Disneyland Is Welcoming Children of All Ages to Attend Its First Gay "Pride Nite"

Disneyland Is Welcoming Children of All Ages to Attend Its First Gay "Pride Nite"


  • Minnesota Democrats are using their legislative clout to make pedophiles part of a protected class of people enjoying the same protections as other minorities.
  • Disneyland is welcoming children of all ages to attend its first gay “Pride Nite” celebration.
  • At least one Western country is now demanding to know if men are pregnant before they can donate blood.
  • And the long foretold cashless society has finally arrived and coming soon to a retailer near you.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We start tonight with a shocking story out of Minnesota.

Alpha News reports that Minnesota Democrats want to remove language from the state’s Human Rights Act which clarifies that pedophilia is not included in the protected “sexual orientation” class.

“‘Sexual orientation’ does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult,” the Human Rights Act saysHF 1655, a bill carried by Rep. Leigh Finke, Democrat of St. Paul, seeks to remove that language from state statutes.

Proponents of the change argue that the current language perpetuates a stereotype that gay people are attracted to children, according to House research information provided to Alpha News.

Finke’s bill, dubbed the “Take Pride Act,” was incorporated into the House omnibus civil law policy bill, which is scheduled for a Tuesday floor vote.

Republicans plan to introduce an amendment to clarify that adults with “a physical or sexual attachment to children” are not a protected class under the Human Rights Act.

House Minority Leader Lisa Demuth, R-Cold Spring, said in a statement:

“Under the Human Rights Act, the definition of sexual orientation says that sexual orientation does not include physical or sexual attraction to children by an adult — or, more simply described, pedophilia. The Democrats’ decision to strike this language is disturbing and inexplicable. House Republicans will be presenting an amendment to clarify that pedophilia is absolutely not a protected class under the Human Rights Act. We sincerely hope Democrats will join us in ensuring our children are protected.”

Finke’s bill also includes an updated definition of “gender identity,” which is defined as “a person’s inherent sense of being a man, woman, both, or neither.”

The new definition states:

“A person’s gender identity may or may not correspond to their assigned sex at birth or to their primary or secondary sex characteristics. A person’s gender identity is not necessarily visible to others.”

Department of Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero testified in support of the standalone bill during a March 7 hearing.

She said, “It’s a bill that’s been long overdue.” 

Other provisions in the bill seek to strengthen sexual orientation and gender identity protections in housing and ensure that nonprofits follow non-discrimination laws in accordance with the state-mandated protected classes, which apparently will now include pedophiles in Minnesota.


Disneyland is welcoming children of all ages to attend its first gay “Pride Nite” celebration, an after-hours event commemorating Pride Month.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and their friends will be dressed in “special attire” during a pride-themed parade in the Anaheim, California park.

SHOW VIDEO (20 seconds, has no sound)


The event billed “Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite” will include dance parties and access to rides in the theme park.

Tickets for Disneyland’s Pride Nite will cost $139 per person for those ages 3 and up and includes admission to Disneyland Park three hours prior to the pride party. Children younger than 3 are permitted free entry.


A man was prohibited from donating blood to the Scottish National Health System after he refused to confirm whether or not he was pregnant.

Steffen McAndrew said he had been turned away from a blood donation center in the town of Ayr in southwest Scotland after he declined to answer a question about whether he was carrying a baby.

GB News reports that the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service claims the question was introduced a year ago for “donor safety.”

Everyone is expected to confirm whether they are pregnant or had been recently, regardless of their sex.

But following backlash, the service said it would change the wording on its form but still plans to have male donors respond to a question about whether they are with child.

McAndrew said that he had been a regular blood donor before the pandemic, but booked a new appointment to donate at Belmont Academy for the first time since Covid hit.

But when it came down to giving blood, a nurse told him that he would be unable to go ahead with the donation after he declined to answer the question about whether he was due to give birth.

Some trans activists insist it is possible for men to become pregnant, as they believe transgender men, who are biologically female, are male.

However, McAndrew said that he was a man and “therefore I cannot be pregnant.”

He told The Herald: “I can't believe they would refuse a donation from a man based on the fact I refused to say if I was pregnant.

“I can also understand those who have suggested, 'just tick the box', to enable a donation. However, it is the principle of the matter.

“To say it is bonkers is an understatement. I have a nagging feeling that it is political correctness gone too far, trying to placate and pacify the gender-brigade.

“I am hugely supportive of the Blood Transfusion Service. They are vital to the day-to-day operation of the NHS. But I really think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this.

“It's a fundamental problem in the NHS (and society) that common sense has been lost, obliterated.”


We hear a lot about the massive increase in illegal border entries from Mexico into the U.S.

But illegal immigration at the northern border is also on the uptick.

Alpha News reports that Border Patrol agents apprehended nine men who illegally entered the country from Canada near Warroad, Minn., last week.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said seven of the nine men are citizens of Mexico, ranging in age from 19 to 46. None of them had proper immigration documents. Seven of them were transferred to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement while the two others are receiving medical care.

