Manufactured Border Chaos Will Be Used to Force Biometric Digital ID on All Americans

Manufactured Border Chaos Will Be Used to Force Biometric Digital ID on All Americans


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is none other than Leo Hohmann. What do you think of that? Leo?


Leo Hohmann: He kind of. You and he stole a little of my thunder. But that was a great interview.


Brannon Howse: Well, I was promoting also setting you up because I was also wanting to set you up and have a little transition. You know, Segway, as they say. Here is Leo's headline. By fomenting border chaos and lawlessness, globalists have set a trap that will deceive humanity into accepting biometric digital IDs that will tag and track all people everywhere. Over at Leo, It's a lengthy article, a lengthy article, but it had to be lengthy because this is how serious this issue is. Leo tell us about this article, please.


Leo Hohmann: Yeah, it is long, but it's a very dense article full of information, backed up with a lot of links, and a couple of videos. Uh, if I had to sum it up, Brannon, there's an adage used by many globalists. It goes something like this out of order comes out of chaos. Excuse me? Out of chaos comes order. Some say that chaos will arise. New order or new world order. A form of that is even printed on our money. Novus Ordo Seclorum, which is Latin for a new order of the ages, arose out of the chaos. Brannon from the American Revolution. If you look around us today, we see chaos everywhere at the border. We've got unknown individuals pouring across daily. As you were showing in the videos a moment ago, children, families, but a lot of young military men, men of military age, we've got election chaos up to our ears with hackers hacking into the voting machines. We've got online chaos driven by artificial intelligence and hackers stealing our identities. We've got chaos in our education and medical fields that we've seen over the last 3 or 4 years.


Leo Hohmann: We've got the chaos of violent crime overtaking our cities. The globalists have a solution for all of this. Brannon It's called the Digital ID, and this digital ID will be global. It will contain all of your personal information, including your what? Biometric data. That includes things like your eye scan of your iris, your fingerprints, your DNA, and even your gate. The gate with which you walk will be personally identified to every individual and it will all be placed on a QR code. You'll have to present this ID number to go online, travel, vote, work a job, go to school, receive medical care, or any type of government benefits. It will start on your cell phone and it will end up embedded in your body. I have a video that I played many times included once again in this article from Yuval Noah Harari saying how this surveillance society was accepted during COVID. So it's now part of the new normal. The next step is to put that surveillance quote under the skin.


Brannon Howse: That's interesting. Interesting you said that because there is a PowerPoint from early 2020. This is a PowerPoint presentation I put together in early 2020 for my show because I started doing a nightly show pretty regularly during the lockdowns. After all, we had a captive audience if you will. So that's kind of where we got into the habit of doing something that was not only a daily radio show 1 to 2 that I've been doing for years and then a weekly TV show. Then I started doing daily TV at night because there were so many people at home locked in because of the COVID shutdowns and lockdowns, and everybody's wanting someone to tell them the truth. So I started doing a nightly TV show in early 2020, and this is one of the PowerPoints I put together, and here is this headline. This is a headline from back in 2017, USA Today. You will get chipped eventually. Eventually, you will get chipped. And it talked about how people were excited to do this in their different corporations. They would need their corporate log-on or whatever. And then I showed this ID 2020 through a service mark. I thought it was very interesting. They call it a mark. Leo is Like a mark of the beast. So your certification. Mark And who was behind it? The World Economic Forum was behind it, as you can see, I highlighted there. And then I showed biometric biometric And this again, look at the September 20th, 2019 article ID 2020 and partners launch a program to provide digital ID with vaccines. Now isn't this interesting? Leo September 2019 is when some say the Wuhan virus, the Chinese CCP virus, was released in China. It didn't fully explode here until the 1st of January or maybe even big time in March or April, but it didn't start till that spring. But this article is in September of 2019 saying we need to use these biometrics for vaccines.


Leo Hohmann: And who was one of the main players behind that ID 2020 program world, Not Bill Gates, Bill?


Brannon Howse: Gates and the World Economic Forum. Let's see, what else do we have here? The partners 20. They did this thing in 2018 and 2018 ID 2020 Alliance partners working in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees. There you go. The landmark ID 2020 Alliance manifesto below lays out what they want to do. So they were pushing this Leo saying, well, we're going to have we're going to have to try to track the immigrants, right? So then we found ID 2020 said In September 2015, all United Nations member States adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, including their commitment to, quote, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration, end quote. By 2030, that's 16.9. These are the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN. That's the UN logo top left. And then we see there are partners included, a censure, which is a computer company. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Rockefeller Foundation. We also see International Computing Centre, which is the UN, and we see and we.


