Brannon Howse Live Audio

Brannon Howse Live Audio
  • Worldview Report Audio Only: July 18, 2022

    Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse. A District Court for the Southern District of Ohio on Thursday issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting the Air Force from enforcing the vaccine mandate against any airman who has filed a request for a religious accommodation, according to court documents. Judge Matthew W. McFarland granted a motion brought by airmen to extend a court order from March 31 that prohibited the Air Force from disciplining or discharging plaintiffs fighting the mandate based on their religious beliefs to all airmen who filed religious accommodation requests as a “class.”
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) August 1, 2022

    Matt Staver on Pending Federal Legislation to Legalize Child Marriage. Jeff Brower Is the Florida County Example Patriots Must Duplicate. A Decade of an Inflationary Depression in the U.S.? Did Biden Take Out Al-Qaeda Leader For His Taliban Buddies?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) July 26, 2022

    Ashley Babbitt's Mother Sets the Record Straight About All the J6 Lies. Iran Admits They've Crossed the Redline as War In Middle East Gets Closer. Pastor Art Polawski Wins Major Victory in Court Against "Nazis" In Canada. Brannon Reads Your Hand Written Letters On The Air.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) July 25, 2022

    Dr. Tenpenny Warns Ebola/Hemorrhagic Fever as Possible Next Plandemic. "Christian" Leaders Join World Health Organization Narrative. Two Disturbing Reports On What's Increasing Influx Of Illegal Immigrants. Why National Attention Is Turning to Wisconsin Elections.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) July 8, 2022

    Adam Steen Running Against RHINO Wisconsin Speaker Robin Voss. United Nations Agenda 2030 Stealing Land From U.S. Farmers. Iranian-American Journalist Warns That Biden is Surrendering to Iran. Utah Officials Report Two Moms to Feds for Investigating Voter Fraud
    Open Utah Officials Report Two Moms to Feds for Investigating Voter Fraud configuration options.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) July 6, 2022

    Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate on Second Amendment Rights. The Renowned Dr. Carrie Madej Tells Brannon About Her Near Fatal Plane Crash. Brannon Pays Tribute to Dr. Ed Hindson. Georgetown Univ. Prof. on Electromagnetic Field to Induce Mental Illness, Thoughts and Ideas.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) July 5, 2022

    Why Did the CIA Take Over SEAL Team Six? How Has the Government Lied to the Families and How Did Joe Biden Make Them a Target? Part 2 with Author Don Brown. Karen Kingston Plays Video of Prof James Giordano, Georgetown Univ, Chief of Neuroethics Program Discussing How to Hijack Leaders and Create Nanotech Cloud to Create Epidemic Strokes (Part 1).
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 30, 2022

    Susan Swift on How the Abortion Pill Works and Why it is So Dangerous. John Eidsmoe Responds to Progressives That Are Falsely Declaring the U.S. Supreme Court and Governor DeSantis Violating the Separation of Church and State. Author Don Brown on Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of Seal Team Six and U.S. Government’s Cover-Up.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 29, 2022

    Wayne Allen Root on Why President Trump and Governor DeSantis Cannot Be Running Mates in 2024. Wayne Allen Root on Why President Trump and Governor DeSantis Cannot Be Running Mates in 2024. Dr. Walter C. Daugherity and Tina Peters on the Evidence of Voter Fraud in Her 2022 Primary Election.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 28, 2022

    Roger Stone Refutes J6 Testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson Claiming Trump Launched At Secret Service Agents and Tried to Grab The Wheel on January 6. FDA Approved Pfizer's IND Protocol to Not Disclose Death in Trials, Including Babies and Toddlers. Pentagon is Acting As An Enemy of War Against American Troops. Anni Cyrus on Islam Rising in America Under Biden Regime. Todd Bensman on Why The Biden Regime is Responsible for the Death of 51 Illegal Immigrants Being Smuggled into America in a Semi Trailer.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 23, 2022

