We Will Not Be Silenced by The Marxists & Islamists: WVW-TV Expanding Its Studio To Reach More Than Ever

We Will Not Be Silenced by The Marxists & Islamists: WVW-TV Expanding Its Studio To Reach More Than Ever

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Dear WVW Broadcast Network Friends,

I’ve been hosting Worldview Weekend rallies since February 1993. That’s 25 years this past February. In all of our time, we’ve never seen anything like what happened to us a few weeks ago in April of 2018.

As you remember, in April of 2017, a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia came into our conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Using Facebook Live, he filmed the Quran then panned the crowd. In the video footage you can hear my voice as I am speaking up front in a room that was filled to capacity with men, women, and children.

While still on Facebook Live, he went out into the parking lot and he made a series of videos–two to be precise–in which he brandished five weapons, including two semiautomatic rifles. And on his Facebook page he said he had 1,200 rounds of ammunition. With every brandishing of a weapon he told Shahram Hadian, the former Muslim now Christian pastor, and myself to ‘be afraid’ or ‘be terrified.’

After 12 days of this incident becoming an international story, only then was this man finally arrested. However, you might be shocked to find out that for this terroristic threat, he was only given seven months time served at the federal level.

So, I guess after watching this, the Marxists, Islamists, and Antifa were emboldened as they apparently believed they could get away with what they did to our Worldview Weekend conferences in April of 2018.

On Thursday afternoon, April 5, 2018, as we pulled into the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Des Moines to set up for our first Worldview Weekend rally in five cities in five nights, we received an email and then a phone call from the hotel that we have used once before in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We were notified that the hotel in Green Bay was canceling our contract and not going to allow us to hold the Worldview Weekend rally. The hotel manager said that they received complaints from the community. In fact he went so far as to say that the hotel owners did not want to host a group like ours at their hotel. When I pressed the issue with him, he again repeated that their ownership did not want to host a group like ours at their hotel. Think about that for a minute. Can you imagine a hotel today saying that to a Muslim group, a homosexual wedding, to the NAACP, CAIR, SEIU, the NEA, or any other progressive group? Yet it is acceptable to say that to a Christian ministry like Worldview Weekend?

Within hours we learned that all our conference venues were receiving phone call complaints because Antifa (a communist group) along with Islamists and Saul Alinksy-inspired community organizations and interfaith groups were using social media and the internet to flood the venues with phone calls asking them to cancel our Worldview Weekend rallies.

We learned that the Southern Poverty Law Center (I think SPLC is also a communist front group) listed every venue, the venue address and venue phone number, and they agitated on social media for a flood of phone calls to demand the cancellation of our Worldview Weekend rallies.

Make no mistake my friends, our civil rights were violated. We lost our constitutional right of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. We are now consulting with our legal counsel in regard to how to respond. Why? Because this is NOT exclusively about us, but about ALL OF US!

By Friday morning, April 6th, we received a phone call that the hotel we have used for many years in Pewaukee, a suburb of Milwaukee, that they, too, were canceling our contract due to the number of complaints the management was receiving.

In both cases I informed the management that we had spent thousands of dollars promoting these conferences. In fact, we mailed 40,000 copies of our magazine in December 2017 and 40,000 copies of our magazine in January 2018 to promote these free rallies. That is a lot of expense in printing and mailing, and yet we could not hold our rallies. Because we could not hold them, we were then unable to recoup the cost of printing and mailing through our free-will offerings.

After Antifa groups, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Islamists and Marxists and other such groups were successful in shutting down our conference in Green Bay and Milwaukee, they turned their attention to the Omni Center in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

The Onalaska officials called us and at one point I think we had the city administrator, the chief of police, and mayor all talking to me on the phone. On the day of the rally, Friday morning, they asked for my certificate of liability. Very rarely are we asked for that, but when we are, we send it. We sent proof of a million dollar policy with the city venue named on the certificate of liability.

Then we received a phone call that our certificate of liability was not quite what they needed, and they then requested more insurance. How were we going to pull that off with just a few hours to go before the doors of the venue were to open? We were told they would not open the doors to us until they had what they requested. We had booked this venue in November of 2017 and they had never requested a certificate of lability in the numerous emails and phone calls we had with the venue staff during those five months. Now, just hours before the doors were to open, they want us to jump through hoops when we were supposed to be on the road traveling from Des Moines to Onalaska?

A city official said they had received 57 phone calls in approximately an hour and a half of their office opening on that Friday morning.

Now that Antifa groups, SPLC and other interfaith groups had success in shutting down three of our rallies, they turned all their attention toward shutting down the Minneapolis, St. Paul conference. Ironically, we started in February 1993 in Minneapolis, St. Paul.

We were watching social media along with many people who were informing us. Various radical groups were threatening the St. Paul/Minneapolis conference. In fact, we saw that they were alerting some of the most well-known Imams and their mosques in the Minneapolis area that we were coming to town.

The hotel in Bloomington alerted us that a Minnesota State Trooper had visited the hotel and informed them that we should be sure to hire plenty of police security because of the numbers of protestors they were hearing were going to show up at our Worldview Weekend Rally.

We convened our speakers in a room at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Des Moines, Iowa, where I broadcasted my radio show live that day. We then decided that the threat to the conference in Minneapolis was just too great. We had been asked to hire police officers, which we do on most occasions. But this time we were asked to hire quite a few of them.

