Reports Increasing of Banks Denying Requests by Customers to Withdraw Cash

Reports Increasing of Banks Denying Requests by Customers to Withdraw Cash


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Pastor excuse me now, Wes Peters. Wes, welcome to the broadcast. Former Marine. Hey. Hey, Brandon. Good evening. How are you doing? How are you? Good. How are you, my friend? I'm doing well. Good, good, good. Let me do a quick let me do a quick plug. Look at my computer real quick, folks. My pillow 2.0. This is where brought to you by you Use that promo code B66 if you would buy one, get one free MyPillow with new cooling technology. Giza Dream sheets are as low as $29.98. We also have the mattress topper 3.0 Use the promo code B66. Go on down the page where we see Mike Lindell. We're wearing a pair of headphones in front of a microphone. Click that. I'll show you a little secret. Woo hoo! Look at that little back door, if you will. A little back door here brings you to the six-piece pillow towel set. Now, I think it was like $149. Yeah, it had been. Oh, it had been $99.98, then $49.98, now $25. Use the promo code, B66 for sheets, towels, blankets, pet beds, slippers, sandals, mattresses, mattress toppers, robes, and much more. Promo codes B66. All right. With that said, now let's bring in Wes Peters. Wes, we had you on last week to talk a little bit about this document right here, and it's called the Economic Report. People can get it for free. It's several pages. You'll email it to them or text it to them as a PDF. You got slammed last week and we didn't even get through the whole document. You got a lot of people wanting this report you put together, didn't you?

Wes Peters: We sure did. Absolutely. Again, like I mentioned last week, Brannon wanted to put something together that covered a number of different topics that really built the case as to why people should own physical gold and silver. You know, my background used to be a financial advisor. I had all my securities and insurance licenses. I believe in other investments. But right now, in the period of time that we're living in, the downfall to any investment you can name is it's tied to a dollar that our government is going to destroy and replace with a digital currency. So it's imperative that people have some of their hard-earned money outside of the dollar and invested in physical gold and silver. And, you know, that piece is going to show all the different areas that people need to be concerned about. So if that piece makes sense, so why invest in gold and silver? Then we can have an educational conversation about how to go about doing it. How do you protect savings? How do you protect retirement accounts? Is this physical metal or is it paper? You know, we give you all the information that you need to make a good, informed decision. And the nice thing is, as we go through that process, if your listeners decide, hey, you know what, this just for some reason really isn't for me, we're going to thank them for their time and tell them, Hey, if you change your mind in the future, feel free to give us a call. We'll be, you know, happy to talk to you in the future if things change.

Wes Peters: And one of the things, you know, Swiss America, our company, we've been around for 41 years. I will put our company up against any company in the industry. We have full disclosure. We don't if here's one thing, you know, there are other companies out there, obviously, Brannon advertising on any conservative radio, television. Most of these companies have been around for less than 15 years. And I'm not saying that makes them bad by any means, but if people are talking to other companies, just keep in mind, if you ask a direct question, you should get a direct answer. They shouldn't have anything to hide. And, you know, some of these companies, they're asked specific questions and these you know, these advisors turn into politicians and do a whole lot of talking without answering any questions. So we're about full disclosure. Here's all the information, everything you need to know. And again, a lot of people don't know the right questions to ask when they're talking to someone. Someone calls me to get educated. I'm going to educate them on the questions they need to know the answers to. So that's what I would encourage people to do. Brannon, request this information, request this report, go through it, and if it makes sense to you, you can text me, you know, text for the information. You can text to schedule an appointment and we'll have a conversation. And if it makes sense, I'm very confident we can do a great job of helping your listeners.

Brannon Howse: And helped them put gold in their IRA. Learn the difference between bullion and numismatic, which is 1933 and older. It provides privacy. What's this rating system on the older coins? Ms.. 61. Ms.. 62. Ms.. 63. What does all that mean? You'll answer all their questions. Let's go to this free report you're offering because we didn't get to a lot of it last week. But look at this. You talk about the banks, Dodd-Frank bailouts, bail-ins. We reported one bank last week that was telling people they might actually ask you, why are you taking money out of the bank so we can decide whether that's a good decision for you or not. I mean, can you believe that banks are actually saying this in print on their website? We showed the website.

