Worldview Report Transcript

Worldview Report Transcript
  • Will Homeless People Be Allowed To Camp Out On Your Property Soon?

    A third Australia state has rolled out a biometric digital ID that will be placed on citizens’ cellphones. Border Patrol agents arrested an Afghan national on the FBI’s terror watchlist who illegally crossed into California with a group of migrants. Just like in the U.S., parents in the U.K. are fighting a battle against radical LGBTQ ideologies being force-fed to their school children. We’ll share one family’s gut-wrenching experience.
  • Chaos Ensues At The Border

    Republicans lay out their damning case against Joe Biden, but where’s the impeachment proceedings? Biden re-establishes a Trump era asylum policy but is it too little, too late? A news outlet takes stock of what ingredients get added to fast-food chicken products, and it’s not a very appetizing picture.
  • By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere

    There’s an old saying: Be careful what you wish for. It could come back to bite you.
    There are many examples of this in history that should give us pause whenever we are faced with a crisis causing fear and confusion, times not unlike our own when the masses are demanding relief from those who populate the hallowed halls of government. Many of our most oppressive laws get enacted this way. Can you think of a few? I can.
  • Putin Says The World Is At a "Turning Point"

    A new gun control bill advances in a surprisingly conservative state. Kari Lake takes Piers Morgan to the mat on gun control – we’ll show you the video. The New York Times is getting a big cash infusion from Google. Joe Biden is sending another billion dollars to Ukraine, even as his approval ratings fall to the lowest of any president in 80 years.
  • Will Democrats Try to Indict Trump for His Actions on January 6th?

    The coronation ceremony of King Charles III touched off a parallel ceremony that few people around the world are aware of. We’ll fill you in on the dark side of Charles. Genetically modified pork could soon be on the menu in America, complements of the FDA. An investigative reporter makes a bold prediction about Donald Trump and his future campaign for president in 2024.
  • Do Majority Of Americans Reject The Idea That You Can Change Genders?

    Chelsea Clinton says all children everywhere must be injected with everything Big Pharma has to offer in the name of “vaccines.” Authorities have identified a mentally ill Latino immigrant as the shooter who killed 8 people at a mall in Texas, and the corporate media is painting him as a “white supremacist.” Historic fires sweep across Alberta, Canada, uprooting thousands from their homes.
  • The Kremlin Accused The U.S. Of an Assassination Attempt on Putin

    The Federal Reserve engages in what some are calling an intentional sabotaging of the U.S. economy. Another regional bank is teetering on the brink of collapse. A new poll shows nearly half of Americans are antsy about the safety of their money sitting in private bank accounts. The Kremlin accuses the U.S. of being behind a recent assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life and promises to retaliate, while placing its nuclear arsenal on the highest state of readiness.
  • Matt Gaetz And His Wife Were Assaulted By A "Resistance" Activist

    The United Nations has called a special meeting for September to address how to speed up the achievement of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. King Charles will reportedly demand the public pledge of allegiance by British subjects at his May 6 coronation. A new report finds that despite all of the electronic options, cash remains the most widespread method of payment in many countries.
  • Ken Paxton Is Leading An Investigation Into Alleged Covid Vaccine Fraud

    Another major U.S. bank collapses, leading many Americans to ask, how safe is my bank? Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced he is leading an investigation into alleged Covid vaccine fraud. How prepared is Taiwan for an attack from mainland China? You might be surprised by the answer. Germany is making plans for sweeping changes to its aging workforce. And if you are a human, you need not apply.
  • The Satanist Convention Was Held in Boston Last Weekend

    The private schedule of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has emerged, and those included in it reads like a Who’s Who of Washington insiders, with Biden’s current CIA chief among them, along with a former high-ranking Obama official and a top Goldman Sachs lawyer. Colorado, Washington and Oregon are all pressing new measures to protect child sex predators. Muslim attacks leave 20 Christians dead in Nigeria.
  • Man With Explosive Information On The Biden Family Has Gone Missing

    An Israeli professor and whistleblower who was preparing to come forward with damning evidence against the Biden crime family has suddenly gone missing. A long list of professional boxers have mysteriously collapsed and died since the introduction and mandating of the Covid vaccines. One state in the U.S. is now requiring people to be licensed to hunt or fish on your own land.
  • Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter Are One in The Same

    A retail giant that was one of the first to ban Mike Lindell’s My Pillow has filed for bankruptcy. Birds are taking flight as spy drones. Disney has a new movie out for young teens that is literally demonic. Ukrainian leaders say they need the U.S. to give 10 times the amount of military aid already handed over if they are going to defeat the Russians.
  • The American Red Cross Is Providing Guides for Illegal Immigrants

    A former Defense Department analyst has evaluated the weapons of war being used in Ukraine by both Russia and NATO, and he’s made an assessment that may shock most Americans. The North Dakota House has passed a bill to remove sexually explicit books from the children’s section of libraries. Is the American Red Cross aiding and abetting thousands of illegal border crossings every month?
  • Tucker Carlson Is Out At Fox News!