    Mike Adams on Diesel Engine Oil Shortages and the Consequences, Manufactured Collapse of Our Food Supply and "Blood Clots" From Covid Shots Are Not Blood Clots. Anni Cyrus on Mexico Shelter For Muslim Migrants on Border, 15 Illegal Migrants with Suspected Terrorist Ties, and Al-Azhar Calls For Criminalizing Islamophobia. Covid Shot Study For Babies and Toddlers Reveals Only 1% Made it to 1 One Week Post 3rd Dose.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 19, 2022

    Karen Kingston: Is Monkeypox Going Global Just As WHO is on Verge of Ruling The World? Steve Kirsch: The Data is Overwhelming That No One Should Be Taking This Deadly Covid Shot. Former Federal Agent Dave Gaubatz on His Latest Investigation into a Terrorist Tied Mosque in Michigan. Dr. Rob Lindsted on Current Israeli Government on Verge of Collapse and Why Is Israel Leading The Way into the New World Order?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 23, 2022

    General Michael Flynn on His Massive Lawsuit Against The Deep State and What Americans Must Do Now Before Liberty is Extinguished. Mike Adams on Monkeypox, Food Crisis, Fuel Crisis, Energy Crisis and China Preparing For War. Karen Kingston Asks if Monkeypox is Being Used to Cover The Consequences of The Covid Shots. Christian Horn and His Race For Alabama Secretary of State.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 24, 2022

    Neil McCabe of Star News Network Brings us a May 24, 2022 Primary Report and Brannon Yells At Biden's Live Press Conference on the Uvalde School Shooting. Todd Bensman on Terrorists Targeting Former President George W. Bush and How Terrorists Are Exploiting The Border Crisis to Enter The U.S. Col. John Mills on China Preparing For Something But What? Dr. Judy Mikovits on Dirty "Vaccines" The Government Knowingly Has Used to Kill and Harm Millions of Americans. Daniel Greenfield on Biden Taking Blind Sheikh’s Terror Group Off Terror List.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 26, 2022

    Pete Santilli Joins Brannon to Discuss The U.S. Intelligence Agencies That Have Been Turned on the American People. Leo Hohmann on Globalists Entering the Killing Phase of The Great Reset and Their Planned Global Famine. Dr. Rob Linsted on Plagues, Famine, Wars, Rumors of Wars, Nations Rising Against Israel and The Fulfillment of BIble Prophecy.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 1, 2022

    Williams Jasper on the 1994 Survey of U.S. Marines That Revealed What Percentage Would Fire Upon American Citizens and Swear an Oath to the UN. Will Johnson on His Trip to Uvalde, Texas and What He Learned. Del Bigtree on Vaccine Injuries, the Covid Death Shot and The Next Pandemic.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 3, 2022

    Brannon Shares a Historical Paper Sent To Him By A Viewer And Tells A Story About Peter And Glenn Ford. Roger Stone on Sussman Not Guilty, FBI Belongs to and Run By The Deep State and The Man That Killed JFK. Lt Col Dave Grossman on Assassination Generation: Why The Rise of Student Gun Murderers. Col John Mills on China's Threats Against Taiwan and Why Things Are More Dangerous Now Than During the Cold War.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 6, 2022

    Judge Napolitano on the Second Amendment is a Right Not a Privilege. Mark McCloskey on Why His Polling Numbers For U.S. Senate Shoot Up When They Realize He Stood Down BLM in Front of His House. Karen Kingston on Monkeypox Update Including What's Going on in China and Why the NTI Tabletop Monkeypox? Dr. Peter Pry on North Korea Shooting off More Ballistic Missiles and The Main Country Helping Them.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 7, 2022

    Todd Bensman on Huge Caravan On U.S. Mexico Border and His Video Footage on Conveyor Belt that Speeds Illegal Border-Crossers into the U.S. Michelle Malkin on Highlights Magazine for Kids Goes Woke. Brannon's Studio Cat MO Sneaks into The Main Studio and Makes an Unexpected Live Appearance. Dr. Rob Lindsted LIVE From Israel's Western Wall on Numerous Important News Stories Coming Out of Israel
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 9, 2022