Border Patrol agents responded to reports of a group of individuals in distress on April 18 around 4:50 a.m., according to a press release. One of the migrants made an emergency phone call to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who notified Border Patrol of the group’s presence.

Agents located the group of migrants in a flooded bog west of Warroad. Temperatures in the bog were below freezing and required the Border Patrol agents to wear protective suits in order to rescue the group.

U.S. Rep. Pete Stauber, a member of the newly-formed Northern Border Security Caucuswarned lawmakers during a recent committee hearing about the increase in illicit activity along the U.S.-Canada border.

Stauber, who represents Minnesota’s 8th district, said:

“According to Customs and Border Protection data, drug smuggling across the northern border has increased by nearly 600% since fiscal year 2021. These drugs are pouring over the northern border and flowing directly into our communities, killing our citizens.”

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said more than 2,000 people were apprehended along the northern border in 2022, though he claimed this number represents “only a small fraction of illegal crossings.”

Border Patrol agents in the Grand Forks sector reported 90 apprehensions between October 1st and January 1st. There were 80 apprehensions reported during the entire previous fiscal year.

The Swanton sector, which covers Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York, has seen an 846% increase in encounters and apprehensions.


Tech companies and social media companies are crawling with hundreds of former employees of the FBI, CIA, DHS and more, according to a new investigation.

Be careful who you share with on these sites; you never know who you might be talking to.

The Daily Caller reports that Google, Twitter, Meta-Facebook and TikTok’s executive ranks have included more than 200 former employees of surveillance government agencies, creating an employment pipeline between the government and Big Tech companies.

The Daily Caller investigation that used LinkedIn as its primary source found that technology companies recruited 248 employees from the DOJ, FBI, CIA and DHS. The hiring occurred mostly between 2017-2022, with several filling top director positions after having decade-long careers in federal surveillance agencies.

The Daily Caller’s key term search on LinkedIn found:

  • Google hired 130 former DOJ, DHS, CIA and FBI employees. 
  • Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, employed 47 people for those three entities who were previously at the DOJ, FBI or DHS. 
  • TikTok, the Chinese-based app embattled with national security concerns, employed 25 former DOJ, FBI, DHS or CIA employees. 
  • Twitter had 46 executives who had previously spent time working for the three-letter agencies.

Reed Rubinstein, former deputy associate attorney general under President Trump, told the Daily Caller that Americans should be “concerned” about “terrifying” integration of Big Tech companies and federal agencies.

Rubinstein said:

“The revolving door has been a feature of D.C. for as long as I can remember. Any business that is heavily regulated is going to be concerned about managing the regulators, and one way to do that is by purchasing them.”

The Gateway Pundit noted the irony exposed by the Daily Caller’s investigation, stating “these are the same people who accuse conservatives of being fascists.”


A new research study out of the United Kingdom shows face masks made “no discernible difference” to Covid transmission rates in hospitals.

Infection rates didn’t soar when mask mandates were removed in National Health System medical facilities during the middle of a surge in the Omicron variant, the Daily Mail reports.

But the so-called experts are still not ready to ditch the masks in the next pandemic.

Instead, they called for a “rational and proportionate” masking policy in hospitals during future Covid flare-ups because the benefits are “at best, modest.”

Governments around the world — including the U.S., Canada and the UK — made it mandatory to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces during the Covid scare.

Many Democrat-run cities had forced masking laws in place well into 2022.

This was in spite of a lack of rigorous trials into the effectiveness of face masks to prevent the spread of viruses.

Some hospitals still call for patients to cover up before entering, although it is no longer legally required.  

Researchers from St. George's Hospital in southwest London analyzed routinely collected infection control data over a 40-week period between December 4, 2021 and September 10, 2022.

It marked the time between the first week Omicron became the dominant Covid variant and the week universal PCR Covid screening tests were scrapped for patients being admitted.

During the first phase of the study - December 4, 2021 to June 1, 2022 - all staff and visitors were required to wear masks in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

By phase two, the mandate was removed.

Instead, decisions about mask policy were entrusted to individual hospitals.

High risk wards, including ones treating cancer patients and intensive care units, retained the mask obligation.

Researchers found removing the mask policy in phase two did not produce a “statistically significant change” in the hospital-acquired Covid infection rate.

Equally, they “did not observe a delayed effect” in the Covid infection rate once the policy was removed.

This was despite transmission of the virus spiking within the community.  


In another study, face masks were found to raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children.

A review of dozens of studies on face coverings suggested they can cause mild carbon dioxide poisoning when worn over long periods.

The German academics who carried out the research believe masks create a pocket of dead space between the mouth and mask, which traps the toxic gas.

They say the build-up of CO2 in pregnant women's bodies could cause complications for the unborn fetus. They point out that CO2 also contributes to oxidative stress, which can affect cognition and cause testicular issues in men.

