How the Federal Reserve Plans to Nationalize Your Money and Control You

How the Federal Reserve Plans to Nationalize Your Money and Control You


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Brannon Howse: All right. Before we go to our next guest, Rebecca Walser, and then we got a special guest in the studio. We got to mention a couple of things. Number one, don't forget, we're on Rumble. If you go to Rumble and type in Brannon Howse, go to Rumble. Type in Brandon House Live. You'll find us on Rumble. Okay. You'll find us of course, on That's the channel that I maintain. In fact, I can take you there real quick right now on our website. There it is. And all the shows we do each and every night, we break them into segments and then after we break them into segments, you know what else we do, folks? We then put a transcript under them. We then put the transcript under them. I don't know if it's on there yet, but if it has it, it'll be getting there. Yeah, it is. There it is. So there I am. Talking about major archaeological discoveries in Israel again reveals reliability to the Bible and is already now usually within 24 to 48 hours. The transcript of that interview is there for you to read as well. So we archive all of our shows The interview I just did will be archived there late tonight for you to share by the way, let me show you something else. We're cranking out more articles today alone. You go to or just come to WVW TV and click on news at the top. Obgyn reveals grave concerns surrounding Covid 19 vaccines and their impact on women's health.

Brannon Howse: That is an article about my interview with OBGYN Dr. James Thorpe. Here's another one. Troubling, troubling Revelations Wisconsin election infrastructure raises alarms for many states. Talking about a back door. My interview with Dan Adams. Here's one Chick fil faces conservative backlash for going woke. Here's another one. 1948 cartoon predicts the future. A lesson on freedom, capitalism, and the Danger of Capitalism. I. Excuse me? The dangers of collectivism. Excuse me. That's what they want you to believe. Capitalism is dangerous, but it's collectivism that's dangerous. So that's four brand new articles right there that just got put up today at Worldview But we're also on Rumble and we're also on Brighton. So if you go to Brighton, you'll also find us on Brighton. Just type in Worldview report, type in Worldview Report, you'll find us on Brighton as well. Of course, we're on Frank we're on Lindell We're on band We're on all kinds of platforms pushing out this information to as many as we can keep people abreast of what's happening now if you do appreciate what we're doing by the way, and the fact that we push it all out there for people to watch, many people put all their programs behind a paywall, you've got to pay to see it. If you'd like to see what we're doing, you just got to go to the website and watch. That's it. So if you'd like to support what we're doing, obviously you can go to WW TV and make your emergency freeze-dried food emergency supply purchases.

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Brannon Howse: Was it yesterday? What is today? Today is Wednesday. Maybe it was Thursday or Monday. Monday, Monday. Libby shot some brand new Worldview report Newsbreaks. So pretty soon you will be seeing Libby behind the desk on camera doing some news breaks for us as we train her as a young millennial and a new face on the network. So maybe at some point, she'll be too important to us to take phone calls and take orders and fill orders. But for now, for now, we're going to let her do both, do new, some news breaks and take orders. So if you want to talk to Libby, she'll take your orders over the phone, including your tickets. Wvu TV or 901 4689357. All right. Joining me now is Rebecca Walser. Rebecca, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us. Sorry, we're running a little behind that story got me all irritated and I had to stay on that a little longer. I think that you're using they're using eminent domain for something as stupid as carbon capture to take a man's farm parts of it and put something dangerous like that on there for generations training the fifth and I'm fighting for these farmers. I've been doing a lot of shows over the last few years with these farmers. We're one of the few outlets. Thankfully, Fox Business brought him on, but not many folks are talking about this story. This should be a major national story that they're trying to use eminent domain to put something like this on these farmers' property.

