Go Woke or Go Broke?

Go Woke or Go Broke?


  • A Chinese-American bank has released documents showing millions of dollars being transferred to the family of Joe Biden from Chinese companies.
  • The alleged leaker of sensitive Defense Department war documents has been identified, if you believe the perpetual liars at the Washington Post and New York Times.
  • Joe Biden embarrasses himself, and America, again on the world stage, this time while speaking in Ireland.
  • Former U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann weighs in on the global Pandemic Accord being pushed by the Biden regime.
  • And another bombshell from Seymore Hersh, who now says Ukrainian President Zelensky has been embezzling tens of millions of dollars in U.S. aid.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We lead off tonight with a report from American Military News.

Citing an interview in the Washington Times, the outlet reports that Republican Senator Ron Johnson said Joe Biden should consider it a “wake-up call” that a Chinese-American bank has turned over records allegedly showing millions of dollars being transferred to Biden’s family from Chinese companies.

According to the Washington Times, Johnson said:

“In my mind, it’s the Chinese government telling Joe Biden, ‘We got the goods on you, buddy, and we’re willing to dish it up.’” 

Los Angeles-based Cathay Bank released the records after a request from Republican Senators Ron Johnson and Charles Grassley. The records reportedly show large payments from a Chinese state-owned company flowing through Biden family accounts while Biden was running for his current presidency.

Some findings from the records, discovered in Grassley and Johnson’s joint investigation, have previously been disclosed by the lawmakers. Biden has denied any involvement, calling the story “not true,” as reported by Fox News.

Cathay Bank, the oldest Chinese-American bank in southern California, has denied any links to the Chinese government. In a statement, a spokesman for the bank, Ian Campbell, said the bank is cooperating with the ongoing Biden family investigation by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

Campbell said:

“Cathay Bank, a NASDAQ-listed, U.S. financial institution for over 60 years, has cooperated with the [committee’s] request for information. The bank intends to continue to cooperate with the committee. Cathay Bank was founded more than 60 years ago by a United States citizen, and serves American communities as a bank with over $20 billion in assets and more than 60 branches in nine states. Cathay Bank is neither owned by nor affiliated with the Chinese government in any way.”

No other banks in America complied with Senators Grassley and Johnson’s records requests, according to the Washington Times. Johnson told the Times he views Cathay Bank’s willingness to disclose the records as raising questions about Biden’s involvement in the business deals.

Johnson said, “We just requested the records, and no questions asked; they just turned them over to us. That’s not by accident.”


Speaking of Joe Biden, he delivered a speech to the Irish Parliament in Dublin on Thursday in what turned out to be another disastrous and embarrassing performance.

After ogling young girls at a Gaelic sports demonstration, Biden headed over to the Irish Parliament to deliver what were clearly pre-rehearsed remarks.

Biden could barely read the teleprompter.

He slurred his words and told bizarre stories.

At one point Biden said his grandfather compared him to a revolutionary warlord who was shot dead: “Joey, I worry about you. You’re too much like that guy who led the Revolution. You gotta be less like the military guy. They shot him.”

Of course, like most of Biden’s stories, this never happened. Pure fantasy.



Biden also lost the battle with his teleprompter and read the instructions out loud.

“End of quote,” Biden said to the Irish Parliament.



Conservative talk show host Jesse Kelly appeared on Tim Poole’s podcast recently and put forth what he said is a harsh reality about Bud Light and all woke corporations. 

“Bud Light will be fine,” Kelly said. You may or may not agree with his reasoning, but no one can deny he gives a thought-provoking response. Here’s a clip from that interview.




North Dakota U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Hovland issued a preliminary injunction Wednesday that blocked the implementation of the Biden administration’s radical clean water rule, also known as WOTUS. 

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers published the rule in the Federal Register on January 18, bringing the country’s wetlands, streams and other waterways under federal jurisdiction. The rule was implemented during the Obama administration and repealed under the Trump administration. 

A total of 23 states and several organizations joined North Dakota in the lawsuit filed on February 21st.

Judge Hovland stated in his order that the EPA exceeded its statutory authority and therefore the rule could be unconstitutional. 

