Black Lives Matter: Muslims and Marxists Agitating For A Civil War and Revolution?

Black Lives Matter: Muslims and Marxists Agitating For A Civil War and Revolution?

Black Lives Matter: Muslims & Marxists Agitating For A Civil War & Revolution?

Brannon explains why he believes their goal is guerrilla warfare in American inner cities that leads to a Marxist & Muslim revolution. The Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, CAIR, and Black Lives Matter are all united in their hatred of America, hatred of capitalism, hatred of Christianity, and how they desire revolution. Brannon will read from FBI reports going back to the 1960s that reveal the tactics we are seeing in 2016 are right out of the Communist/Marxist playbook. Topic: Did you know that while Campaigning for president Obama appeared with and marched with the Black Panthers? Do you know the worldview of the Black Panthers? Topic: Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation and was even involed in giving a pardon to Weather Underground members that the FBI declared terrorists for their war on America and police. Topic: Muslims and Marxists have infiltrated the American governments at high levels and many of them are agitating for conflict in order to blame it on Capitalism.  Brannon explains the connection between communism, black lives matter & murder of cops. The murder of cops today goes back to communists, Students for a Democratic Society or SDS and the weather underground of the 1960s and 1970s and their goal of a Communist revolution in America. Topic: Five Dallas police officers are murdered and 7 are injured in a shooting while they were protecting Black Lives Matter protestors. Topic: Communists hate local police under local control but love a police state. Doubt me? Read their writings & praise of Cuba & former USSR. Topic: Four Communist stages of revolution

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