OBGYN and Veteran Warns Federal Government Has Become a Terrorist Organization

OBGYN and Veteran Warns Federal Government Has Become a Terrorist Organization


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Dr. James Thorp. Dr. Thorp, welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

James Thorp: Hey, Brannon. It's so nice to be back on your platform. Thank you so much. Okay. Is that all? Congratulations.

Brannon Howse: Is that on my end or his end that I'm not hearing him? Guys said on my end. Do you need to turn my ears on? I turn his mic on. Which one? All right, now try. Now try talking, doc.

James Thorp: Hey, Brannon, can you hear me?

Brannon Howse: Now we got you. We got you. There we go.

James Thorp: Thank you very much for having me on your platform again. And thank you for putting up with my busyness. Maricopa Mayor Copa Mayor Maxima Copa for the last night. Couldn't get out of a meeting, had a devastating day with a lot of problems. Pregnant patient and I'll leave it at that.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, don't feel the need to apologize. We had a lot of guests. We were overbooked, so it worked out well. So everything worked out just fine. You say it's been quite a day. And yesterday. What are you facing in your practice? What are you seeing right now? We like to have you on for updates. Now and then, you're seeing over 8000 patients as an ob-gyn. I go to your Twitter handle and I can see your full bio board certification. Here we go. Show it board, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine physician with 44 years of obstetrical experience and follower of Christ, what have you been seeing in your practice the last few weeks since we've talked to you last and certainly the last 48 hours? You seem to imply there's something you got to tell us.

James Thorp: Well, seeing a lot of problems. You know, I'm not really at liberty to discuss the specific issues because they're pretty unique problems. And I don't want to I'm being attacked voraciously legally in all my boards and all my licensure. So I want to be very careful and they can put up some kind of fraudulent HIPAA violation if talk about anything here. But let me say this. The group, my group, Sue Peters and Jill Newman, will be the lead authors. I don't know if I'm the fourth author, So but there's my cycle story that we broke last year on the first paper that we published over a year ago. Now from that my cycle story breaking the severe menstrual abnormalities that are associated that started not in 2020, but in 2021 after the vaccine. So we're about ready to publish a paper that will be a landmark. It will be published within the next month. But here's what we have found, there is no doubt think this will be the first paper that will essentially prove that. Indeed. Those women were unvaccinated. And we have a very large cohort.

James Thorp: They're unvaccinated. They never had Covid. Uh, never had a positive test for Covid and never had symptoms consistent with Covid. Within a week of them coming near being recently vaccinated, they had severe menstrual abnormalities. This is huge news because we have I believe we're the first to report it. I believe that we are the first large, credible. It is questionnaire-based, but it's very sophisticated. It's done very well. And I think that it unequivocally demonstrates that. Indeed something is being shed in those vaccinated patients. Now, here's the problem that I'm having this week or the last month, I'll say I know you and Patrick. For me not to be anxious and to be a follower of Jesus Christ, makes me a little bit anxious and a little bit upset. If this shedding. Is causing problems with the non-vaccinated. Non-Covid infected healthy women of reproductive age. Is that hurting my pregnant woman? Is it hurting my breastfeeding women? And I'm unfortunately seeing more and more observations that indeed that could be the case.

Brannon Howse: Mhm. And we are getting more and more reports. I saw some today over at Worldview Report.com. I put some of them up, I think I did, but some of them are the vast amount of people that are either dead or now disabled due to the shot. Are you seeing these numbers? I mean, no wonder we have a workforce problem. I think Ed Dowd and others have been pointing it out, but now it seems to be slipping into more and more and more publications, conservative scientific publications of true scientists that we've got. Millions and millions of people. On a global scale. That is disabled. They can't work. They got the shot and they're disabled. What are you seeing?

James Thorp: I see the same thing. Edward Dowd is right on the spot. I've read his book. The way that he approaches that is just phenomenal. It's just phenomenal when he looks at the workforce and the illness and disability in the workforce, it is the healthiest subset of our population. He's a brilliant genius. He's also a very, very godly man. And I think a lot of him and I think a lot of his work. But, you know, he's just one of, you know, maybe 35 or 40, maybe 45 independent sources that show the same thing and think that the other reason why I'm struggling, you know, also with some you know, I get really upset because I've been I have so much ethical and moral trauma. You know, I'm speaking to my colleagues. I'm talking to administrators. I'm speaking to powers that be and Brennan, They just don't want to face the music. What they tell me is, Jim, I'm sick of this. I just want it to go away. I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's like it's not going to go away. Okay? A lot of people have been killed in Maine and nobody's going to let this go.

