Israel May Ditch Paper Money For Digital Currency: Worldview Report Transcript For August 8, 2022

Israel May Ditch Paper Money For Digital Currency: Worldview Report Transcript For August 8, 2022

INTRO: Israel may become the first nation to phase out the use of paper money, going all in with digital currency.

We have a stunning defeat to report tonight for the pro-vax corporate bullies who offered their employees one of two choices, get jabbed or get lost.

Nancy Pelosi has fulfilled her role in the disarming of America by getting up the votes to pass an assault weapons ban that now goes to the Senate.

And the CDC is caught red-handed colluding with Big Tech to silence competing narratives about the Covid gene-therapy shots.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Leading off tonight, the state of Israel is leading the way into the cashless society.

A new Israeli law went into effect Monday prohibiting cash payments to businesses of over $1,760, the equivalent of 6,000 New Israeli Shekel or NIS. Previously, the use of cash up to $3,200 could be used in business deals.

The ceiling for transfers between private individuals will be $4,400, a decrease from the current limit of nearly $14,700, according to a report by Israel 365 News.

Since January 2019, Israeli businesses and consumers have been subject to limits on cash payments under the Law for the Reduction in the Use of Cash.

Tamar Bracha, who is in charge of executing the law on behalf of Israel’s Tax Authority, explained the reason for the change to The Media Line, stating that:

“We want the public to reduce the use of cash money. The goal is to reduce cash fluidity in the market, mainly because crime organizations tend to rely on cash. By limiting the use of it, criminal activity is much harder to carry out.”

There will be a grace period of two years before the Tax Authority starts imposing fines on those who engage in cash deals of up to almost $2,500. 

Transactions with charitable institutions and trade with Palestinians from Judea and Samaria who are not Israeli citizens are exempt from the new law, but a detailed report to Israel’s Tax Authority will be required.

Free-loan societies, widely used in the Haredi community, will be exempt from the law in keeping with the demand of ultra-Orthodox lawmakers.

It is expected that in the future, laws will be passed prohibiting the stockpiling of more than NIS 200,000 shekels, the equivalent of $58,600 US dollars, in cash at private residences.

In June, the Bank of Israel announced that it would test the feasibility of a retail central bank digital currency, or CBDC, later this year, with results expected by the end of 2022. A CBDC, like other digital payments, would be easy to trace and monitor.


The Epoch Times reports that protests have erupted in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the past 90 days and continue to build inside the capital as residents battle with their leftist government over cuts to social programs.

Cuts to subsidies in the energy sector based on household income already began in June.

Other subsidies, including the country’s notorious welfare program, are also on the chopping block, triggering thousands of angry residents to take to the streets.

State-sponsored aid for civilians has soared in the past 20 years, leaving 22 million Argentinians dependent on some form of government assistance.

In the first quarter of 2022, the national employment rate was 43 percent, according to government figures. Inflation surpassed 60 percent in July.

The country’s state funded programs extend to nearly every aspect of the economy, from wages to utilities, education, and health care.


Ant Group – a payment platform used to implement vaccine passports and a social credit system in China – has retained a number of American lobbying firms, including some with ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, and RINO Senator Mitt Romney.

The National Pulse reports that Ant Group is an offshoot of the Chinese company Alibaba, previously flagged by the U.S. State Department as a “tool” of the Chinese Communist Party and crucial to the regime’s build-up of “technology-facilitated surveillance and social control.” Ant Group also owns AliPay, a digital payment platform used by Beijing to institute vaccine passports, which have been used to render citizens unable to leave their houses and forced into quarantine.

Ant Group is a key component of China’s broader “social credit” system, sharing the data it collects on users’ spending habits and online activity with Chinese Communist Party regulators.

Social credit systems have raised concern in the West, with many fearing the weaponization of government and business surveillance to restrict people’s access to basic services based on specific behaviors or ideologies.

Despite these fears, the National Pulse article reports that several American lobbyists are working on behalf of Ant Group, appearing to help broaden the company’s operations and reach inside of the U.S.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, Ant Group hired four external lobbying and public affairs firms to help with objectives including “outreach regarding corporate profile and operations of Ant Group and its subsidiary Alipay US.”

Among the firm’s consultants working for Ant Group is Larry O’Brien, who has been described by the Washington Post as a “major Democratic operative.”

“Mr. O’Brien has been a long-standing participant in the House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) maximum level individual donor program, the Speaker’s Cabinet, and in the “Pelosi Team 100” program, explains his professional bio.


Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she finally did conjure up the votes to pass her assault weapons ban, which will ban the sale and manufacture of many common firearms, from semi-automatic pistols to AR-15s and similar autoloading rifles.

By a vote of 217 to 214, including two Republican congressmen from New York and Pennsylvania, Pelosi announced with glee that she had done her part to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights.

Check out the Democrat lawmakers’ response when Pelosi announced the final vote tally.


Now the bill goes to the Senate where, we hope, it will encounter more resistance, but don’t hold your breath with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer in charge.


We have some really good news to report tonight in the legal battle against vaccine mandates.

The nation’s first class-action settlement involving a COVID shot mandate should be a wake-up call to every employer who did not accommodate employees who opposed the COVID shots for religious reasons. NorthShore University Health System in the Chicago metro area will now have to pay out more than $10.3 million for unlawfully discriminating against more than 500 current and former healthcare workers and for refusing religious exemptions from the COVID shot mandate.

Liberty Counsel, which successfully represented the employees, issued a release saying there is no pause button on the federal employment law known as Title VII. Employees do not lose their right to reasonable accommodation for their religious beliefs simply because an employer or even the federal government pushes a vaccine mandate under the guise of a pandemic.

As part of the settlement, NorthShore will pay $10.3 million to compensate employees who were punished for their religious beliefs against taking an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.

NorthShore will also change its unlawful “no religious accommodations” policy, and provide religious accommodations in every position across its numerous facilities. Employees who were terminated because of their religious beliefs will be eligible for rehire if they apply within 90 days, and they will retain their previous seniority level. 

Terminated employees will receive approximately $25,000 each, and employees who were forced to accept a COVID shot against their religious beliefs to keep their jobs will receive approximately $3,000 each.

Liberty Counsel Vice President of Legal Affairs Horatio Mihet said, “The policy change and substantial monetary relief required by the settlement will bring a strong measure of justice to NorthShore’s employees who were callously forced to choose between their conscience and their jobs.”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel said: “Let this case be a warning to employers who violated Title VII. It is especially significant and gratifying that this first class-wide COVID settlement protects healthcare workers. Healthcare workers are heroes who daily give their lives to protect and treat their patients. They are needed now more than ever.”


Even after the German Ministry of Health admitted last week that 1 in every 5,000 injections given causes “serious side effects,” they continue to mandate Covid vaccinations.

The RAIR Foundation reports that less than a week after the German Ministry of Health admitted that 1 in 5,000 Covid shots lead to either hospitalization, permanent disability or death, the German hospital federation is calling for the vaccination mandate for healthcare workers to be revoked, stating, “It is not wise to continue with it.”

Until now, the German Federation of Hospitals has favored mandatory vaccination for nursing and care staff. However, according to an official statement, the association, which falls under the Ministry of Health, is now changing its position because the vaccinations have no positive effect against the Omicron variant.

Board Vice-Chairman Henriette Neumeyer told a German publication on Wednesday that, “According to the current findings, it is not sensible and not transferable to continue. At the time of the Delta variant, the obligation to vaccinate healthcare workers seemed to have a major protective effect, also for the vulnerable groups in hospitals. With the Omicron variant, this has become obsolete.”

With the admission, Germany becomes one of the first Western governments to formally recognize that there is a serious safety problem with the experimental jabs, which have been administered billions of times worldwide.


Despite a mother of five’s desperate appeal to the University of Michigan hospital for a life-saving heart transplant, the state-run facility has refused to consider her for surgery until she is vaccinated with the experimental mRNA injection.

According to a report in the Epoch Times,  the university hospital, which has deep ties to vaccine maker Pfizer, also denied 35-year-old Katie Shier’s application for a religious exemption.

In a recent, heart-wrenching email about her condition, Katie Shier describes how the pump she relies on to keep her heart beating has become engulfed in a bacteria that is no longer responding to the series of antibiotics she’s been prescribed by University of Michigan doctors.

As a result, Shier has been repeatedly hospitalized for blood infections. She and her husband Ron are worried it will eventually lead to sepsis, which can be fatal.

“It just feels like no one at UM cares what they are doing to us and to our kids,” Ron Shier told The Epoch Times.

Ron Shier, who works full-time as a mental health counselor, said his children, who range in age from 3 to 11, are constantly worried that mommy is “not coming home from the hospital.”