Rebecca Walser: I'm pretty sure Brandon, like maybe six weeks ago on the show, I started talking about how all the trains that were derailing and losing the chemicals, that basically this was a design to get certain chemicals into topsoil so that the topsoil could be tested, found to be uninhabitable. Like, in other words, it would be condemned. And therefore, because it would be condemned under eminent domain laws, the government would be able to buy you out. Eminent domain has been on the books for a long, long time, but there's definitely been a ton of litigation. This is very obviously, as a lawyer I can speak to, this is a very nuanced area of the law, and it requires someone who literally practices just this area. This is a specialty area of law, somewhat like tax, like practice. And it's very specialized. But this was always going to be the design. They were always going to use eminent domain. When you get a piece of land condemned, you have to only pay fair market value. So the way to get people to move by buying them out at pennies on the dollar is by actually condemning the land through some kind of chemical, you know, problem. And so all of these train derailments that have not just happened in America but have happened actually globally, are absolutely moving the plan towards people losing their property.

Rebecca Walser: And I want to go back, Brannon, because I know I'm here for an economic update and I definitely have some stuff to go there. But I just want to say, as a lawyer who understands property and wealth building, this is it. This is the key and this is what people don't understand. They think, oh, they're going after the banks, they're going there, they're nationalizing cash. I've decided we have to get this out into the common sphere of our land. We are in the process of the United States government nationalizing all of our cash by converting it to central bank digital currency directly held at the Federal Reserve and bypassing all third-party commercial banks altogether as far as deposits go. So they are nationalizing cash. They have to do that because they have to end the ability of the common citizen to store wealth. Do you understand, like China, Brandon, they can basically give you a social credit payment, you know, a universal basic income, UBI, basically? But they can tell you that you have to spend it on X, Y, and Z or a, B, and C, or you have to spend it within 45 days or it will be recaptured by the system. So this is the way they begin to end the ability for us to store wealth.

Rebecca Walser: But what's the real place to store wealth? Well, obviously, besides metals, gold, and silver, it's property, it's real estate. So now they have to figure out a way to get us untethered to our property rights, which basically originated through the Magna Carta, which we inherited and took to the Constitution. Property rights in the First Amendment are so strong in America that this is the extreme level they have to go to separate us from the ability to own assets that will retain wealth. And real estate is one of the most. You know, Brandon, you and I have talked about this. We've talked about metals and cash flow and real estate and real estate is the way. Besides, if you can have cash in the bank, right, you're going to be looking at metal ownership, which obviously FDR in 1933 basically said you have 30 days to turn all your gold in. That has happened. We have, you know, precedent for that. So this is just because people need to understand how special America is because of our ability to own property. And when they start going after property, that's when you can see society is moving from democratic to totalitarian because it's property ownership. If people can have wealth, they will not be controlled by their government. And so they must end the ability for us to have wealth.

Brannon Howse: Right. And that's the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab says, you know, you'll own nothing and be happy by 2030. And I don't know who set him up to these clowns to dictate to us. And but this is how it's going. I did a show last night with James Rogowski talking about the European Commission. I guess they're now going to take the computer program of the European Commission, the Who and the UN is. And they're going to build a digital global passport system off of that. And so this thing is moving very quickly, as you say. And of course, they're doing it under the guise of health. They're going to bring tyranny in through, hey, we want to keep you safe. We want to protect you or this will be easier, it'll be more convenient. But the reality is, as you've been warned, this whole system eventually is going to be everything. Your social credit score, your ESG score for the corporations, your ability to buy or sell or not buy or sell, Turn your money, turn on, turn your money off. I mean, this is moving quickly through things like the W.H.O. and the European Commission.

Rebecca Walser: Yeah, I mean, that's what we were saying, Brandon, is that the first step is Digital Passport. You have to get a digital ID. Now what people don't understand and every single thing about this is bad and only gets worse as you start to dig into the details. So I just want to make sure that everyone at home is listening and thinking, Gosh, this just sounds it actually is worse than what I'm saying. But I don't want to, you know, think that in the end, the right side wins here. But if I was just going to give you all the evil side plans, man, we would all be so depressed every day. Don't know how we get out of bed. They're going to try to dollarize as they dollarize and they move. And this is the global plan moving us to central bank digital currencies. 81 countries are launching this year, including us next month. But digital comes first. And this is the point I was trying to get to, is that what people do not understand with the digital ID is that it is a 100% life changer. In other words, you will not be able to log into your cell phone or the internet without your digital ID and this is how everything will be tracked. Absolutely everything. There will be no more anonymous Internet. And I just want people to process that for a second. There is no more anonymity of any kind. You can't just go browse and look at something because now it's you're logged in. You know who you are. You're logged into your phone, you're logged into the Internet, you are logged into everything. With this digital ID, it is very it is across everything. And if you don't have it, Brandon, you can't participate. You see, this is how they get it. And you're 100% right. It's always through hell. You know, it's our health. We have to make sure our health is good.

