Ask Dr. John #39

Ask Dr. John #39


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Originally Aired, JANUARY 27, 2015

Ask Dr. John with Dr. John Whitcomb. Question: Why is the social gospel and cultural mandate unbiblical? Question: What should be our goals for this New Year? Question: What was nailed to the cross of Jesus? Some people say that the Ten Commandments were there. How could that be since we still need to obey Jesus? Question: Can Christians drink alcohol? The bible does not prohibit it, but calls us to holiness. Question: Is Isaiah 2 and 3 speaking directly to Israel of its day, or can this Scripture be understood to apply to the United States today—with regard to both the church and nation? Question: What happens if someone cannot access a Bible? Do you believe that the Holy Spirit can speak to someone supernaturally? Question: I have been in a rut about health issues—mine and others. I can pray and ask for comfort and care, but not healing. The body must die to be with our Savior, so trying to live is like fighting God’s plan. I know I should feel something more. Do emotions burn out after taking years of prayer requests in Sunday School? Question: The Lord Jesus said we could mountains if we “have faith as a grain of mustard seed" (Matt. 17:20). What does that mean? Question: When Jesus died, He said, "It is finished" (John 19:30). What did He mean by this?

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