The University of Michigan has strong ties to Pfizer, dating back to at least 2008 when it purchased the pharmaceutical company’s giant Ann Arbor facility and all its content.

According to a 2008 press release from the university, the college quickly recruited 13 Pfizer scientists after taking over its facility with most of them still working for the state college today. Ten of them specifically were hired to staff the UM’s College of Pharmacy.

Several executive-level Pfizer employees are also university alumni.

Pfizer also remains a major employer in Michigan, with its largest manufacturing plant located in Kalamazoo where it makes its prescription drug Paxlovid, a pill that the FDA approved last year for the treatment of COVID.

Shier provided The Epoch Times with a notarized authorization to speak to UM about her case. The authorization was sent to the university’s transplant team, clinical ethics services, and CEO Marschall Runge with a request for comment about her case.

It was also sent to the eight-member Board of Regents, elected officials who govern the public hospital. None of them responded.


Dr. Anthony Fauci is ramping up his Covid fearmongering now that we are getting closer to the midterm elections.

The Gateway Pundit reports that after destroying millions of lives, Fauci is now complaining about online “misinformation” and how Americans won’t adhere to his arbitrary Covid rules.

Fauci also said Americans should be wearing masks indoors.

On Monday, Fauci stated, “The anti-vax type feeling amongst some, superimposed upon the political divisiveness we have in this country… and social media misinformation and disinformation, it’s very difficult to get people to adhere to common sense public health measures.”


Poor Dr. Fauci bemoaning his loss of credibility, brought on by none other than himself. He should be grateful he’s not in prison.

As Gateway Pundit notes, Fauci has blood on his hands resulting from his continuous lies.

He lied for over a year to the American public about the seriousness of the virus and he continues to lie about the role he played in funding the Chinese virology lab, which weaponized the virus and made it more dangerous for humans.

Fauci also lied to the American public about the success of the safe drug hydroxychloroquine in treating the virus. Hundreds of thousands of Americans died when HCQ was available but banned by Fauci and the CDC from COVID patients.


We’ve also learned about a massive government cover-up that involved not only Fauci but the upper echelons of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which colluded with the federal government to silence truthtellers who exposed the dangers of the Covid vaccines.

According to internal agency communications obtained by America First Legal, the CDC, we now know, coordinated with Big Tech social media platforms to control information getting out to the public about the coronavirus and the experimental jabs.

The communications, which the CDC only released after being forced by a court to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal the CDC flagged posts that it deemed “misinformation” to social media companies and also colluded with the companies to promote its own false narrative about the vaccines.

The CDC also held meetings with the companies and even provided verbiage for the companies to use in the fight against supposed misinformation.

SHOW TWEET from America First Legal

For instance, the CDC flagged posts for tech companies, sending Twitter a chart showing posts that allegedly had misinformation and held “Be On the Look Out” meetings where the CDC provided examples of what the government agency considered to be “misinformation” with the social media company, according to internal agency emails first reported by The Washington Free Beacon.

Facebook and the CDC also coordinated to shut down truthful information by labeling it as misinformation, with the CDC reportedly sending links to Facebook to posts that contained what the government agency called misinformation, according to the emails. Facebook also gave the CDC $15 million in advertising credits to promote its talking points.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

As you know, the overwhelming majority of people who work in the healthcare industry talked up the Covid shots like they were going to be the savior of humanity. While many continue to promote the shots and toe the government-medical establishment line coming from Fauci and the other con artists, their message no longer resonates with the public because they have lost all credibility. It’s obvious that those still getting sick from Covid are the vaccinated and boosted.

But a small minority of medical workers are finally coming out and admitting they made a mistake. These are the honest doctors and nurses. You won’t find many of them.

One of the best testimonies we’ve come across in this regard is from a nurse who was personally harmed by the Pfizer vax, which left her with a neurological disorder that she says “changed my life forever.”

She says that, “Where I work, we were told if you get the vaccine you’ll save lives, you won’t get sick, you won’t die. The media was saying the same thing. So, I believed it.”

Take a listen to her heart-breaking story.

WATCH VIDEO (this is a Tik Tok video and I’m not sure how to get to the original TikTok site)

How many healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, are willing to admit they were wrong and that they gave their patients bad advice like this nurse? In many cases it was deadly advice. Not many are admitting it. God bless this poor nurse and we pray she is on the mend soon.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. From everyone at the Worldview Report team, we wish you a blessed evening, and may God save America. Good night.

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