He wrote:

“The first category under the new Rule are traditional navigable waters, territorial seas, and interstate waters. The EPA has now taken the position that ‘interstate waters’ includes all such waters—even those that are not ‘connected to navigable waters’ in any manner. There are serious questions whether this is a permissible construction of the Clean Water Act as the Rule essentially reads non-navigability out of the Act. And does the Clean Water Act support making every wetland, stream, tributary or other water traversing a border subject to federal jurisdiction?”

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said the rule would have created confusion and driven up costs for consumers, adding: 

“North Dakota has some of the cleanest air and water in the nation because we responsibly develop our natural resources and properly exercise our state’s authority to protect our own waters from pollution.”

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond also praised the ruling, stating:

“The Biden administration routinely infringes on the 10th Amendment rights of Oklahoma and other states, but today the Court put that overreach on hold.”


A 21-year-old Air National Guardsman, Jack Teixeira, has been arrested in connection with the leak of hundreds of classified documents, according to the Washington Examiner and several other outlets.

This is a social media photograph republished by the NY Times of the accused leaker:



The leader of a small online gaming chat group where a trove of classified U.S. intelligence documents leaked over the last few months is a 21-year-old member of the intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The New York Times.

Teixeira supposedly oversaw a private online group named Thug Shaker Central, where about 20 to 30 people, mostly young men and teenagers, came together over a shared love of guns, racist online memes and video games.

Two U.S. officials confirmed that investigators want to talk to Airman Teixeira about the leak of the government documents to the private online group. One official said Airman Teixeira might have information relevant to the investigation.


The supposed leaker, Jack Teixeira, reportedly works on a military base in Massachusetts that shared the sensitive material with a close-knit group of online pals on the chat platform Discord.

The bombshell development was revealed in a Wednesday Washington Post report that partially relied on interviews with a teenager in the Discord group who claims to be friends with the leaker, who goes only by “OG.”

The unnamed teen told the newspaper, which obtained permission from his mother to conduct an interview:

“He’s a smart person. He knew what he was doing when he posted these documents. These weren’t accidental leaks of any kind. He’s fit. He’s strong. He’s armed. He’s trained. Just about everything you can expect out of some sort of crazy movie.”

The teen described the alleged leaker as in his early to mid-20s.

The teenager claims that “OG” steadily shared purportedly classified material with him and about two dozen other members of the private Discord group called “Thug Shaker Central,” in which “OG” was an administrator.

“OG” reportedly obtained the documents from his job on an unnamed “military base,” where he told the group he had access to a secure facility on site, according to the teen.

The alleged leaker seemed to gain credibility among the group when he shared information that “only someone with the high kind of clearance” would know that later showed up in the news.

According to the report, the roughly 25 group members, including several foreign citizens from the likes of Russia and Ukraine, prayed together and discussed video games, jokes, memes and watched “OG” post purportedly transcribed material from secret government documents.

“OG” annotated the documents with explanations for intelligence terms such as “NOFORN,” which means the material must not be shared with foreign nationals – that he would bring home from his job at the unnamed base, the report said.

Among the U.S. secrets “OG” purportedly shared with the community are documents showing that Egypt had planned to sell Russia 40,000 rockets, intelligence suggesting NATO-ally Turkey had been asked for weapons by Russian mercenaries, maps of Ukrainian and Russian troop positions and casualty counts and information on U.S. and allied special forces in Ukraine.

Let me just say, this entire story fails to pass the smell test.

What are the chances that a 21-year-old, wet-behind-the-ears National Guardsman got his hands on top-secret strategic plans for a war we aren’t supposed to be involved in? He certainly could not have accomplished such a feat on his own. He is more than likely a low-level patsy, a fall guy, if he is guilty at all.


In July 2022, the Biden regime was pushing an amendment to the International Health Regulations administered by the U.N. World Health Organization that would give the WHO power over U.S. health policies whenever there is a declared health emergency.

And guess who gets to declare such an emergency under these amended regulations? Of course, it’s the WHO.  

As Joe Hoft writes for The Gateway Pundit, the amended agreement would prevent Americans from doing anything that the United Nations world government apparatus didn’t want to be done “and would in essence take away all rights of Americans in an emergency like COVID.”

Thanks at least in part to the efforts of conservative news outlets like this one, the Biden regime’s push for a new level of global governance was defeated last year at the World Health Assembly in Geneva when a bloc of mostly African nations balked.

But now the Biden regime is back at it, as Hoft reminds us, “and pushing for this insane action to destroy Americans’ rights once and for all.”

