Ask Dr. John: June 13, 2016 (Program #1)

Ask Dr. John: June 13, 2016 (Program #1)

Orginal air date December 4, 2012: 

Brannon’s guest is Dr. John Whitcomb for “Ask Dr. John.” Question: Are we all going to die before the world ends since you said the wrath of God will not be upon His people? Question: Our Sunday School teacher says all things will come to an end after Jesus comes back to earth as a thief in the night and all things burn up. I am confused. Some of the material I read calls those who believe in the rapture a false religion. How can we be brothers in the Lord with those of that mindset? What do you say? Question: I had thought that countries with a low percentage of Christians would experience very little tumult at the rapture. However, if all babies (born or unborn) and small children are taken up, the rapture will be an incredible event across the globe and across all cultures. If this is true, up to what age might “innocents” be raptured? Is there an “age of accountability” evident anywhere in Scripture? Question: I have heard some say that Mark 16:9-20 was not part of the original text written by Mark, but was added later. Should we consider these verses as inspired Scripture, and if so, why do you think they are missing from the early manuscripts? Question: I hold to Reformed Theology and do not accept the perpetuity of miracles and sign wonders, but 1 Cor. 13:8-10 has always confused me. Is this fulfilled in the future perfect world of Heb. 11:13-16 and 2 Pet. 3:13, 14? Question: I have a hard time accepting what Dr. Whitcomb said about a missionary who said he has witnessed miracles. Dr John basically said to deny what you see if you see a so-called miracle. And it sounded like Dr. John said that miracles do not occur at all, although Brannon said that miracles do still occur, but there just aren't gifts of miracles anymore. Question: I have a question regarding the Lord's Supper. Luke 22:19-20 says we are to break the bread and drink the cup in remembrance of Him; however the Catholic Church believes that when we partake of the Lord's Supper the bread and wine become the body and blood. Isn't this what Jesus is telling us to do in this passage? I am confused and troubled by this. Question: What was the nature of the relationship between Pharaoh and Sarah in Gen. 12:10-20? Question: I have a friend that shares her Seventh Day Adventist beliefs with me quite often. She has told me that I am honoring the Sabbath on the wrong day, as it is to be honored on Saturday as it states in the Bible. She tells me that there will be judgment for those not following God's Word in honoring the true Sabbath day. What should I do? Question: Do you see any dangers with Messianic Judaism and related movements?

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