Brannon Howse: So if they don't want me posting this, if they don't if they don't want me posting this interview with you or turning it into a transcript and posting it online or having it turned into an article and posting it online, they just shut me off and I'm done. You won't be hearing from Brandon House anymore through digital platforms. I mean, I've shown this over and over. I'm going to continue to show it just to prove what she's saying is true. Here is 2018. Look at the bottom. What it says on the bottom of this graphic, folks. World Economic Forum 2018 Identity in a Digital World, a new chapter in the social contract. So they've been pushing this since 2018. You can see there for social platforms. You got to get it for e-commerce to vote, file your taxes to travel. You got to get it to have bank accounts. Folks, you are not going to get on board social platforms or any kind of access to third-party services that rely on social media log-ins. Without it, you can't conduct business transactions and secure payments. I mean, she's 100% right. It's black and white. It's not a conspiracy. Now, you mentioned next month, July 1st, is when they're supposed to be opening up the Fed. Now, what's the latest you have for us? I know you got a few particular points you want to make tonight.

Rebecca Walser: Yeah. Mean Brandon, it's moving very quickly. We've had all kinds of beta testing with the credit card companies, Mastercard specifically, large banks and we're it's launching. And so the interesting thing that it's going to be I'm really watching for Brandon is how they're going to start attacking the digital ID because there is no cbdc without the first digital ID, The digital ID is the precursor. So start to keep your eyes peeled for how we're going to start to see them advertising the digital ID. We already know that their go-to is faster, more secure, and more convenient. All of that is lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. We don't need anything faster. We have a cash app. We have all kinds. Zelle We have. There's. Come on, that's a joke. But the government wants to control it. So you know, as far as what I wanted to talk about, you know, just kind of give you a general update. The World Bank basically releases its global economic prospect report. It came out semiannually on Tuesday. And basically, finally, we've got the World Bank stating the obvious, which is the world is going into recession, the world is slowing down. America, believe it or not, the United States, which don't actually believe these numbers from BLS, but I'm going to go with them anyways. We supposedly grew at over 2% last year. We're supposed to only grow at 0.7% in 2023. Really, we're contracting. Everything is slowing down. It's just that the World Bank announcing it in its semi-annual economic report is shocking, that they're actually letting people know that, yes, this is slowing down. We're looking like we're headed towards a global recession. But interestingly enough, the article actually states that they believe that the world could be moving towards some kind of unknown financial situation with a gloomy outlook. So in other words, they're starting to actually say the truth. Brandon, which is amazing. I'm so excited about the truth coming out.

Brannon Howse: Wow. And so some kind of gloomy future or so are we talking about not just a recession? Are we talking about depression? Or as I've been wanting my audience for years, that you could have a depression in some markets and inflation, hyperinflation, and others so you could find yourself in an inflationary depression. What are your thoughts there? In some areas the bottom is going to drop out, in other areas it's going to shoot up right through the roof. What do you think?

Rebecca Walser: So what we've had so far too from coronavirus to the present day and can take you through it really quickly, really fast. Basically, the economy has not yet felt for most Americans, like we're in a recessionary period. Certainly, there have been many Americans that have lost jobs, that have had their wages, you know, tamped down no, no raises for the last 18 months to two years. But for most, we really are sort of a bifurcated economy where you still have the haves and the haves are kind of my brain on travel, on luxury. So we still have a lot of the country that is spending, spending, spending. And we have a lot of small and medium-sized businesses like my own that are still hiring. We still have two job openings. We've had job openings for like three solid years that have not been able to be filled. So you still have a lot of companies creating jobs that are small and medium-sized. So that's giving Powell a problem because he wanted to have a labor crisis so that this could all be stopped and we could go back to pivot and to and to actually, you know, even going back to stimulus, that's just not going to happen. But what is about to happen? Brennan And obviously I can't give you the time frame. I would love to, but we are going to experience global economic events.

