Inauguration Day: Utopia Limited or the Flowers of Regression

Inauguration Day: Utopia Limited or the Flowers of Regression

Several decades after the devil’s own Friedrich Engels wrote that man “must now arrange the world,” Leon Trotsky argued that the Revolution must make the “collective man” into the “sole master” of all. And now, nearly a century after Trotsky made that pronouncement, we arrive at the inauguration of Joseph Biden. Look at him, before the Capitol, stepping into the shoes of George Washington. Behold this fraud, on old knees, personifying the “sole master” and “collective man,” with his dyslexic malapropisms and lapses of memory. Behind Mr. Biden, the eyeballs of Vice President Kamala Harris are excitedly glued to a banana peel under his left shoe. One thinks of Joseph Stalin and the ailing Lenin in 1922. If we listen, we may hear the mocking voice of Karl Marx citing Hegel’s comment that “all facts and personages of great importance in world history occur, as it were, twice.” Hegel forgot to add, “the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.”

And what a farce! For Kerensky, we have Trump; for the Kadets, we have the Republicans; for the storming of the Winter Palace, the storming of the Capitol; for Fanny Kaplan, we have two guardsmen with militia ties; for Felix Dzerzhinsky we have Gen. Stanley McChrystal; for the Red Terror we have a new domestic Terror Bill. As Marx wrote, “Men make their own history, but they do not make it just as they please; they do not make it under circumstances chosen by themselves, but under circumstances directly encountered, given and transmitted from the past.”

The past is something we cannot escape, even if we do not remember it. Marx thought it a bad thing that the “tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living.” If only Marx’s “philosophy” had not destroyed our regard for the past, if only we had kept memory alive, perhaps this shameful moment would not have come. But come it has, with a clown’s multi-colored finger-prints marking an over-reaction that might have been less ridiculous had the Capitol suffered the fate of the burning Reichstag of 1933.

Unfortunately for Mr. Biden, our erstwhile right-wing baddies were too busy taking selfies and forgot their gasoline cans. But one may, with help from an ever bloviating media, make a Himilayan mountain range out of a road apple. And now, with 30,000 troops swarming the Capitol, and the FBI declaring a massive conspiracy against the government, Biden takes the Oath of Office to defend the Constitution against all enemies, imaginary and domestic.

What absurdities will he pronounce in his inaugural address? Marx wrote that men cannot resist conjuring up “the spirits of the past to their service,” adopting battle cries and battle flags from bygone wars. “Thus Luther donned the mask of the Apostle Paul, the Revolution of 1789 to 1814 draped itself alternately as the Roman republic and the Roman empire….” What pose will Biden strike? Whose words will he borrow? Will he mimic Lincoln? Will he borrow a line from FDR? How about a line or two from Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933? But no, this is not the end of the Weimar Republic. It is a farce, and nothing but. Already the Biden administration is a parody of oppression, set on by intelligence agencies of the Maxwell Smart variety; all of them eagerly promising, “Don’t worry chief, it won’t happen again.” (Or, in the case of Russia-gate, “Missed it by that much!”)

At the other end of the parody, we find the brainless efficiency of Facebook, Apple and Twitter, moving against the state’s newly declared enemies: Donald TrumpParler and free speech. What do these social media buffoons know of our great traditions of free discourse? They prattle on about the first amendment as if that’s what everything is based upon. Oh no, you historical illiterates. Long before the First Amendment said “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press,” we had John Milton’s Areopagitica. The great poet inveighed against those who vainly held “that none must be heard but whom they like….” It is by such persons that “knowledge is kept at a distance from us.” Yes, that’s exactly right. By stopping free speech you stop the free flow of thought and you stop the engine that made America great. But of course, you all hate the idea of American greatness. So now you stop America’s brain, its creativity, even though it is your own life blood. You cut off your own customers and destroy the basis of your own “information economy.” There are no words for you. There is only the suicide you have procured by blocking your only path to correction and reform. “For when God shakes a kingdom with strong and healthful commotions to a general reforming,” wrote Milton, “God then raises to his own work men of rare abilities, and more than common industry, not only to look back, and revise what hath been taught before, but to gain further, and go on some new enlightened steps in the discovery of truth.”

And what truth will we find by blocking all criticism of political correctness? How shall we then escape the left’s intolerant mantras on tolerance, or the invidious demagoguery of declaring persons equal in a world where none are equal? How will we, then, preserve what is best against the foul negating spirit of cancel culture as it brings our traditions of free speech to an end? Will we allow these hyenas, yapping their stale stupidities, to dictate our speech, our social discourse? Will we be dictated to by these leftist automata, with their lobotomized brains in formaldehyde jars labeled with university credentials so obtained?

How have yapping hyenas and leftist automata come to be so prominent in our media, in our large corporations and government? It is but testimony to the intellectual bankruptcy of this pitiful country. We are an impossibly stupid society, having stored up for ourselves and our children a chastizement of Biblical proportions; for we have already been stifling speech in the universities, in our centers of learning, for an entire generation. And so, a time of spoliation and destruction and murder far exceeding our worst imaginings is on its way. For what is the true promise of those who are now taking office in Washington? Is it the promise of strength against foreign enemies? Are we getting persons honorable and trustworthy? When Biden slips on that banana peel it will be President Harris — as genuine as a three dollar bill, as empty as the U.S. Treasury, as incapable as she is faithless. History is not kind when countries are governed by the likes of Kamala Harris.

In aspiring to become gods of the human hive, these ambitious nobodies can destroy our liberty, our prosperity, and the country itself; first, because their intentions are not benevolent; second, because their ambitions are inappropriate to who they are; third, because they are weak and foolish and Godless.

All these bright-eyed young people, eager for the world of equality and tolerance they’ve been taught about in school, won’t find salvation in Biden or Harris. The left deludes itself that the imminent failure of the Biden/Harris administration shall owe everything to the wicked machinations of the right, rearing its ugly head and blocking the path to utopia. But this is stupid. There is no path to utopia here. If the right didn’t exist, and if THE BAD ORANGE MAN disappeared altogether, their utopia would still fail. It could not happen otherwise; for there is no utopia. Man cannot save himself through politics. To think so is the essence of historical illiteracy.

The beautiful world of bliss which awaits, after Biden’s inauguration, will resemble the very Fascism the left supposedly detests. Only it will be a ridiculous kind of Fascism, made doubly ridiculous by its subservience to Beijing. The Chinese communists know that a true socialist Revolution cannot be realized by an inauguration alone. Real socialism requires violence and compulsion. It must signify the end of freedom and the end of prosperity. With Biden and Harris tottering irresolutely on the shoulders of Marx and Engels, with China moving in from behind, America’s elites are committing group suicide. A sane man doesn’t stand beneath a structure that is about to collapse. He runs as far as he can from ground zero. Meanwhile, the government can mass all the troops they want in the capital, as a show of force. The American people are not threatening them. The real threat is a nuclear bomb from China, or Russia, or North Korea, or Iran. But even as our new rulers glower at America’s patriots, they will be clinking glasses with the Chinese. This we can count on.

Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.


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