Democrat Senator Wants Justice Samuel Alito Investigated

Democrat Senator Wants Justice Samuel Alito Investigated

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  • A new report finds that Chinese spies posing as tourists have been scouring the nation’s military and government sites, scooping up lots of sensitive data. But what’s being done about it? We’ll clue you in.
  • A California mom has won a $100,000 settlement from her daughter’s school district, after middle-school teachers had socially transitioned her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia, without her knowledge or consent.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s been checked out by his doctor, who found the octogenarian to be perfectly healthy and fit. So why does McConnell keep zoning out in public?
  • A Democrat Senator files an ethics complaint against conservative Justice Samuel Alito, requesting an investigation from Chief Justice Roberts.
  • Illinois sheriffs push back against the state’s new gun ban.
  • And big changes are planned for both automobile and air travel if the 

climate-change radicals get their way. We’ll explain how they plan to infringe upon your freedom of movement.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Starting us off tonight, The Independent Journal Review reports that the FBI discovered more than 100 instances of Chinese citizens pretending to be tourists in order to scoop up intelligence data on U.S. military sites, but the bureau did nothing to stop the spying.

Given the nickname “gate-crashers,” the Chinese citizens were discovered to have been trying to get onto U.S. military bases or other U.S. government installations either on purpose or by accident, officials from the FBI, Department of Defense (DOD) and other government agencies found, according to the Wall Street Journal.

These incidents have reportedly sparked concern among members of Congress. Democratic Colorado Rep. Jason Crow expressed the need to “train” state and local law enforcement to deal with these encounters.

“We need to work closely with our state and local partners to train them and equip them,” Crow said. “Right now, they don’t know how to deal with it.”

The so-called “gate-crashers” have reportedly tried to cross onto a U.S. missile range in New Mexico. Others were scuba-diving in Florida waters located near a U.S. government rocket launch site, according to the outlet.

Gate-crashers have claimed that they are following their Google Maps directions to McDonalds or Burger King located near these U.S. military installations. In other instances, the gate-crashers are claimed to “be more troubling,” according to U.S. officials.

Ezra Cohen, who worked as the acting undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, that during his time with the agency, he had “pleaded with DOJ officials” to go after these gate-crashers.


“During my time as the head of counterintelligence and law enforcement at DOD we pleaded with DOJ officials to prosecute these infiltrators,” Cohen wrote. “DOJ told us it wasn’t a priority for them. I guess they were more concerned with other things (distractions).”


Kellyanne’s former lesser half George Conway (who she is in the process of divorcing) made a complete fool of himself on ultra-globalist MSNBC early Tuesday morning.

While being interviewed on “Morning Joe,” Conway was asked by host, deep-state mouthpiece Joe Scarborough, for his reaction to Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) blocking military promotions in order to repeal a Pentagon policy granting leave and travel expenses to military personnel for the purpose of obtaining an abortion in the state where they are stationed.

A real conservative would support Tuberville’s efforts to protect unborn children and stop this social-engineering practice by the defense department. But the portly Lincoln Project founder instead went on a whiny tirade bashing pro-Trump Republicans for not embracing the Deep State and its new Gestapo, the FBI.

Here was his response:

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 2:49 mark to the end)

Good job Mr. Conway in defending the American police state. Because you’re so stupid, I’ll explain it for you. The reason patriotic conservative Americans have soured on the military, the FBI and numerous other federal agencies is not because they “hate America.” It’s because they love America and they’re repulsed by what they see from these three-letter agencies being weaponized against American citizens of a certain political persuasion. 

Conversely, this is the same reason why liberal Democrats, who once hated the military and the FBI, now love them. They realize these formerly great institutions have been fully infiltrated and purged of patriotic leaders, they’ve gone woke and have committed to persecuting the half of America that still stands for traditional values.


The Washington Standard reports that California mom Jessica Konen won a $100,000 settlement from her daughter’s school district, Spreckels Union School District, after Buena Vista Middle School had socially transitioned her 11-year-old daughter, Alicia, without her knowledge or consent. 