Rebecca Walser: They are coming. And when these events come, that's when we're finally going to see the full world affected by these global events. So far, we've been really seeing a bifurcation of the haves and the have-nots. The haves are still spending so much that the economy is continuing to be to move forward, which is what we've seen all since 2020. But we will have an economic disruption. I can't tell you when it's coming and when it comes, that's when you're going to see this disruption. And I think that's what they're really the players that really run the money of the world. I think that's what they're really pushing us towards they really do mean what they say in this instance. They want a global financial reset. And. Brannon, They're pushing us towards it. They are. And even if you can't see it right now, I know you can't, but I'm talking about everyone else. If most people can't see it, they're going to be blindsided. Even though you and I have been like, oh, this is taking a really long time, when these things do happen, I think a lot of people are going to be shocked, which is sad because we've had so many warnings. The writing has been on the wall since 2020.

Brannon Howse: Look at this headline from Financial Times. Us Treasury's $1 trillion borrowing drive set to put banks under strain. Analysts Fear Scale scale of new insurance following debt ceiling fight will push up yields and suck cash out of deposits. Are we headed for a liquidity problem? Are we already in a liquidity problem? Because let me tell you something. We reported last week with Wes Peters on a story and we took him to the bank website it was a bank on the West Coast that was saying, if you show up at the bank, we may ask you for an invoice. We may ask you for proof of what you're buying, and we may decide whether or not there's something we think it's in your good, good measure or not. Wes has told us if people can come back to me, guys, Wes has told us of people that he's had on the line trying to help them transfer their money so they can make a purchase of precious metals. And the wire is denied because the bank said, We don't think this is in your best interest and they won't wire their money out of their account to buy the precious metals. Are you hearing stories where banks are starting to question people and the deposit withdrawals they're wanting to make?

Rebecca Walser: Yes. And this is what also I've been saying to you about the bail-in and the consumer deposit rights and the account agreement that most people have with their bank since 2008, 2009. They don't realize that the account terms change. You get an annual statement from your bank every year. And if you're terms of change, they have to legally disclose that to you in writing via the mail. But they'll just simply do that. They'll send you a letter with a thousand paragraphs that no one reads but lawyers like me and, you know, and then it says on there, hey, we can literally freeze your account for up to 90 days. And then after we conclude our investigation of whatever the matter was, then we can send you your balance if there is any. So people do not understand what they have like opted into without opting out of since 2008, and 2009, the bail and the ability of the banks to freeze liquidity. And you ask specifically, is this a liquidity crisis? And the answer is absolutely. This is a liquidity crisis. What you had happened was, as the Fed raised rates so high, people were literally, you know, pulling money out of wherever they were and putting it into short-term money markets. You have the Federal Reserve competing against banks for paying with the overnight repo market, for paying this interest on these money market accounts. So the Fed, we are paying more out on the Fed in interest than we are collecting in on the 8.5 trillion that we have on the balance sheet.

Rebecca Walser: This is a nightmare and it cannot continue. And if we see rates and yields again. So what was going to tell you, Brandon, why this is a crisis right now is because the Fed has not or the Treasury, rather, has not sold their so synonymous. It's hard for me to keep them separated. Treasury has not sold anything since we hit our debt ceiling in January. So we've had five months basically of not selling debt to the public. And Janet Yellen used what we call extraordinary measures to keep the cash and the bills being paid. They're about to open because of the negotiations and the deal getting done, which basically isn't a deal at all. It's a suspension of the debt ceiling, which is a whole nother legal issue. But if we just look at the fact that they've suspended the debt ceiling through the election until 2025, what that means is they're going now to go back out and start issuing debt again, which means that if they're issuing debt, people will again go and buy that and take the cash out of their money market and buy this newly issued debt because it's got higher yields, because the rates have been raised for ten times. So it is a mess. The whole thing is a mess.