Leo Hohmann: Should we point out for those who don't know that the GAVI Vaccine Alliance is another Bill Gates-organized entity that the US government heavily supports with your tax dollars?


Brannon Howse: Yes. Yes. And then, of course, Microsoft was involved, as you can see there at the bottom left. Id 2020 summit is an annual convening of private sector companies, national governments, and UN agencies. Diverse nonprofits. To explore the potentials and challenges of digital identity. Identity is vital for political, economic, and social opportunity. Yeah. In partnership with I Respond the International Rescue Committee, and this is one of the groups involved, and I won't go into all the details on that, but I want to I do want to show you one more slide here because I got into this in 2020 and they held their event at the United Nations, the trustee Council chamber at the United Nations headquarter. Okay. So this is the United Nations pushing for this. And we also, again, read that the World Bank looks at this. The UN wants to do this selects Accenture, the computer company for refugee biometrics. So here we have a collapse of our border now. And they were already saying back then, we're going to have to do this. So the UN High Commission will use a sensor biometric identity management system to collect facial iris and fingerprint biometric data. Last week, they put 1500 troops on the border. We are now told most of those people were doing just that. They were taking their picture and collecting their biometrics.


Leo Hohmann: I reported on this in my 2017 book Stealth Invasion, which I wrote in 2016. It was published in January 2017. They were already working on this biometric identity system for what? Refugees. So they roll it out by experimenting on refugees until they get it perfected. Then they hand it out. Then they require it of all of us.


Brannon Howse: And E-Verify. Watch how many businesses and people in conservative groups already saw one tonight. And I like that. The group I'm talking about, they're pushing E-Verify big time. Well, I showed an article the other day from a group saying, wait a minute, E-Verify is going to just be rolled right into this and it'll be used on us as well. And we talked about that on the air today. I'll show that in a minute. But look at what this system says from back in 2015 with the UN doing back in 2015 in the article. Folks. The system will work in conjunction with a center's unique identity service platform to send this information back to a central database in Geneva. Geneva. There's the World Bank. World Bank and a censure call for Universal ID. Look up at the bottom. For what? Transborder identification. Why would you need a transborder? Because you're not going to have any borders. Therefore, you just scan, swipe your hand, whatever, and go on by. You may not even have to do that. They build these interstates correctly. As soon as you go under it as they do with your car pass, it'll pick you up. It'll pick up what's in your skin and scan it just off the signal coming off of it. So here's the World Bank calling for this. For, along with the computer company, a center for universal I.D., Keeping track. Look at that. What it says, keeping track of refugee populations. Folks, this isn't a PowerPoint presentation that I presented in early 2020 from an article written in 2015, and it shows that they have demonstrated that reliable biometric ID cards can afford to be used on a large scale. It offers hope for the UN sustainable development goal of getting legal ID into the hands of everyone in the world by 2030 with its identification for the development ID four D initiative. So there you go.


Leo Hohmann: I guess, Brannon, the main thing that our viewers need to keep in mind is that this sounds horrible the way we present it because we're giving we're presenting it in the proper context, but the way it will be presented to folks through the media, through the government, through their local congressman, it will be a panacea to all of these chaotic problems that we are now experiencing. You will have the E-Verify, you will have an education ID, you will have you you'll have to punch it in to get medical care, even to go online. Google just announced on May 3rd that they have a new thing called passkeys. Instead of having to punch in a password for every website that you go on to and every service that you are getting online, you will have only one code now, and they're calling it a passkey. But guess what? It's not now required. When you log on to a particular website, it will have your biometric ID included in it and you will have to punch it in just to log on to your device. Whether that be a cell phone or a laptop, you will have a passkey according to Google's new plan so that you will not be able to get onto that device of yours that you own until you punch in this universal code with your biometric data on it. And you can see how they will use this. Now, they've connected the person to that person's device and they will be able to police people off the Internet for, quote, disinformation, propagating misinformation, disinformation and boot them from the Internet altogether. Right now, they're able to boot people from certain sites. They can boot you off of Facebook, they can boot you off of Twitter. But once they have the code, the biometric data code connected to your device, you won't be able to get on the Internet at all.


Brannon Howse: Yeah, and take a look at this here. I want to show the bottom. World Economic Forum. 2018. Identity in a digital world. A new chapter in the social contract. World Economic Forum. Digital Identities at the Center. And look what they're saying. Hear what you're saying. E-government for citizens to have access to and use services. File taxes to vote. To vote, collect benefits. Look at this. To get on social platforms. To access third-party services that rely on social media logins to shop, conduct business transactions, payments. So you're going to have to have this to even open a bank account. Carry on. Financial transactions, travel, mobility. So everything is going to be tied to your mark of the beast.


