear war over U.S. calls for probe into the origins of COVID-19.

    –The Global Times newspaper, which is controlled by the Communist Party, released an editorial article stating that Beijing is preparing for a nuclear war with the U.S.

  • Crosstalk: October 12, 2020

    Have you ever wondered how church leaders, even those who seemed so solid in their own teaching, can become so blind to error that they could permit a widespread invasion of false teachings into the church? When leaders are drawn to such teachings, it’s no surprise that many individual Christians fail too see how these occult and New Age teachings are far removed from the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

    Joining Jim to discuss one such invasion was Don Veinot. Don is the co-founder and president of Midwest Christian Outreach, a national apologetics ministry and mission to new religious movements. He’s been involved in apologetics ministry for over 3 decades and is a charter member of the International Society of Christian Apologetics. He is also a staff researcher and writer for the Midwest Outreach Journal.

    Joining Don was Marcia Montenegro. Before becoming a Christian, Marcia was involved for many years in Eastern spiritual beliefs (Hindu and Buddhist), New Age, and occult practices. She was a certified, professional astrologer who taught Astrology for several years. She served as chairperson of the Astrology Board of Examiners and President of the Astrological Society in Atlanta. She came to Christ and now is engaged with her full-time ministry, Christian Answers for the New Age. She’s the author of ‘Spellbound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids.’

    Don is releasing a book called, ‘Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret.’ Don kicked off the discussion by defining the term, ‘enneagram.’ This is a geometric design. Basically it’s a circle with three shapes inside of it that touch the outer circle at 9 different points. This nine pointed symbol originated with an early 20th century Russian mystic.

    While Marcia noted that the enneagram symbol is a neutral geometric design and that there is no inherent evil in the design, some people are reading various paths to God into it and it’s this concept that’s infiltrating segments of the evangelical church.

    On this edition of Crosstalk, Don and Marcia detail the remaining history/evolution of this symbol, it’s connection to the Jesuits, how it came to the attention of Richard Rohr and went on to become embraced by elements of the evangelical publishing world.