    Mike Lindell Joins Brannon for the Breaking News That A County in New Mexico Votes to Eliminate Dominion Voting Machines and Zuckerberg Drop Boxes. Ted Nugent on January 6 Committee's Prime-Time Propaganda Stunt, Biden on Jimmy Kimmel, 2020 Voter Fraud and Biden's Gun Grabbing Agenda. Attorney Kurt Olsen on Injunctions to Terminate The Voting Machines. Col. Shawn Smith on Chinese Ministry of State's Attack and Compromise of America's Voting Systems and Computer Technology Supply Chain.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 13, 2022

    Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Covid Shots For Babies and A Planned Genocide. Col. John Mills on The Remote Access into the Voting Machines That Allows For Voter Fraud. Alex Newman on Plot Against Guns is Not About Safety and Vax Destroying Female Reproductive Systems & Killing Kids, Toxicologist Warns. Dr. Rob Lindsted Gives us a Live Report From Egypt, the Pyramids That Moses Saw and His Trip to Petra
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 14, 2022

    Tom Littleton on How Pro-LGBTQ Are Infiltrating Largest Protestant Association in America and What it All Means. Usama Dakdok on Islamic Group Meeting in Washington D.C. to Co-Opt Congressional Members. Karen Kingston on Why Mike Adams is Right About "Clots" Appearing in the Dead That Received Covid Shot.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 16, 2022

    Jason Pratt on Greenwood Village, CO City Council Banning Home-based Gun Businesses and The Growing Trend Nation-Wide. Karen Kingston on the Department of Defense and Big Pharma Collusion on Covid 19. Leo Hohmann and Brannon Howse on The Proven Similarities Between The Biden Regime and Hitler's Nazi Government.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 20, 2022

    Pete Santilli on WalMart’s Untenable CCP Dependence Makes Them A Major National Security Risk. A.J. Kern is Running Against Ilhan Omar and is Asking A Judge to Make Omar Prove She is a Legal Resident of the U.S. Keelin Darby on Her Police Officer Husband Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison For Obeying His Training and Defending His Life and That of 2 Officers From a Gunman. Rob Lindsted on The Collapse of the Israeli Government and The Coming 5th Election in 3 years.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 21, 2022

    Mark Mccloskey On The Controversial "Rhino" Commercial By Eric Greitens And Why Brannon Refuses To Play It On His Show. Wes Peters On The Coming Digital Currency, Capital Controls, Negative Interest Rates And The Death Of The US Dollar. Colonel John Mills On How China Is The Senior Partner In The China-Russia Relationship And Is Japan Preparing For War With China?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 18, 2022

    Usama Dakdok on Why He Thinks Dr. Oz is Already Promoting Sharia and His First Name Means Mohammad. Exclusive: Alabama Veteran Affairs Whistleblower Comes to Brannon to Bring National Attention to VA Threatening to Fire Unvaccinated. Roger Stone Reports on Bush Crime Family and George P. Bush Running for Texas AG Against Current Texas AG Ken Paxton.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 16, 2022

    Islamic Expert Anni Cyrus Responds to Sean Hannity's Attack on Kathy Barnett and Why pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam. Former Democratic Operative Dr. Naomi Wolf the U.S. Sliding into a Totalitarian State and Why She Fears The Fall of 2022 Could Bring a Huge National Crisis. Dr. James Thorp on The Covid-19 Shots and Infertility and Shares Pictures of Huge Blood Clots Taken From Covid Shot Recipients.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 13, 2022

    Anni Cyrus On The Islamic Worldview Of Dr. Oz. Dr. James Thorp on What Keeps Him Up At Night As An OB/GYN And The Dangers Of The Covid Vaccine. Brannon Interviews Pat Boone About His Life, Music, Acting Career, Faith And Work With Ronald Reagan And John Wayne To Fight Communism In America.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 12, 2022

    William Jasper on the History of the Anti-Communist John Birch Society and Why They Were So Viciously Attacked. Harbinger of Things to Come? Shocking Video and Report By Todd Benson on Liberty County, Texas That Has Been Flooded By Over 70,000 Illegal Immigrants.
    Great News From Diego Rodriguez as Idaho CPS Closes Case on Baby Cyrus and Family Has Moved to the Free State of Florida.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 11, 2022

    Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Who Escaped From China Explains to Brannon Why China Will Not Cease Its Bio-Weapons Attacks On America. Brannon Howse and Matt DePerno on Democrats Plan to Strip Conservative Organizations and Churches of Tax-Exempt Status and To Use Hate Speech To Define Conservatives as Domestic Terrorists. JD Rucker on the Out of Context Attacks on Kathy Barnette by Ric Grenell. Daniel Greenfield on Who’s Paying Protesters to Harass Justices and Churches?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 10, 2022

    Pennsylvania U.S Senatorial Candidate Kathy Barnett on Her Worldview In Contrast To That of Her Opponent Dr. Oz. A Representative of the Pro-Life Group That Was Fire Bombed in Madison Wisconsin on The Spike in Death Threats and False Reporting of the Media. Brannon Plays Clips from a 1957 Movie About The Communists Taking Over America And How Their Predictions Are Coming True in 2022. Karen Kingston and Dr. James Thorpe on Spike in Miscarriages in Women That Took Covid-19 Shot and Gov’t Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others at NIH.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 9, 2022

    Col. John Mills (Ret) on America At Risk By Depleting Our Weapons by Shipping Them to Ukraine. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute on The Government's War on The American People. Americans Becoming Allergic To Meat Through Tick Bites? Will Globalists Spread This on Purpose For Their Green Agenda?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) June 27, 2022

    Mat Staver on the Most Historic Term of the U.S. Supreme Court Ever In Regards to Defense of the Constitution and Freedom. Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America on Biden Signing Federal Red Flag Law and the Nazi Like Catastrophe That Will Follow. Dr. John Whitcher and Ernesto Ramirez on Ernesto's 16-Year-Old Son Who Died When His Heart Became Doubled in Size After Taking Pfizer Covid Shot. Wes Peters on The Difference Between Bullion and Numismatics Coins.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 3, 2022

    Col. John Mills (Ret) on Russia-Ukraine War to Distract From China's Move in the South Pacific. Why Is An Entrepreneur in Florida Running Ads For His Business Telling Biden Supports To Not Call Him? Neil McCabe and Tim Upton of The Star News Network Report Live From Outside The U.S. Capitol on the Victory of JD Vance in Ohio. Bill Federer on How The Leak of the USSC Draft on Abortion Was A Huge Ploy To Distract From The Premiere of 2000 Mules.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 3, 2022

    Col. John Mills (Ret) on Russia-Ukraine War to Distract From China's Move in the South Pacific. Why Is An Entrepreneur in Florida Running Ads For His Business Telling Biden Supports To Not Call Him? Neil McCabe and Tim Upton of The Star News Network Report Live From Outside The U.S. Capitol on the Victory of JD Vance in Ohio. Bill Federer on How The Leak of the USSC Draft on Abortion Was A Huge Ploy To Distract From The Premiere of 2000 Mules.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) May 2, 2022

    Mat Staver on His 9-0 Victory at U.S. Supreme Court For Religious Liberty. See Video and Listen as Trevor Loudon Responds to the Southern Baptist, Mid-America Theological Seminary Taking His Microphone From Him While Speaking Against Marxism. Brannon Howse and Trevor Loudon Respond Within Minutes of United States Supreme Court Draft Striking Down Roe V. Wade Being Leaked Online. Former Federal Agent Dave Gaubatz on Shite Mosques Harboring Islamic Terrorists and Preparing For More As America's Border Collapses. Mychal Massie on Black Liberation Theology Penetrating Evangelical Churches.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 29, 2022

    Perhaps The Biggest Liar Ever to Sit In The US Senate Or The White House Establishes A Disinformation Board? Sheriff Mack On How Constitutional Sheriffs Should Respond to The Corruption Of The FBI When They Come Into Their Counties. Mitchell Shaw Exposes The Cultural Marxist That Biden Has Picked To Head His Ministry Of Truth. Brannon Reads Handwritten Letters From His Viewers. Did Israel Just Discover Gold In Israel Just As The Old Testament Prophet Ezekiel Predicted Would Occur?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) March 24, 2022