Leo Hohmann: 100%. Brannon And that's why the theme that I carry throughout the article is to be careful what you wish for. Yes, we've got problems at the border. Yes, we've got problems with our election integrity. Yes, we've got problems with hackers on the Internet and people stealing identities. But the last thing we want in the world is a global digital universal ID. And here's a.


Brannon Howse: Screenshot from that 2020, early 2020 presentation I built where it's talking about the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. The Bank for International Settlements is the Central Bank of Central Bankers in Basel, Switzerland, working on this global payment system right now. That was in early 2020. I was showing this. Most very few people were thinking about central bank digital currencies in early 2020, but now everyone's talking about it. Yes. Leo This has been in the works for so, so long.


Leo Hohmann: Oh yes. And now it's to the point, see where the train is so far down the track that we had a bill introduced in Congress about a month ago in late March that would create a digital ID for all Americans. And it's and it is introduced and sponsored by who? Kristin Cinema, independent from Arizona, and a congresswoman, Cynthia Lummis, a Republican from Wyoming. This is something, by the way, that Republicans and Democrats will be totally on board with it.


Brannon Howse: Absolutely. And watch how many of the Republican candidates running for office begin to talk about E-Verify, E-Verify, E-Verify. Get someone should mark this down, Mark down the date and the night so we can play this back. But get ready to hear E-Verify over and over and over and over. E-verify or something similar to that. Maybe they come up with a better sounding, more, you know, a fancy word that makes people feel better about it, more secure. But this is going to become the there.


Leo Hohmann: Already is there third-partis an E-Verify requirement in a bill that immigration bill that was it's up for a vote later this week. Thomas Massie, the congressman, Republican from Kentucky, I must shout out to him, Brannon, because he is the only member of Congress that I know of who is publicly speaking out against this E-Verify provision within this big immigration bill.


Brannon Howse: Well, look at what this group I don't know how you say their name. How do you say the name of this group? Myself. Mrs. Mrs.


Leo Hohmann: That was named after Moses von Mises.


Brannon Howse: Okay. And this is a libertarian or a libertarian group, I think. Right, right, right. I think it is, yes. And I had this on the World View report. I linked this on Worldview or aggregated news site. And it fits with what you're saying in your article tonight at Leo The new immigration bill is a Trojan horse for E-Verify and is a threat to all Americans. And they go on to talk about E-Verify as government surveillance was initially implemented in 1997 as a program designed to prevent companies from employing foreign nationals who had entered the US illegally, i.e. illegal aliens. The program was never made mandatory at the federal level, level level. However, the program has generally been voluntary except for government employees and most states. Blah blah blah blah. But get on down here. Republicans are about to make a huge mistake. Biden forced millions of Americans to take vaccines by threatening their jobs and turning employers into enforcers. Imagine giving Biden the ultimate on-off switch for employment called E-Verify. It might as well we might call it verification. They have noted long, long-term. Ron Paul has also been showing his concerns about this in 2018. This is what Ron Paul wrote. E-verify almost certainly will be used for purposes unrelated to immigration. One potential use of E-Verify is to limit the job prospects of anyone whose lifestyle displeases the government. This could include those accused of failing to pay their fair share in taxes, those who homeschool or do not vaccinate their children, or those who own firearms. Unscrupulous government officials could use E-Verify against those who practice anti-war, anti-tax, anti-surveillance, and anti-Federal Reserve activism. Those who consider this unlikely should remember the long history of the IRS targeting the political enemies of those in power and the use of anti-terrorism laws to harass anti-war activists. They should also consider the current moves to outlaw certain types of political politically incorrect speech, such as disputing the alleged consensus regarding climate change.


Leo Hohmann: Yes. And I think what he's talking about there when he talks about anti, you know, war stuff, think about what happened after nine over 11. We ended up with the USA Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and we were told that these new tools were needed by the government to protect us. And Americans, by the droves, were eager to hand in certain freedoms and privileges, and rights guaranteed by our Constitution to have the government protect them. What has happened since nine over 11, these exact tools that Congress gave to the government and the President signed off on in 2002 are no longer used against Muslim terrorists. They are used against us. They've been turned inward and used against law-abiding, patriotic Americans. It's going to be the same thing with E-Verify and every other facet of this digitization of humanity that is in the process of being implemented on a global scale.


Brannon Howse: Brannon, So we already have E-Verify, but the point is it's not mandatory, correct?


Leo Hohmann: Correct.


