The Biden Regime Is Scrambling to Deny Pressuring Big Tech To Censor Americans

The Biden Regime Is Scrambling to Deny Pressuring Big Tech To Censor Americans




  • Ukraine scores a big hit on the Russian naval fleet in Crimea. We’ll explain how they did it.
  • The former president of France has warned that Ukrainian membership in NATO and the EU “would not promote peace” and would be perceived as a provocation, leading to World War III with Russia.
  • Members of the UK's special forces were caught trying to sabotage Russian nuclear power plants, prompting a stern warning from Vladimir Putin.
  • The U.S. military is building a new airbase in the jungles of the Indo-Pacific.
  • The Biden regime finds itself unable to weasel its way out of accusations of censorship against conservative Americans.
  • And we have a special report tonight on the wave of violent thievery at retail stores, and what some retail chains are doing about it.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Ukraine has successfully attacked the Russian port of Sevastopol on Crimea, and destroyed the Russian Submarine “Rostov-on-Don” and the Landing Ship “Minsk” (pictured above).  Both vessels were in dry dock for repairs.

We learned about the consequences of Ukraine's attack on a major dry dock/shipyard in Sevastopol in the early morning of Wednesday, September 13. 

According to RT, British-made missiles are suspected to have been used by Ukraine in the attack, which injured at least 24 workers.

The UK has provided dozens of Storm Shadow air-to-surface cruise missiles to Kiev in its war with Russia.

The blast reportedly shattered windows in nearby houses and damaged rooftops.

Unconfirmed media reports claimed that two people may have been killed in the attack. All the victims were reportedly employees of the shipyard, which is a major facility involved in maintaining Russian warships.

The missiles completely destroyed the two vessels which were in for repair but are now not salvageable. Two more vessels were damaged at the shipyard.  

According to updated reports, 10 cruise missiles and two naval drones were fired at Sevastopol. The drones were destroyed, but only two of the missiles were shot down, so the damage from the impacts was serious.

The regional governor of the area has already demanded that the city's air defenses be strengthened.

During the missile strike, panic struck the city. The police received information that saboteurs were operating in the city, and sent several patrols to search for them. One of them mistook an armed military patrol for saboteurs and opened fire. As a result of the shootout, four people were killed – three soldiers and one policeman.

The Submarine B-237 “Rostov-on-Don” entered the Russian Navy fleet in 2014 as a missile carrier.  It cost about $300 million.


Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that Ukrainian membership in NATO and the EU “would not promote peace” and would be perceived as a provocation of Russia.

Speaking to the French news station BFMTV on Wednesday, Sarkozy argued it is in Kiev’s best interests to remain “neutral” regarding Western blocs. The former leader also insisted that diplomacy with Moscow remains the most prudent option for Ukraine to end the current conflict.

Sarkozy served as French president between 2007 and 2012.

NATO leaders declared at a summit in Lithuania in July that the bloc would only invite Ukraine to become a member “when allies agree and conditions are met.” NATO had already denied Kiev’s calls for a “fast-track” to full membership in September of 2022.

Moscow has frequently expressed its opposition to NATO’s eastward expansion. President Vladimir Putin cited the bloc’s involvement in Ukraine as among the key reasons when Moscow began its military operation against Kiev last year.


Vladimir Putin has warned the United Kingdom of “serious consequences” and said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak “doesn't understand” the risks after the UK's special forces were caught trying to sabotage Russian nuclear power plants.

Putin said Britain's elite forces were training Ukrainian troops on how to damage atomic power plants in Russia.

The Russian president declared dire consequences for the UK while admitting his words would be interpreted as “nuclear blackmail.”

Putin claimed during a speech at an economic forum that Russia's security service had interrogated a Ukrainian team caught operating inside Russia, stating: “It turned out to be a sabotage group of Ukrainian special services. Interrogation showed they had been tasked to damage one of our nuclear stations by exploding a power line... to damage the work of the power plant. And this is not the first attempt.”

He further alleged: “During interrogation, they admitted they were trained under supervision of British instructors. Do [the British] understand what they are playing with, or not? Are they provoking our response at Ukrainian nuclear sites, nuclear stations, or what? Does the British leadership, or the Prime Minister [of the United Kingdom] know what their special services are engaged with in Ukraine?
Or do they have no clue at all? I assume this is possible, too. I assume it is possible British special services act on the orders of the Americans. Either way, we know the final beneficiary.”