James Thorp: The other problem that I have is the unraveling of morality. Or the legality of our government. The stuff that we're uncovering, that I'm uncovering, Maggie, is uncovering the whole world is uncovering is just unbelievable. Maggie Thorp, attorney, Maggie Thorp, my research partner, and my beautiful wife, an incredible investigator. We're going to publish something, I think, tomorrow in America out loud. Everybody keep your eyes on it. But Brennan, this is upsetting to me. What Shimabukuro HHS, CDC, and FDA are doing is they're completely taking down the very system because the very system has failed them. The FDA legislated into law in 1986 failed them because they can't unethically immorally keep up with all the complications. They are trying to throttle it. I have proof of it. I'm 100% certain they're deleting cases. Albert Benavidez knows that. I know that probably everybody who's in the know knows that and can document it, that they have failed to throttle the virus. So what do they do? They trash it and say, Oh, you can't believe it. So then they went to the V-safe system. Now the V-safe system was a cell phone, and it was mostly with health care personnel, mostly young women.

James Thorp: And the V-safe v-safe vaccine safety issue was a disaster for the government. They can't even hide it. They had to delete that and flush that down the toilet along with theirs because what they did release was over 10 million people from the Bears. I'm sorry, from V-safe, from the smartphone. Participants voluntarily showed, revealing their data, the bloody disaster. Over 10 million people, 7% of them Brennan had to go to a doctor's office or the hospital, 7% of 10 million people. That's a lot of patients. That's a high risk. And if that's not bad enough, another 25% had to miss work or miss school. There's 32% of that 10 million people had major problems with the vaccine. That's not pretty. Brennan And now so they're trashing that. Now, what we're breaking tomorrow in our article is just devastating. It's very depressing. Very upsetting is Shimabukuro. And you all remember and I'm picking on Tommy Shimabukuro. And, you know, I watched the segment that you said and I watched, you know, Patrick Wood, and I love him and I love you and I love the things that you were saying. But I will continue to burn with righteous anger towards this man.

Brannon Howse: All you need to. And we and we need that. I agree with that. I don't have a problem with that at all. And you need to look at this headline tonight. Dr. Naomi Wolf uncovers Pfizer's because this is fitting, right, with what you're saying. Dr. Naomi Wolf uncovers Pfizer's depopulation agenda, as evidenced by its documents. Now, it's a lengthy article. You'll find it on her website daily, Claudio. But look at what she says here. Look at what she shows here. She shows all of these things that are going on, heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual disorder, all of this stuff. And you come down here and you start getting the cases here, right? You start getting these heavy menstrual bleeding, as I said, menstrual disorder, irregular cycle lengths, pain during menstruation, bleeding in between periods, absence of period, multiple periods, excessive bleeding of the female reproductive system, and infrequent missed menstrual periods. So this is from their information. So here you are as an ob-gyn, you're seeing it. But here's Dr. Wolf saying, look, Pfizer's data shows this is a problem. Do you want to comment?

James Thorp: Yeah, well, Pfizer's Do data has shown that it's a problem since the outset. I mean, again, you know, Pfizer's data, 5.3.6, ten weeks of a rollout, you they tried to hide it for 50 to 75 years. I think it was 75 years. Some people say 50. But it wasn't just Pfizer, 5.3.6. It was Shimabukuro. It was HHS. It was Mark Webber of the deputy secretary of HHS. And it was the FDA and the American College of Ob-Gyn. They all had that data in February of 2021, ten weeks after the rollout. It was the deadliest drug medical intervention ever rolled out in the history of medicine. And that's on page seven. And on page 12, it was a lethal obstetrical killer. So that was known February. Now, what did Mark Webber and Shimabukuro do? Mark Webber. Shimabukuro. Cdc, FDA. Did they do the right thing, Brandon? Did they do something that Brandon House or Jim Thorp or Patrick Wood would have done? No. You or I or Patrick would have said to the American people, this is a deadly drug. We've never seen a drug this deadly, and we're going to immediately remove it from the market. That's what you would have done. That's what any sane, honest person would have done. These people are so evil. They're not stupid. Brenham They're so evil. Instead of telling the American people that the world, everybody follows America's lead. At least they have. But instead of telling the truth to the American people. They said, no, we're going to suppress this for 75 years and we're going to roll out a $13 billion. Psychological operations, fifth generation warfare campaign to convince everybody in the world that it is safe and effective and necessary, not only for the whole population but focused on pregnancy. It's safe and effective in pregnancy.

