The Buffalo Shooter Hated Christians and Conservatives: Worldview Report Transcript For May 19, 2022

The Buffalo Shooter Hated Christians and Conservatives: Worldview Report Transcript For May 19, 2022

NTRO: A stunning drop in the amount of crude oil in the U.S. Strategic Reserve to report tonight, as Joe Biden drains the stockpiles that were built up by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Also tonight, another U.S. Senator, presumably fully vaxxed, announces he’s had a stroke while another young, super fit athlete drops dead of a heart attack during a boxing match.

And watch out, the corporate media is all-in trying to make the Buffalo shooter out to be a white conservative Christian racist. While he is white and does sound like a racist, he is neither a conservative nor a Christian. We’ll take a look at what he had to say about himself in his 180-page manifesto.

The Worldview Report starts now.


The amount of crude oil in the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve has dropped by 5 million barrels in the week to May 13, the lowest level since 1987, according to Reuters, which cited data from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Stockpiles in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve fell to 538 million barrels.

About 3.9 million barrels of sour crude was released into the market, while about 1.1 million barrels of sweet crude was issued, according to the data.

President Joe Biden in March announced the largest release ever from the U.S. emergency oil reserve at 1 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil for six months from the reserve in an attempt to bring down gasoline prices that have soared during Russia's war with Ukraine.

Before that, the United States had committed to release 30 million barrels of SPR oil in March and pledged in November to release 50 million barrels from SPR.

U.S. oil prices have surged nearly 25% to nearly $114 per barrel as markets worry about a supply crunch. Retail gasoline and diesel prices touched record highs this week as fuel demand rebounds to near pre-pandemic levels, while refining capacity has dropped.

The 180-million-barrel release is equivalent to about two days of global demand, and was the third time Washington tapped the SPR in the six months prior.


We’ve reported over the past several months on the many hundreds of young athletes who have suffered strokes and cardiac arrest.

It happened again this week. A 38-year-old professional boxer in Germany, Hamza Wandera, died of a heart attack during a match on May 16, according to a report by

We’ve also reported on a few politicians and journalists.

Now there’s more.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) announced late Sunday night he was hospitalized with a stroke. Van Hollen, 63, is the third prominent Democrat to suffer a stroke this year–all men and under 65 years of age.

“This weekend, after feeling lightheaded while delivering a speech, I sought medical attention at the recommendation of the Attending Physician. I’m feeling much better but will follow doctors’ orders and curtail my schedule for the next few days. My full statement is below:

This weekend, I was admitted to George Washington University Hospital after experiencing lightheadedness and acute neck pain while I was delivering a speech in Western Maryland. At the recommendation of the attending physician, I sought medical attention upon my return home. Earlier today, an angiogram indicated that I had experienced a minor stroke in the form of a small venous tear at the back of my head. Fortunately, I have been informed that there are no long-term effects or damage as a result of this incident, but my doctors have advised that out of an abundance of caution I remain under observation for a few days. I look forward to returning to work in the Senate later this week and thank the medical team for their excellent care.”


Earlier Sunday Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman, 52, announced that he had suffered stroke due to a blood clot from atrial fibrillation that has taken him off the campaign trail just days before Tuesday’s primary in which he is the leading candidate in the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate.


Senator Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), 49, was hospitalized with a stroke in late January and required surgery. He recovered and returned to the Senate in early March.


The corporate media are once again stoking division by pushing the false narrative that the 18-year-old arrested in the Buffalo, New York, mass shooting this weekend is a conservative Christian and an avid Fox News fan.

Payton Gendron is actually a self-proclaimed atheist who denounced conservatism, Christianity and Fox News in his 180-page manifesto.

On Saturday, the gunman killed 10 people and injured three others at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo.

Of the 13 people shot, 11 were black and two were white, ABC News reported on Sunday.

In his racist and anti-Semitic manifesto, Gendron undercut the liberal media narrative that he’s a Christian conservative who was radicalized by Fox News.

He rebuked conservativism and Christianity at least five times in his lengthy statement of personal beliefs, reports His Glory News.

On page 7, the shooter expressly stated he is not Christian.

“Are you a Christian? No,” Gendron wrote. “I do not ask God for salvation by faith, nor do I confess my sins to Him. I personally believe there is no afterlife. I do however believe in and practice many Christian values.”

Elsewhere on page 7, he wrote: “Are you a fascist? Yes, fascism is one of the only political ideologies that will unite Whites against the replacers. Since that is what I seek, calling me a fascist would be accurate.”