The U.S. Air Force is stripping away tracts of jungle in Micronesia to make room for a new military air base, a senior commander said, noting the move is part of plans to build up American forces in the Indo-Pacific.

Speaking to reporters at an event hosted by the Air and Space Forces Association, Pacific Air Forces Commander General Kenneth Wilsbach described efforts to refurbish defunct U.S. air bases – including a World War II-era installation on Tinian, a small island near Guam.

Wilsbach said on Monday:

“We're going to be clearing out the jungle [on Tinian, and] we're going to be resurfacing some of the surfaces there so that we will have a fairly large and very functional Agile Combat Employment base, an additional base to be able to operate from and we have several other projects like that around the region that we'll be getting after.”

To accomplish that goal, the Air Force has requested additional funding from lawmakers in its 2024 budget proposal, the general added, saying the new bases would be part of a “hub-and-spoke” network across Asia intended to “deter” Beijing.

The general added:

“Every single additional airfield that I can operate from… in a contingency or crisis or a conflict is another airfield that China has to put into their targeting folders, and then allocate resources toward them, which dilutes their ability to shut us completely down.”


Joe Biden and key White House officials are scrambling to deny the obvious truth that they pressured Big Tech to censor Americans.

In a White House press briefing on July 6, 2021, then-press secretary Jen Psaki admitted in no uncertain terms that the Biden administration is in “regular touch with social media platforms about areas we have concern” regarding what Americans are allowed to post to those platforms.


We also know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google/YouTube have employed hundreds of former FBI, CIA and other government intel officers on their corporate staffs.

Yet, these government hacks have the audacity to try and hide behind Big Tech companies and blame them for the censorship, as though the Biden administration didn’t pressure them into clamping down on free speech in the first place.

The Daily Signal observed in a recent article:

“Biden and his cronies also argue that because some Americans who had their social media accounts permanently suspended now have access to the platforms again, they no longer face any threat of future censorship.”

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit rejected these lame arguments in a ruling last Friday, blocking the government from using Big Tech to silence Americans. 

The judges upheld a temporary injunction that U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty issued on July 4, barring the president and key officials in his administration from engaging with social media companies for the purpose of pressuring them to stifle Americans’ free speech.

The plaintiffs in the case include Missouri and Louisiana, represented by Attorneys General Andrew Bailey and Liz Murrill, both Republicans; along with doctors who spoke out against COVID-19 mandates; Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft; and Jill Hines, an anti-lockdown activist and co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana.

They allege that the Biden administration “suppressed conservative-leaning free speech” on the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 presidential election; on COVID-19 issues, including its origin, masks, lockdowns, and vaccines; on election integrity in the 2020 presidential election; on the security of voting by mail; on the economy; and on Joe Biden himself.


Retailers face rising challenges of shrinking inventories caused by the prevalence of theft, shoplifting, and other fraudulent activities. In fact, a recent Retail Workplace Survey by Loss Prevention Magazine found that 60 percent of retail workers saw some form of criminal activity on the job over the past 12 months.

These business challenges, especially in urban areas, are also the reason why two Atlanta-based Walmart locations closed, one on Howell Mill Road and another in Vine City. 

Walmart recently announced plans to reopen one of the two stores but this time, with major security upgrades. While the Howell Mill Road branch is to remain closed, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the Vine City Supercenter will reopen with a pharmacy, grocery store, and police station.

The store is set to open in May of 2024, following a nearly year-long closure after the shoplifters reportedly set the building on fire to distract from their thieving. When it reopens, the store will be a Neighborhood Market, which is typically one-fifth the size of a Supercenter. After talking with the Merchants Association on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Clark University and other people in the neighborhood, folks were saying they want to see more police presence, Dickens told the newspaper.

Having a police substation in a Walmart branch is a first, but officials believe an increased police presence will help to prevent in-store crime to make shoppers feel safer. The substation will also feature a place for police to charge their phones and body cameras, as well as have meetings and file documents. Dickens added that he hopes the police station will help Walmart leadership feel confident that inventory shrinkage won't be as pervasive an issue and hopefully prevent them from leaving, as was the case in Chicago.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC in late 2022:

“It's higher than what it has historically been. We've got safety measures, security measures that we've put in place by store location. I think local law enforcement being staffed and being a good partner is part of that equation, and that's normally how we approach it. If that's not corrected over time, prices will be higher, and/or stores will close.”


The epidemic of flash mob robberies is having a devastating effect on retailers of all sizes, not just Walmart. This is not only causing problems due to the violence and trauma inflicted on those present during the event. It’s also driving up costs even further in a nation already dealing with unprecedented inflation.