The Biden regime publicly affirmed their commitment to a “legally-binding” accord in a press release in February which will give the World Health Organization (WHO) control over U.S. pandemic policies, though work remains in certain areas.

They are calling it an “accord” instead of a treaty in an effort to bypass U.S. Senate approval. Yes, the Biden regime is attempting to unilaterally hand over U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations World Health Organization while pushing other nations to do the same.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who now serves as dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, shared her concerns about this backdoor to global government being pushed by the Biden administration in a recent interview with Steve Bannon.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 2:41 mark to 6:03 mark)



In a recent post on his blog, journalist Seymour Hersh writes that Ukrainian President Zelensky embezzled $400 million from the U.S. that was allocated to Ukraine for fuel. 

The Gateway Pundit reported that the current president of Ukraine ran against corruption in the country.  But he is far from lily white. He had connections to corrupt Ukrainian banker Igor Kolomoisky and he was accused of having $41 million in offshore funds.

Zelensky capitalized on widespread public anger at corruption, but his 2019 campaign was dogged by doubts over his own record, given that his campaign was boosted by media belonging to Kolomoisky — who is accused of stealing $5.5 billion from his own bank and funneling it offshore in concert with one of his partners.

In the heat of the campaign, a political ally of incumbent President Petro Poroshenko published a chart on Facebook purporting to show that Zelensky and his television production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms that allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoisky’s Privatbank.


Raymond Sawada, a former NHL player for the Dallas Stars, died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 38 on Monday, April 10th.



Sawada was a second-round pick (52nd overall) in the 2004 NHL draft. He played for the Dallas Stars in the 2008-09 season and, following his retirement from professional hockey in 2016, became a firefighter in British Columbia for the City of Burnaby.

On Monday, the young Canadian athlete was playing in a hockey game with the Richmond Cowboys when he suddenly suffered a heart attack.

Sawada left behind his wife and two young daughters, ages 9 and 6, whom he coached in hockey.

Just before the game, he had been celebrating the birthday of his 9-year-old daughter Victoria.

In a GoFundMe fundraiser for Sawada’s family, the organizer wrote, “It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we share the devastating news of the sudden passing of Ray Sawada.”

“At age 38, Ray passed away on the evening of Monday April 10, 2023, while playing the game he loved.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader of the U.S. Senate, has been out of the public eye for weeks, following a serious fall that landed him in the hospital with a concussion. 

Now multiple sources confirmed to The Spectator that Senators John Barrasso of Wyoming, John Cornyn of Texas and John Thune of South Dakota are actively reaching out to fellow Republican senators in efforts to prepare for an anticipated leadership vote — a vote that would occur upon announcement that McConnell would be retiring from his duties as leader, and possibly the Senate itself.

One source says that Cornyn has been particularly active in his preparations, taking fellow senators with whom he has little in common to lunch in attempts to court them.

Requests are being targeted at a plethora of conservative senators, the Spectator reports, including the 16 who voted to delay the leadership election earlier this year, a proxy for opposition to McConnell’s leadership. Rick Scott, the Florida senator and former NRSC head who challenged McConnell, ultimately received 10 protest votes. These members could prove key to determining the next Republican leader, the Spectator notes.

While we are sorry to hear about the seriousness of McConnell’s injury, it would be refreshing to see someone else in the leadership role. But don’t get too excited if you are a conservative patriotic American. Because all three of the senators vying for the position of Senate Minority Leader, especially Cornyn and Thune, are globalist neocon RINO’s. In other words, they are not much different than McConnell, who can be counted on to round up votes for perpetual war, ever-increasing debt ceilings, moderately conservative Supreme Court justices, open borders and even an occasional gun control bill. 

If we end up with Cornyn or Thune as the new GOP Senate leader, this would follow the nauseating trend throughout modern U.S. political history, in which only globalists ascend to the leadership positions in Congress. Whether cast as liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans, they are almost always globalists and war hawks.

These so-called leaders are actually not leaders at all. They exhibit none of the qualities of true leadership, which requires independent thinking, a sophisticated understanding of the U.S. Constitution, and the backbone to uphold the oath of office to protect said Constitution. Anyone who exhibits these traits is relegated to backbench status in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. They have a voice and a vote but very few markings of actual power.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast…

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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