The school district still refuses to admit that it’s at fault.

Many are calling this a landmark case, saying it will make other school districts across the country think twice before transitioning kids behind their parents’ backs. 

At the beginning of her sixth-grade year, a friend invited Alicia to the school’s Equality Club, headed by two seventh-grade teachers, Lois Caldeira and Kelly Baraki. While there, the teachers told her that she was bisexual and later on identified her as transexual. 

Alicia wasn’t sure what either of those terms meant, but trusted the teachers, was given more material to read, and believed them.

Later, in the spring, Alicia went to the school counselor because she was depressed and stressed. She had weekly meetings with the counselor as well as Caldeira and the principal. Alicia was informed that she was depressed and stressed because she was “not being who she was” and that if she became her “true self,” she would get better.

According to the legal complaint, Caldeira and Baraki identified students for the school’s Equality Club “based on comments students made to them, comments that they overheard students make to others, and their own observations of students in the classroom setting, and otherwise. Once they identified students for the club, Caldeira and Baraki would invite them to participate.”

In a leaked recording from a 2021 California Teachers Association conference, these teachers discussed how they kept meetings private and “stalked” students online for recruits.

Baraki admitted: “When we were doing our virtual learning — we totally stalked what they were doing on Google, when they weren’t doing school work. One of them was googling ‘Trans Day of Visibility.’ And we’re like, ‘Check.’ We’re going to invite that kid when we get back on campus.”

Spreckels Union School District adopted a “Parental Secrecy Policy,” ensuring that staff at Buena Vista would “conceal from parents that their minor children had articulated confusion about their gender identity, evinced a desire to change their gender identity, or assumed or expressed a new gender identity, unless the student expressly authorized the parents to be informed.”

Remarkably, Spreckels Union would “intentionally deceive parents regarding students’ new gender identity and expression by, among other things, not publishing the Parental Secrecy Policy on the Spreckels Union website, using students’ birth names and pronouns in communications with parents despite using students’ new names and pronouns when parents were not there, instructing students they were not to tell their parents about their new gender identity or expression because their parents ‘couldn’t be trusted,’ and otherwise concealing those facts from parents.”


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has released a medical evaluation report after appearing to freeze and look blankly into space.

The frightening happenings where McConnell appears to freeze until being roused by staff, have been caught on camera twice in two months.

RTM previously reported that Sen. McConnell froze when asked by a reporter: “What are your thoughts on running for re-election?”

Though McConnell quickly recovered from that medical episode, an aide shared with reporters: “While he feels fine, as a prudential measure, the Leader will be consulting a physician prior to his next event.”

As promised Senator McConnell submitted to a medical exam and on Tuesday released the report.

Dr. Brian Monahan wrote: “My examination of you following your August 30, 2023, brief episode included several medical evaluations: brain MRI imaging, EEG study, and consultations with several neurologists for a comprehensive neurology assessment.”

Bottom line: “There is no evidence that you have a seizure disorder or that you experienced a stroke, TIA, or movement disorder such as Parkinson’s disease.”

Dr. Monahan added that no new treatments, procedures, or medications were recommended, but did note that McConnell continues to undergo “treatment as he recovers from his March 2023 fall.”

Dr. Monahan gave the green light for the senior statesman to resume his usual schedule.

You saw the video of McConnell freezing up like a deer in headlights. We could play if for you again but by now you’ve all seen it. Embarrassing.

But nothing is wrong with the senator, his doctor says. I guess we’re to believe it’s completely normal now for U.S. senators to stand in front of an audience, freeze up, their eyes glaze over as if in some sort of trance. 

But if we question it, we’re told we are the crazy ones. We’re the ones with a screw loose.

Don’t fall for this gaslighting, folks. McConnell is either a very ill man or he is under the control of some kind of hypnotic instructor speaking into his ear, and maybe he’s just getting too old to understand the instructions he’s being given on what to say and when. He’s not crazy or suffering from dementia. No. It’s we the people.


Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has asked Chief Justice Roberts to investigate conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Whitehouse sent a letter to Roberts demanding an ethics investigation into Alito over his recent comments about the Supreme Court in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Justice Alito told The Wall Street Journal in July:

“I know this is a controversial view, but I’m willing to say it. No provision in the Constitution gives them (Congress) the authority to regulate the Supreme Court — period.”

That’s all it took for Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to write to the Chief Justice, stating:

“Justice Alito’s decision to opine publicly on the constitutionality of that bill may well embolden legal challenges to the bill should it become law. Indeed, his comments encourage challenges to all manner of judicial ethics laws already on the books.”

The Hill reported that Whitehouse urged Roberts in a 7-page letter to “take whatever steps are necessary” to probe the matter.

Earlier this year Chief Justice John Roberts declined to testify before Congress about Supreme Court ethics as Democrats ramp up their harassment campaign against Justice Clarence Thomas.

Democrat media operatives have been harassing Clarence Thomas because their ultimate goal is to expand the Supreme Court.

In April, Propublica launched an attack on Thomas because he took vacations with a longtime family friend who happens to be Republican donor.


The Conservative Treehouse reports that the U.S. Department of Defense will now conduct online monitoring operations, using enhanced AI to “protect” the U.S. internet from “disinformation.” 

This unprecedented censorship will be done under the auspices of “national security.”

Eyes Wide Open reports that the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has contracted with New York-based Accrete AI to deploy software that detects “real time” disinformation threats on social media.

The company’s Argus anomaly detection AI software analyzes social media data, accurately capturing “emerging narratives” and generating intelligence reports for military forces to speedily neutralize disinformation threats, according to Eyes Wide Open.

Accrete founder and CEO Prashant Bhuyan told the website:

“Synthetic media, including AI-generated viral narratives, deep fakes, and other harmful social media-based applications of AI, pose a serious threat to U.S. national security and civil society. Social media is widely recognized as an unregulated environment where adversaries routinely exploit reasoning vulnerabilities and manipulate behavior through the intentional spread of disinformation. USSOCOM is at the tip of the spear in recognizing the critical need to identify and analytically predict social media narratives at an embryonic stage before those narratives evolve and gain traction. Accrete is proud to support USSOCOM’s mission.”

The company also revealed that it will launch an enterprise version of Argus Social for disinformation detection later this year.

The AI software will provide protection for “urgent customer pain points” against AI-generated synthetic media, such as viral disinformation and deep fakes.

Providing this protection requires AI that can automatically “learn” what is most important to an enterprise and predict the likely social media narratives that will emerge before they influence behavior.


More than 90 Illinois sheriff’s departments publicly announced their refusal to enforce the Protect Illinois Communities Act banning all pistols and rifles with detachable magazines as prohibited “assault weapons.”

Protecting who?

The state's Democrat Governor J. B. Pritzker signed the extensive gun ban into law in January. While claiming to “Protect Illinois Communities,” Pritzker signed a separate bill forbidding police from cooperating with U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to deport illegal immigrants, even though they are 163% more likely to be convicted of first degree murder than are U.S. citizens.

Expanding what doesn't work.

Casting additional doubt on Pritzker's claim to protect communities, the Chicago Tribune reported that at least 4,300 people were shot in 2021 in Cook County, which includes the Chicago metropolitan area, with more than 1,000 of those gunshot victims dying. This, despite Chicago’s gun laws being “among the most restrictive in the United States.” 

One might expect the governor to bring the rural counties’ gun policies to Chicago to solve the homicide problem in the Windy City. The new law instead brings Chicago-style gun control to the rest of the state.

Illinois Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Jim Kaitschuk drafted a template for sheriffs to sign vowing not to enforce the new gun ban since it violates the Second Amendment. Vanity Fair reports that more than 90 sheriffs have done just that, including DuPage County Sheriff James Mendrick, who labeled the weapon ban “a clear violation” of the Constitution.

Vanity Fair notes that Governor Pritzker attacked the sheriffs who pledged to protect Second Amendment rights, accusing them of “political grandstanding,” and threatened to remove them from their positions if they continued their defiance. Pritzker warned those sheriffs that, in the end, “They will in fact do their job or they won’t be in their job.” 