According to Loss Prevention Magazine, each flash mob event costs retailers an average of about $700,000 for every billion dollars in sales, and it’s happening almost daily.

Here is some video footage of a flash mob robbery in action at a Nordstrom’s store in Los Angeles.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 30 seconds)


TMZ reports that former Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic player Brandon Hunter has died suddenly at the age of 42 with no explanation given.

Ohio men's basketball coach Jeff Boals confirmed Hunter’s death on Tuesday, September 12.

Hunter -- a standout high school basketball player in Cincinnati -- was a star forward for the Ohio University Bobcats, earning three first-team All-MAC conference selections and leading the NCAA in rebounding his senior season. He was selected with the 56th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Hunter played 67 games over two seasons in the NBA ... scoring a career-high 17 points against the Milwaukee Bucks in 2004.

Details surrounding Hunter's death have not been released.


A California law that restricts the marketing of firearms to minors infringes on the free-speech rights of adults, according to a three-judge panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In its ruling handed down on September 8th, the panel overturned a lower-court decision denying an injunction against the law’s enforcement and delivered a resounding win for both the First and Second Amendments.

Writing for the majority, Judge Kenneth Lee ruled that the law banning marketing and advertising firearms that “reasonably appear to be attractive to minors” is likely to infringe on the First Amendment, given that the statute is so broadly worded that advertisements aimed at adults who can lawfully purchase a firearm would be swept up in its provisions.

California has an interest in reducing gun violence and unlawful use of firearms by minors, but this law does not further either goal, the court ruled. California cannot straitjacket the First Amendment by allowing minors to possess and use firearms and then, on the other hand, ban truthful advertisements about that lawful use of firearms. There is no evidence that a minor in California has ever unlawfully purchased a gun, let alone because of an ad, the judges argued. Nor did the state produce any evidence that truthful ads about lawful uses of guns encourage illegal or violent gun use among minors. 

Simply put, California cannot lean on gossip and speculation to weave an evidence-free narrative that its law curbing the First Amendment “significantly” decreases unlawful gun use among minors. 

California’s law is also more extensive than necessary, as it sweeps in truthful ads about lawful use of firearms for adults and minors alike. For instance, an advertisement directed at adults featuring a camouflage skin on a firearm might be illegal because minors may be attracted to it. That is patently ridiculous.

Indeed, the panel noted that the state failed to provide any evidence that a minor has ever illegally purchased a firearm in the state, much less that the problem is so widespread that it would require chilling the speech of gun makers and sellers. At the same time, the law forbids the depiction of lawful gun use on the part of minors, including target shooting and hunting under adult supervision.

This was an all-around bad law and I’m glad it got struck down.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow dusted off the New Mexico Constitution on Tuesday and used it to ask Democrat Governor Michelle Grisham what empowers her to suspend gun rights.

In the interview, Grisham repeatedly attacked New Mexico law enforcement for opposing her order, which suspends gun carry rights in the Albuquerque area for 30 days. She claimed her critics have no solution for gun violence, suggested law enforcement is ignoring the problem, and asserted anyone who opposes her is using “NRA talking points.”

The governor angrily stated, “It's not for police to tell me what's constitutional or not.”

That’s when CNN’s Harlow directly confronted Governor Grisham over her assertion that she has the “right” to suspend rights endowed to New Mexicans by the U.S. Constitution and the New Mexico Constitution.

“But where is the right? Where is the right?” the CNN anchor asked.

Governor Grisham tried at first to dodge the question, citing unrelated abortion rights, reverting to her default position on the NRA, and a recent Supreme Court case in New York. But Harlow would have none of it and came to the interview prepared. She quoted directly from the New Mexico Constitution.

Take a look at this exchange.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 4:32 mark to 6:16 mark)

Make families and communities safe? She’s actually working for the opposite outcome, and she knows it. If law-abiding people are prevented from arming themselves, that means they won’t be able to defend themselves and their children from lawless thugs. The governor is pushing for a situation where only the criminals are armed. How does that make a community safer? It doesn’t. Like all gun-grabbing politicians who hate the Second Amendment, she’s a complete and utter fraud who is perfectly happy to see more dead bodies pile up in her state. If she were serious about ending the violence, she would work for stiffer penalties and longer sentences for violent criminals while encouraging the good people to arm themselves and get trained in how to use their firearms effectively against violent threats.

Anything short of that is just more disgusting Democrat divide and conquer politics.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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