On page 8, he slammed conservatism: “Are you a conservative? No, conservatism is corporatism in disguise, I want no part of it.”

On page 9, Gendron explained how his affinity for communism influenced his ideology: “When I was 12, I was deep into communist ideology, talk to anyone from my old high school and ask about me and you will hear that. From age 15 to 18 however, I consistently moved farther to the right. On the political compass I fall in the mild-moderate authoritarian left category, and I would prefer to be called a populist.”

On page 158, Gendron declared in capital letters: “CONSERVATISM IS DEAD, THANK GOD.”


Mac Slavo has a new article up about the rapidly escalating war in Ukraine.

He says more escalation has begun as NATO starts military drills near the Russian border. The large-scale NATO military drills started in Estonia on Monday.

Slavo says this is going to be seen as an escalation, if not an outright provocation, by the Russians.

The exercise, called “Hedgehog 2022,” is one of the largest ever in that area. The drills will involve some 15,000 troops from 14 nations.

According to a report by RT, soldiers from Finland, Sweden, Georgia and Ukraine are among those that will take part in the exercise, Finnish public broadcaster Yle reported. The drills will include all branches of the armed forces and will involve air, sea, and land exercises, as well as cyber warfare training, according to the broadcaster.

RT further reports:

“According to a NATO statement, the drills will also see the US Navy Wasp-class landing ship ‘Kearsarge’ take part in the exercises. Both the military bloc and Estonian Defense Forces deputy commander, Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, have denied that the drills just over 60km from the Russian border have anything to do with Moscow’s ongoing military action in Ukraine.”

The exercises take place against a backdrop of Sweden and Finland announcing plans to join NATO and Russia answering that by moving mobile missiles near Finland’s border.

Now NATO counters with the massive military drills.

This is quickly becoming a tit-for-tat escalation that could easily spin out of control. Each response demands another by the other side.

Now it’s Russia’s turn.

Slavo concludes his article by writing:

“Russia continues to assert that NATO’s expansion is a direct threat to their security. A response is likely, and we will monitor this closely as tensions continue to rise.”


General Michael Flynn is on the warpath. The legal warpath. He has filed a $50 million lawsuit that will go after the FBI, DOJ, U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington D.C., Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office and the Executive Office of the President.

“We are going to go after these people – and we actually filed very quietly, an intention to sue to the Department of Justice, all of these people, from Jim Comey up to President Obama.”

Listen to him explain.



Well, it didn’t take long for Governor DeSantis to recognize the problem and to act.

On Monday, May 16, DeSantis signed HB 1571, which prohibits picketing and protesting outside of a person’s private residence.

DeSantis said in a press release:

“Sending unruly mobs to private residences, like we have seen with the angry crowds in front of the homes of Supreme Court justices, is inappropriate. This bill will provide protection to those living in residential communities and I am glad to sign it into law.”

Under the bill, law enforcement will respond to any residence, and if they see public protests going on in the neighborhood, they will give a warning to disperse. If the crowd does not peaceably disperse, police will be empowered to make arrests, according to the release. Violations will be a misdemeanor.

This will surely be challenged by the leftist protest organizers in court. We’ll keep you posted how it turns out.


The Air Force dropped plans to retire most of the A-10 Warthog jets that form a major battle group at Arizona’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base after Congress rejected the plan last year.

But now American Military News is reporting that the Air Force is again moving to retire some A-10s, and recently revealed documents show more than half of the A-10s in service aren’t deployable overseas because the Air Force is starving the aging fleet of critical maintenance and upgrades.

Taking any currently deployed ground-attack jets out of service in the current environment of rapidly increasing tensions with Russia and China seems questionable at best because replacing them with newer aircraft would take years.

Congress last year blocked the Air Force’s plans to retire 42 of the A-10s, including 35 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona.

This marked the fifth time since 2014 that Congress has rejected the Air Force’s A-10 retirement plans.

Davis-Monthan is home to the largest contingent of A-10 Warthogs, with 83 of them flown by two active-duty squadrons, according to American Military News.

Supporters of the Warthog say the Air Force must keep the jets flying because it has no replacement in the critical role of providing air support for ground troops.

But American Military News cites a recent report by the nonprofit Project on Government Oversight that shows the Air Force has “essentially hollowed out the A-10 fleet by starving it of critical maintenance including new wings and upgrades to a central computer system.”

This makes 145 of the remaining 281 Warthogs non-deployable — meaning they do not have enough flying hours left before major maintenance is required to serve a six-month overseas deployment, according to the report.