Local, state, and federal officials, including Illinois representatives, joined Pritzker, admonishing Sheriff Mendrick in particular. The state's Democrat attorney general also assailed the sheriffs stating, “There are other people there to do the job.”

Vanity Fair also emphasized that state and municipal police could theoretically step in to enforce the gun ban, but concluded, nonetheless, that the threats by the governor and others, may, at the end of the day, be empty.


Pollution in one of Scotland’s largest cities has risen since low-emission zones were imposed in June as part of a radical climate-change agenda.

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee are restricting certain areas to vehicles which meet certain environmental standards. Drivers of unapproved vehicles who enter these low-emission zones, or LEZs, are fined $75.77 per day.

Scotland Transportation Minister Jenny Gilruth hailed the mandates as “a truly significant public-health moment for Scotland,” adding that, “Our air quality is generally good — but for too long air pollution has exceeded legal limits for health in our city centers as a consequence of unrestricted vehicle emissions. We have a moral responsibility to act. Air pollution often disproportionally impacts those with the least in our society.”

But recent tests show that air pollution in Glasgow — the only city to so far enforce the LEZ mandate — has risen over the last two months compared to the same period last year, reports the Daily Mail. Nitrogen dioxide levels in June, July and August 2022 were measured at 31 micrograms per cubic meter against 34 micrograms this year.

Over 730,000 vehicles in Scotland have been banned from entering the LEZs, including more than half of Glasgow's taxi cabs.

Scotland’s government has drawn recent mockery for other climate-related policies which some say are “clumsy” attempts to “fight climate change.”

Maybe that’s because these policies have little to nothing to do with “climate change” and everything to do with stepped-up efforts to control and restrict people’s freedom of movement.

In a June 13th letter to Tory Member of Scottish Parliament Liam Kerr, Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon revealed that since 2000 the Scottish National Party has removed 7,858 hectares of trees. Each hectare contained about 2,000 trees.

“This gives an estimated total of 15.7 million trees which have been felled in order to facilitate windfarm development,” wrote Gougeon, adding that wind farm developers are “expected” to replant the trees.

The LEZ pollution finding comes the week after London Mayor Sadiq Khan expanded the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) climate mandate to encompass all London residents. The decision has drawn heavy protests, including hunger strikes and refusal to pay fines. Taxpayers have also taken to disabling the ANPR surveillance cameras which Transport for London, the city’s transportation department, said will be used both for climate and law enforcement.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

We just reported on insane UK policies called Ultra-Low Emission Zones or ULEZs. But these types of policies are coming here, too. We know that because these are the policies of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, two globalist organizations that our government fully supports.

The intention is to ban gasoline powered vehicles by 2035.

The plan also includes a radical reduction in air traffic.

Airlines will soon be charging passengers a “climate tax.”

Bloomberg reported last week that the aviation industry aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. With about 25,000 commercial planes burning approximately 100 billion gallons of fuel a year, the industry will need to spend an estimated $4 trillion to achieve its 2050 goal. The estimate was provided by McKinsey & Co. in a report sponsored by the World Economic Forum.

But while carbon neutrality is not a goal passengers chose, it is one they will likely be funding.

According to Bloomberg, “Airlines say the financial blow will be far too heavy to bear on their own.”

There’s “just no way around it,” said International Air Transport Association Director General Willie Walsh, whose organization is the industry’s main global lobby group.

The International Council on Clean Transportation, a policy and research think tank, has proposed a $25 climate tax on passengers, or a sliding scale that might charge passengers $177 for their 20th flight.

But no matter the method, the report says the transition to cleaner fuels is expensive enough to “put the democratization of flying into reverse, leading to higher fares, and fewer routes and airlines.”

We didn’t vote for these changes. The elites believe they can just impose them on us. 

The whole intent seems to be to bring us back to the Stone Age. They’d better be careful, because all of these new taxes and regulations might just lead to a rebellion, and maybe even and new Dark Age.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…


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