    Brannon Plays Stunning Wisconsin Presentation by True The Vote and Dan Eastman and Millie Weaver Respond. Patrick Wood on Joe Biden Warning That Food Shortages Are Coming as Well as Cyber Attacks to Further The New World Order. Attorney Kurt Olsen on President Trump Suing Hillary Clinton, DNC, James Comey and Many Others Over Russia-Gate Conspiracy. Colonel John Mills on North Korea Launching Another ICBM and An Update on Russia-Ukraine War
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) March 25, 2022

    Why is the Selective Service Tweeting About A Military Draft And Will Americans Allow Their Children to Die For The Fourth Reich? J.D. Rucker and Brannon Respond to Joe Biden Warning of Food Shortages and Cyber Attacks. How The Power-Elite Are Setting Up The Great Collapse For the Great Reset. Todd Bensman on The Largest Influx of Illegal Immigrants in American History and Why it is About to Get Much Much Worse. Karen Kingston on California Mandating The Covid-19 Vaccine Death Shots on Adults and Children. Will Other States Follow the Lead of California?
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) March 28, 2022

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Preparing For What's Coming and Why Has There Been Talk of an Ebola Vaccine? Dr. Bryan Ardis on Information He Will Soon Release That Big Pharma May Not Want Released Why a Military Draft is Enslavement, Unnecessary, and Should Be Opposed By Freedom Loving Americans
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) March 29, 2022

    Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. Joe Biden traveled to the Ukrainian border this weekend in what his handlers thought would be a good idea to show support for the Ukrainian people. Joe Biden, in a totally unhinged speech in Poland, stoked already historically high tensions between the U.S. and Russia, leaving nothing to the imagination in terms of his hopes for Putin’s demise. He told an audience in Poland, “For God’s sake this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said. It was one of his many gaffes during his latest trip to Europe, notes the Gateway Pundit, adding “The clean-up crew had to jump in and clarify Old Joe’s remarks again.”
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) March 30, 2022

    Update on Baby Cyrus That Was Kidnapped By State of Idaho As Grandfather Warns of The Government's  Multi-Billion Dollar Industry in Child Trafficking. Attorney Frank Harber on High School Students That Declare They are "Furies" and Ask For Litter Boxes at School. Jake Phipps on Another China Lockdown and the Crisis in Supply Chain. Aharon Levarko on Israel's Spike in Terror Attacks and The Prime Minister Aksing Israelis to Carry Their Gun and Aharon Gives Us a Tour of Where David Killed Goliath.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 1, 2022

    Biden Regime Lifting Sanctions on Iran, Iran's Infiltration of America, Why Islamists and Marxists Both Push For World Government & Iran's End Time Belief of Chaos.

    Why Cultural Marxists Push Transgenderism and Sexual Perversion on Children and Exposing Their Thought Leader Alfred Kinsey.

    New Ager and Occultist Alice Bailey Predicted in 1934 That 2025 Would Be The Year the New World Order Took Rapid Shape.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 7, 2022

    Yuval Noah Harari Mocks Jesus as Fake News and Calls For Global Dictatorship and Works With The World Economic Forum and World Leaders. Senator Kelly Townsend on Banks Cancelling Gun Dealers, Manufactures and How AZ Legislators are Looking to Respond. Jackson Lahmeyer Running For U.S. Senate Against RHINO James Lankford. Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Tim James Responds to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Threatening Alabama For Passing Legislation to Protect Children From Transgender Agenda.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 8, 2022

    Bill Federer Joins us to Discuss Media Propaganda in Light of Russian-Ukraine Conflict, The Great Reset and Persecution of Conservatives. Todd Bensman on How Texas is Apparently Slowing Mexico's International Trade at U.S. Border to Warn Mexico Off From Mass Illegal Alien Invasion. Leo Hohmann on Churches and "Ministries" Being Paid By The Government to Push Covid-19 Death Shots.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 11, 2022

    Sidney Powell on J6 Political Prisoners, The Corrupt FBI, What She is About to Reveal About Dominion and Biden Administration is Obama's Third Term. Todd Bensman on How The Biden Administration Is Aiding And Abetting The Biggest Border Fraud In U.S. History. Biden's Executive Order on Americans Building Their Own Guns is An Attack on the Second Amendment. Mosquitoes With Synthetic DNA Scheduled For California Release And Its Possible Connection to Depopulation of Humans. 
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 12, 2022

