Ask Dr. John #36

Ask Dr. John #36


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Originally SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

Dr. John Whitcomb joins Brannon for ask Dr. John. Question: Please explain what Jesus said during the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24:28. I would like to understand this verse in its context. Question: Can you please explain Luke 17:21? Question: I would like your thoughts on John 14:18 and 21:25. Question: Does Revelation describe events in Jewish history or does it prophecy regarding the future? Question: I have a dear friend that says her daughter has the ability to heal. I know that men with the gift of healing has ended and she knows that I do not believe her claim. How do I approach my friend with the truth? Question: Could an unbeliever use the excuse of not being one of the elect as a reason for his unbelief? Question: How would you recommend that a person begin studying the Bible? Question: Do you believe there is an age of accountability for children that will determine their destination when the rapture takes place? Question: Is there any Biblical evidence in support of infant baptism? Question: What are the marks of a good local church? Topic: We take your calls

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