James Thorp: They got the American College of ObGyn to sign a contract along with 300 other influencers in a contract that they could not get out of. So they can not deviate from that. And that's why I can stay wherever I want to say to these evil people, I'll call them bastards. That's in the Bible because they are evil bastards and they need to be taken down. That's third-degree murder, you know, Don't have a problem with marketing, don't like marketers. You know, marketing is is is is is trickery to get you to buy a product. Well, that's okay. You know, that's fine. If you're selling underwear or socks or M&Ms or candy bars, you know, underwear, whatever. But not okay. When you know that there's a drug in the history of the world and then you launch $13 billion to falsely claim that it's safe. And then you publish that in the New England Journal of Medicine. So this is the kind of stuff that drives me and what we're showing tomorrow. Go ahead. Going to say in our in my article that'll be coming out tomorrow. We take it a step further because what's going on now is they're trashing they're taking that off the table or debunking, saying that it's worthless. They took V-safe off because, well, it was great, but it screwed them. It showed how horrible the drug is. So they're going into this new system that's it's completely closed. It's predetermined fraudulent outcomes that are set up in a way that it'll only they can completely control. And the horrible part about this. Is there a there nonstop? clause. In other words, they admit no matter what they find. They admit they're never going to stop. It moves on. Wow.

Brannon Howse: I want to go to your Twitter feed. You retweeted this. What do you know about Jamie Foxx? What are you hearing? I mean, are we able to validate anything so far or is this just a rumor? I mean, because this is what we're seeing and a lot of different reports. I mean, come on.

James Thorp: I mean.

Brannon Howse: Come on.

James Thorp: You're hearing it's a no-brainer. Of course, he had the vaccine. Do we have medical records to prove it? No. But of course, he had the vaccine. So I'm very sad and I'm very prayerful for him. You know, he's a great guy and he didn't deserve this. He trusted the system. He trusted his doctors. His doctors lied to him. The system lied to him. And now his life is destroyed. Wow. Listen, what they're trying to do here. Here's what they're trying to do. All the Covid 19 vaccine, the liars and the Shimabukuros and Eric Ruben and the Mandeep Mehra, and all the rest. You know, these all these paid prostitutes on Twitter that are supporting the vaccine. They're just pushing it and pushing it and pushing it with no data. And the government continues to do that. It's very, very frightening. Um, I want to go back to Hosea chapter four, verse six. God said 2800 years ago, through his prophet, my people die for lack of knowledge. Never in the last 48 years has this prophecy been so fulfilled as on this day, because you have milk, millions and millions of people died because of lack of information. That's what psychological warfare is all about. I want to read something, if I may. And this is right out of our manual. I'm sorry. I'm talking too much.

Brannon Howse: No, I said, yeah, go right ahead. Absolutely. But then I do want to ask you about two other things. One, here is Dirty Shot's DNA contamination and cancer-causing agents, Agent Sv40 found in mRNA vaccines. And then I want to talk about a report over at World View report we link to today. And that has to do with green monkey DNA found in Covid 19 shots. I want to cover those, too. But go ahead. Read from that report, please.