    Mike Weiner and Brannon Howse Discuss Largest Inflation Rate in 75 Years That's Turning into HyperInflation and Some Historical Perspectives. Dr. Rob Lindsted on What The Bible Says About Russia, Israel and the Coming War. Brannon Explains in 20 Minutes The 1974 Henry Kissinger Document That Reads Like The Great Reset By Klaus Schwab Who Was Mentored by Henry Kissinger.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 13, 2022

    Understanding The Worldview Behind John Maynard Keynes and Keynesian Economics. Michelle Malkin On Why the Left Are Grooming America's Children and How We Should Respond. Attorney Dan Eastman on Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Regarding Drop Boxes. Open Attorney Dan Eastman on Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Regarding Drop Boxes configuration options. 
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 14, 2022

    Mike Adams Asks: Are Millions Swallowing Venom Derived Pharmaceuticals? And Why is Even The Mainstream Media Now Admitting Food Shortages Are Coming? Senator Kelly Townsend Reports From Outside Arizona Hospital on Family Fighting to Keep Their 26-Year-Old Daughter Being Unplugged From Life Support. Michigan Family Told Their 17-Year-Old Daughter Cannot Have a Kidney Transplant Without The Covid Shot and CPS is Also Being Called To Investigate the Parents. Jill Cox on What She and Her Three Kids Thought After Trying My Patriot Supply Freeze Dried Food.
  • Brannon Howse Live: (TV Audio) April 18, 2022

    Michael Patrick Leahy on How The Left is Working to Buy Tennessee Congressional Seats. Roger Stone Joins Brannon as They Announce Roger's New, Daily Show on Lindell-TV. Todd Bensman Reports That Pressure is Mounting on Congress Not to Lift Title 42. Anni Cyrus on Iran's Latest Threats on Israel and Brannon Announces Her New Show on Lindell-TV. 
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 21, 2022

    Why Are So Many Food Processing Plants Burning to the Ground All Over America Just As The Threat of Food Shortages Are Increasing? Col. John Mills (Ret) on The Play China is Making For Taiwan While Biden's National Security Advisors Suck On Their Drink Boxes. Dr. Peter Pry on Russia's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch and Its Ability to Approach The U.S. From The South Undetected Until It's Too Late. Open Dr. Peter Pry on Russia's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launch and Its Ability to Approach The U.S. From The South Undetected Until It's Too Late configuration options. Dr. Lee Merritt Asks If Covid-19 Came From the Wuhan Lab or From one of Our Own U.S. Labs? Why the Globalists Need WWIII.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 26, 2022

    Brannon's Wife and TV Crew Interrupt BH LIVE to Present Brannon With a Birthday Cake and Candles. Karen Kingston on a 2013 Study That Revealed The Stress and Anxiety From a Pathogen Would Cause Americans to Willingly Surrender Their Liberties. Todd Bensman on Why Titles 42 Has Effectively Been Lifted and A Huge Humanitarian Crisis is Beginning to Unfold on America's Southern Border. Dr. Andy Woods and Brannon Discuss The Coming Euro-Centric World Government That Was Predicted Over 2,000 Years Ago.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 27, 2022

    Carl Teichrib on Global Green Government, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset and the New World Order. Olivier Melnick on Holocaust Remembrance Day April 27-28, 2022 and Why The Rise of Jewish Hatred. Trevor Loudon on Evangelicals Falling For The KGB Propaganda That Putin is a Defender of Christianity.
  • Brannon Howse Live (TV Audio) April 28, 2022

    Pete Santelli and James Roguski on WHO Treaty That Will Steal America's National Sovereignty and Freedoms. Karen Kingston Proves Ebola is NOT Airborne So Why is The Government Trying to Make It Airborne? Department of Homeland Security Confronted By Angry U.S. Congressman and DHS to Establish Disinformation Governance Board. Tom Littleton on Churches Becoming Slum Lords with the Government and Why This is Wrong on So Many Levels.