Rockefeller Foundation and Other Globalist Groups Launch Brainwashing Campaign to Get Unvaxxed to Take Covid Shot: September 1, 2022

Rockefeller Foundation and Other Globalist Groups Launch Brainwashing Campaign to Get Unvaxxed to Take Covid Shot: September 1, 2022

INTRO: With illegal immigration booming at the wide-open U.S. border, House Democrats are floating a bill that would make sure those illegals stay well-fed and happy. And they’re hoping you won’t find out about it.

You’ve heard about the plethora of drag queen shows targeting children of late, but this latest twist on the bizarre story will really make your blood boil. Has Antifa been hired to guard the drag queens? Yes, and you won’t believe what they’re using to intimidate pro-family protesters.

And we’ve got breaking news from the field of science. A team of researchers in the United Kingdom have announced a startling development that puts the world on the brink of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Another round of Covid boosters is ready for release, and this time the FDA isn’t even pretending to test the safety and efficacy.

And we’ve got an update on the latest attempt by the Democrats to disarm American firearms owners, coming at them in a dual approach that’s nothing short of diabolical.

All these stories and much more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome back to the Worldview Report. I’m your host, Brannon Howse.

We have a lot to report tonight so let’s dig right in.

Recently released government data shows 4.9 million migrants have illegally entered the U.S. over the first 18 months of the Biden regime.

This at a time of escalating food prices and even shortages of critical staples like baby formula and peanut butter.

But even in this dire economic environment, House Democrats introduced a bill that would designate an extra $50 million for food programs for migrants in addition to a baseline of $150 million.

The National Pulse reports that the bill, H.R. 8725, was sponsored by Representative Eleanor Norton, a Democrat representing the District of Columbia, on August 16th and has since been referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

If enacted, the proposal would “provide supplemental appropriations for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to provide humanitarian relief for migrants, and for other purposes,” according to the bill’s text.

“There is appropriated, out of any amounts in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, $50 million, to remain available until expended, for the ‘Federal Emergency Management Agency—Federal Assistance’ account,” proposes the bill.

The funds would be “made available to the emergency food and shelter program for purposes of providing shelter and other services to families and individuals encountered by the Department of Homeland Security.”

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) has already received $280 million in funding for its operations throughout 2022. The sum was broken down into $130,000,000 for U.S. citizens and $150,000,000 for migrant families and individuals encountered by DHS.

Rep. Norton’s bill appears to apply specifically to migrants who come into contact with DHS as opposed to including American citizens.

Remember this when you see fellow Americans standing in food rationing lines next year. Thank you to the National Pulse for ferreting out these numbers, because the numbers don’t lie.


This next story is from the Post Millennial and it is highly disturbing.

A group of armed Antifa militants carrying AR-15 rifles was brought in by an LGBTQ group sponsoring a "kid friendly" drag brunch for all ages in Roanoke, Texas.

The Antifa militants were there to intimidate protesters who had gathered with signs warning about the vile, perverted drag show for kids. The drag event was held at the Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke.


The event called the Barrel Babes Drag Brunch was advertised as "Dancing Music and Laughs." Journalist Taylor Hansen said that the "kid-friendly" event featured "Vulgarity, Sexualization of Minors, and Partial Nudity.”


Protestors outside the event were spat upon and confronted by activists who support "kid friendly" drag brunches.

We’d show you video footage but we could not find a video that did not include obscene language and visuals.

One woman drove her car through the crowd of protesters to get to the event with her child sitting next to her in the passenger seat. She stopped to yell curse words and obscenities at the protesters, then mockingly bared her breasts in one final rebellious act before motoring on into the drag show.


We have in the past reported on a couple of whistleblowing funeral directors who are willing to speak out on what they believe is the impact of Covid vaccines on the human body.

Now there is another who is coming forward.

He is from Australia and he says his business is up 50 percent over the last six or seven months.

He is also asked how these people are dying. His answers bear listening to.


A rapid rise in the number of deaths over the last six to seven months. And yet, no government is coming forward to say that these rapid increases in deaths warrant an investigation. Remarkable.


Speaking of those Covid shots, Big Pharma has come out with its latest booster just in time for the fall back-to-school season.

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve new COVID-19 booster shots this week — before the vaccines are tested on humans, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal.

The new boosters are similar to the COVID vaccines now available in the U.S. with minor modifications that allegedly protect recipients from the latest version of the Omicron variant.