James Thorp: Yeah. So what I want to show you is just the corruption of Shimabukuro, and he needs to be put up for crimes against humanity. This is a man. Who had all of the information that it was the deadliest drug ever? And he's still pushing it in pregnancy to this very day. He refuses. So this is I want to read the case of a really unfortunate case. And I can mention names because she has come out and she's put it all over herself. So, you know, Ms. Baker's story as she sat in front of the vaccine committee. Um, it Tommy Shimabukuro had in the vaccine safety committee and this form Miss Baker means she had severe problems from the vaccination we're talking about destroyed and many people crying in the audience, everybody recognizes was a vaccine injury. So in essence, Tommy Shimabukuro buckled down in front of her and in front of the whole committee. And I'm looking for the quote here that is escaping me right now. But I will tell you that what he said was just an absolute travesty. He said, and I quote. Tom Shimabukuro, director of the Vaccine Safety Committee for the CDC and HHS. He listened to this woman and he turned and said, quote, I'll just reiterate that the CDC continues to recommend that everyone eligible for a Covid-19 mRNA bivalent booster or flu vaccination get vaccinated. That was his response. That was his response.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Let's talk about this, where we let you go and bring on Todd Bensman Green monkey DNA found in Covid 19 shots. What is that all about?

James Thorp: Well, the.

Brannon Howse: By the way, look out there. There's that, there's that one that. Wait a minute. That there's that one article. Top insurance analyst says 600,000 Americans per year are dying from Covid shots. Yes.

James Thorp: Wow.

Brannon Howse: And I believe that that's what I was looking for earlier.

James Thorp: The deaths from the Covid shot are way greater than the deaths from Covid 19. And what these clowns want to do is they want to pretend that there are no vaccination complications. But it's all along Covid. I want to share with you about that and your question about the circular DNA and the plasma from the contamination, that's a very, very serious thing. Is it there? Yes, it's there. It's been confirmed by multiple labs on different continents. It's there. How did it get there? Well, it got there from contamination, from creating the vaccine. Can it do damage? Oh, yeah, it can do damage. It can do very significant damage. What kind of damage can it do? Well, we don't know absolutely for sure. And time will tell. We do know that it can get into breast milk. We do know that it can go all over the body and it can be integrated into the human DNA that we do know. Those are all potentials. So it's very, very concerning. It's very upsetting that again, the manufacturing process of this vaccine is horrible and it's very dangerous. But what's more dangerous? Is a failure of this government, this corrupt government. Listen, wake up, and smell the coffee. American people world do not trust this government. Listen, this government, I believe, is a terrorist rogue. Government. We have perpetrated more death and more evil, more killing than any other country in the world, this country. We are the Great Satan and we are being punished by God right now. And it's only going to get worse. Those are my opinions. There's no other country right now in the world more evil than the United States of America. Iran is right. We are the Great Satan.

Brannon Howse: And that's hard to hear. But I'm understanding why when we look at what we're doing to innocent women and children, what we're doing to Christians, what we're doing to Jews, I did a whole series the last few days on how the left has used the courts to overthrow America, and I started back in 1881 and came forward. But the high point 62, we removed prayer 63, We removed Bible reading, 1980, we removed the Ten Commandments. Then they started making rulings that, you know, Arkansas couldn't teach creation and evolution side by side. So so they went from saying, you can't teach just creationism to Arkansas saying, okay, we'll teach creation and evolution. We'll do it side by side and the Supreme Court rules, no, you can't do that either. You can't teach creation. Yet the Supreme Court, being so schizophrenic, had ruled at one point that you cannot elevate one religion over another, but yet they do by kicking out Christianity and just teaching straight secular humanism occultism. Then they ruled that kids cannot pray. Catch this. Kids cannot pray over a PA system. This was in the year 2000. The Supreme Court ruled upheld a case and thus ruled may a federal law. Children, students, and young people in high school cannot be involved in student initiatives. Student-led prayer over the intercom before a football game. No student initiated student-led prayer over an intercom in the PA system before the football game. But yet in Minneapolis this year they have now and the mayor is on video celebrating, celebrating.