The Governor of the Bank of England is warning of apocalyptic global food price increases and said he is helpless in the face of surging inflation.

Despite the trend of food inflation going back to last year, Andrew Bailey, just like his counterparts in the U.S., blamed the war in Ukraine for the rampant inflation.

Bailey told the British newspaper The Telegraph that he has “run out of horsemen” when counting the financial shocks facing his country.

He said the Central Bank was basically helpless to do anything about the price surges hitting food and fuel.

Prices in Britain are rising at the fastest rate in 30 years, creating a “very big income shock” that is forecast to get worse, much worse, heading into next year.

Bailey told MPs that if Ukraine, a major crop grower, is unable to ship wheat and cooking oils from its warehouses because of a Russian blockade, watch out. This could be very destabilizing.

He added:

“Ukraine does have food in store but it can’t get it out at the moment. While [the finance minister] was optimistic about crop planting, he said at the moment we have no way of shipping it out as things stand, and it is getting worse. That is a major worry. It is not just a major worry for this country, it is a major worry for the developing world. I am by no stretch of the imagination a military strategist, but whatever can be done to help Ukraine get its food out would be a huge contribution.”

Ukraine supplies large parts of the Middle East with grain, raising the specter that families will be unable to afford to eat unless a solution is found soon. Wheat prices rose as much as 6 percent on Monday.


The U.S. Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group-Airborne at Fort Bragg has posted a mysterious recruitment video to YouTube that some are suggesting has occult dimensions.

Titled “Ghosts in the Machine,” the video feels like a movie trailer and comes with no explanation other than: “All the world’s a stage. Join us,” reports

The video was posted May 2nd and it starts out innocently enough, showing clips of cartoons and images of empty city streets and subways.

But, as MSN reports, “the vibe grows increasingly disturbing, with footage of a shadowy man, anxious stares at dark skies, violent riot scenes and soldiers being deployed.”

“Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings?” the video asks.

“You’ll find us in the shadows at the tip of the spear. ... Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere.”

Take a look for yourself.


As of May 16, the video received over 335,000 views and spawned a growing number of articles debating its intent, including one headlined: The Occult History of the U.S. Military’s PSYOPS and its Highly Symbolic Recruitment Video” by Vigilante Citizen.

The Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group defines itself as “Masters of Influence” and practitioners of “information warfare,” according to its website, which adds:

“We conduct influence activities to target psychological vulnerabilities and create or intensify fissures, confusion, and doubt in adversary organizations. We use all available means of dissemination – from sensitive and high tech, to low-tech, to no-tech, and methods from overt, to clandestine, to deception.”

Some reports on the video question why it was made.

 The Pipeline reported

“Here’s the odd thing — clandestine Army units like this DON’T make recruiting material, because that material brings unwanted attention. Have you ever seen an official Delta Force recruiting video? Exactly.”

The Vigilant Citizen posits that the intent might be darker, writing:

“These allusions to magic are not merely figurative. PSYOPS extensively researched occult and supernatural phenomenon such as ESP (extra-sensory perception) and remote viewing. There was always a ‘magical’, supernatural element to PSYOPS.”


Time now for our Worldview Report nightly commentary.

Only 11 Republican U.S. Senators voted against Biden’s $40 billion giveaway to Ukraine. The rest, including big names in American conservatism like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, voted with the Democrats along with the typical Rinos like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney. This is once again the uniparty in action, voting in the interests of the administrative state, which includes the CIA, the defense industry and the refugee industry, but against the best interests of American citizens.

Senators voted 81 to 11 to end debate on a motion to proceed to the legislation, setting up a final vote on the bill for later in the week.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was one of the 11 and he summed it up best in a couple of tweets, answering his critics at the same time.

Senator Rand Paul, who also voted against the massive expenditure, had this to say on the Senate floor.


The ten Republican senators who joined Rand Paul in voting against sending $40 billion to Ukraine even as American mothers can’t find baby formula for their infants and the border remains wide open, included the following:

Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.)
John Boozman (Ark.)
Mike Braun (Ind.)
Mike Crapo (Idaho)
Bill Hagerty (Tenn.)
Josh Hawley (Mo.)
Mike Lee (Utah)
Roger Marshall (Kan.)
Tommy Tuberville (Ala.)

We should take notes and take names of the globalists as well as the nationalists.

That’s our report for tonight; thanks for tuning in. From everyone here at the Worldview Report, good night and God bless.


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