Once the Antifa groups got involved, we knew that it was gonna be difficult for us to secure that facility for ourselves, our family and most importantly, those of you who wanted to attend. So my friends, this is how it goes in America today. Ironically, we had announced that these would be our last five free conferences to ever host due to the security problems and the increasing issues we were seeing arise. We simply could not afford the cost of the hotel ballrooms and now the extensive security needed when the conferences were free. The free-will offerings just did not cover these growing costs. Therefore, we were going to host the rallies in these five cities, our most popular cities, and thank all of our friends and supporters of the past 25 years. Sadly, only 1 of those 5 conferences ever happened.

We will continue to host our national conference in the Ozarks. Aside from that we will come to you through our live streaming, our national radio show on terrestrial radio, and our digital platforms every day.

Part of the strategy we see in the steps toward the persecution of Christians is that the opposition will marginalize us, vilify us, and eventually criminalize our speech and proclamation of truth and a Biblical worldview.

We were vilified and called names on social media as well as on signs held by protesters in Des Moines. We were called ‘Nazis,’ as well as ‘Islamophobes.’ Of course, islamophobia is a term that was created by the International Institute of Islamic Thought in the early 90s to try to portray anyone who speaks the truth about Islam as having a phobia, an unreasonable fear, or a mental disorder.

What you don’t know is that we had already booked a hotel ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to hold a national Bible Prophecy Conference on Friday night, November 16 & Saturday November 17, 2018. But sadly, this is the same hotel that cancelled our April 9, 2018 rally.

Let me tell you how we are going to respond to our venues being cancelled and the threats to our physical safety, our freedom of speech, and our freedom of religion.

We are going to expand our television studio. Why? Because if we cannot hold our Worldview Weekend rallies in hotels in many cities, then we will hold them from our TV studio. In fact, on Friday night, November 2, and Saturday November 3, 2018, we will host our national security conference with two former CIA officers, a former DHS officer, and a former Muslim. We will present 100% new presentations live.

Our current TV studio is so small that we cannot get all the speakers onto the television set at the same time. Our new studio will be large enough for our news desk, as well as for an area to host all of our conference speakers at one time on set so we can have panel discussions. You will be able to email in and maybe even call in with your questions during our live streamed panel discussions. This new studio will also give us enough room to have a small studio audience.

On Friday night, November 16 and Saturday, November 17, 2018, we will host another Worldview Weekend conference with Dr. Ed Hindson, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Dr. David Hocking and Dr. Tommy Ice. With all that is going on now with Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia, Turkey, North Korea, among other nations, we will look to the Bible to help us understand how the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

We also plan to announce a Friday night and Saturday conference for February of 2019. A bigger television studio will allow us to live stream these conferences to your phone, computer, or your iPad–not to mention the production value will go up on all our pre-taped television programs.

We are committing ourselves to the research necessary to bring you cutting edge radio & television programs. In fact, a recent one hour television program I filmed took 60 hours of research.

The technology available to us today allows us to reach more people than ever. We are not going away, we are expanding. We will continue to host our annual, national conference at Lake of the Ozarks. We had a wonderful conference this past April 27, 28, & 29 and we have set the dates for May 3, 4, 5, 2019 for the 16th annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend. You will find full details at wvwtv.com/ozarks.

Thank you for partnering with us now as we expand our television studio, which will include extensive construction work. We also must purchase thousands of dollars in additional studio equipment. We also need to update our radio and television app. By December 31st, 2018, our free Roku channel will stop working unless we spent $5,700 to update the computer code. So we have a very busy spring and summer if we are going to be ready for the exciting opportunities available to us this fall and to keep our various free digital platforms up and running.

As long as we have your support we will continue to equip, encourage, and edify Christians all around the world.

If you want to see the work of ministry and the fruit of ministry, it is easily found each and every day at wvwtv.com, worldviewradio.com or worldviewtimes.com. Each day we distribute the numerous new radio programs of several of our radio hosts and Bible teachers. We film and produce eight television programs from our Memphis, Tennessee television studio with our eight different television teachers, and you can watch them on your computer, smart phone, iPad or our Roku channel all for free as part of our broadcast ministry.

If you appreciate what we’re doing and you would like to keep us on the air and producing radio shows, TV shows and now full Worldview Weekend conferences online, then please know how important it is that we hear from you today. We also must recoup the printing and mailing expenses of the cancelled Worldview Weekend rallies that were shut down by the Marxists and Islamists. You may make a tax deductible contribution right now at wvwfoundation.com. You can also send a check to our mailing address at the top of this letter.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Antifa, Muslim Brotherhood, & the Saul Alinsky interfaith groups that took part in shutting us down cannot be allowed to win. They cannot be allowed to silence us. They cannot be allowed to steal our religious liberty, nor the freedoms and national security of our children and grandchildren. We must expand our television ministry to combat this. We must reach as many people as we can–while we can. We are only one liberal President and Congress away from hate speech laws that could limit the truth we can now speak about Islam without the fear of prosecution. What we broadcast today could very well assist in educating enough people to maintain our religious liberties tomorrow. The church has always been on the front line of what is right and good, and together we will remain on that front line as we watch and warn our countrymen of the threats our nation is facing and as we proclaim and defend a Biblical worldview. 

Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
Worldview Weekend Foundation

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