Brannon Howse: Here's another article. I can only get the headline because I'm not a subscriber. Saudi Arabia in Talks to Join China-based BRICs Bank. We've talked about this several times. The BRIC's banking system is Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It looks like they're going to add Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia here in talks. I mean, this whole thing is growing. And yet every day, every day I read another article about the BRICs. You know, we used to go for a few weeks without being able to see anything. Now, on almost a daily basis, we're reading about the banking system they're putting together, all part of which is largely about destroying the American dollar, getting rid of that as the world reserve currency, kissing that goodbye. So once it's no longer backed by the US dollar, by black gold oil, with Saudi Arabia trading with OPEC, I mean, we're in big trouble. And yet what percentage of Americans even understand what I just said? What percentage?

Rebecca Walser: Oh, my gosh. Not even ten not even 10% of Americans understand what really is happening. And, you know, it is complicated. But I think if you, you know, could come up with a top 100 points to explain the last 100 years, you could probably explain everything to somebody in two hours. You just have to have the 100 points and you can go through with them. But you know, Brandon, this De-dollarisation moving to BRICs, the meeting that they had last week, you know, in Riyadh, basically trying to add these new formal members to the BRICs bloc. It's Saudi Arabia is the game changer. That's it. That's it. They announce they're moving to BRICs and they start selling crude in euros or yuan. And it's the US dollar. Unfortunately, that kind of scenario is the scariest scenario because that is where you could really, you know, envision a feasibility of a possibility of a dollar dump. And what I mean by that is, is literally that, you know, we did have an African president say in the last three months that you should dump your dollars because there's going to be a day where a hundred countries dump their dollars. I don't believe that's true. But again, I don't know what these BRIC nations are planning. They are moving super aggressively, and fast. We know China is obviously not our friend, even though we they're our largest trading partner.

Rebecca Walser: They're not our friends. They absolutely want the top position and everything. If anyone ever does a long-term case study on China go back and read the publications that have been in writing for a hundred years on what their long-term plan was. This is a society that we just do not understand or comprehend. They are solely driven by one mission. They're all on the same mission because it's totalitarian communism and they're all singing from the same songbook. You know, they told you this before, and I think they basically in the last year have banned their students from using video games at all during the week. They cannot play video games in China during the week because their students weren't they just weren't hitting the numbers and the metrics. So they just said no more video games. Can you imagine that? Of course that would never happen because we're a free country, so that can't happen here. But certainly, could we as a society ever ban video games for our children Monday through Friday, when the answer is clearly no? That's what we're dealing with. We are dealing with a society that has the ability to do that to its populace.

Rebecca Walser: And if you take away and you just put everybody on the same mission, you take any society on earth and that's your singular mission for every citizen across the board, top to bottom, for 100 years. And they're going to be something. Something's going to come from that. So we Americans need to wake up. We need to get our hands, our heads out of the sand, out of Facebook, out of Instagram, out of Snapchat and social media, and all this crap that is not gonna matter. A hill of beans at the end of our lifetimes. And we need to focus on what the hell is going on in this world, which is absolute and total craziness that if you told me five years ago I wouldn't believe you. I would say it's not even possible. And we are living through it as we speak. Brendan The writing is on the wall. Read the writing. It's in front of you. It's there for you. And people have to prepare and it's going to happen. So if you aren't ready when it happens, then it's too late. If you are ready, if it takes three years, two years, six months, eight months, tomorrow, if you're ready, you're ready. If you're not ready and it happens, it's too late. So get ready.

Brannon Howse: And there are hard ways to be ready with hard assets. I don't give financial advice. I give a financial opinion. She can give financial advice, but you can go to her website Walser And I always say the wrong website. Is that it guys? That's it. That's it. You got.

Rebecca Walser: Okay.

Brannon Howse: I got the right one. I don't know what I don't know what our other one I said I don't want to put it in my head because I'll say the other one Walser Now, uh, two, two, two questions for you real quick, because I got studio guest sitting here waiting. So two quick questions. Sorry if. No, no, you're fine. You're fine. If we go to war with if China moves against Taiwan this year, which Colonel John Mills thinks the signs are all there, they're going to do that. And there were more reports out tonight about Xi Jinping and what he's telling his people to get ready for. If we go to war with China over Taiwan or Taiwan moves against China excuse me, China moves against Taiwan, and you got all those chips there and everything. What do you see happening to our economy with that? And then finally, where do you see gold and silver going? And then thirdly, do you think this bust of the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency that happens this year, next year, 2024, and 2025? I mean, what kind of window? I know I'm just asking you to guess, but what kind of window are we in here?