Instead of waiting for data from testing in humans, the agency said it will use data from trials in mice — as well as the “real-world evidence of the safety of currently available COVID vaccines,” reports the New York Post, which means this approval process is a total sham.


Scientists are getting closer to being able to grow synthetic human embryos in a lab without the benefit of a male sperm or female egg.

The journal Neuroscience News reports that researchers from the University of Cambridge have created model embryos from mouse stem cells that form a brain, a beating heart, and the foundations of all the other organs of the body – “a new avenue for recreating the first stages of life.”

The team developed the embryo model without eggs or sperm, and instead used stem cells, which can be used to “guide” the development of almost any type of cell in the body.

According to Neuroscience News:

“The researchers mimicked natural processes in the lab by guiding the three types of stem cells found in early mammalian development to the point where they start interacting. By inducing the expression of a particular set of genes and establishing a unique environment for their interactions, the researchers were able to get the stem cells to ‘talk’ to each other.”

The stem cells self-assembled into structures that progressed through the successive developmental stages until they had beating hearts and the foundations of the brain, as well as the yolk sac from which the embryo develops and gets nutrients. Unlike other synthetic embryos, the Cambridge-developed models reached the point where the entire brain, including the anterior portion, began to form.

“This is a further point in development than has been achieved in any other stem cell-derived model,” the journal stated.

The results could be used to guide repair and development of synthetic human organs for transplantation. This would amount to growing humans in a lab for the sole purpose of cultivating their organs, an ethical situation not even addressed in the Neuroscience article.

Research leader Zernicka-Goetz, professor in Mammalian Development and Stem Cell Biology in Cambridge’s Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, told the journal:

“Our mouse embryo model not only develops a brain, but also a beating heart, all the components that go on to make up the body. It’s just unbelievable that we’ve got this far. This has been the dream of our community for years, and a major focus of our work for a decade, and finally we’ve done it.”

According to the article, the process includes the “manipulation of genes.”

The project reflects a “major advance in the study,” which is “the ability to generate the entire brain, in particular the anterior part, which has been a major goal in the development of synthetic embryos.

Journalist Leo Hohmann noted in his article about this development:

“For anyone who has read the classic novel Brave New World, this type of scientific chicanery should come as no surprise. Technocrats have long coveted the ability to usurp the creative genius of God Almighty, thinking they can improve upon God’s creation of human life in his holy image. When you as a scientist attempt to reverse engineer something as sacred as the creation of life itself, it will not end well.”


Anti-gunners have found another way to crack down on so-called “assault weapons.”

Democrat Congressman Don Beyer has introduced a bill in the House, HR 8051, that will impose a 1,000 percent federal tax on a number of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns – and every magazine holding more than ten rounds.

Beyer claims this tax could be passed with just 50 votes in the Senate through reconciliation, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

At a time when Americans are getting crushed by Biden’s economy, a 1,000 percent tax on so-called “assault weapons” would essentially be a backdoor ban on commonly-owned firearms and magazines.

Yet Beyer even admits that his tax is not really about raising federal revenue, but “creating a pathway to pass a new restriction on assault weapons with a simple majority in the Senate.”

There’s also the possibility that this is why the ATF has been making “house calls” to check up on recent purchases of firearms by American citizens. Are they taking inventory, or at least letting us know that they have the ability to track our purchases of legal firearms, so as to later impose a tax on them?

Whatever the reason, this bill needs to be defeated.

Gun Owners of America is fighting this bill and others. It sent out an email alert that states:

“Anti-gunners have now given themselves two possible paths in the Senate to crack down on magazines and firearms that millions of Americans own:

  1. Last week’s House bill that outright BANS so-called “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines.
  2. The new House bill that places a 1,000% tax on those same “assault weapons” – and magazines holding more than ten rounds – to make them too unaffordable for ownership.”

Anti-gun Senator Elizabeth Warren is already backing Beyer’s bill in the Senate.


Meanwhile, the anti-gunners are coming at us from another angle… ammunition.

Gabby Giffords’ gun control group is calling on major credit card companies to flag gun and ammunition purchases.


Breitbart News reports that Giffords posted a tweet Sunday, which said, “The shooters in at least 5 mass shootings have stockpiled guns & ammo using credit cards and killed 145 people. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have the power to flag suspicious purchases and save lives. Call on them to act.”