Wes Peters: They're not just asking Brandon, They're even saying you may have to show an invoice, show them what you purchased. But again, I mentioned it last week, I've had a couple of people now that were wiring money to us and their bank refused to wire their money because they felt it wasn't in the client's best interest. So they're going to pick and choose who they, you know, who they're going to wire money to and who they're not going to. And again, I think when was it just when the first bank failed? Within one month, banks lost $177 billion worth of deposits. So these banks are still hemorrhaging money and they're doing everything they can to keep that money in-house. I was working with someone today on an IRA. We have sent IRA transfer paperwork twice to this bank, a very large bank, and now twice now they've said they haven't received the transfer paperwork. So we're going on over a month now, these people trying to get their money. I verified that. We faxed it to them. We mailed it to them and verified all the information. No, we don't have it. Send it again. So we sent it out for the third time today and I'm going to call tomorrow to make sure it was received because they're dragging their feet on giving their clients their money and it's getting more and more difficult.

Brannon Howse: We wrote we I wrote we wrote some checks last week to some of the guys that work for us. I did. And I've never, ever had this happen. The bank, a major national bank, came back and said, we'll have to put a hold on this for 13 up to 13 days. I'm like, there's plenty of money in the account. I've been with you since I was about 12 years old. Yeah, your bank changed your name, but I've been with you since I was 12. I'm now 54. You can see the money in the account. These are kids that have to pay their rent and pay their car notes. They're young kids in their 20s. They have bills, and you want to sit and hold their money for 13 days all of a sudden. And I got to thinking about it. They've never done that to me before. Why? Right. It got me wondering if they're slowly walking the money from these banks because there are too many people taking their money and they're trying to play catch up. It almost sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me from what they're doing, but that's what happens when you get fractional reserve banking. And I'm wondering if they're having to if they're doing this because they're short on liquidity. I mean, I don't know. Maybe there's another reason, but I've never had that happen before.

Wes Peters: Well, yeah, these again, they are hemorrhaging money. That's exactly it. I had I have a client that wanted to buy some more gold and silver, so I'm talking to him and he shared something with me that happened not long ago. He had a CD come due and he was going to get some construction done on his house. And the contractor said, If you pay me in cash, I'll give you a little better deal. So he said, I'm just going to go, you know, cash in that CD. He said Wes went to the bank and they had to order the money. They told me to come back in two days because they had to order the money and the CD was for $15,000. Not like it was 150 grand. It was $15,000. And they told them they had to order the money and they'd have to come back in two days.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Take a look at the screen again, folks. It's a PDF. You're going to email it or text it to him. Which one do you do?

Wes Peters: Uh, either one email. Typically I've been emailing them is a little bit easier.

Brannon Howse: All right. So go ahead and text him your name and address. Text him your name and address or if you want the report and text him your email with your name and address and he'll send it out to you. 6025588585 6025588585. It also gets into derivatives, which many of these banks are holding, which means a lot of them are already upside down and bankrupt. I believe if you were to put traditional accounting measures on them. So get the full information. A lot of education, folks. That's what the West is about in America education, education, education. Then you make the decision that's best for you. I don't give financial advice. I give financial opinions and education. (602) 558-8585. Text your name and your email address and he'll see that you get it along with your mailing address. He can put stuff in the mail to you as well. But I think this here, this pdf here is done mostly by email to save time and money on printing at all. Thank you for being with us.

Wes Peters: Hey, thank you, Brannon. Have a great week.

Brannon Howse: You to. My friend Rebecca Walser will be with us tomorrow night as we continue to talk about finances and some other great guests as well. So, folks, again, thank you for watching. Don't forget, we are listener supported and consider going to WDW, TV to check out what we have. I'll let your family and friends know about it. Text, tweet, email, Facebook. Get our truth Social Frank Social. However you do it, let them know about Let them know about this broadcast. We want to thank, of course, Lindale TV we're on, and my channel WW But also we want to thank Brighton TV for carrying it thanks to band dot video for carrying it and all the other outlets that pick up the broadcast. Thanks to all of you for helping us get out the word Rumble and many other sites that carry it. Thank you to all of you guys for helping us get out the truth to the American people and to the world. You know, if you appreciate what we're doing, you can also make a contribution of any size to Thanks for watching. Till next time, I'm Brannon Howse, Take care.

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