Rebecca Walser: Okay, so what was the first question again? Really fast. We had an answer, but then you asked me two more.

Brannon Howse: What happens? What happens? What happens if China moves against Taiwan? And we have an issue with chips and getting Ahold of Chip and what that does to our economy and a war with China, what does that do to the whole economy and the dollar and everything?

Rebecca Walser: Yeah, we're trying to obviously if it is bad on all fronts just because of the human capital, the cost, obviously, you know, China and Russia are both nuclear superpowers. And so I think it's sort of arrogant again, of America to, you know, try to take on Russia and China on two different parts of the world at the same time. I mean, obviously, we are pledged. And the leaders have said that if China acts against Taiwan, America will interact. Listen, I love our allies and our partners. Part of the reason we got the Chip Act was because we knew China was going to press down on Taiwan and we want the ability to create semiconductor, you know, chips here. But the fact is, is that China has been very clear in its language. And in fact, we know and we have direct knowledge of this. We know that China has been telling its citizens since 2022 they were going to go to war with America. This is information that we have direct confirmation on. So I believe that there will be some kind of military escalation. China has gone a lot slower than I thought they were going to go on that. So I'm not sure when the time frame is on that, Brandon, but I do believe that that is an imminent possibility on the Taiwan-Taiwanese front. As far as where.

Brannon Howse: Do you see gold snd silver? Yeah.

Rebecca Walser: I see gold. 3k is mine and I've benchmarked it for a while. It has taken a lot longer. And what they've done and this is not enough time to talk about this. Brennan But they definitely manipulate the price of metals. They gapped them down. They gapped them up, especially when they know economic events are coming. We could see the metals getting gapped down for all of the really gapping back up as the market comes back down. They have you understand the metals manipulation world. They have to keep metals manipulated to the downside because there's nothing worse than a stock market that's crashing and gold that's going from 1950 to 2020 and then beyond. So they must pull the metals back down as the market comes down so that then the metals can go back up so that people stay in this nice mix of market and metals. And that's the game that they're playing right now. This year I think Silver is expected to do five x whatever Gold does. So we do expect a bigger silver breakout. The problem with silver is that it's so volatile and for people that watch their money frequently, it is not something that is a good hold because it is just volatile. And as far as when we move off of the dollar and we do have this global economic reset, I do see it happening in 2023, but I am not in control. So we'll see.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Rebecca Walser., We look forward to having you in person at the Ozarks conference as well. Now, folks, remember, she has to have people qualified. She has licenses. She has requirements in her industry. You have to have at least a net worth of $250,000 to contact her office and work with her. I just tell you that. So you don't get frustrated when you call. You have to be qualified. That's not her thing as much as it is. She has licenses and there are licenses that require her to qualify people. So just be aware she will work with you. But you have to have at least a net worth of 250,000. Otherwise you can certainly then contact her. Walser Walser I know a lot of our people have contacted you because we've heard so they seem very, very happy and not shocked. They're happy. So there you go. Thank you for helping them out. And thank you for being Thank you for being with us, Rebecca.

Rebecca Walser: Thank you for having me. Yeah. The work you're doing. Go ahead. Take care.

Brannon Howse: No, I'm just gonna say you're very kind. You're very kind.

Rebecca Walser: Support this show. Support it. Support it. Support it. Thanks, Brannon. Bye.

Brannon Howse: You're very kind. Thank you, Rebecca. Rebecca Walser. Checking in, folks. Now you can support what we're doing. Just like she said. One way you can do that is through some of the products we offer. And we have a brand new product. We're going to be offering an unveiling to you tonight. So we're going to take a quick break. You don't know that's not on there, guys, but that's good. You can show that website anytime you want. That's one way you can support us.

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