The tweet linked to a campaign by another gun control group called GunsDownAmerica.

The GunsDownAmerica campaign says, “Between 2007 and 2020, the killers in at least five major mass shootings used credit cards to finance their deadly rampages. These individuals exploited the banking system to purchase large quantities of firearms and ammunition — and the financial industry has the power to stop them.”


Diesel and heating oil supplies in the Northeast are more than 50% below the recent average, raising concerns that an extreme weather event could cause supply disruptions, federal officials told the Associated Press.

Fuel supplies are lower than normal across the country for a variety of reasons, including Joe Biden’s war on domestic production and his drawing down of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But the supply crunch is the worst in the Northeast.

Diesel fuel and heating oil, which comprise the distillate category, are 63% below the five-year average in New England and 58% below the average from Maryland to New York, according to a survey by the Department of Energy. Gasoline inventories are not as bad, but are still at their lowest levels in nearly a decade along the entire East Coast, according to the agency.

The Northeast is heavily dependent on heating oil to keep homes warm in the winter, while other regions rely more on natural gas and electricity.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has called a meeting of New England governors and their energy directors after Labor Day to discuss the situation.

She has urged governors in a letter to take whatever steps they can to shore up fuel supplies in coming weeks.

The Energy Department also sent letters to seven major oil companies, asking them to hold onto their stocks to help offset low inventories.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Zero Hedge reports that the Rockefeller Foundation and a slew of other elitist nonprofits are pumping millions of dollars into a behavioral science project meant to understand why large groups of people worldwide refuse to take the experimental mRNA jabs and then tailor a new, more convincing narrative on why people should take the injections.

The “Mercury Project” is a collective of behavioral scientists formed by the Social Science Research Council, a nonprofit group funded by globalist organizations and governments. 

According to Zero Hedge, Mercury groups will be deployed in multiple nations and will study vaccine refusal and the medical “disinformation” that leads people to reject Big Pharma’s poisonous mRNA products.  They are operating with the intent to tailor vaccination narratives to fit different ethnic and political backgrounds, looking for the key to the gates of each cultural kingdom and convincing them to take the jab.

The mission of these Mercury groups includes but is not limited to the following points (bullets are direct quotes):

  • Conducting literacy training for secondary school students in partnership with local authorities to help students identify Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.  
  • Equipping trusted messengers with communication strategies to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.
  • Using social networks to share tailored, community-developed messaging to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.”

This project is a fraud.

They’re not one bit interested in “understanding” anything. This is just more of the same propagandizing, calling the truth a lie and the lie truth, that we’ve seen since the beginning of their vaccine rollout.

We could tell them in about 30 seconds why the unvaxxed will remain unvaxxed, and it wouldn’t cost $150 million.

So here’s all you need to know, Rockefeller Foundation:

People don’t like being lied to.

Your vaccines don’t work.

People getting the shots keep getting Covid, over and over again. They keep spreading Covid to both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. And from data coming out of Israel and Britain we know that the vaxxed, when they catch Covid, are dying at a much higher rate than the unvaxxed.

Your vaccine pushers have never come clean and told us the full ingredients. The package insert remains blank.

You said one of the vaccines was fully FDA approved. Another lie. That vaccine which was approved doesn’t even exist.

Your vaccine pushers are also coercive. They’ve threatened people’s jobs and livelihoods if they don’t take your vaccine.

People don’t like high pressure salesmen.

But it’s worse than just the fact that your jabs don’t work and you try to force them on people.

If the jabs simply didn’t work, that would be bad enough. A real tragedy.

But these shots are now proven to be dangerous. People who get them are not only more likely to die of Covid, they’re playing Russian roulette with a loaded revolver because people are also dying from the shots themselves.

It’s to the point where almost everyone knows of someone who was robust, healthy and living a normal life, then got jabbed and fell ill or died within days, weeks, or a few short months of receiving the jab.

After a while, even non-thinking people who never did anything their entire lives but follow the herd will finally figure out what’s going on.

So let’s be frank. These globalists who are pouring money into this project are not interested in finding the real reasons why people are repelled by their fraudulent Covid injections, which leave people with toxic spike proteins in their bodies for months, collecting in vital organs and causing blood clots, heart attacks, cancers, sterilization, etc., not to mention weakened natural immune systems.

The numbers don’t lie. And people can only be fooled for so long.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. From everyone at our team, we wish you a blessed evening. Take care, and may God save America.

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