    A new bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that, if passed, would require every American to have a digital ID in order to perform basic functions and activities within society. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sounds off on childhood vaccines. The Biden regime is unleashing a wave of criminal illegal aliens on American cities. More than 400,000 illegal border crossers who have been found guilty of a crime are now living in cities and towns across America.
  • Go Woke or Go Broke?

    A Chinese-American bank has released documents showing millions of dollars being transferred to the family of Joe Biden from Chinese companies. The alleged leaker of sensitive Defense Department war documents has been identified, if you believe the perpetual liars at the Washington Post and New York Times.
  • Western Nations Have Boots On The Ground in Ukraine

    Another massive explosion takes place at a food-producing facility, this time at a large dairy-farming operation. Do the U.S., Britain and France already have boots on the ground in Ukraine? The answer might surprise you. A Russian official accuses the West of recruiting young Russians to carry out terror attacks inside that nation.
  • Can The U.S. Military Sustain A Conflict With China?

    The FBI gets caught spying on conservative Catholic churches. The U.S. government is sweating bullets after discovering it has drained its arsenal of munitions by sending so much to Ukraine. A former senior official at the Christian ministry World Vision diverted tens of millions of dollars in donations to Palestinian terrorists.
  • Scientists Have Developed The First "Edible Vaccine"

    China surrounds Taiwan and announces it’s “ready to fight.” The U.S. Army is getting ready to conduct training exercises testing its ability to mount a massive ground invasion in the Pacific. The CEO of a human resources tech company says artificial intelligence will “transform every single business going forward” and give workers “superpowers.”
  • Has Artificial Intelligence Already Gone Too Far?

    Walter Reed national military hospital terminates a Catholic pastoral care contract that has served wounded veterans for decades. And they did it during Holy Week. China launches a three-day military exercise rehearsing the encirclement of Taiwan. Do you have a Facebook account? If so, your face has likely been scanned into a nationwide police database.
  • Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Says U.S. is Now in a Hot War with Russia

    Christian persecution is heating up around the world, and not just in the typical communist and Islamic nations. Former safe havens, such as the United States, are showing signs of turning increasingly hostile toward the followers of Jesus Christ. We have a full report. The Second Cold War between the U.S. and Russia has ended, and will soon transition into a hot war, predicts a high-level Russian government official.
  • Maryland School Says Students Can't Opt-Out of "Gender Identity" Lessons

    A Maryland school district tells parents they have no choice but to subject their children to taxpayer-funded indoctrinators who are trained to make kids question their biological gender. Radical trans activists invade the Florida state Capitol with a day of rage. A group of Chinese Christians are in danger of being deported back to China where they will face imprisonment, torture and possibly death.
  • What Is The Restrict Act Really About?

    New revelations tonight on just how entrenched the U.S. government-social media censoring machine has become. We’ll show you the bombshell congressional testimony that every mainstream corporate media outlet wants to keep hidden from America. And how exactly would the proposed RESTRICT Act legislation introduced in Congress affect your ability to maintain your free speech rights?
  • ANTIFA Has Gone Full-On Urban Warfare in Atlanta

    New advances to report tonight in the race toward a completely cashless society. A report in the Jerusalem Post suggests Israel’s bloody anti-government protests are being funded by Washington. Antifa is launching full-on terror tactics in Atlanta, planting booby traps in a public park. As many as 50 regional banks in the U.S. are said to be on the brink of collapse.
  • The Grim Specter of Nuclear Warfare Has Been Raised Once Again

    A Minnesota public school teacher is caught on video admitting that her entire goal is to confuse children about their gender. Both the U.S./NATO and Russia continue the war of words and both sides are making plans to move the pieces into place that could lead to World War III. A popular fast-food chain is rolling out an electronic payment system that requires no cash and no card; just get your palm scanned and have a seat.
  • France May Be The First Western Nation To Have a Revolution in 2023

    Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi, fresh off that summit in Moscow, announce they will expand trade with settlements in the Chinese Yuan and that they also plan a new Siberian natural gas line. France is on fire with protests, with nothing but silence from the American media. In a case of too little, too late, a federal appeals court strikes down Joe Biden’s executive order mandating the mRNA jab on thousands of federal workers.
  • CCP Is Sending Terrorists Across U.S. Open Border?

    Breaking news in New Mexico that proves our election returns are being electronically and illegally accessed by outside entities before they are certified. Germany promises to arrest Vladimir Putin should he ever step foot in Germany, while Russia hits back by saying if that ever happens, they will nuke key globalist offices in Western Europe. Alvin Bragg, the district attorney trying desperately to get an indictment of Donald Trump, suffers a setback in his case while a key congresswoman is now calling for Bragg’s arrest on charges that he hid hundreds of pages of exculpatory evidence.