Alluding to the surge in stillbirths during the pandemic, the German researchers said: “Circumstantial evidence exists that popular mask use may be related to current observations of a significant rise of 28 percent to 33 percent in stillbirths worldwide.”

The research authors wrote in the paper, published in the journal Heliyon, that they found, “reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance of two full standard deviations in scores in children born during the pandemic.”


In other news, Zero Hedge reports on an awkward scene that played out at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday during the formal ceremony which made Finland the alliance's 31st member. 

Ukraine's foreign minister was present and a group of protesters reportedly chanted just as Finland's flag was raised: “Ukraine in NATO!”

According to Politico, the Ukrainian top diplomat, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, took the opportunity to state Kiev's goal

“Ukraine is aiming at reaching the same goal, becoming a full member of NATO. It will be one of the topics of our conversations here in Brussels, of how can we move forward. While we appreciate the practical support we receive from the alliance, there is no better strategic solution to ensuring strategic security in the Euro-Atlantic region than the membership of Ukraine in the alliance.”

This put pressure on Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of NATO, to address the elephant in the room, and the question was asked by a journalist from a Ukrainian outlet during a press conference. Below is how the NATO chief responded:

He added that Kyiv can win the war and become a full-fledged NATO member one day.

Responding to the Kyiv Independent at a news conference, Stoltenberg said that “NATO's position remains unchanged and that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance.”

NATO's long-time leader emphasized that the “main focus” now is to ensure that Ukraine remains a sovereign, independent nation in Europe. “The first step toward any membership of Ukraine to NATO is to ensure that Ukraine prevails, and that is why the U.S. and its partners have provided unprecedented support for Ukraine,” he added.

Of course, all of this is dangerously premised on what would in effect be Russia's collapse, given the nuclear-armed superpower would never allow Ukraine to become a full-fledged NATO member, even if to some degree its militarization by NATO has already taken place throughout the conflict.



From NATO’s point of view, accepting Ukraine into the alliance would automatically trigger the Article 5 common defense rule, which is why it doesn't induct nations with boiling-hot conflicts on their borders. This means that certainly there would be at least a handful of holdout nations reluctant to approve any future application by Ukraine, given it would invite almost certain nuclear conflict with Russia.


Nebraska became the 27th state in the nation to enshrine into law the right of its residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

Governor Jim Pillen said in a comment to Fox News Digital on Tuesday:

“Signing this bill upholds the promise I made to voters to protect our constitutional rights and promote commonsense, conservative values. I appreciate the hard work of those senators who supported this legislation, and particularly that of Senator Brewer who led this charge and carried it through to the end.”

Pillen’s signature on Tuesday further solidifies the U.S. as a constitutional carry-majority nation, after Florida tipped the scales as the 26th state in the nation with permitless carry laws on the books earlier this month. 

The Nebraska law will take effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session, which is scheduled for June 9. Eligible Nebraska residents will then be allowed to carry concealed firearms on their person or in their car without paying the government for a permit. 


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

According to a report out this week in Axios, more and more retailers are opting to go cashless, meaning they no longer will accept cash as payment for their goods and services. As part of that effort, they're installing what’s called “reverse ATMs.”

These are machines that dispense stored-value cards in exchange for your paper dollars.

The trend toward the banishment of cash — accelerated by the Covid pandemic — prompted some states and cities to pass laws banning them from doing so. This was in deference to people who don't have bank accounts and their only method of payment is cash.

Many large corporate retailers also consider the handling of cash to be an unnecessary hassle. They worry about employee theft and constant runs to the bank.

Technocrats are now coming to the rescue with these new Reverse ATM machines — also known as cash-to-card kiosks – which are popping up in restaurants, amusement parks, sports stadiums, airports, and all manner of venues that want to go cashless without flouting the law or turning away the customers who deal only in cash, a segment of the population that represent 4.5% of Americans, per the FDIC.

“Cash digitization” is the term that's catching on for converting cash to electronic currency — which is increasingly necessary as transit systems and other public accommodations also go cashless, Axios reports.

To use a reverse ATM, a customer feeds cash into a machine and gets a prepaid plastic card in return. 

Here’s a video of how it works:



Some of these machines charge fees up to $5 or more every time you use one.

So these corporations are now profiting off of people who don’t carry plastic and have only cash, which tends to be the poorest of Americans.

While some cards are venue-specific, generally you get a Visa or Mastercard that may or may not be reloadable.

And get this: Some of the cards carry “dormancy fees,” such as a $3.95 charge if the card isn't used within 90 days — and it may be hard to use up the card balance if only a small amount is left.

The plandemic — which initially got people scared to handle bills and coins — accelerated the migration to electronic payments.

This is yet another scam to entrap and enslave the consumer, while charging him for the “privilege” of converting his hard-earned cash to plastic.

Here’s my two cents: If you are a Bible-believing Christian who sees the writing on the wall with regard to the coming cashless society, the most prudent thing to do, whether you typically use cash or plastic, is to boycott any place of business that installs these reverse ATM machines. 

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast…

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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