Brannon Howse: All right. So the government is busting up a whole series of voluntary labor relationships that are designed to provide people with good food. Let us be clear to the extent that many people object to illegal immigration has nothing to do with those who go to work and make an honest living doing things like working in restaurants. The problem with illegal immigration is related to the other issues that drive people crazy, like going on welfare, engaging in actual non-pretend crime, and demanding tax-funded support services. And this article by Lew Rockwell talks about we don't need more bureaucracy and what this is all going to do. Proponents of E-Verify, of course, claim it is all very employer-friendly and takes mere minutes to use. Sure, it takes a heroic amount of faith in the government to assume that E-Verify won't be the first federally regulatory program that makes life easier for private businesses, many of which are small businesses with razor-thin profit margins. If E-Verify proves to be a little more than just one more costly hoop for business owners to jump through, that will be the best-case scenario. It's more likely that E-Verify will gradually turn into a model or a hub for new programs that tie work, eligibility, and eligibility to any number of federal mandates or requirements for, quote, good end quote, i.e., obedient citizenship. After all, if the last three years have taught us anything, it's that the federal government is more than willing to unilaterally expand and interpret federal policies in whatever way. Federal policymakers, please. There you go. And so again Leo's Louis Leo Homans article tonight is titled Fomenting Border Chaos and Lawlessness. Globalists have set a trap that will deceive humanity, accepting a biometric digital ID that will tag and track all people everywhere.


Leo Hohmann: Wow. It's a massive Hegelian dialectic. Brannon Creates the problem, then offers the solution. These are legitimate problems in many cases, either manufactured or organically arising problems. But the answers that the government is about to give us are going to make the problems look like child's play.


Brannon Howse: Yeah, indeed they are. Leo Leo And watch how many Americans will go along with it. I want to show you a clip I found today. Logan, I want to find you a clip I found today. Leo I have heard of this experiment before. The Asch experiment. Ach. Yeah, but I've never seen this little clip. I want people to watch this. This is the group consensus, and this is how people will be enticed to go along and to get along the way they were with mask mandating the way many, many were with shots and boosters. Now they'll get you to use the group consensus in your job and employment and other things to get you to go along with the group. You'll say, no, no, no, no, no. But then you'll cave to the group pressure. And this experiment has been done over and over and over and has been proven that the way to get things done is through group pressure and peer pressure. Watch this.


Video: A volunteer is told that he's taking part in a visual perception test. What he doesn't know is that the other participants are actors, and he's the only person taking part in the real test, which is actually about group conformity. Please begin.


Speaker4: The experiment you'll be taking part in today involves the perception of line length. Your task will be simply to look at the line here on the left and indicate which of the three lines on the right is equal to it in length. So, for example, if.


Video: The actors have been told to match the wrong lines, the volunteer will be monitored to see if he gives the correct answer or if he goes along with the opinion of the group and gives the wrong answer. In the first test, the correct answer is two.


Video: 111.


Video: Two.


Video: One.


Video: Once again, the correct answer is two, three.


Video: Three.


Video: Three.


Video: Three.


Video: Three.


Video: The experiment has been repeated many times and the results have been supported again and again. We will conform to the group again. We're very social creatures. We're very much aware of what the people around us think. We want to be liked. We don't want to be seen to rock the boat. So we will go along with the group, even if we don't believe what people are saying, we'll still go along. One. One.


Video: One, one. Group Dynamics is one of the most powerful forces in human psychology.


Brannon Howse: And of course, that is how the Holocaust largely came about.


Leo Hohmann: 100%. That's why. Have you ever seen that clip?


Brannon Howse: Have you ever seen that?


Leo Hohmann: It's been a long time, but I have seen it. Yes. It is unbelievable, Brannon. And that's why we saw in major cities, 90% or more of people masked up wearing those stupid face diapers as they walked into stores, even though a great percentage of them knew that those things did nothing to stop them from catching COVID, they wore them anyway because, as the experimenter said there, we do not want to be called out by our peers. We don't want to be seen as going against the flow of society. We're afraid of being called names. We're afraid of everything that we shouldn't be. Brannon And we're not afraid enough of the things we should be First on that list is government tyranny.


Brannon Howse: Indeed. Todd Bensman is texting me from the border. He's going to try to slip in here and join us in just a little bit. So stay tuned. In the meantime, please visit Leo's website for this article. Leo Leo Leo warned about a lot of this in his book Stealth Invasion. What year did that come out?


Leo Hohmann: 2017 and recently just earlier this year, banned by Amazon.


Brannon Howse: And now you know why. Thank you, Leo.


Leo Hohmann: Thanks, Brannon Appreciate it all.


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