Brannon Howse: They are now going to do the call to prayer to Satan. They're going to call people to pray to Satan five times a day. Yeah, I know. It's Muhammad, but I mean Allah. But if you look at the descriptions of Allah in their documents, in their Quran, and the descriptions of Satan in the Bible, it's the same, it's the same. They're worshipping Satan. They just call him Allah. So Minneapolis is going to do a call to prayer five times a day for everybody to have a prayer to Satan slash Allah. But the Supreme Court has ruled that kids in America are American and that's all the Islamic Jihad folks who prefer Sharia, Islamic law in Minneapolis, who came over here from Somalia, who want Sharia. They're going to let them have that call to prayer five times a day. Even though these people hate the Christians, hate the Jews, and want us dead. Oh, Rock, a Jew is hiding behind me. Come kill him. That's in their books. No. They can have their call to Satan five times a day, but kids cannot pray over the intercom. Student-initiated student-led prayer, says the Supreme Court. I went through these rulings today with their from my 2005 book One Nation Under Man and I and I understand we have become a very evil, evil nation. There are a lot of God-fearing people in it. But, boy, our federal government, our federal government has become some of the biggest mass murderers in world history. I agree. 110%.

James Thorp: We are. And let me tell you something. You don't know how painful it is for me to say that I'm a veteran. Okay? I love my country. I've served my country. You know, I, I, you know, I love JFK. I loved RFK. You know, I followed them. I spent four hours on the aircraft carrier JFK with a personal tour, um, ten years or so ago or longer before it was decommissioned. When it was here in Pensacola, I got to go in the JFK stateroom. I mean, you know, I think that that was a man and his brother was a man that had fear of God, that was honest, and that they were ready to take down the CIA and the FBI, and that's why they were killed. And now we're 60 later. Nobody's done anything. And here's my belief. No man can take down this, this, whatever you want to call it, the military-medical industrial complex or the elite, unelected elite power and control the cabal, the deep state. Call it what you want, but it's real. And there's no human being or group of human beings that can take them down. We're over but God.

Brannon Howse: And I can't disagree with that at all. I cannot disagree at all because that's how evil this is and how occultic and demonic it is. Absolutely. What's your website or how can people follow you? I mean, I know I've been throwing your Twitter feed up there. I'll show that real quick. People can follow you. Oh, by the way, you were going to mention dirty shots, DNA contamination unelected elite power, and cancer-causing agents sv40 found in mRNA vaccine. So it's causing the shots to be overwhelmingly causing cancer as well. Right.

James Thorp: Oh, there's an explosion of cancer. There was just an article published. And, you know, it's just interesting. All these trolls on Twitter, you know, the I'll come back, I'll come out on Twitter and you can read my tweet and read some of those comments. Lord have mercy, Jesus, please come quickly, Maranatha. I mean, these people are trying to argue with me. Okay? I've been doing this for 44 years. I've been honored my whole career. And they're trying to argue with me that a gene therapy that's never been tested before is necessary, safe, and effective in pregnancy. And slam me because I don't know how. We've never broken the golden rule of pregnancy. And now these people and they're got four choices for them here. Think if I can remember, number one, they're either dumb as a fence post. Number two. They've taken so many clutch shots that they have cognitive difficulty and psychiatric problems, which is real. And by the way, there was a substack on that this week. And I've seen that. I have seen that the people that are the hyper-vaxxers that are taking this massive number of shots, they're brain dead.

James Thorp: They don't meditate. They have psychiatric problems and their age has advanced incredibly accelerated since they started this. I have friends that I haven't seen for three years. Brennan, Maggie, and do around here. I don't recognize them. They're different people. And when you look at these cancers, they're explosive all over the board, all over the world. I mean, we're talking about 20-year-old kids with malignant melanomas on their necks. You know, we're talking about 14-year-old kids. You know, it's horrible. And we're talking about middle-aged people that have beaten cancer. They've beaten it ten years, 15 years, 20 years. They take the shot. It comes back with an explosive turbo cancer. That's not normal. And the people that are denying that, again, they're either paid trolls, they're dumb as a fence post, they they're bought off or they're genuinely good people that have succumbed to the false narrative of the $13 billion psychological operations. It's one of those three but they're not dealing with reality. I agree. Period.

Brannon Howse: I agree. Look at the screen. Let's show his Twitter feed. Here's one way you can follow him at jathorpmfm on Twitter. And you'll find me in other places as well. As always, Doctor Thorp, great to have you with us. Thank you so much, my friend, for your courage and your bravery and for standing up for your patients and all truly patriotic Americans. Thank you, Dr. Thorp, And thank Maggie as well. God bless you.

James Thorp: God bless you.

Brannon Howse: Thank you. Dr. Thorp, checking in. Thank you.

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